Cabin Fever

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John looked out the cabin window again. The snow was falling faster now. There had been snow flurries most of the afternoon. The accumulation so far had amounted to about four inches. Now it looked like it was going to get serious about it. The weather people had predicted this one, and for once it looked like they might be right. There was suppose to be another eighteen inches by morning though most of it was supposed to fall during the evening. Well, he was snug in his cabin up here in the foothills and it was Friday. He had nowhere to go until Monday morning, so let it snow. He had come up here to get away from the rest of the world, so the snow just added to the desired sense of isolation.

He was adding a few logs to the fire when he heard a knock on the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone, and wondered who would be out in this weather so far from nowhere. He opened the door and found an attractive woman about his age standing there. She had a long winter coat on, jeans, and boots. It looked like she had been walking for some distance in the snow. There was no car in sight.

“Hi.” she said. “I’m in a bit of a bind. It seems my car conked out just down the road a bit. Do you have a phone I could use?”

“Sure.” he said, “Come on in.” After she came in and he closed the door, he pointed the phone out hanging on the wall. “Help yourself.”

“Thanks. I just need to call someone and see if I can get a tow truck out here to get me back to town.”

“Good luck in this weather. I think the nearest one is in Glenrock, and I doubt if they are willing to drive out here now. What brings you out this way in this weather anyway?”

“I’m afraid you might be right about the tow truck, but I want to take a whack at it anyway. I’m a real estate agent. I was looking for a small place out here a few miles up the road and didn’t think the weather would get this bad this fast.” She started dialing. No, the shop had said, tow truck wouldn’t be able to get to her until the morning at the earliest. It was out with one accident and there was another person ahead of her. Next she tried a relative, then a friend and finally the office. No one home and no answering machine at the first two and the office was closed for the day. Her situation was going from bad to worse. “I’m getting nowhere fast.” she said hanging up after her last attempt as contacting someone.

“What is wrong with your car?”

“I found a rock in that wonderful dirt road out there and punched a hole in the oil pan. Now I can’t get a tow truck until sometime tomorrow and I can’t get anyone on the phone to come and get me.” she hesitated a moment before continuing. “Any chance you were going into Glenrock or Casper this afternoon or evening?

“No. I would take you there if I could, but my truck is in the shop in Casper and this loaner I have has tires that wore out last year. If I was lucky enough to even get to either Glenrock or Casper alive, I would never make it back. This storm is supposed to get worse during the evening, and it looks like it is right now.”

“Oh.” was about all she managed to say as she looked down at her feet. She was getting a good idea of her predicament – she was stuck, had no place to go or stay, and the weather was getting worse.

“I think you are what we call between a rock and a hard place.” he said before she could say anything else, “Even at this point if you got someone on the phone, I doubt they would be too crazy about coming after you. They could end up worse off than you are. On the other hand, you are in a warm dry place, and you are welcome to spend the night if you want. I can make a bed up for you on the couch and I will be making dinner before too long. I can very easily make it dinner for two instead of just one.”

“I hate to impose on you, but it doesn’t look like I have much choice. Thanks.”

“So take off your coat and stay awhile.” he said with a smile. “By the way, I’m John.”

“Cynthia.” she said extending her hand. “And thanks so much for letting me stay the night. I thought things would be okay if I got to a phone. In a way I guess they are, but I envisioned myself getting home tonight somehow.”

She took her coat off and John hung it next to his on a peg next to the door. She had on jeans that looked like they almanbahis adres had been sprayed on and a thin low cut silk blouse tied at the waist. Judging by her very erect nipples and the giggle of her breasts as she moved, she didn’t seem to have a bra on. John could feel a stirring in his pants. She kicked her snow covered boots off, went over and sat on his couch, sitting on her feet. She was very nice looking while she had her coat on – with it off she was terrific! She must have been one hell of a distraction when selling a house, but then maybe that was the idea. John sat in a chair facing the couch and they talked for quite some time. She was somewhat animated as she talked and John loved the way her breasts bounced around. All that movement caused her nipples to rub on the silk covering them, and he suspected that that was what was keeping them so erect. He loved it and found it hard not to stare at them as she talked.

Finally John’s hunger got to him and made dinner for them.

Cynthia was hungry and was ready to eat whatever it was he made, but it turned out that he was a pretty good cook and she had a very nice dinner. Cynthia decided that getting stuck here with John wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

After dinner they sat together on the couch and watched television for a while and finally the news. Much to the television station’s delight, the storm was as bad as they had predicted and several cars were now stranded on I25. “That’s why I didn’t want to drive you into town.” John said, “That could have been me out there either coming or going.”

“I was a little upset about not getting back to town earlier, but you have been so nice, I’m beginning to think that getting stuck out here wasn’t such a bad thing after all.”

John certainly liked her company. He just wished he could get into her pants, but that wasn’t very likely. She was giving no hint that she was interested in sharing a bed with him. They watched a movie after the news and then he offered to make up a bed for her on the couch. He got the linens out and she helped him make the couch into a bed for her. He was hoping that she would just ask to sleep in his bed with him, but for whatever reason, she didn’t. “Would you like a large oversized T-shirt for a nighty?” he asked her when the bed was finished.

“Thanks, that would be nice. Uh….where do you sleep? Up in the loft?”

“Yea, that’s sort of the bedroom in here.” He said as he got a large T-shirt out of the closet for her. “Give me a few minutes in the bathroom and it is all yours.” She still didn’t say anything about sleeping with him. Hope was fading fast. When he was done in the bathroom he turned the lights off with the exception of the lamp on the table next to the couch. Cynthia went into the bathroom to change as he went up stairs to bed.

In a few minutes the lamp went off. John wished he had had the nerve to ask her to spend the night in his bed. He was lying there on his back staring at the ceiling beams in the semi-darkness and thinking of her when he heard footsteps on the stairs. He wondered why she was coming up here in the dark. He hoped she was stark naked and wanted to have an all night sex orgy with him, but he knew there was probably a more practical reason.

“John?” Cynthia’s soft voice came through the darkness.

“Yea?” he answered, not sure of what was coming next.

“It’s a little chilly down there.” she said slowly, “Would you mind if I just joined you up here in your bed?”

She was chilly? He had left the heat up some just for her and a few extra logs on the fire. “Sure! Come on up here.” Maybe she was just as horney as he was.

“Oh, it’s much warmer up here.” she said as she to the top of the stairs.

“Uh….just so there isn’t any surprises in the dark here, I do sleep in the buff, so I am naked.”

“No wonder. It’s really nice and warm up here. I think I will just slip out of this T-shirt and sleep that way too.”

John’s cock was now at attention. He could see Cynthia’s silhouette in the dim light as she approached the bed. She turned sideways to the bed and slipped the T-shirt off over her head. Even in this dim light she made a breath taking sight standing there. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she folded the T-shirt almanbahis adresi up. She set it on the floor and then slid her undies down her shapely legs. John was just about drooling. That done she slid in between the sheets and right up next to him. He put his arm around her and pulled her soft warm body over to him. “I was laying here thinking of how I should have invited you up here in the first place, but just didn’t have the nerve.”

“You should have just asked.” she said giving his lips a soft kiss. She lay on her side and moved a leg over him.

“I just never thought you would go for it.” he said as he caressed her leg. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want you up here, I just didn’t want you to think that the only reason I asked you to stay was to get into your pants.”

“I don’t think I would have turned you down. I guess it would have depended on what you said. The real clincher was that you could cook.”

“My cooking dinner got you up here?” He pulled her the rest of the way on top of him.

“Uh-hu. You wouldn’t believe the number of guys I have dated that thought a well stocked freezer and a working micro wave oven was great living. They were even happier when they had a girl over for the night that knew how to actually use the micro wave.” She felt his hands slide down her back and begin go caress her bottom.

“And all this time I thought it was supposed to be that the way to a man’s heart was supposed to be through his stomach, as in the girl could get a guy if she could cook. Now you are telling me that the way into a girl’s pants is to cook for her?”

“I’m here aren’t I?” Cynthia started to kiss her way down his body. “I get tired of dates who expect me to do it all.”

She had a point. “How do you feel about sixty nine?” he asked as she worked her way down his body. He liked oral sex and was dying to get a taste of her. She probably tasted and smelled just as good as he imagined.

“Now that you mention it,” she said as she got off of him and turning around, “I like it just fine, but it’s a little distracting and it’s hard to come that way.” She positioned herself over him so her now very wet bottom was over his face. Her soft pubic hair was brushing against his chin.

He took a deep breath and smelled her hot feminine sex scent. “Great. It makes a nice warm-up before an even better come.” he said just before his tongue parted her thick outer sex lips and went in search of her clit and opening. As he got his first taste of her juices, he felt her mouth slide down his hard cock. His hands roamed over her body as he licked at her and enjoyed her sucking on him. Soon his tongue was spending most of its time on her clit – flicking over it, licking it, and now and then he even sucked on it gently. She had a nice sized clit. One that was easy to find and one that got firm and longer as she got turned on.

Soon he wanted to be deep inside her and she wanted him there. “How about turning around. I want to be inside you Cynthia.”

“Good, because that’s where I want you. Your are getting me pretty hot and you really know how to eat me.” she said as his cock slipped out of her mouth. “Uh…do you have any condoms by any chance?”

“Sure. Right in the night stand.” He rolled over to the edge of the bed after she got off of him and turned on the lamp. He opened the drawer so she could see them and said, “What kind do you want?”

“I don’t know, what kind do you have? No one ever offered me a selection before.” she said crawling over to the edge of the bed.

“Well, there are the thin ones, I guess that’s more for me, there are some colored ones, and there are some ribbed ones.”

“Hmm….I’ve never tried a ribbed one before. How about we try one of them? Do they feel good for you when you wear one?”

“Actually they don’t do much for me one way or the other. Sometimes they will do a little something for the woman.”

“Let’s try one then.” she said picking up a ribbed condom package and looking at it. “Lay on your back and I will put it on you.”

John rolled over onto his back and watched with some fascination as she opened the package, removed the condom, looked at it again, and then placed it on the head of his cock. Her soft warm hand rolled it on down the shaft of his still almanbahis adres very hard cock. When it was all the way on, she gently ran her hand up and down the shaft getting the feel of the ribs on the condom.

“I don’t know if that is going to do much for me or not.” she said as she held his cock upright and moved herself over it. When it was just about to enter her, she said, “Here goes.” and lowered herself on John’s condom covered cock. “I guess I can feel the ribs a little.” she said when it was all the way inside her. She started moving up and down on his cock, concentrating on the feeling. “Yea, it does something, but I think the claim that they will do something for the woman is a bit over-rated.”

John knew what she was doing for him! He was enjoying moving in and out of her and the view he was getting of her body as she sat upright on him and raised and lowered herself on him. His hands went to her waist to time his thrusting up with her coming down on him. She was very wet and he was sliding in and out of her easily. As tight as she was, he really couldn’t feel the ribs on the condom at all. What he could feel was the rising urge to come.

“How about we put me on the bottom and you give me a nice hard fucking John?” She was getting close to coming too, and while she liked other positions, her favorite way to actually get off was to be on the bottom under a guy who could really give it to her.

“Okay. Let’s see if I can get you down there and not come out of you while I move us around.” He sat up, put his arm around her back holding her body close to his, and moved her around and put her on her back on the bed. He managed to do that while keeping himself deep inside her.

“Now really fuck me John.” she begged, “Really give it to me. No more foreplay or teasing, just really let me have it.”

John started with long slow strokes, but was soon giving himself to her with shorter ones delivered much faster and harder. She was very wet now and they were making sexy squishing noises as their bodies came together. Cynthia had her legs wrapped around him high on his back, letting him go into her as far as he could. By now neither of them was paying any attention to whether or not the condom had ribs on it.

“Oh John,” Cynthia moaned, “I’m going to come pretty soon. Damn but you make me feel good.”

“Good,” he groaned, “because I am about ready to come too.”

“Please come for me John,” she begged, “I want to feel it. I want to feel you come. As soon as you do it will make me come too……I’m so close…please come for me now.”

“Oh God!” John groaned, “I’m coming!!” He felt the first of his come rush into his cock and race up the shaft and deep into her. It was followed by a countless number of spurts as his orgasm lasted and lasted. Somewhere in there he felt and heard Cynthia start to come too. She moaned and then almost screamed as she got off. She wasn’t quiet about having an orgasm! It only made his better feeling her body come on his cock, feeling her body spasm under him, and hearing her.

When the orgasms were over, she kept her legs wrapped around him, not letting him go. He didn’t object. He liked the squeezes she was giving his cock with her surprisingly strong muscles. She only let him go when he was completely soft.

“Damn but you made me feel good.” he said as he rolled off her.

“That’s good. You just got me off like I haven’t gotten off in years. I had never realized I have been with so many bad or so-so lover.”

John slipped the condom off and held it up to see how much come there was in it. “I think I gave you everything I had Cynthia.”

“Good thing you had that on or I would have been preggers for sure, pill or no pill.”

“Did the ribs made any difference?”

“Only for the first few minutes, and it wasn’t all that big a deal then. I could feel them, but that was about it. After that I didn’t really notice them. I don’t think they had anything at all to do with how well you just got me off. We could always try a plain one in the morning and see if there is a difference.”

In the morning they did try a pain condom and she had just as much fun with it as she had with the ribbed one during the night. He made her breakfast while she tried calling for a tow truck again. The storm hadn’t dropped as much snow as the weather reports had called for and the storm had blown over faster than expected. The tow truck would be there in half an hour.

By: Quicksilver/Art Copyright (C) 1996, all rights reserved.

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