Camilla Ch. 036

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Before the girls left Luvlee’s with their eight teachers for the orgy they were going to have, Camilla put on the school-girl outfit she’d worn during her striptease to ‘Gang-banged’; and Candice found a similar-looking school-girl outfit (like Camilla’s, it wasn’t her actual school uniform) from the change room at the back of the strip joint. The girls each sucked on a breath mint to get rid of the smell of the men’s come that had been emanating from their mouths. The girls also took more ecstasy–a half pill each. They freshened up with heavy, bright makeup, and went with their teachers to Mr. Langella’s house.

They all arrived there about twenty minutes later. As soon as the girls walked into Langella’s house with him, they started unbuttoning their white blouses.

“Wait,” Langella said. “Let everybody come in first. We’ll all get some beers, I’ll put on some music in the living room and dim the lights. When everyone’s settled, then start stripping.”

“OK,” the girls said together, and buttoned up their blouses again. Candice chopped lines of the remaining cocaine for all the men to snort. Langella got six-packs of beer from his refrigerator as the other men snorted, then he dimmed the lights and snorted his line. When all the teachers were sitting on the sofa and chairs, surrounding Camilla and Candice, who were in the middle of the living room, Langella put on a CD of Global Underground 015: Darren Emerson, Uruguay. Camilla and Candice started slowly swaying their hips to the a cappella voice of a woman singing Minnie Riperton’s ‘Lovin’ You’, which began the first track, by The Orb. Candice–still high on the cocaine, and beginning to feel the effects of the ecstasy (as was Camilla)–was getting teary-eyed as she heard the song lyrics; they were expressing her exact feelings for Camilla. The girls, whose eyes were fixed on each other’s, slowly unbuttoned and removed their blouses. As they removed their plaid skirts, Camilla’s eyes burned lust, while Candice’s eyes shone love and longing. Candice was growing futile hopes of making Camilla return the love Candice felt only for her; when the girls were completely naked, Candice planned to jump for Camilla’s clitoris and lick it as never before.

The beats of the acid house music kicked in, and the girls started shaking their asses to it. Their teachers were practically drooling with lechery as they leered at their two students dancing in pink and black lace underwear (Camilla and Candice, respectively). Candice got up close to Camilla and undid her bra; Camilla returned the favour and unhooked Candice’s bra. Their teachers cheered as the bras came off and the girls’ large breasts shook with their baring. It was hard for the men to decide whose breasts they preferred: Camilla’s, Ankara bayan escort with her larger, lighter areolae and less protruding nipples; or Candice’s, whose areolae were smaller, but whose nipples were pointier and of a darker pink. Both pairs of breasts were of approximately equal size, and were equally firm–no excessive sagging. After dancing around topless for a while, the girls got up close to each other again and slowly pulled down each other’s panties. The men shouted lewdly as Camilla stuffed her pink panties in her wet vagina, then pulled them out. Candice did the same with her black panties. Camilla pulled on the elastic and flung the panties like a sling-shot at Langella’s face, as she had done during her strip-show at Luvlee’s. Candice flung her panties at Mr. Knowles’s face in the same way. The remaining men tried to hide their jealousy.

Candice’s jealousy, however, was the strongest of all; and when the girls kicked off their high heels, she went up to Camilla and kissed her hard on the mouth, hoping to make her wayward lover appreciate her more.

“They’re dykes!” Mr. Williams shouted. “Awesome!”

“I love you, Camilla,” Candice sighed between small pecks on her lover’s lips and cheeks. Then their tongues twined around each other, and their lips met.

The girls knelt on the floor as they continued French-kissing. Camilla fondled Candice’s buttocks as Candice fondled Camilla’s breasts. To their ogling teachers, the squatting girls looked like a mirror reflection of each other, practically twins except for three things: Camilla’s blonde hair, versus Candice’s red hair; Camilla’s brown pubic hair, versus Candice’s ginger pussy; and the nipple differences already mentioned. Camilla lay on her back while Candice’s kisses made a red lipstick trail going down from Camilla’s lips, to her chin, her neck, her sternum, and finally to her right breast, which Candice started sucking. Candice’s right hand gently squeezed and caressed Camilla’s left breast, and moaning Camilla fingered her clitoris. Amazed at what they were watching, the teachers started undressing.

Candice’s red trail of kisses continued down to Camilla’s navel and ultimately to her vulva. After moaning and sighing her enjoyment of Candice’s cunnilingus, and running her hands in her licker’s hair, Camilla moved around and under Candice so the girls would be in a sixty-nine. As Camilla licked Candice’s pussy from below, Camilla put her finger inside Candice’s asshole, slowly sliding it in and out. Candice moaned her thanks and buzzed and hummed on Camilla’s clit. The moistness of their vaginas made their saliva seem dried up in comparison.

All eight men were now naked, with hardening cocks. The cocaine was taking effect, too. Langella Escort bayan Ankara got Camilla’s anal lube from her purse, and Knowles got Candice’s lube from her purse. After lubricating their phalluses, they got ready to lube the girls’ assholes. Feeling Knowles’s slimy finger slide inside her rectum, Candice pulled up Camilla’s legs so Langella could do the same for her anus. Meanwhile, kneeling, Williams gently turned Candice’s head to the left and, aiming his hard cock for her mouth, asked, “May I?” Candice opened wide and deep-throated him.

Candice’s head was facing Williams’s cock at a forty-five-degree angle from her ass, and as she took the whole length of Williams’s shaft all the way in and out of her mouth, she looked back at Camilla. Candice didn’t seem to notice Knowles’s long, thick cock pushing against her anal orifice and entering her rectum; she was too busy seeing Camilla lewdly grin as Mr. Rudolph aimed his cock at her salivating mouth. Candice’s jealousy and disappointment at seeing this made her temporarily oblivious to all other sensations, even that of the electrifying ecstasy she was peaking on. Oh, well, Candice thought, fuck the pain away.

Langella slid his dick inside Camilla’s asshole; she squealed with pleasure at the entry, and sucked Rudolph’s cock all the more eagerly, playing with his balls and tickling his scrotum. Mr. Burgess masturbated as he fingered Camilla’s clitoris, and Mr. Matotek sucked on her left tit while handling her right one, pinching the nipple. Tingling with pleasure from peaking on the ecstasy, Camilla gushed her first of many orgasms, all over Burgess’s drowning hand.

Mr. Fulson carefully put his five fingers inside Candice’s cunt, then slowly got his whole fist inside. Her screams of pleasure were muffled by Williams’s cock in her mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft, and her curled tongue hugged his bulging corpus spongiosum. Though Williams was rock hard, he wouldn’t come…yet.

Mr. Johnson fondled Candice’s left breast while sucking on her right; his other hand was on his cock. All ten of the naked lovers continued in this crowded position, rocking back and forth, jerking their hands in or on the others’ genitals or breasts, for about ten frenetic minutes. Camilla’s river of come was all over Langella’s living room carpet: the next morning, he would have a formidable cleaning job to do. Candice had already come several times, too, since focusing on the pleasure of sex and drugs took her mind off of uncommitted Camilla.

Finally, it was the teachers’ turn to come, and they got up and circled the squatting girls for bukkake. Langella, Fulson, Matotek, and Johnson stood over Camilla; and Williams, Knowles, Burgess, and Rudolph surrounded Candice. Bayan escort Ankara The men all quickly and frantically jerked off. Langella was the first to splash his load: his come splatted in several spurts on Camilla’s right cheek, next to the right side of her mouth, on her nose, between her eyebrows, and in her left eye. Grinning and giggling, she wiped the come out of her eye as the rest of it dripped down either side of her face. Just when her left eye was more or less clean, Fulson came, flooding her other eye and her nose. She screamed and giggled at every squirt, blowing some come out of her nostrils. Immediately after that, Matotek and Johnson ejaculated, plentifully and simultaneously. When every last squirt had come out, and all the men wiped their dick-holes on her cheeks to remove the last of the come from their cocks, Camilla’s face couldn’t be recognized as hers, so completely was it drenched with jizz.

While Camilla was receiving her shower of semen, so was Candice. Williams was the first to spray, shooting his come in straight lines on Candice’s face and hitting her nose, upper lip and left eye in several strong squirts. Then Knowles came, getting some in her hair and left ear. Then Burgess splashed his come on her right side, drenching her cheek and lips. Finally Rudolph blew his load in her wide-open mouth: only a few drops of his ran down from her lips to her chin.

Exhausted, the men got dressed and rested on the sofa and chairs. Their excitement changed into depression as they came down from their cocaine high. Gradually getting drowsier and drowsier, they watched Camilla and Candice, who would continue making love after washing up. Eventually, the teachers would fall asleep.

Camilla was still frisky for more sex, and Candice was still hungry for Camilla’s love. Camilla looked in her roommate’s sad eyes as they, in the shower stall, washed the come off their faces and hair; and Camilla sensed Candice’s need for loving only from her. When they finished in the washroom, the girls went back to the living room.

Candice lay on her back, and Camilla put her head between Candice’s legs. As Camilla ate Candice’s pussy, she could hear Candice’s sighs and cries of, “Camilla, I love you…love me, only me…” Though concerned with Candice’s jealousy, Camilla would deal with that problem later; right now, she just wanted to enjoy more sex. Candice ran her hands in Camilla’s hair as she continued licking and sucking on Candice’s clitoris. Camilla put her fingers in Candice’s vagina and anus, her index finger tickling Candice’s G-spot, her long finger rubbing against Candice’s A-spot, and the pinkie of her other hand deep inside Candice’s rectum, moving in and out. Camilla buzzed and hummed on her lover’s clit, and Candice’s cries grew louder and louder until she finally came. A few drops came out of her vagina, and Camilla lapped them all up.

Finally, the girls came down from their ecstasy high, and fell asleep on the living room carpet around 8 AM.

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