Caramel Mom

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Big Nipple

Stone sat staring at the screen. He had done this for the last week or so since coming across images of Caramel. Like most young men Stone’s computer usage focused more on accumulating pornography than anything else that the computer or internet could offer. So here he sat staring at Caramel, a porn actress who he had discovered the previous week. She had become his infatuation.

Stone had a decent collection of pictures and videos but he quickly grew tired of it all and began searching for new fuel for his fire below. That is until Caramel. When he came across her he was instantly taken. To him she was beautiful. There was something about her and soon he had gotten rid of his other porn and everything was about her.

“Stone,” his mother’s yelling broke his focus on the naked woman on the screen. Stone turned off the screen quickly as he heard footsteps on the stairs.

Soon his mother appeared standing at the landing to the basement which had become his room.

“Stone, you gon’ eat before we go,” the woman asked.

“Yeah ma,” the boy replied getting up from his seat.

“Good well come on then,” she said turning on her heels to ascend the stairs again.

Stone followed. As they ascended the stairs Stone’s eyes were just at the level of his mother’s ass the whole way up. He felt bad that the image before him caused him to harden but he couldn’t help it, his mother had a marvel of an ass it was big, round relatively tight with just the perfect amount of jiggle to it. And in her house dress it was prominent. The fabric seemed to cling to that marvel in just the best way to display it – but then everything she wore seemed perfectly fit to show off her ass. Stone grew harder.

-Days ago

It was the ass after all that had clued Stone in. A few days ago when he found Caramel he couldn’t at first figure out why she had so captured his imagination. His mother had come calling as she was doing this evening because he was so caught up he had missed that it was dinner time. As they ascended the stairs that evening he noticed her ass. Oh, it wasn’t the first time he had noticed it – he would have had to be blind for that to be true -but it was when he began to make the connection.

Sitting at the dinner table that night Stone looked at his mother as if for the first time and he was certain. His mother could have been Caramel’s twin. Her face looked the same, her ass was pretty similar only it might be better, she had a huge rack and virtually no waist. It was a strange moment for Stone at once a revelation both exciting and repulsive. Now he knew why the porn star excited him so much.

-The Present

Stone was really conflicted. The whole way up the stairs the sight of his mother’s perfect ass caused him to think about bending her over and filling her tight asshole with his hardness. As much as he was excited by the thought he also was sickened to be thinking it and by the fact that not only was he thinking it but in the days since his realization he had begun to try to figure out how to make it happen.

“Stone kocaeli escort do you hear me,” his mothers voice interrupted his reverie for the second time that evening as Stone realized he had zoned out while sitting across the table from her and staring at her chest. His mother, Lisa, had full large breasts which were accented by long nipples that naturally tended to stay at attention. She was careful when outside of her home to wear bras that were padded because of this fact (unless there was a strategic reason to do differently). At home however she never really thought of the affect that her nearly constantly erect nipples might have on her son.

Stone looked up from his mother’s chest, “y-yeah ma I hear you. Of course”

Lisa could tell what the boy had been looking at and it made her feel a bit uncomfortable and yet strangely proud. She was still a young woman but she felt older than her years. Eighteen years of raising Stone had done that to her.

“I was saying that we have to hurry up so that we can get to the tailor before he closes,” Lisa said hunching a bit to make her breasts less prominent.

“If we get there tonight we will still be able to get him to make any minor alterations to our outfits before we pick them up for tomorrow’s dinner.” Lisa didn’t like hunching like that so she sat back up. This had the unintended effect of thrusting her breasts forward against the fabric of her house dress which already struggled to contain her assets. The movement also irritated her nipples hardening them slightly.

Stone did not miss the display and he felt himself growing harder. His dick was aching and he needed relief. He began to think of what it would be like to rub his dick between his mother’s breasts and blow his load all over her. He resisted the thought, this time not allowing himself to get lost in the fantasy.

“Sure mom, that makes sense to me” he said biting into his dinner. “Just let me finish here and I will get dressed to go.”

“Ok baby,” Lisa answered feeling an awkward sense of pride that the boy was again admiring her assets.


Stone stood waiting for his mother to exit the dressing room. She seemed to be taking a very very long time. He glanced at his watch when he heard his mother clear her throat.

“Ahem, so what do you think,” Lisa asked twirling around before stopping with her hand on her hip and a leg kicked out to the side like she was a spokesmodel.

Stone could swear he almost came in his pants. Lisa was absolutely stunning and the gaping mouth Stone had on display said as much.

“Well, I guess you either think it’s terrible or you really like it” Lisa remarked about Stone’s response to her dress.

Stone couldn’t think clearly enough to stop gawking at his mother. His eyes were moving wildly over her body he couldn’t decide what he should focus on. Every curve on her body was on display. The dress, a pink sequined number, was designed to do just that. Lisa had gone to a tailor who had taken measures of each part kocaeli escort bayan of her body in every way possible. The tailor had designed a way to measure even the circumference of body parts like a breast or butt cheek and design it as a factor into his pieces.

The dress fit like it was liquid poured over Lisa’s body with the only thing keeping it from approaching obscene being the sequins that adorned it. The dress was a conundrum at once classy and way too overtly sexy if they could exist in the same space.

Stone really wanted his mother now. He had never wanted a woman as bad as he wanted his mother at this very moment. He was powerless to stop himself from staring and raping her with his eyes.

“Well, I think the dress is ready judging by your reaction,” Lisa said turning to enter the dressing room.


Stone stood stroking his dick watching Caramel being pounded by some male porn actor. It was the fourth time he had been stroking himself since seeing his mother at the tailor the day before. As he watched the scene play out he imagined that Caramel was his mother, which wasn’t hard to do, and that he was the man.

Stone was fiercely beating his meat.

“Yeah take that dick mom…yeah…you like that don’t you…huh…yeah…give me that pussy,” Stone said as he was stroking himself into a frenzy.

On the staircase Lisa was in shock. She heard the words her son was saying, could see him standing with his pants around his ankles and from this angle saw his ass flexing as his hips thrust forward, and while she was behind him his right arms movement clearly indicated he was stroking himself. Lisa knew that Stone had looked at her and was fine with that as she understood it was normal but this was her son openly fantasizing about fucking her and that was shocking.

“Ungh, ungh, h-here it is…you…you sexy ass bitch…take iittt….unnngghhh,” Stone exploded.

Lisa was flabbergasted. She watched her son’s ass thrust forward one final time as he began coming and saw the tiny flex in his fixed position as each new rope left his body. She couldn’t tell if she was angry with Stone, curious or a little excited by the scene.

He shouldn’t be fantasizing about her.

He shouldn’t be speaking about her like that.

But, he was.

And, he was still coming.

Still coming. How much cum was that?

And then a thought…he was very muscular. As Stone was still thrusting into his hand Lisa allowed herself, despite herself, to look at him – really look at him. The only clothes he was wearing were his pants which were now around his ankles.

Lisa could only see Stone from behind but what she was seeing was not a boy…she was seeing a man…a monster of a man. Every inch of her son was covered in bulging muscle. Stone had huge shoulders, bulging triceps, a wide back which tapered into a slim waist, and a big muscular ass that sat above huge muscular legs. She felt her breath catch in her throat as the first sexual thought she had ever had izmit escort about her son infected her mind. If he were any other man she would have been happy to have him fantasizing about her, especially if…

That is when Lisa realized this had to stop. When she realized that her piqued curiousity had shifted and she wasn’t only wondering about things including how big he was but that she was hoping he was big because she was getting turned on. Why was she turned on? And, why would his size matter anyway unless somewhere subconciously she might be entertaining her own sick fantasy?

Lisa ascended the stairs quickly so she could remove herself from the situation. She resolved to try to forget the whole thing and convinced herself that it was really not about anything active on her part it was just that the situation was so sudden and shocking that her reaction to it was so peculiar.


Stone called to his mother, “you ready yet. We will be late if you don’t hurry”

Lisa came through her room door as she said, “yes let’s get going”

Stone wasn’t as obvious this time but his reaction to her dress was still quite apparent. The man/boy seemed to have fallen into his mother’s cleavage.

“Stone – Stone,” his mother called “listen son I am flattered that you like this outfit, it makes me feel really good but you can’t look at me like that…it’s strange” As Lisa said it she wondered if Stone was having thoughts similar to those he had about her earlier when she saw him jerking off.

For his part Stone couldn’t believe he was hard again. His mother was on full display and he couldn’t help but appreciate. Her breasts looked phenomenal in the gown and now that she had a shawl to go with the dress for the evening those breasts seemed to be framed by the shawl drawing even more attention to them as it rested across her back and over her upper arms.

“I’m sorry mom. Your dress is just…I just can’t hel….it…” he paused trying to figure out how not to say something he shouldn’t like telling her he wanted to tear the dress off and fuck her. “Sorry mom you just look phenomenal in that dress…it’s hot!”

As soon as he said it Stone wished he hadn’t added the last part. It wasn’t necessary and he thought it might give him away.

Lisa felt the small space of the vestibule where they were standing grow smaller as Stone spoke. His excitement was evident and she felt a bit uncomfortable as she felt his presence for the first time as a large man who wanted her. She was shocked to discover that she felt vulnerable to her son who because he was so excited by her and so desirous of her and so big she felt she needed to get to a larger space with more people if she was going to be packaged as she currently was. The lust in his eyes was evident now that she knew what to look for.

“Stone, I’m your mom I am not…hot,” Lisa said turning and heading to the door.

“No, you’re fucking hot,” Stone whispered under his breath as he watched her ass sway as she moved.

“What?…” Lisa questioned. She had heard him and couldn’t believe that he really meant for her to hear that. This might be getting out of hand.

Never looking up from her ass Stone answered, “nothing.”


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