Bush Encounter

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I’m bushwalking in the local national park. I’m on a trail that can be used by day walkers, but I have a cabin near the trail loop booked for two nights.

I’ve stopped at a lovely lookout and I am admiring the view. I hear steps behind me and I see a pretty young woman approach and stand next to me.

Her stunningly beautiful face takes my breath away. Then I look at her body in trim jeans and a sturdy shirt that cannot hide her ample, shapely boobs and gasp.

I look back over the valley. “Stunning view, isn’t it?” I say.

“Yes, wow. I heard it was great and so it is.”

“Walking by yourself?”


“Me too. It’s nice to meet a beautiful woman here. I didn’t expect that – it’s a bonus. I’m Mary.”

She blushes shyly at the compliment. “I’m Taylor.”

“Have you been here before, Taylor?”

“No, Mary I haven’t.”

“I’ve been to this park many times. When I’m adventurous and have a walking partner, I go for long walks.” I move to her and put my arm lightly around her shoulders and point with the other arm.

“See the waterfall in the distance?”

“Where? Oh. Yes, I do. Nice.”

“I walked to that point once and around the loop back.”

“Wow, that’s a long walk.”

“Yes, but it’s amazing.”

After a moment I turn and gaze at her and smile. “You are so pretty.”

She smiles and says, “Oh, do you really think so?”

“Oh, yes, you are quite something.”

She smiles timidly, dipping her face a little. I squeeze her shoulder with my arm and she leans into me. Our eyes lock into each other as she seems to wonder what will happen next. I move my face close to hers, my lips approaching hers. Her face tilts back and her lips relax and open a tiny bit, anticipating a kiss.

I press my lips gently on hers. She starts breathing through her nose more rapidly and presses gently back. I step around in front of her and pull her to me as I continue the soft kiss. Her large boobs press into my little ones, and I moan, my nipples hardening under the pressure.

Her lips excite mine, and I can’t resist kissing her more deeply. She opens her mouth more and I accept the invitation to slide my tongue out, licking her lips. She moans now.

I hear a family approach, and she pulls away, looking embarrassed. I step apart from Taylor. I greet the family when they reach the lookout, two women and two young girls, daughters I presume.

I have a pleasant chat with them while Taylor remains quiet, perhaps taken aback by the feeling of our kiss. I whisper to Taylor, “I’ve booked a cabin for the weekend. Would you like to go there?”

She replies shyly, “Yes.”

We enjoy the walk there, holding hands when it’s safe.

We go into the cabin. Taylor asks, “You booked this cabin for yourself?”

“No, my girlfriend Mei was supposed to be with me, but sadly, she has to work over the weekend, but I kept the booking and I came up by myself.”

“Oh, you have a girlfriend. But you kissed me,” she says with a hint of sorrow.

“Yes, but we have an open relationship. We aren’t jealous at all if we find someone else that we like, and I like you a lot.”

“Oh. Really?”

“Yes, really, Taylor.”

“I don’t know. I’d hate to be the cause of any trouble.”

I stand before her and hold her shoulders. “You won’t cause any trouble, Taylor, I promise. Mei and I understand that we both need our freedom.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

I gaze at her and say, “I’d love you to stay for a while, but if you don’t want to, you’re free to leave. At least take a break, go to the loo, have a drink and then see.”

She says, “Yeah, I could use the toilet.” She finds it, and I get two glasses and fill them with water, setting them on the table in front of the sofa.

When she comes out, I say, “My turn,” as I head into the loo. “Have a seat and a drink.”



When I come out, she’s sitting on the sofa. I look at her and glow, admiring her beauty. I sit next to her, leaving a bit of space so as not to scare her off. We look at each other in silence, both unsure how to proceed. I’m quite excited by her, but I sense that she’s skittish.

I decide to ask her a neutral question. “So what made you decide to walk here today?”

“Oh, I love the outdoors, and I needed to get away from, well, things back home.”

I decide not to press her about details but say, “Yes, I love nature. It makes you feel alive, doesn’t it?”


“I’m glad I met you. You seem like a lovely person, inside as well as being beautiful outside.”

“Oh, Mary, I’m just plain.”

“Oh, Taylor, no, you are gorgeous. Your face is so pretty, and your body, well, um, it’s lovely. And I can tell from your sweet smile that you are a kind and loving person.”


“Yes, very much.” I can see her blushing.

“Nobody’s ever said that to me, let alone a pretty woman like you. And you surprised me with your kiss. I’d never kissed a girl.”

“Really?” I query. “Did you istanbul travesti like it?”

She blushes brightly. “Um, yes, I did. I’m surprised, because I’m not a, uh, you know.”

I know what she means – lesbian. I smile at her and say, “I don’t care for labels, Taylor. I believe in doing what you want to do. Does that make sense?”

“Uh, yes I guess so,” she says hesitantly. I can tell that she feels a bit confused by her new feelings. She’s not getting up and running away, though, so I venture a suggestion.

“Would you like to try another kiss?”

I see feelings stirring in her – desire to feel a nice kiss again, but also fear of the unknown.

“No obligation for anything more, Taylor.”

She sighs and says, “Yes, I could try one more.”

“I’d like that. Scoot next to me.” I wait for her to make the move. I can almost feel her inner turmoil. Finally, she moves over next to me.

I put an arm around her shoulder lightly and bring my face near hers. We gaze into each other’s eyes, and then she closes hers and tilts her lips up as an invitation.

I accept, of course, pressing my lips gently on hers, feeling excited that I am kissing this beautiful young woman. I am careful not to push her too fast, so I keep my lips still, seeing how she reacts.

She presses back gently. Our soft lips kiss tenderly, and then she opens her mouth a little and presses harder. That excites me, and I have to slide my tongue out and lick her lips lightly.

She leans into me, and I pull her into me. Her tongue finds mine, and we brush the tips of our tongues together. She moans and kisses me harder, her tongue sliding into my mouth. She turns to me and her full boob presses against my little one.

It’s my turn to moan as I feel my passion ignite. She kisses me madly for another few seconds, then pulls back, panting. “Oh, Mary, wow. I’ve never done this. I’ve never felt this way. I’ve kissed a few boys, but they never made me feel like this.”

I smile at her lovely face. I say softly, “Is this something you want, Taylor?”

“Oh, Mary, I don’t know. I’ve never imagined being with a woman. But you make me feel wonderful.”

“I’m happy that I do. We can keep going if you like. If you need to stop just let me know – it’s no problem.”

She looks at me and says shyly, “Yes, I’d like to keep going.”

I smile and say, “That’s wonderful. Let’s kiss again. If you feel like touching me, I’d like that.”

Her eyes open wide at the idea, but she says nothing. I pull her to me again and kiss her. She launches herself onto my lips, kissing me passionately. I return the kiss and start caressing her back.

Our mouths and lips and tongues wrestle. I’m so excited to feel her naive enthusiasm. I let her take the lead. She presses her full boobs onto mine and I moan as I feel my nipples harden for her.

After a minute, she breaks the kiss and stares at my boobs. Her hand approaches one and she asks, “May I?”

“Yes, please, Taylor. I’d love to feel your touch.” Her hand falls onto it, tentatively feeling it. “Mmm, that’s nice.” She smiles and squeezes it gently. I gasp. She reaches up and feels both of my boobs. I start panting at the excitement of her touch.

“Unbutton my shirt, Taylor.” She fumbles with the buttons, nervous about this new experience but eager to please. When they are all unbuttoned, she opens the shirt, exposing my boobs in their bra. She returns her hands to my boobs, feeling them through my bra.

Her fingers find my nipples and rub them. Her eyes are wide open, delighting in the view. I’m moaning as she rubs. “Oh, Taylor, that’s so wonderful. Take my bra off.”

She reaches around and undoes my back clasp, her rough shirt rubbing my nipples as she leans in. She pulls back, bringing the bra with it, pulling it down my arms. I gaze at her face as she stares with fascination at my naked little boobs.

Her fingers touch them so gently. I melt. She explores them, fingering them all over before closing on my rock-hard nipples. I moan and close my eyes. She feels them and strokes them, sending sparks throughout my body. My pussy starts generating its juice.

I lie back on the sofa and look at her again. She slides off, kneeling beside me. She keeps caressing my boobs and nipples and my legs start flailing and my hips hump the air. She glances down and smiles.

One hand tentatively slides down my stomach and I hiss, “Oh, yes, Taylor, mmm.” It stops at the waistband of my shorts, then proceeds to move over my mound through them. I push up against her hand.

She rubs up and down lightly, then more firmly as I groan. I see the excitement on her face as she takes pleasure in making me feel good. Her hand moves to the button of my shorts, and she looks at me for permission to undo it. I nod eagerly.

She unbuttons, then unzips my shorts. I lift my hips and she pulls them down my legs and off. She returns a hand to my boob and rubs my mound through my knickers, which have a wet spot now. I scream as her finger presses on my slit to find istanbul travestileri my hard clit.

Her vicarious pleasure consumes her, and she rubs her finger up and down my soaked slit. My clit is throbbing under her pressure and I’m moaning constantly. My nipple is being pulled and it sends waves through me. She rubs my slit faster and faster, wanting to give me pleasure.

My orgasm hits me suddenly. “Ahhhhhhhh,” I scream. “I’m cumming. Ohhhh.” She keeps rubbing as my body shudders with ecstasy. I’m gasping and panting. My heart is pounding. Finally, I mutter, “Oh, enough, Taylor. Wow.” She retracts her hands.

When I can open my eyes, I look up at her. She smiles broadly at me and asks, “Was that okay?”

“Oh, Taylor, that was amazing. I can’t believe you have never been with a woman. How did you know how to do that?”

“Oh, I guess I just touched you like I touch myself. It seemed to work.”

“Did it ever! You are incredible. You know, when I first laid eyes on you on the trail, I had a surge of excitement. I somehow felt that you would be a great lover. And for your first time, you were wonderful.”

“I’m happy you liked it.”

“Very much. Now I need to return the favour. Let’s go to bed and I’ll please you.”

Taylor smiles. I ease myself off of the sofa, take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.


We stand by the bed. I’m in just my knickers but she’s still dressed. I smile at her and unbutton her shirt, open it, peel it off and toss it onto a chair. I gaze at her full C-cups and say, “Wow, so big and shapely.” I feel them with my fingers, then reach around and undo the clasp in the back.

I take the bra off and toss it onto the chair with her shirt. “Oh, Taylor, so firm. Wow.” I cup them, feeling their weight. “I’m going to love these.”

I lean down and unbutton her pants and unzip them. They fall to the floor and she steps out of them. I pick them up and put them on the chair. I stand and pull her close, my little boobs pressing on her wonderful big ones. I kiss her softly and we moan together.

I pull back and say, “Lie down, my darling Taylor. I want to make you so happy.” She lies in the middle of the bed on her back. I lie next to her on my side, my hand reaching to her lower leg and caressing slowly upward.

I gaze at her lovely face and see her smile as my fingers trace lightly up her thigh. I am so happy to be pleasing this gorgeous young woman. My hand reaches her knickers and I follow the seam, avoiding her mound for now. I tease her by moving to the waistband and slipping a fingertip just inside, sliding back and forth.

She’s breathing rapidly with her eyes closed. I move up, fingers zig-zagging up her stomach. I reach the bottom of a boob and caress it lightly before moving to the other one and doing the same. Then I circle the boob at the base, around and around.

My fingers slowly spiral inward, feeling every bit of her boob. With one finger, I trace around the edge of her nipple, then rub the side, around and around. I see and feel her nipple harden for me. Now I take my thumb and two fingers and surround the nipple, stroking it upward from base to tip, over and over slowly.

She moans. I move my hand to her other lovely full boob and give it the same treatment until both nipples are hard. Her chest is heaving from her heavy breathing. I move my face to her nearer boob and rub her hard nipple with my cheek.

I kiss her boob softly all over, then brush her nipple with my lips. She moans loudly. I place my lips over her nipple and lick its sides as my fingers had done. Then I suck it in and my tongue licks all over her nipple. She gurgles.

I pinch her other nipple gently as I lick away at this one. She’s moaning constantly now and her body is writhing. My hand slides down her stomach and onto her mound through her knickers. She pushes it up against me.

I rub down and find her slit, feeling that she’s made it wet. I glide a finger along one lip and down the other. She opens her legs for me, wanting more. I press a finger firmly between her lips, soaking the fabric that I push between them.

My finger feels the bump of her hardening clit. I rub it up and down. I lick her nipple faster and she screams, “Ahhhhh.” My finger rubs her clit faster, sensing her impending orgasm. She grunts, “Oh, oh, oh,” in time with my rubbing.

Now I press hard on her clit and rock back and forth hard and fast, feeling it under my finger. I lash her nipple madly and she shouts, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” as she cums for me. Her body shakes and her moans fill the room.

She screams a final, “Ohhhhh,” and then collapses. My lower hand moves up and gently cups her mound and I release her nipple with my mouth. My head rests on the pillow of her full boob as I let her settle from her first orgasm from a woman.

I hear and feel her heart pounding madly through her boob. She’s panting heavily. I melt into my lovely new friend.

After a few minutes, Taylor whispers, “Oh, Mary, I’ve travesti istanbul never felt like that.”

I lift my head and smile at her and say, “We’re just getting started, Taylor.”

“Oh, you must be joking.”

“Not at all.” I lift myself and climb between her legs. I grasp the waistband of her drenched knickers and pull, yanking them down to her thighs then off her legs, flinging them onto the floor.

“Let’s get a close look at your lovely pussy. Mmm, so nice.” I extend my tongue and lick one lip from bottom to top, then the other one. “Yummy, so tasty.”

“Oh, Mary, what are you doing?”

“I’m licking you, obviously.”

“Oh, my, really?”

I don’t answer, but I slide my tongue between her lips and hungrily lick up her juice. She moans once, and then when I dive my tongue into her pussy, she gasps. I stab repeatedly, tongue-fucking her. She cries, “Oh, my God.”

Her hips shake under my relentless poking. When I hear her moans become continuous again, I pull out and suck her clit hard and lash it with my tongue. She screams and bucks. I grab her hips to hold on as my mouth presses and my tongue licks wildly.

Her screams intensify. If my ears weren’t firmly planted between her thighs I would be deafened. I keep licking madly until she gives one last shriek then pushes me away. I gaze up at her, admiring her lovely body, her dripping pussy, and her firm jiggling boobs.

I move back up and lie beside her again, rolling her onto me. Her head rests on my little boob and I hold her tightly. She collapses onto me and we melt together again.

I feel so wonderfully happy. My gorgeous new friend has pleased me and I have pleased her. We drift off to sleep.

After a while, I get chilled and look out the window at the dusk. She rouses and looks at me and smiles. “Wow, Mary, I never knew that licking felt so incredible. I’ve read about it, of course, but it always seemed to be icky.”

I smile back and reply, “Yes, it is incredible, and I don’t find it icky at all.”

She notices it’s getting dark and says, “Oh, I should be going.”

I say, “I think it’s too dark to walk safely. You should stay the night.”

“Oh, but my mum is expecting me to call and tell her to pick me up.”

“Call her and tell her you’re safe and she can pick you up in the morning.”

“Oh, she’ll worry.”

“But you are safe here.”

“Yes, I guess so. Okay, let me find my phone.”

Taylor calls and argues a little with her mum, but convinces her that it’s for the best that she stays. I get up and turn on the heater, setting it for its maximum one-hour interval. The cabin has a massive solar panel array and a big battery and it’s well-insulated, so the heater has us cosy after several minutes.

I open my pack and pull out food and start preparing dinner. “It’s nothing fancy, but it’s pretty tasty.”

“Thanks, Mary. You are so kind.”

“Anything for my lovely new friend.”

We eat and I make us some tea, after which we retire to bed. We slowly rub each other’s pussies, cum gently and then crawl under the covers. I fall asleep in her arms, my head resting on her lovely boob.


I’m awakened by a cold blast of air. I squint as I open my eyes in the morning brightness to see my girlfriend Mei standing beside us.

She smiles at me, saying, “What a lovely surprise, Mary.” Taylor rouses and looks up at Mei.

“Good morning, Mei. This is Taylor. I met her on the bushwalk yesterday.”

“She’s gorgeous. I see you have excellent taste in women, as always.”

Taylor is embarrassed and tries to cover up.

“Oh, please don’t cover up, Taylor,” Mei says, as she pulls the covers off, exposing our naked bodies. “If you are going to enjoy my girlfriend, which I don’t mind by the way, then I should get to look at you. My, what a great body to go with your lovely face. I love your big boobs. Mary and I have little ones, so we will enjoy the variety.”

Taylor blushes as we smile at her.

I get up and go to the loo. I hear Mei say, “I should undress, too, so you can see me. Would you like that, Taylor?”

I come out and say, “Your turn, Taylor.” She hasn’t said anything yet, stunned by Mei’s brazen demeanour. She pads to the loo and Mei and I giggle.

“Isn’t she sweet?” I say, noticing that Mei is naked now.

“Yes, and such a beauty. You always collect the best.”

“Of course, I found you, didn’t I?” I giggle back at her.

Mei says, “Let’s tease Taylor. Lie on the far side of the bed on your side.” I do that. Mei lies on her side, with her back snuggled up to my front, displaying her front to the room. My underneath hand is around her shoulders, and she takes it and places it on her boob. The other hand flops over her waist. We wait for Taylor.

When Taylor comes back, she gazes at us. I say, “Don’t you love Mei’s cute little boobs, Taylor? Her nipples are so wonderful.” Taylor stares and nods.

I tease Mei’s nipple as Taylor watches. She seems to be getting excited. I stroke the nipple and make it hard. My other hand caresses her stomach. Taylor is agog, her mouth open and not quite believing what she’s watching, but not complaining. My hand on Mei’s stomach slides lower and cups her mound. Taylor isn’t quite sure what to do. She’s gazing and her hands are clenched into fists at her sides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32