Cabin Fever Ch. 06

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Matt wasn’t available until later that night, so met Donny and Kay in the local coffee bar. Donny was smartly dressed for a change, in casual trousers loafers and designer T-shirt. Kay was wearing a thin red dress, pale stockings with a sheen and black high heels.

A group of friends from college congregated with them exchanging vacation stories, before they all decided to go to a dance in town. En route they bought some liquor to take with them.

All during the night either Donny or Matt would touch her discreetly. She knew they were intending to get her aroused and she did not object to the attention. They would ‘unintentionally’ squeeze her thigh near her stocking top; caress her back or tickle it lightly, knowing the stimulating effect it had on her. She admonished them playfully taking their intimacies in good part.

The students secretly used the plastic ‘glasses’ to pass around their contraband. This increased the humour amongst them and loosened their tongues and limbs. Donny had more than his fair share of drink and was more than a little merry.

Sometime during the evening Donny must have told Matt about the afternoon which wound him up. He had been tetchy with Kay until she had words with him, reminding him of their own private episode.

“Anyway….” She said to him. “…you and Donny masturbate together when I’m not there. You told me.”

He quickly looked around to make sure nobody could hear her then held his palms up to signal a truce. That was the end of the matter.


The dance hall was open to all ages so had a wide variety people in it. Some were military personnel who knew Matt. They talked to him and commented how attractive Kay was.

“She your girlfriend, Matt?” One called Red asked.

“Yeh we’re friends and she’s a girl.” Matt answered.

Matt and the servicemen looked on. The alcohol had obviously gone to Donny’s feet as he gyrated wildly with Kay, who laughed at his antics but tried to keep him under control.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” Said Red.

“Well yes she is.” Matt said defiantly.

“Well I’d watch your buddy he’s sure dancing close.” Said another called Chip.

“Yes well that’s because he’s retarded and needs special care.” Matt informed them, seeing a way of paying Donny back.

“Oh gee! Sorry.” Chip said remorsefully. “I didn’t realise.”

The dance was ending and one of Donny’s friends pressed a plastic cup unexpectedly into his hand. This proceeded to collapse upon contact, sending the liquid down the front of his pants. He hopped back receiving a cursory apology from his friend as he passed drunkenly by. He escorted Kay to where Matt and the servicemen were standing. He was holding his pants at the front and walking in a disarticulated manner.

The servicemen acknowledged Kay politely and she responded equally so. Donny spoke but was so drunk, slurred his words and was unintelligible. Matt turned to Red and Chip.

“See what I mean?”

Kay looked puzzled.

Chip was unsure how to react then said.

“Mighty sorry ma’am.”

Kay looked even more puzzled but found it in herself to smile and nod to him.

Turning to Kay Matt said.

“I think we better get him home. Don’t you?”

“Yes I think we had.” She replied taking hold of Donny’s arm.

Ever ready to assist the servicemen offered their help in escorting them home, which they politely declined, insisting that they go and enjoy the night. It was only about 10 but Donny being decidedly worse for wear and they called a taxi to head for the cabin. It was still reasonably light.

In the taxi Kay sat between Matt and the now drowsy Donny.

“What was all that about?” She asked Matt who was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He explained what he had done and Kay laughed but chided him gently saying he was ‘awful’. Donny slumped to one side and Matt took the opportunity of placing his arm around Kay’s back. He could feel the silkiness of the dress and through that her bra thin strap. It was exciting and intimate. She turned to him and with one eye to check the taxi driver wasn’t looking, kissed him on the lips. His other arm came around her waist and then moved up to her breast. She whispered in his ear to be careful and nodded toward the taxi driver.

“It’s dark-ish.” He answered and continued his exploration, fondling her hardening nipple. She moaned into his ear and he kissed her neck. As she moved the material in her dress and stockings rustled which added to the sensuous moment. The taxi driver glanced in his mirror and Kay moved away from Matt quickly enough to prevent him seeing anything.

In this town Kay and Matt knew to be very wary of the taxi drivers, as word would travel far and wide if anything untoward occurred. For the rest of the journey they remained separate only holding hands.


When they arrived at the Matt’s house Donny awoke groggily from his sleep. Once the night air hit him it seemed to bring him round. He smiled at Kay and Matt Sefaköy escort bayan his arms around their shoulders.

“What happened to the dance?”

As Matt paid, the taxi driver said.

“Best get him to sleep it off.”

“Yes I will.” Matt responded politely knowing that was not on the cards.

Once in the cabin Donny perked up and within a short time was able to speak intelligibly.

Kay was determined to complete her vacation story, curtailed on the afternoon.

“Now we’re all here together again.” She said and blushed slightly but persevered. “I think I should complete my vacation tale. I’m going to be really truthful here so want you to respect that.”

Both boys agreed and Matt opened bottles of cider for them all to drink. It was a reasonably warm night and Matt wore his shorts. His blonde haired legs were muscled and red where they had been scraped in a few areas, but still looked good Kay thought.

“Will I enjoy it?” Asked Donny refusing a drink. “I think I’ve had enough.”

“Maybe.” Replied Kay then added ominously. “It depends.”

“You know what I mean!” He said.

“Probably – knowing you.” She said but looked nervous and unsmiling.

They all sat down, she took a deep breath and started.

“In the second week Jen and I had just made up and dressed, finishing our breakfast cereal, as we watched TV. It was again bright outside. From the distance we heard a roar of an engine approaching the house; as it shifted gear. We all rushed to the window to see who it was. The rider wore a white T-shirt and light blue jeans, although his face was obscured by a black helmet and visor it was obviously Brad. I felt a rush of excitement through my body and placed my cereal on the table. As I told you earlier today I didn’t want to, but was becoming really interested in Brad, I just couldn’t help it.”

She looked at there faces to judge their reaction. It was not good. Matt looked crestfallen though Donny was more nonchalant. She reached out for their hands, taking one in each of her own.

“You two weren’t there.” She threw back her head as if clearing it. “I must continue, I promised.”

She continued.

“Brad switched off the engine and parked the bike. Removing his helmet he came through the now open door, beaming. Everybody was excited. He turned to my mom and said ‘Ok Aunt May, you first for a spin?’

Mom blushed and began protesting her fear and lack of desire, though I detected she was flattered by his offer. My dad laughed at her coyness and said that he thought Brad was asking the wrong one. He pointed at me and said I would be more suitable, but to be careful!

Brad said not to worry he’d ride like a pensioner and flashed his winning smile, winking at me. Then he asked me if I fancied a spin around the Keys.

Jen sensing my hesitance grabbed my arm, to snap me out of it. So I nodded my head, barely able to speak. I wasn’t quite sure what I was feeling but it contradicted my intensions for the vacation. I had always associated motorcycles with men. The thought of being in such close proximity to Brad made me feel warm but uncomfortable at the same time.”

Donny and Matt exchanged glances which Kay deliberately ignored before continuing.

“Jen was hopping with excitement. And said I must go and that Brad was a great biker and I’d have a fantastic time.

Everybody was watching me. So I said I’d love to go but what did I need to wear? My dad said I’d need a helmet and Brad said there was a ‘skid lid’ on the back. Then he looked me up and down, which made me shiver and said I’d be fine as I was and that we’d be back later. He held out his hand and led me to the bike. They all cheered and my mom clapped excitedly, saying she was proud of my bravery.

Brad handed me a black helmet with orange and red flash on the side that matched the design on the petrol tank. I had no trouble putting it on over my newly styled ‘bob’ haircut. I smelled the newness of the leather and tied the strap under my chin. Brad mounted the bike and kick started the engine, the noise invading the peace of the gardens. He stabilised the bike with both feet on the ground. I climbed onto the back which was set higher and caused me to slide down to him.

I was slightly nervy and set back from him. He stopped revving the bike turned his head and asked if I could hear him ok, shouting over the engine. I shouted back, that I was fine now. Smelling the engine and oil for the first time, added to the masculinity of the bike.

Then he gave me a few tips. He adjusted his helmet slightly so I could hear him clearly. He said I was to relax, not to sit there as stiff as an old board; lean and go with the bike; if I felt uncomfortable pat his side; try not to fidget at low, or high speeds; during braking I’d lunge forward so prepare myself by either gripping the grab rail at the back or move my hand to press the tank which will take off the strain; and hold on to him when he accelerated. I remember it Yenibosna escort all even now.”

Matt and Donny nodded, impressed. She continued.

“I deliberately relaxed myself and put my arms around Brad, he released the throttle slowly and to a chorus of cheers that were soon drowned out, manoeuvred the bike up the drive and away. I could feel the strength and tension in his chest muscles and back. My legs gripped his buttocks and thighs and the feeling was wonderful.”

Matt raised his eyebrows at Donny.

“He spun out onto the main road through town, which was fairly clear. The sun beat down on our exposed arms as he rode out into less densely populated areas. I could see the flats in the distance. The road ahead looked clear, as we approached a bridge. Brad turned slightly and shouted, to ask if I was ok?

I patted his hard chest and stuck my thumb up in front of his face. I couldn’t see but felt him smile. Then he said ok let’s see what this baby can do.

I felt him kick then turn the throttle with his muscular naked arm. I gripped him firmly as we accelerated rapidly. Nearing the end of the bridge I could see a small island and a causeway stretching for what seemed like miles. Again this was clear of traffic and I laughed as he increased his speed, the wind tearing at our clothes. It was so exciting as we sped over the flats and sea, at such high speed, my soft arms, legs and body gripping this hard, firm man. As he approached the next larger isle or key, he began to slow, as there was traffic ahead.

He manoeuvred the bike around several cars, leaning and weaving through the traffic, which caused me to momentarily panic and grip him harder. Once through he reached the next causeway, he turned and shouted to ask if I was enjoying it. How much I was enjoying it I couldn’t describe. Again I raised my thumb to him. He said good and asked if I wanted to go again.

The straight and empty causeway ahead challenged him to conquer it. Again I signalled with my thumb.

As he thrust away, I leaned into him further and as I moved my hands felt the cotton material slide over his firm chest and stomach. His arm jerked the throttle further and the cooling wind whistled through our clothing as the sun shone off the passing water. The feeling was so good and I knew without intending to, I was getting aroused. I couldn’t help it; sat with my legs spread apart on the seat; pressed up against a man whom I’d admired for years, my arms encircling his well developed body; my breasts against his back. I could feel my nipples hard and protruding, probably due to the wind. The speed only enhanced the whole experience.”

Kay was sat opposite Donny and Matt. Donny once again began to fondle his cock, through his trouser pocket. Kay just smiled and continued.

“After about an hour of riding, Brad pulled into a roadside café for a coffee and break. I waited until he had both feet on the floor and used the arm he offered to help myself dismount. My breast brushed his elbow, though he didn’t react. I removed my helmet as I waited for him to park up. I was conscious my nipples were sticking out through my T-shirt; this wasn’t helped by two leery youths making undisguised comments about me. This stopped as Brad’s commanding and to them menacing figure approached. They vacated their seats and disappeared into the distance.

He asked obviously unaware of my predicament, if I was ok. I said I was fine. I saw no point in mentioning the incident and started rubbing my bottom. I told him I was a bit stiff and sore but enjoyed every minute of it.

He laughed and said that it takes a bit of getting used to or perhaps I needed more padding and nodded at my behind. I just said I’d rather not suffer.

Brad pushed open the glass and aluminium door, and indicated for me to enter. He was such a gent!”

“Is there no end to this man’s qualities?” Matt cut in.

“Don’t get jealous, Matt. He’s a really nice guy.” She paused and smiled softly. “But he’s not you.”

Matt felt flattered and apologised. She continued.

“The café was fairly empty with only a couple of tourists in. Brad asked me what I would like and I answered an OJ.

The erection of my nipples had subsided somewhat but I still felt horny and slightly guilty for that. I was wondering if I was some kind of pervert, this was my ‘cousin’ after all, and I wasn’t living in Tennessee!”

Kay took a drink as the boys laughed. She paused.

“Don’t stop!” Said Donny, fiddling with himself, Matt was doing the same.

“Ok let me catch my breath.” She said and continued.

“We arrived at a secluded beach after another half hour driving. Brad slowed down and asked if I fancied a break. Much as I was enjoying the experience I was ready, still feeling sore on my butt, so agreed. He hauled the bike near some rocks at the head of the beach and parked it up.

We walked to the beach and looked out over the pleasant sea view. It was hot and it was a relief for us to remove our Escort Halkalı helmets. We were comfortable with each other even after the previous day’s ‘sandwich’. Then Brad asked if I fancied a swim. I was a bit surprised as we didn’t have any swimming gear.”

“Nice line.” Matt said sarcastically, then realising his error, when both Donny and Kay flashed him angry glances. “Sorry! Sorry!”

He said raising the palms of his hands in defence. Kay resumed.

“He just said that it didn’t matter and that we could go ‘skinny dipping’ as we’d done it before. I thought yes, when we were 9 years old. He just said it’ll be lovely we’re near the Gulf Stream.

So I looked around and seeing no one, said ok why not, it’s deserted round here.

Brad ever practical said that we could dry on our clothing as it was warm enough and I agreed.”

Kay took a sip of her drink, followed by a deep breath and continued.

“He started by undoing the buckles on his leather boots. I couldn’t believe this was happening and sat a couple of rocks away from him and took off my boots.

Not looking, I heard the tinkling of the buckles as he tugged at his boots. He removed his jeans next and stood in white T-shirt and boxer briefs, covering the large bulge at the front. As he lifted his T-shirt over his head, I couldn’t resist and took a sideways look.

I removed my jeans. I was wearing, revealing sheer white panties. I felt embarrassed as he must have seen the dark patch of my pubic area; which I’ve only showed to you guys.”

Donny and Matt nodded appreciatively.

“Then I thought, why should he bother he’ll soon see me naked? I lifted my T-shirt over my head and was just in time to see him remove his briefs. I got a full on look at his firm slim buttocks and could see his black hair, creeping into the crease in his butt. Then I saw his penis hanging below his testicles, from the rear.”

Donny and Matt fidgeted and looked at each other. They were either nervous or impressed.

“I unclasped my bra.

I looked around but we were still alone. I stepped out of my white panties conscious as they were damp at the gusset. Brad turned toward me as I looked up. I could see his penis full on, the end hanging down below his balls; long and thick. I blushed slightly as he caught me looking but he ignored it.

He asked if I was ready to go. I said yes and he said he’d race me to the sea, then sped off without a second glance. As he got to the waters edge he dived into the clear cool water and began swimming. I followed, my competitive streak taking over, all self-consciousness gone. He stopped and stood waiting for me, catching his breath. As I arrived we stood facing each other, I couldn’t help sneaking a look through the clear water. It was so big! The water distorted his appendage.”

“Was it bent like Matt’s then?” Donny asked laughing.

Matt grimaced at Donny and Kay smiled sweetly, but placed her hand on Matt’s arm reassuringly.

Donny returned to fumbling with his hand in his trousers. “Where you still excited?”

Kay nodded and said.

“Yes I was. I had kind of got an obsession about it.”

She smiled but it was more out of embarrassment than humour.

“He then challenged me to a race to a buoy, in the distance. He was really happy. I dived and set off ahead of him. He followed and just managed to reach me as I touched the buoy. I was the winner!

We spent some time cooling in the water and having fun.”

“What kind of fun?” Matt interjected suspiciously.

Kay looked at him disappointed.

“It wasn’t like that. Just fun.” She emphasised. “As we dived and swam I caught glimpses of his penis, which was becoming an unwanted fascination for me. Eventually we noticed that the nearby beach was starting to fill up and Brad thought it wouldn’t be long before our ‘own’ beach would start getting visitors. With this in mind we headed back for the beach, as we didn’t want to get caught, naked.

We swam back and raced to our clothes. The sea water dried leaving salt residue on our naked bodies, in the sunshine. Brad used his T-shirt to wipe the moisture from the cracks and creases. Drying between his legs, I couldn’t help hear his large penis as it slapped against his thigh.”

She reddened and sipped more cider.

“We sat and talked as we baked dry like seaweed among the rocks.

We talked about plans for the future and stuff. We were relaxed, though I occasionally peeked at his big penis as it lay on his thigh.”

She felt she had to apologise to them.

“Sorry guys! It just was.”

Donny by now had given up any pretence of hiding what he was doing. He had removed his trousers and was sat in red briefs, which he rolled down to free his erect penis. He kept a cushion nearby to make sure he could cover himself if necessary, though he was going to dive behind the futon if they were interrupted.

Matt also had his penis poking out of his pants and was slowly easing his foreskin back and forth over the end. Even though he found himself jealous of this Brad he still found her confession stimulating. Kay was not unaffected by the sight of them both and moved to the best position for squeezing her vaginal lips. She rocked her legs, the swish of her stockings could be heard, adding to the excitement. She continued.

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