Bus Ride

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Ed and Sylvia stood at the bus stop in the costumes they wore to the Halloween Party. Ed’s costume was quite simple, all he wore was a raincoat. He wanted his costume to be authentic even if it did mean he had to spend much of the party standing outside trying to cool down. He certainly couldn’t take off his coat like most of the other costumed guests, not amid the snooty guests at that party.

Sylvia’s costume was a bit more difficult. She had to go to several costume shops before she could find a Brownie’s uniform that would fit her 35 year old buxom body. She could have easily found an adult size Girl Scout one, but she had only been a Brownie while growing up and wanted to dress up like one again. Of course the little brown uniform with sash was much more shocking as she stood next to Ed in his raincoat. The empty cookie box added just that much more to the look.

“Well, I’m glad we left early, the way they acted towards us, most of them were just so rude,” Sylvia said, rocking back and forth on her flat soled shoes.

“Yeah, I knew our costumes were provocative but you’d have thought I grabbed one of their daughters,” Ed replied.

“I always said you worked with a bunch of snobs.”

“You know what I think it is, I think we exposed some of their real desires, you know… something burning inside them, fighting to get out.”

“Oh come on Ed, not all republicans are pedophiles.”

“I don’t know Sylvia, the way some of them looked at you I knew they wanted more than your cookies.”

“Ed, that’s because my boobs were about to explode out of this costume.”

“No, I think… there’s the bus, you got enough change for the fare?”

“Here you go,” Sylvia said, dropping some coins into his hand and then climbing up the steps in front of him. She pushed the coins into the slot and moved into the almanbahis adresi bus, starting to sit in the first seat she came to. Just as she was about to sit down she felt Ed grab her arm. Looking up she saw him nod to the back of the bus.

Sylvia followed him noticing that only two seats were taken, both near the front. She giggled a bit, knowing what he had in mind, just not sure exactly how he would play it out. When they reached the back seat she watched him slide in and then pat the seat beside him saying, “Sit here little girl.”

“Okay,” she replied, bouncing into the seat as innocently as she could.

The bus started up and they rode in silence to the next stop when one of the two other passengers stood up, looked back suspiciously at them and then limped off the bus. The last passenger was just a little old lady staring out the front windshield. The bus slowly pulled away.

“Hey little girl,” Ed whispered softly. “Would you like a lollipop?”

“You have a lollipop?” Sylvia responded, playing along.

“Yes I do.”

“Where is it?”

“You have to find it,” Ed replied.

“Find it?”

“Yes, with your hands,” he said, gently taking Sylvia’s hands and guiding them to his chest. He carefully slid them into the opening in his jacket.

“Mmm,” Sylvia moaned running her hands over his chest, toying a bit with his nipples. “There’s no lollipop here, just some hair.”

Breathing a bit harder, Ed said, “Well look some more, lower.”

“Lower?” Sylvia slowly slid her hand down his stomach, running her fingernails over his skin. She paused, poking a finger into his bellybutton. She looked at him with an innocent smile and said, “Still no lollipop.”

“Try lower,” Ed groaned.

She ease her hands down lower, sliding her fingers through his pubic hair almanbahis adresi and then to the base of his cock. Delicately running her fingers up the shaft, she wrapped her fist over the head and said, “Oh my, this is a giant lollipop.”

“Well, what do you want to do with it?” Ed asked slyly.

“Umm, suck it?”

“Yes, suck it little girl, suck it.”

Sylvia glanced up to the front of the bus and then ducked her head down behind the seat in front of them as she guided his cock out the opening of his jacket. “Oh it is so big, how can I suck it?”

“Just open your mouth wide,” he replied, lifting his hips to her.

Sylvia opened her mouth and slid it down over the head of his cock, tasting the bitter pre-cum. Dipping her tongue into the tiny opening, she slurped up all the liquid pooled then and began to suck as her hands worked their way up and down his shaft.

While occasionally glancing up to the front of the bus to make sure they hadn’t drawn too much attention, Ed gazed down as his wife’s head bobbed up and down on his cock. She felt him toying with her pigtails, pulling them downward each time her mouth slid down his length. She continued stroking his shaft with one hand while letting the fingers of the other move down to his balls and gently squeeze.

The bus then slowed to a stop and Sylvia sat up, leaving Ed’s glistening cock throbbing in the breeze. She smiled as the old woman slowly rose and hobbled off the bus. Only when she had worked her way down the stairs and the bus pulled away did Sylvia return to the “lollipop.” She moved her head down and forcefully sucked the head into her mouth.

No more teasing now, their stop was only a few blocks away and she needed to finish her lollipop or they’d have to ride on and catch a cab back to their apartment. Her hands almanbahis adresi moved quickly over his shaft and balls as she bobbed her head, sucking intently.

After a short while she heard Ed moan and lift his hips, trying to shove his cock deeper into her mouth. Careful not to gag on him, she took him as deeply as she could and then slid back only to quickly slide over him again. Sylvia felt him pulling her pigtails down as his body shuddered. She could feel his cock suddenly thicken and then he came, spurting his warm cum into her mouth.

Quickly backing her head off, she swallowed the thick fluid just in time to feel another spurt splash against the back of her throat. Swallowing again, she held her mouth over the head of his cock and then gently sucked as the last of his cum oozed from the tiny hole. She sat up, dabbing a bit of cum from the corner of her mouth with her finger. She slipped her finger into her mouth as the bus eased to a stop.

She stood up and then walked toward the front of the bus, suppressing a laugh as she saw her husband follow, hunched over to hide what remained of his erection. As she passed seat after seat she heard him ask, “Hey little girl, can I eat one of your cookies?”

She stopped, turned to him and shook the box saying, “Sorry, the box is empty.” Smiling, she turned and continued to the front of the bus. Carefully climbing down the steps, she stepped onto the sidewalk and began walking slowly toward their apartment building.

Ed followed her and as the bus pulled away she heard him ask, “But I want a cookie to eat.”

“I already told you, I don’t have a cookie.”

“Don’t you have something I can eat?”

She paused, acting like she was thinking hard. “Well, I may have something you can eat, but we have to go inside.”

“Oh boy, I hope it’s yummy little girl.”

“Oh yes, I’m sure you will love it,” she replied, taking his hand and leading him towards the door. She smiled thinking to herself, “He sure enjoys this little girl thing. Maybe he is a closet republican.” As they slipped in the door she felt him lightly pinch her ass.

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