Car Ride

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I cannot believe this is happening. After so long of waiting to meet Jack, I finally am. He is supposed to be here in only five minutes. I am sitting outside, so nervous that he won’t show, that I have a cigarette in my mouth and am making a mental note to pop in three Breath Savers before Jack gets here just in case one doesn’t get rid of the taste of smoke in my mouth. My eyebrows are drawn together, for I am worried. Suck, inhale, and exhale. Oh, god, what if he doesn’t show? For the love of god, Krista, calm down. He’ll be here. Get rid of the cigarette in case he is a couple of minutes early.

With a sigh, I throw the cigarette at the driveway. It is rather odd that I have finally come clean with the fact that I have been smoking. My parents were mad five days ago when I turned 18 and they found out, but they couldn’t do anything about it. I mean, I am 18 and can now smoke legally. Nothing to fear anymore.

From my perch on the torn lawn chair, my feet firmly placed on the porch, I grab my purse, keeping my eyes on the road without thinking. “Come on, Jack,” I mumble as my hand hits something hard. Ignoring it, burying my fingers past it, I dig deeper until I nudge the green wrapper with the tip of my index finger. I scoop it out of my purse, pop three hard candies in my mouth, and crunch into the sweetness even though I know I’m supposed to suck on it until it has melted on my tongue, almanbahis but I am much too impatient.

A black car nears my driveway. I leap out of my seat anxiously, my heart doing flips and a smile suddenly brightening my face. But the car passes by. I collapse back in my seat with a disappointed frown, the corners of my lips weighing a ton as my heart slows to its normal pace.

Another car slows down, this time pulling into my driveway. Gathering my backpack and purse, I practically run to the car, knowing I am about to be in the presence of a very sexy male and wondering how the heck I am going to react.

Opening the passenger’s door and shoving the luggage in the floorboard, I glimpse the side of his face and nearly have a heart attack. Jack is a hundred times sexier in the flesh than he was on webcam. I feel my excitement for him arise and yearn to do something naughty with him, but I stifle it, get my ass in the car, and shut the door.

“Hi, Krista,” and his voice makes me even crazier. I picture hearing him chant my name as he fucks my brains out.

“Hi, Jack,” I reply, wondering if my voice is enough for him. He has heard me moan and masturbate for him on his phone, but I am sure I sound different in real life. Louder. My voice was low but strong on the phone.

He puts the car in reverse and pulls out of the driveway. I sit tight in the car for a almanbahis yeni giriş few seconds, staring out the windshield, trying to stop thinking about his dick and how badly I want to feel it, but I keep wondering if he might like it if I obeyed my hunger. Finally, I decide to just go for it and reach my hand over, massaging him through his jeans for about half a minute. Then I begin unbuttoning his pants and slip my hand inside. When I feel his dick, I cannot help the moan that dies from my lips.

My left thumb begins massaging his most sensitive spot. I picture myself placing my mouth over it and sucking and licking it.

Jack, twenty-five years old, seems oblivious to the hand on his dick. It is maddening to me that he shows not a flicker of horniness as I rub his tender spot gently and crave him greatly. God, what am I doing wrong? Am I not rubbing it with the right tempo?

But after around five minutes of playing with his dick, I forget that he isn’t showing any hint of liking this. I can feel my juices sticking to my thighs and my hard nipples throbbing. His dick is becoming really sensitive too, pulling away from my fingers.

“Jack, stop the car. Pull over. Now,” I demand. “I want you. I cannot wait another second.”

Luckily, right as I am saying this, we are nearing a deserted parking lot. He speeds up a bit and pulls in. I am yanking off my low-rise almanbahis giriş jeans all the while. When he parks, I just unbuckle, yank off his buckle, and straddle him while unziping his jeans and helping him out of them hastily.

I smother his dick with my wet pussy and begin riding him up and down, my arms on his shoulders, right hand in his light brown hair. Without thinking about it, I clutch him with my pussy. Oh god, oh god, oh GOD! I rub his stubbled cheek with my own and feel my pleasure heighten.

“Oh, god, Jack, Jack, Jack,” I moan, “I love your dick so fuckin’ bad!” He grins but says nothing. I hope he knows not every guy does this to me. In fact, sex was meh before I met him online a few months ago and began masturbating to him. There was just something about Jack that drove me wild.

I am shuddering and moaning uncontrollably. His mouth sucks my nipples up, and he grabs my hips. Holding me quite still a few inches off his dick, he shoves it in and out of me until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls the big one out and makes me yearn to cum again by lifting my shirt and jerking off his dick in front of my boobs and cumming all over my tits. I lower my mouth to his dick when he is done and suck the last bit of cum out of his dick. It tastes so good and feels so fantastic in my mouth that I moan again and mutter, “Jack,” breathlessly.

Pulling away, I scoop his cum off my boobs and bring the wonderful taste to my mouth. He stares at me with pleasure in his eyes, muttering my name one last time before I get dressed and we continue on our way to Detroit, stopping many times for similar clawings of each other

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32