Business Trip

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Ping! I look over to the bottom right-hand corner of my screen and see the notification for an incoming message. That’s weird, who would be writing to me at this hour of the night, and from work to top it off. Well, let’s just ignore the fact that it’s a Friday night and I’m sitting on my bed in sweats and a sports bra, writing a report that isn’t due for another week, my two cats as my only company. As usual, they’re both asleep, one at the foot of my bed and the other between my outstretched legs. I open up the message and see it’s from my boss. Oh lovely, the client has rescheduled the final presentation for next week instead of the week after. That means that we’ll have to fly out first thing Monday morning. Guess it pays off to be married to the job, because there shouldn’t be any problem in having the report done in time, even with the unexpected rescheduling of this meeting.

Being married to the job also has its deficiencies, especially in terms of relationships. It makes for some very lonely nights. Thankfully I have a very vivid imagination and a decent collection of toys to help me deal with the dry spell. Speaking of imagination, I notice that the new guy is included in the list of people going to visit the client next week. Oh yummy… he’s been the star of my fantasies since the first day I saw him at work. Shawn Calvin. His name sounds like he should be an underwear model, and his looks just reinforce that idea. He’s tall, dark blond, with a body that would put Michelangelo’s David to shame. I’d love to have a go with him. Yeah, as my good friend Chris used to say, if wishes were horses I’d be driving a Ferrari.

Thinking about Shawn takes my mind off the report and I realize just how late it is. It’s time for me to turn off the computer and relax for a bit before going to sleep. I save my progress, wait for it to shut down and then get up to place it on the night table. On my way back to the bed I debate whether I should grab one of my toys or not, finally deciding to go for it. I grab my favorite purple vibrator and lay down on the bed, letting my imagination take over.


Monday morning at the airport the group assigned to the client presentation meets up at the gate to wait for the plane to board. I arrive last, and see Shawn (dreamy sigh), another coworker named Miriam and Ben, our boss (another dreamy sigh) already seated and waiting. Ben is older, maybe late 40s, but still works out almost every day and has an extremely defined body that looks killer in a suit. He also speaks in a super-sexy European accent that makes me shiver just listening to him. I’d love to be the middle of a Ben and Shawn sandwich if I ever got the chance. Thankfully no one can read my thoughts as we wait for the plane to board, or I’d probably die of embarrassment. As is, thinking of the two of them together has me squirming in my seat.

The plane boards soon after and the flight is uneventful. We reach our destination and check into the hotel. As luck would have it, Ben, Shawn and I are on the same floor, almost in neighboring rooms. We all go up our rooms to leave the suitcases and meet for lunch before heading to the client’s office. Lunch is quick, though as a group we all get along and except for Shawn have known each other for years. I love my job so much largely in part to the great professional relationship I have with Ben and the others in my department. Most days it seems we’re more like family than coworkers, which is a rare thing in the business world.

The meeting with the client later that afternoon goes better than expected. They’re happy with the results presented, which means that we’re the front runners for obtaining the next project of this type that they might need. Once we leave the client’s office, Ben invites us all to a celebratory dinner. Miriam declines, but Shawn and I eagerly accept. We drink wine to accompany our food, and before I realize it we’ve Ankara escort downed about a bottle each, maybe more. I know for sure that I’ve passed my limit because I stand up and the room starts spinning. Both Ben and Shawn notice and reach out to steady me as I sway a little. “I’m so sorry guys, this is extremely embarrassing,” I say. “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk up to my room. Could you help me out?”

“Sure” says Shawn at the same time Ben replies “Don’t worry. We’ll help you up.”

I accidently (ok, maybe on purpose) keep brushing my breasts on their arms as they hold me up and guide me along, using my unsteady state as an excuse. Both of them try to ignore it, but I can see that Shawn is getting a little flushed around the collar. Interesting possibilities run through my wine-infused brain, and I keep “accidently” brushing up against him as we walk. Ben is much harder to read though, but it’s fun to keep up the act. Between the two of them they help me reach the elevator without incident. The elevator opens up, and Ben walks in first, me behind him and Shawn bringing up the rear. As the doors close I trip on my feet and fall against Ben, who had just turned around, my whole body plastered against his. I pull Shawn with me since he had been holding my arm at the moment, and he fall against my back. I start to laugh and blurt out “I’m finally in a Ben and Shawn sandwich!” before clamping my hands over my mouth and trying to stand up on my own, face red with humiliation. I lower my eyes to the floor so as to not see either of their faces in fear of being laughed at, but they both try to make light of it as the elevator reaches our floor and we get out.

Walking down the corridor to my room it somehow feels different. There’s an electric feeling to the air that wasn’t there before. I’m probably imagining things though. Ben takes my room key from my purse and hands it to Shawn, who opens the door. He then leads me in as Shawn closes the door behind us. “Thank you guys so much for helping me to get here” I say. “You don’t have to worry about me anymore though. I can handle things on my own from here.”

Ben sits on the edge of the bed next to me and turns to look me in the eye. “What you said in the elevator, about being in a Ben and Shawn sandwich, is that something you’re really interested in, or is it just the wine talking?” I blush furiously and stammer a bit, unsure of what to say.

Shawn kneels in front of me and takes my hands into his before saying “You don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s something we’d like to know.” Ok, I think to myself, I’ve definitely had way too much to drink, or I’ve dived head-first into the Twilight Zone. Ben puts his hand on my shoulder and starts playing with my hair as they wait for an answer. I’m dumb-founded, turning to look from one to the other.

“Would…” my voice trails off, barely audible. I clear my throat and try again. “Are you guys asking what I think you are?” I’m finally able to say.

Ben replies in his oh-so-sexy accent “We’re asking if you would really like a threesome with us.” Leave it to him to get to the point, as always. I look at him and back at Shawn, who is rubbing his fingertips over my hands as if trying to calm me down. Actually, it’s having the opposite effect. My heart rate is through the roof, blood pounding in my ears at the thought that this is actually happening, that I’m being invited by not just one, but two extremely attractive, handsome men at the same time.

“If you’re not interested just tell us,” says Shawn “and we’ll all go on like this never happened.”

I lower my gaze to catch my breath, bringing Ben’s crotch into focus. Holy cow! My gaze flies up to look into his eyes, and he smiles ruefully at my reaction. “I can understand it’s a bit much to take in, but we’d really, really like for you to say yes.”

“A bit much? Talk about an understatement,” I say under my breath.

Shawn Ankara escort bayan chuckles at that and replies “We’re still waiting for an answer. Not to pressure you or anything, but we’d kinda need to know.”

“You’re both ok with this?” I ask again, trying to wrap my head around the situation.

“Of course we are,” says Ben, “otherwise we would never have asked.”

“Ok, I get that,” I say. By now, much of the alcohol induced fog as left my brain, and my libido has kicked into high gear. “If you two are sure you’re ok with this, then yes, I most definitely want to be in a threesome with you two” I reply before my courage gives out.

“Thank you sweetheart” says Shawn as Ben turns my head to kiss me, his tongue tracing my lips before slipping between them to deepen the kiss. Shawn sits down on the bed next to me, kissing my neck, his hand slipping under my shirt to caress my breasts over my bra, molding and kneading with his palm. I reach down and place my hands over the bulges in their pants, stroking over both at the same time. My head is spinning, never having expected my wildest fantasy to have a chance of coming true.

Shawn puts his fingers on my chin and gently pulls me towards him for a kiss, our tongues twining together, so Ben starts massaging my other breast. He slowly starts to unbutton my blouse as he kisses my neck until its gaping open and the dark blue lace of my bra is completely visible. He bends down and suckles my breast through the bra and I moan into Shawn’s mouth. Shawn takes off my shirt while Ben unbuckles my bra and removes it. Both of them kneel down in front of me and each one takes a nipple into their mouths. It’s a weird feeling, having both nipples sucked on at the same time. I can feel the difference in pressure, in how they use their tongues to flick and lick my nipples until they’re hard peaks and I’m squirming on the bed, my panties already damp and my clit throbbing. I moan softly as they continue to torment me in tandem, biting, licking, sucking on my hard and distended nipples, my hands in their hair, pulling each one as close as possible.

Ben stands up, takes off his shirt and unzips his pants, pushing them down to his feet before stepping out of them. His cock is so thick and hard, my mouth waters at the sight. He steps closer and I wrap my hand around the base of his cock, licking my lips in anticipation. I pump it once, twice then lick the head using teasing flicks of my tongue, swirling it around and around before opening my lips and letting it slide into my mouth. Shawn playfully bites my nipple and I gasp with Ben’s cock in my mouth, which he uses to his advantage and pushes in fully so the head hits the back of my throat. I gag on it a little, working to swallow around it and take it deeper. “That’s it baby, breathe. You can take it all” he says to me. I look up and see the lust burning in his eyes, and that makes me want to please him so I stay there, working my throat around his cock. He pulls back and I draw in a deep breath, noticing that Shawn has stood up and is now naked as well.

Boy oh boy, I am in a hedonist’s heaven I think to myself, letting my eyes run over the two gorgeous men naked in my hotel room. I take Ben’s cock in my hand to stroke it as I drop to my knees and take Shawn’s cock into my mouth, moving slowly back and forth while he runs his fingers through my hair and urges me faster. I oblige and speed up, lips tight around his cock, tongue caressing on each stroke, one hand on his thigh to help me stay balanced. He pulls me back and helps me up so that he can kiss me passionately and Ben presses into my from behind, moving my hair over one shoulder so he can easily kiss and lick my neck. I writhe between them, loving the feel of their hard bodies and even harder cocks pressing against me, their hands roaming over my body. Someone, I don’t know who at this point as my brain is no longer working, unzips my skirt and Escort Ankara pulls it down my legs, baring the matching blue lace thong that long ago lost the war to contain the moisture dripping from my pussy. They both growl appreciatively when they see me, and help me to step out of it before laying me down on the bed, ass resting just on the edge and my feet on the floor.

Ben steps between my legs and kneels on the floor, running his hands up and down my thighs. Shawn kneels over my, his legs on either side of my torso. I prop myself up on my forearms as he scoots forward so I can take his dick in my mouth. Ben starts licking over my pussy, teasing with his tongue outside my pussy lips, over and around until finally licking straight up the center and homing in on my clit. He sucks and licks at it, not letting up and then licks down to stab his tongue into me deep, drawing out my juices. He alternates fucking me with his tongue and licking and sucking on my clit. At the same time, I’m playing with Shawn’s dick, licking and teasing the head before letting it slip past my lips and sucking on it. He draws back and I lick as much of it as I can reach. He then pushes past my lips and slides it in until the head hits the back of my throat and I work my muscles around him to take it deep before he slides back out slowly and then picks up the pace. I’m awash in sensation and it doesn’t take long for me to cum, crying out around Shawn’s dick in my mouth, legs shaking and body trembling as I lie helpless while the pleasure sweeps through me.

I lay there panting, trying to regain some sense of control while Ben keeps licking me, his face covered in my cum. Shawn gets up and helps me to sit up and change position, so that I’m kneeling on the bed on all four. He moves behind me and Ben moves in front, his cock hard and straining, the veins clearly outlined under his skin. There’s a drop of pre-cum on it that I can’t resist and flick my tongue out to lick it off. Behind me I hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper just before I feel Shawn press his cock into my pussy. I’m so wet that he slides in without much trouble in spite of my pussy being so tight and swollen around him. He pushes in until I can feel his balls slap against my clit and he just stays there, filling me almost to the point of pain. Ben places his cock against my lips and I lick over the tip and then let him slide into my mouth. He also pushes in deep, as far as I can take him and then pulls back. Shawn pulls out of my pussy and slams back in, jolting me forward to take Ben’s cock in my mouth again. Over and over they work me, penetrating my pussy and my mouth with their hard cocks, keeping a steady pace they can tell is driving me insane. My body starts to quiver as the pleasure grows within me until I reach the breaking point and cum hard, my pussy pulsing and milking the cock in it, and my mouth sucking stronger than I previously had on the cock fucking it.

My legs feel like they’re going to give out but Shawn grabs me by the hips holds me up, slamming into me hard and deep. I cry out at his penetration which intensifies the aftershocks shaking through my body. He cums with a low grunt, his thrusts slowing down but not completely stopping. Ben then takes over, making me focus on his cock as it slides in and out of my mouth. I use my tongue to caress it on each stroke and he wraps my hair around his fist, his other hand urging me faster. He one final stroke and he explodes down my throat, long hot pulses of cum that I eagerly swallow jetting from his cock. At this point I’m so overwhelmed that I collapse on the bed.

Ben lies down next to me and takes me into his arms so that I’m facing him, our legs intertwined. Shawn lies down behind me, spooning me from the back. “That was absolutely amazing,” I say. “I never would have believed it if I hadn’t lived it”. Ben just chuckles and kisses me softly and I can feel Shawn’s answering smile against my shoulder, his cock twitching slightly as it nestles along my butt, making me thing of round two. For now I’m too tired so I start to doze off, surrounded by hard male bodies and heat and think to myself, a girl can definitely get used to this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32