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As the first of night rain rushed down her jumper, soaking the material clean through, Kate stared at the automatic door leading into Sujesh’s shop just a short stroll from where she lived. Everyone else would have no issue passing through the door, but Kate wasn’t like ‘everyone else’ – in fact, she was a cut above them all. Just by glancing at it from side to side then sizing her shoulders up for comparison, Kate could tell an issue had arisen.

Sujesh watched from behind the counter. He wanted to help but knew it was beyond pointless. He’d already gotten her out of a tight spot once before – quite literally – and Kate was persistent in ensuring she couldn’t keep asking him to do it, knowing she’d just get bigger…and bigger…and bigger. Even so, there she was, stood in front of the doors waiting for the precise moment to pounce, when either someone else was leaving or entering so the doors would remain open for longer. It was a smart move.

And there he was, a twenty-something-year-old guy Kate would use to her advantage. He’d already seen her stand there, rooted to the spot like a misplaced mannequin, but didn’t say anything. Instead he just kept on with his goal, moving up to the doors and watched them draw open—


Kate lunged forward quicker than a house cat pouncing on a stray mouse, feeling her calves instantaneously burn with each step closer to the doors before narrowly turning sideways fast enough to bring the left side of her body into the shop, inhaling sharply so her waist sucked in drastically reducing her bulk. By mere luck alone she’d managed to slip the other half of her body in with the rest of it. Safely inside now. Good.

“You gotta do something about that door, Sujesh.” Kate pointed behind her, drawing the youthful Asian man’s attention. Of course, Sujesh already had his attention on Kate – she wasn’t exactly hard to miss, like trying to find a black sheep in a flock of white ones.

“It’s your nemesis, Kate. One can’t live without the other.” Sujesh laughed. Sujesh was born in India but raised in the cozy hamlet of Wombourne. Unlike his parents, he didn’t have as much a predominantly Asian twang to his accent, mostly on account of him being good friends with Kate during the school years, learning more from her than his own family. “You here for the usual?” he added.

Kate burst into a blush, shifting her weight towards the counter to jokingly confront her childhood friend. She’d always known Sujesh to be forward but had often times been asked to retain a sense of modesty about such matters. “Yes,” she answered softly, almost embarrassed.

“You know where they are. Back left corner.”

Kate parted ways. There weren’t a lot of customers in Sujesh’s shop at this time of night, but from those who found themselves purchasing goods from the local, arguably lonesome store in the quiet English town, the blonde could practically feel their sentiment towards her as she moved past them. Wombourne was a small place, like an insignificant dot on the map compared to the larger blobs, so everyone knew about Kate and the goings-on between her legs. Some felt non-partisan about the issue, others were surprisingly open-minded—though not enough to suggest they might approach her as a friend—but most felt the same as her mother Marie.

Kate stopped at the aisle dead in the corner and examined the options presented to her carefully, weighing them in succession. Some were ribbed, others flavoured, a select few were ‘best for her,’ and more in turn were ‘best for him.’ As important as these decisions were in themselves, Kate also had to take into considering the size of the condom she’d end up buying. The last pack she bought more than sufficed, but—

Kate instinctively gawked at her crotch, looking the bulge involuntarily flex in anticipation. It was as if her own cock knew. The unexpected straining of the material certainly didn’t look to give a good impression either.

—she’d grown quite a bit since then. What to do, what to do.

The unexpected groan of annoyance from the right took Kate by surprise. Looking at him, she realized the man who apparently had the same predicament as her was the same guy who saw her stand outside. Kate continued watching, finding a sense of amusement in him struggling to choose.

“Hard to choose, right?”

“Yeah, man. It’s like trying to pick out perfume for your girlfriend.” The guy set the pack back onto the shelf and swapped it for another, which Kate came to realize was bigger. Curiously, she glanced at his crotch to compare it with her own. The pack this nameless stranger had was bigger than he one he just had, but judging by the shape and size of his crotch, he was really just trying to boast. As if trying to rope Kate in. “You buying a pack for your man too?” he inquired curiously.

Kate smirked. “Not exactly. I like to imagine myself as the man in our relationship.”

And then he noticed it, curiosity taking over, glancing down just low and long enough to notice the obvious bulge between Kate’s thighs. A monstrous thing, halkalı escort like a growth jutting out threatening to burst. Or perhaps that was just the erection Kate didn’t know she was the hapless owner of, too focused on finding the right size of condoms to notice her cock itself had other ideas, a will of its own.

Freaked out beyond belief, the guy made a run for it, too focused on keep his dear life away from the ‘thing’s’ clutches to even notice he dropped the box of condoms. At first Kate was confused by the anonymous hunk’s actions, before noticing with the corner of her eye the tip of her monster cock keeking up at her.

Kate smirked again before vainly calling out in amusement, “Sorry about that! Girl likes to make herself known when she meets new people!” She chose the largest box Sujesh’s shop had on offer, which in spite of its dimensions was still too small to fulfill her needs. It would protect what mattered, but wouldn’t cover her full raging length.


The rain had stopped, allowing Kate to travel to her destination at a much more leisurely pace, her beastly erection subsided. With the exception of weather, there was nothing for the people of Wombourne to worry about when traveling at night. There were no gangs comprised of young hooligans to speak of; no graffiti tarnished the walls of buildings, and crime itself was at an all-time low. Most people considered Kate’s formidable presence to be a deterrent, but she begged to differ.

She stopped just outside the front gate leading to a traditional village house, vines enveloping the outer brickwork and a small fountain dug into the front garden. This was where June lived, or more to the point, where June lived with her free-spirited mother Raven, herself the daughter of two hippies from the sixties. June inherited her mother’s open-mindedness, which explained why she was comfortable with Kate having developed the circumstances between her legs. Open-mindedness led to curiosity, which itself led to—

The door opened with a creak, revealing Raven smiling at Kate the same way she would at June – like she was her daughter. Frankly, it was the first smile from a woman Kate had seen in weeks. It was brief, lasted only a few short seconds, but Raven had no idea just how much it meant.

A moment’s silence came between the two women, Kate watching Raven do what most others did—sized her up from head to toe, shoulder to shoulder—though the large girl trusted the mother to do so in jest. Raven was always on a trip, one way or another, so rarely ever saw Kate grow gradually, always considerably larger each time they met. Today was no different. Raven saw the seams in Kate’s trousers casually split vertically as she stood in silence, little by little revealing yet more of her musculature, quads screaming to be released from their fabric prison

“When June said you were big enough to take on a bull single-handedly I didn’t trust her, had to see it to believe it. But my, my, are you just that!” Raven reached out and squeezed the blonde’s arm that casually jutted out like a large growth even in its relaxed state, a faint pink veins throbbing. She was hard as a rock. “Whatever do you eat to stay so big?”

“Anything and everything,” Kate jested.

“I bet! Come on in.” Raven gestured for Kate to follow her in, taking a few steps back to give the large girl some space, although she hadn’t offered enough, watching as Kate’s left shoulder dragged against the door’s threshold, chipping away at the paneling in her struggled effort to pull herself free. When she eventually succeeded, between bated breaths and grunts of exertion, there wasn’t much of a panel left, leaving only a miserly strip of wood dangling in its place. Kate offered an expression that suggested panic. She never meant to do such damage and was more than willing to pay for it. But Raven—she laughed. “Don’t worry about it. It’s an old door anyway.”

“Are you sure? I’m more than willing to—” Kate was cut off by Raven raising her hand. That spoke for itself.

“You’re here to see June I presume?”

Kate held back the urge to wince. Her intention to ‘see’ June was subjective. Of course, Raven knew exactly what shenanigans Kate and her daughter got up to. Raven’s open-mindedness allowed her to see things as they were, unlike Kate’s parents.

Kate’s response was a simple nod, unsure if she should response with otherwise. Raven could see Kate’s unease though. It was like looking into a mirror—staring back at her, obvious. And she pitied Kate for it. There was nothing to be worried about. At least not exactly.

“That’s fine. She’s upstairs. Just remember to enforce the one rule.”

Kate could feel the sensation of an erection forming, but fought to hide it, reaching into her pocket and pulled out a condom from the pack bought in Sujesh’s. “Wear protection.”

Raven gawked at the condom then couldn’t resist the temptation to compare it with the obvious growing bulge in Kate’s pants.

“You sure it’ll be big enough?”

Kate smirked.


The thrusts başakşehir escort came fast and hard, rocking the bed back and forth, side to side, bounding it upwards clean off the floor just enough to make an definitive thud every few seconds. It was through sheer luck alone the girls hadn’t yet found themselves pulled through the floor from Kate’s persistent, strong shoves. But they didn’t abate June’s most obvious moans of crippling pleasure, feeling the blonde’s cockhead enter her for what had to be the three hundredth time. Not that any of the girls were keeping count or anything.

Time had slipped into a blur. They had to have been at it for at least two hours now. Kate had ejaculated at least four times, the condom she brought with her hastily discarded from having outlived its use long before then, yet June just seemed to beg for more. And so Kate offered more. Neither of them cared for whatever comments any neighbors or passers-by might offer about their incessant noise, though more so about June’s piercing shrieks. Her mother Raven, who meanwhile sat downstairs watching TV, didn’t seem to mind. ‘Sex is life,’ she often said.

Her man-shaming musculature matted with sweat, Kate’s bicep casually bulged as she held June’s leg up for easier penetration, her cockhead expertly teasing the brunette’s overly sensitive clit. They stared into one another’s eyes, the cute, perfect pairing that they were. June smiled as she held a hand to Kate’s cheek, thumping her lip delicately. They shared a synchronous moan as Kate entered June again, her cock slick with cum.

June shuddered. Bliss — that was the only word fitting enough to describe what she felt as she saw Kate’s cock push deep into her pelvic bone, rewarding the blonde’s efforts by placing a hand to her pec. To June, Kate rivaled the most powerful of Greek gods, even Zeus himself, shuddering as her hand went to Kate’s bicep to firmly grip it, test its unyielding strength. Tracing the solitary thick vein across its length with her dainty finger, June bit her lip in knowing Kate’s strength was something she’d get to fawn over and worship for years to come.

Following a shared smile, they kissed passionately, Kate forcing her full weight atop the dainty brunette, making her giggle sweetly. Kate pulled her arms up into a flex afterwards, feeling her bicep climb to their impressive twenty-inch peaks. Her cum-smudged cock had slapped thickly onto June’s tight little belly, but the brunette had since moved onto other things, squeezing and groping Kate’s biceps. Hard as rock they were, matching the stiffness of her third leg no doubt.

“How do you do it? How can you be so perfect?” June queried in her bubbly mousy tone.

“Oh, hush you.” Kate moved in to kiss June again, slower this time so as to savor her strawberry-scented lips, teasing them with the softest of playful nibbles. They chuckled again, Kate lifting June up against the headboard so she could suckle on her breast and tease it with gentle licks. That was new.

“Oh, god” June keened.

As June buckled under the torrent of ecstasy from the blonde’s expertise in pleasure, Kate purred, going down on her lover.


Kate at upright on the bed with an arm positioned behind her head. Voices from the TV sounded quietly in the background as June cleaned up in the shower after the couple’s hours-long lovemaking session. Kate postulated, with the new college term just around the corner, the girls had to make the most of their intimacy. God knew it wouldn’t come so often in the future. Kate, though, had an issue tailored uniquely to her physiology, massaging her shaft gently underneath the bedsheets.

“You know the college term’s about to start next week,” June’s dulcet tones sounded from behind the bathroom door. While Kate chose to focus more on the intimate moment between the two, June couldn’t help but think about the, admittedly, more pressing issue. Kate already knew, of course. “You know what that means, right?”

“There’s nothing to worry about. You know that.” Kate would always protect June.

Things just weren’t that simple for June, however. She wished to all Heaven she had the same confidence Kate naturally exuded, which came from her strength. Kate was stronger, whilst June was the smarter of the couple.

The shower shut off.

The dilemma the young couple were facing was the college’s continued negative perception of their relationship. One would think people would have grown out of bullying once they reached their twenties, but of course they’d be proved wrong, time and time again. Naturally, people would call Kate a she-male, while June was regularly harassed for being sexual attracted to such a ‘thing,’ as her. Kate had thicker skin than June.

Kate dropped into push-ups, desperate to perform some kind of physical activity whilst waiting for June to return. Her thick cockhead pressed to the carpet with every rep. She may not have been erect at that particular moment, but the abnormal thickness of her cock could easily have given off kadıköy escort bayan the impression that she might’ve been. Kate’s pecs trembled as she pulled up for her fifteenth rep, switching from two to one hand.

The bathroom door groaned open, revealing June in a cream bathrobe, her hair wrapped in a towel. Judging by her earlier comment, it was clear June had something to say to Kate. “I wish it were that easy. I’m not as thick-skinned as you.”

“Well, with a clean diet and workout program, I’m sure you—”

“No. No, that’s not what I mean.” June pouted.

Kate realised. It filled her with guilt knowing she’d taken certain circumstances of her relationship with June for granted. Sat back on the bed’s edge, Kate held her hand out to June, taking it gently. They looked at one another lovingly before the larger girl spoke.

“You know as well as I that I’m not one for speeches. But I’m sure you also know I’d do anything to protect you.” Kate watched June blush. It was always an adorable moment between the two when that happened. June always looked prettier because of it. “Anything,” she repeated.

“Anything?” June raised a brow in curiosity. “Even go down on me?”

“What, again? You just cleaned up!”

“Well, let’s just say,” June said in a sultry tone as her hands explored Kate’s iron-forged torso, groping her shoulders and thumbing her biceps, “you have a very particular effect on me.” June untied her bathrobe. It fell to the floor in a heap, revealing her tight, inviting pussy.

“Oh, you little minx!”

Kate couldn’t resist of course, falling to her knees in front of June. They stared at one another for a moment, their eyes sparkling in the light. Kate smiled before she leaned in to taste June, the dainty brunette shuddering with ecstasy at simply the initial touch of Kate’s tongue. Arching backwards, she grabbed the blonde’s puffed shoulders for support. June moaned, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.


Then came Raven’s voice, ruining the otherwise perfect moment between the couple.

“June, dinner’s ready? Kate, you’re perfectly welcome to stay if you’d like.”

“Muuuuum!” June griped, feeling Kate’s tongue pull free with a soft giggle. “We’re kinda busy right now. Besides, Kate’s already ate.”

“You can say that again,” the blonde joked. “But to tell you the truth, I am kinda hungry.”

“You’re always hungry,” June told her gentle giant.


It was a good decision on Raven’s part to empty the larder. It seemed all the energy Kate put into pleasing June had left her practically starved, taking at least half of what was on offer just for herself — pasta and garlic bread, pizza, steak. It didn’t matter to Kate that most of the food wasn’t exactly part of her diet plan, given it would probably just melt off on account of her freakish metabolism and rigorous workouts anyway. What was left was more than enough to satisy June and her mother, who each couldn’t help but offer intermittent glances at the hulking blonde, each for different reasons. Raven, because she couldn’t believe Kate could possibly pack away so much food. June, simply because why the hell not?

“So how have you been keeping, Kate?” Raven queried as she passed her the bowl of pasta for the fourth time. “I hear Thailand was good?”

Thailand was good, for what it was worth. But Kate couldn’t help but think she was practically dragged along with her parents and brother because it would be someplace where she’d fit in, alongside the ladyboys. Right at home. It was exactly the type of thing her mother would do, if only out of pure spite. Kate, of course, was kidding herself. That was why she was brought along. She just didn’t have the heart to admit it in front of June and her mother. “Yeah, it was good,” was all she said, reluctantly.

“Ah, that’s nice. June I’m sure missed you dearly all that time.”

June blushed.

“Well, sure, there was the night I found that high-powered vibrator under your be—”


“Sorry, was I not supposed to say that?” Raven smiled shrewdly. She knew exactly what she was doing and it was paying off rather well, seeing Kate rub the nape of her neck in awkwardness before offering a soft nervous chuckle in return. “It’s true though. I think it had like six, maybe seven motor settings.”

June dropped her fork onto the plate, burying her head in her hands in sheer embarrassment, muttering and cursing under her breath. Again, Raven knew exactly what she was doing. It may have been embarrassing for June, but the point of all this for Kate to realise just how much she was missed by her.

“I don’t mind telling you this, but she was particularly loud one night. Probably had the thing going at full pelt, if I’m honest.”


“I can’t help it, dear. You know I’m a deeply sexual individual. No secrets from me in that department.” Raven knew if walls or dogs could talk, they’d have quite a few tales to tell regarding her sexual escapades over the years. Using a vibrator at its highest setting was nothing compared to them. Though there was one story Raven couldn’t help but tell. “You know, there was time when my boyfriend and I were having sex. He decided he wanted me to sit on his face. I was a call girl at the time, so saying ‘boyfriend’ was perhaps a bit generous.”

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