Cancer Ch. 04

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Stepping into the shower I could feel my clit graze against the inside of my pussy lip and I surged with every movement. Just the short walk from the bedroom to the bathroom had my knees buckling and I grabbed the bar in the hotel shower to steady myself as I turned on the mist and made sure it was steamy and hot.

I leaned hard against the shower wall and just took a few long, slow breaths, wanting to make this last… wanting to be able to re-live every moment I had spent worshipping at the altar of Zackary’s body.

“Zackary” I moaned softly as my hands unwrapped the soap and threw the paper onto the floor of the shower. I lathered my hands achingly slowly, trying to prolong the sweet pain in the pit of my stomach that reached clear to my straining clit.


I leapt a little at the sound, having thought that his recovering body would betray him and sleep quickly, letting me finish myself off quietly under the running water.

“OH! I… uh… nothing. What are you DOING in here? Shouldn’t you be resting?” I uttered quickly, hiding behind the shower curtain.

“You don’t seriously think I’m finished… do you? Have they all treated you this way?”

“What way? All of who?” My mind was racing. What on Earth was he doing? He’d gotten what he wanted, what every man wants, what was left?

“Them” he said in a forceful, angry voice before tearing back the shower curtain and regarding me with a look I couldn’t quite place. “I’m not one of them. I’ll be damned if you’ll crawl away from me to take care of yourself.”

I simply stood there, hands still soapy, room starting to fill with warm steam as he simply stood there. What did he want me to do? I just laughed a little bit, hoping that it was fooling him. I was so confused, and there he stood, naked in front of me, asking me questions about what I was doing!

“Oh, I know you’re not. Now go away so I can get this over with” I said, blushing so hard I thought all the blood from my entire body was in my cheeks.

“No. Show me.”

His words all at once frightened me and excited me. “Show you? Show you what?”

“How you were planning on touching yourself. I want to watch…”

Slowly, as if I had no power to stop them, my fingertips slid down my body as I placed one foot up on the side of the bathtub. When they reached my pussy I felt a surge before I ever even touched myself. It was decision time. How badly do I need to come? Badly enough to let someone else watch me? I had never done that…

“It’s okay, baby. Just show me.”

I groaned and my head fell back, eyes closed as I slid two fingers into my slit. Back and forth, back and forth against my hard clit, letting it slide between first finger and middle finger, letting the soap mix with my honey to make my fingers slick and soft. I sighed almanbahis deeply and leaned against the wall, my other hand touching my nipple, using my palm to slip over and over it as my other hand continued to push toward the orgasm I craved so much.

Suddenly I heard a murmured “no” come from only a foot or so away and my head snapped upright again, fingers stopping what they were doing and freezing in place.

When my eyes opened I saw Zackary, standing not 6 inches from me, body flush, eyes incredibly serious and stormy with anger. “No” is all he said, but as he pinned me against the shower wall, forcing my hand away from my pussy in the process, I understood.

His eyes never left mine for an instant as two fingers traveled to his mouth to wet them before his hand dropped between us and slid softly into my slit. I groaned at the heat surging between my legs and pressed my pelvis toward his hand, allowing him to slide his fingers back and forth over my swollen clit as my head fell back once again, eyes closing, focusing on the pleasure of his hand touching me.

His mouth found my neck as he moved closer, most of his body touching mine, but leaving lots of leverage room for his hand. I felt my pulse jump against his mouth as he kissed softly, then a bit harder, running his tongue up and down my neck and nipping gently.

“This cum is mine” he growled in my ear before flicking his tongue inside the hoop earring and over my lobe. I whimpered, feeling overwhelmed and weak. God, I wanted it to be his so badly. I wanted him to touch me until I was incinerated by my own heat. I simply nodded my head, unable to speak.

When his fingers left my clit briefly I whimpered, wanting them back immediately. I was so close! But when I looked up, Zackary was soaping his hands, almost innocently and staring at me.

“I… uh… I didn’t…”

“I know. It’s time for you to be patient now. Do you know how crazy I was for you? Paybacks, my dear, are pure, unadulterated hell.”

And with that he leaned forward and began to wash my body gently, soaping my breasts in circular motions over my nipples until I almost screamed with pain as my nipples hardened and distended to amazing lengths. Zackary simply regarded me seriously, eyes never leaving his hands. After rinsing my breasts for a full thirty seconds he re-soaped his hands and let his right one fall toward my slit again.

Eyes never leaving mine he started all over, washing me clean, washing away all thoughts of victory and supplanting those notions with pure lust and heat. I had not moved my foot from the side of the tub so the access was easy. I was scrubbed front to back, paying special attention to the hard little nub that hung there, silently begging for his touch. I was nearly there again and began to whimper as he rinsed me.


Once almanbahis giriş again the word startled me and I was instantaneously angry. What the hell was he doing? Who did he think he was, taking me right to the brink of a monster orgasm and then dropping me off the edge of a cliff like that? My brain raged and my mouth was ready to follow suit when he reached over and kissed me extremely hard, his passion flowing into my mouth like a raging river as he pulled me, mouths still connected, out of the shower, dripping all over the tile floor.

As I reached for the towel behind me and broke our kiss a little, he took it from me and threw it to the floor, pulling me harder toward the bed, streams of water cascading to the floor and trailing onto the bed as he pushed me gently down into the spot where he had lain so patiently.

“Mine” he said, and I knew what he meant. It was time for his ownership of me, of the lightning that would stealthily slip through my body and make me shiver.

He laid down beside me on the bed, propped up on one elbow and lazily drew circles on my damp skin, concentrating on my right nipple before paying just as much attention to the left. My body was straining toward him, begging him to finish me off before I screamed.

“Please…” my voice trailed off into the distance, begging, pitiful, needy.

“Yes, my love. Oh.. yes…” and with that his mouth slid down onto mine, kissing me passionately, tongue sliding into my hot, needy mouth.

As his mouth made my brain dizzy his hand moved down my breasts and came to rest just above my mound, toying gently with the soft hair that covered it. I whimpered at the proximity of his hand to what I needed stroked and he simply said “Ask me.”

“Please…p…please touch me, Zackary. I want to cum for you…”

And with my admission his hand moved lower as my legs parted, immediately finding my hot, wet clit and playing with it, sliding his flat fingers over and over it, dipping slightly into me to wet them with my slick honey before again running his slick digits over my clit again and again.

Heat started to circle in my stomach and I began to whimper and moan louder, uttering an occasional “Yes” or “please” without even knowing what I was saying. I was so lost in the feeling that I did not feel him move away from me slightly, and sit up on the bed, still fingering my slit.

When he hand left me, my eyes again flew open, but it was only to see him move quickly down between my legs. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t say a word… I could only stare deeply into his eyes as his hands gripped my calves and put them over his shoulders, feet resting on his shoulder blades.

I held my breath as his eyes held mine and he slowly descended toward my straining pussy. With one long, slow lick he tasted almanbahis yeni giriş me stem to stern, tongue flat and soft against my straining clit. I felt dizzy and had the sensation of floating as my hands moved to the top of his head, gently encouraging him to continue.

His movements were incredibly slow, his tongue impossibly soft as he licked and lapped at my pussy, the heat once again building to unbearable levels in my blood. I whimpered and moaned and talked about how good it felt over and over…loving the feel of his soft tongue against my wet, hard clit.

I felt the tip of his finger edge toward me and pushed down toward it, needing it inside me as his tongue continued to pleasure me. When it entered me to the hilt, so slowly, so deliberately, I felt the ripples of my impending explosion start to spread throughout my entire body, and on the second soft thrust, as his tongue also slid against my clit, I started to moan and whimper, hips bucking, trying to force him harder inside me. But he held back.

I pushed harder down onto his finger, rubbing my entire pussy across his lips and face as I began to ride the start of my orgasm, trying to control the pace without much success. Zackary was in control of the entire Universe at that point, and there was nothing I could do but surrender to his power.

When he felt my pussy start to get wetter his finger got stronger and was joined by another, easily slipping into my tight, wet pussy. In and out, in and out, his lapping tongue driving me toward the edge… closer and closer…

With one final thrust I was his. I came so hard my entire body shook and I started to whimper louder, pressing my pussy to his face and his fingers farther inside of me. He lapped at me mercilessly and I thrashed and pressed down onto him over and over until the sudden rush of explosion began to quell. His fingers slowed to a gentle rhythm and his tongue softened even more as I shivered and my head collapsed onto the bed, the pillow long ago flung to the floor.

“Stop stop stop!” I whispered frantically as I pushed him away suddenly, the force of the orgasm making my entire body so sensitive it was like electric eels winding their way around whatever part was being touched at the moment.

I curled into a fetal position on the bed and tried to catch my breath, tears streaming down my face at the amazement that I felt. When Zackary climbed the bed and curled himself to my back it was like a blessing. His arms felt so strong around me as he held me and helped me recover from the amazing physical release I had just received.

“Oh God” was all I could utter as I finally wound down, feeling like warm jell-o, body still trembling.


“Y…yes Zackary?”

“You need to tell me something, baby…”

“What?” I asked, willing at the point to tell him all the national secrets, if I had any.

“Sweetheart…what’s your name?”

And with that…I smiled. It would take a lot more convincing to get me to tell… and I was sure to enjoy every moment of it.

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