Carmen , Little Nina

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Doggy Style

She was a little sexpot and my dick got hard every time I laid eyes on her. She was also trouble – a disaster waiting to happen to a guy like me. She looked every bit of twenty-one, but she was only sixteen. Her name was Nina (pronounced Neenya) and for some reason or another she had taken a liking to me. She came over to our house (I stayed with my parents when I was home from school) every time I worked in the yard or worked on my car in the garage and I could tell what she wanted from the look in her eye. And as much as I ached to give it to her I couldn’t. I was twenty and had no interest in going to jail as a sex offender.

It was a very bad summer for me. First, I had to have my appendix out and it cost me the winter and spring semesters at school and second, since I had to be around the house all day Nina was around to do her very best to break me down. She went from tight sweaters and tight jeans in April and May to shorts and tank tops in June and July, but it really got bad when August came around and she started coming over in bikini bathing suits. I do have to admit that I almost lost it once and was ready to take her in the house and do the dirty deed, but my dad coming home from work early saved me.

September arrived and I went back to school, which not only got me away from Nina, but also got me in touch with girls my own age. But the funny thing was that no matter who I went out with I always found myself comparing them with that sixteen year old nymphet. I enjoyed a lot of sex during that fall and winter term, but Nina was never very far from my mind. Over Christmas break my parents had a holiday party and Nina’s parents were invited and they brought Nina along. She was only six months older, but she was still jailbait to me. Every one at the party could see that she seemed to have a crush on me and I was teased unmercifully. I did my best to avoid her, but she seemed to have a radar-tracking unit in her head because no matter where I went Nina would show up a moment later. What made it really bad is that I had my girlfriend at the party with me and we kept trying to sneak away so we could be alone. Finally we decided to leave and go to a motel and I went to find my parents to let them know I was leaving. Nina caught me in the dining room and grabbed me, “You can’t get away now, you have to do it.” I looked at her like she was nuts and she pointed up and when I looked I saw that she had caught me under the mistletoe. I bent down to kiss her on the cheek but she threw her arms around me and kissed me on the mouth and it was a kiss that melted the nails in the heels of my shoes. If we had been alone in the house I would have hauled her up to my room and jail be damned. When Nina broke the kiss she giggled and said, “I going to get you. You can fight it all you want, but I’m going to get you.”

I shook my head and said, “No way squirt. I’m not going to jail over a sixteen year old piece of jail-bait.”

“I’ll be seventeen next month.”

“That’s still one year too young.”

I took off and my date and I went to the Bide A Wee Motel and damned if I didn’t think of Nina the whole time my girl and I rolled around on the bed. I managed to avoid Nina for the rest of Christmas break, but even though I didn’t see her she always seemed to be with me.

I’d been saving my money to pay for tuition for summer classes, hoping to make up some of the time I lost when they took out my appendix. The closer Spring Break came the more I dreaded going home and having to face Nina. By now there was little doubt in my mind that the sexy young girl was eventually cause me to make a bad mistake. So, without thinking of the long-term consequences I grabbed for the short-term solution. I took my savings and went to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. I had a ball and all the lovelies on the beach kept me from thinking of Nina, well almost. The folly of my short-term solution began to register on me the closer to June I came. I had taken one week in Florida to avoid Nina during spring break and now with no money to take summer classes I was looking at three months at home where she could get at me every day. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

My second day home I was in the almanbahis garage changing the oil in my car when I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Nina standing there. She was wearing shorts and a halter-top and looking every bit like a twenty-year-old. She smiled at me, “Are my tits too big? Most boys seem to like them, but the girls all call me a milk cow. What do you think?”

Everyday it was something like that and finally I just yelled at her, “Will you please just leave me alone! You are underage and I am not going to go to jail over you and that’s final!” and then I had an inspiration, “Besides, I’m gay.” She cocked her head to one side and looked at me as if to say to herself “I guess that explains it” and she turned and left. I didn’t see Nina anymore that week and I thought that I was out of the woods, except for the fact that I still thought about her all the time.

The statement “I am gay” did have some unforeseen consequences. My summer job was changing oil at Jiffy Lube and I worked a ten-hour day, four days a week, and my days off were Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was a Wednesday and I was in the yard cutting the grass when Carmen, Nina’s mother came over and asked me if I would help her move a dresser. Once we got to the bedroom she asked me to wait a second and she went into the bathroom. When she came back she was naked except for high heels and a smile.

“Nina tells me that you are gay and I don’t believe it. The more I thought about it the sillier it sounded so I decided that I had to find out. Look at me sweetie. It’s all yours and right now. Of course, if you are gay you won’t be interested, will you?”

There had been rumors that Carmen had “entertained” several men in the neighborhood, but I hadn’t believed them, until now. The only pussy I had been trying to stay away from had been Nina’s; there was no way I was going to pass up a chance at Carmen. She laughed when I dropped my pants, “I knew it. You were just trying to stop Nina from chasing you, am I right?”

I nodded as I pulled of my shirt and Carmen moved in front of me and went to her knees. “Oh baby, I almost feel guilty taking this instead of letting Nina have it, but you weren’t going to give it to her anyway, were you?” She looked up at me and giggled and then she took me in her mouth.

I wasn’t inexperienced, I’d had quite a few girls since starting college but I had never experienced a woman like Carmen. I spent the entire afternoon in her bedroom and she drained me dry. She gave the most exquisite blow jobs, and her pussy felt like soft, warm velvet. She sucked my cock, had me eat her pussy and then we fucked. With all my girlfriends I thought I’d been making love, but with not with Carmen. With Carmen it was pure animal sex – we fucked! And we fucked all afternoon. When she said we had to quit because her husband was due to come home I don’t believe I could have gotten it up again anyway. As I was leaving Carmen said, “If you can get over being gay maybe we can do this again sometime – like maybe tomorrow? Same time, same place?”

For the rest of the summer I spent every Tuesday and Wednesday in Carmen’s bedroom. On Monday, her husband’s lodge meeting night and on Thursday, his bowling night, you could find me there too. It was the weekend before I was due to leave for school and I was doing a tune-up on my car when Nina walked in to the garage, “Hey gay boy, how’s it going?”

At that point it wasn’t going too good because Nina was wearing a bikini that wasn’t really there if you know what I mean, and it’s damned hard to lean over a fender with a hard on.

“You are quite the stud aren’t you?” I looked over at her and she said, “I know you have been fooling around with my mother all summer. How does it feel to be part of a sex show?”

I put my tools down and turned toward her and as soon as she saw my face she laughed, “You didn’t know! You didn’t know, did you?”

Confused, I asked “Know what?”

Nina giggled, “That my dad was in the closet watching. That’s their thing. Mom brings home guys while my dad hides in the closet watching.”

Stunned, I said the only thing I could think of, “Bullshit!”

She almanbahis giriş laughed again and said, “If you don’t believe me go and look. Mom knows you’re leaving for school Wednesday so Monday night she will try and wear you out while daddy doesn’t go to a meeting of a lodge he doesn’t belong to. Come on gay boy, follow me home and take a look at my parents home entertainment system.”

I took her up on it and sure enough there was a chair in the closet , but before I could accuse her of setting it up I saw the stains all over the inside of the door and on the carpet. I stood there staring at the evidence as Nina laughed her head off. On Monday night I almost didn’t go over to Carmen’s because I didn’t think I would be able to get my dick hard knowing that her husband was in the closet watching. I shouldn’t have worried because Carmen’s magic mouth got me up in a flash. The hardest part was in not looking over at the closet and letting the two of them know that I was in on their secret. It was a hell of a night for me and it was three in the morning before I stumbled home. I was back in her bedroom on Tuesday and this time I knew her husband was at work. It was pretty much a repeat of Monday night and when Carmen had finally wrung me dry she said, “Think of me baby and look forward to Christmas break.”

Look forward to Christmas hell, I was ready to quit school and become Carmen’s fuck toy.

Wednesday as I loaded up the car Nina walked up behind me, “Hey gay boy” and I turned and she threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss that I felt all the way down to the soles of my feet. When she broke the kiss she said, “That’s so you won’t forget me. This time next year you won’t be able to use the jailbait excuse. I’m gonna get you, you can’t get away.” Then she walked away leaving me to contemplate the hard on she had just given me.

The fall term went fast and it was Christmas break before I knew it. I drove home for the holidays and before I even got out of the car Nina was there. I opened the car door and she said, “Are you going to see my mother while you’re here?”

I scowled at her, “That’s none of your business.”

She giggled, “A couple of times when my dad wasn’t home and I knew you were coming over I hid in the closet and watched. I learned a lot from watching you and mom. Stuff that I can use when I get you.”

I just shook my head and said, “Go away Nina.”

I did see Carmen while I was home, several times, and every time I fucked her I thought about what Nina had said, “I’m going to get you” and “I learned a lot from watching you and mom.” A couple of times I even glanced over at the closet and wondered if she was there. The thought that she would be eighteen in January was never very far from my mind.

I was sitting in the Student Union on January ninth and thinking about how I would like to be home with Nina celebrating her birthday. I knew just what I would have given her for her present. I was going to go nuts waiting for Spring Break. On spring break I came home to a surprise – Nina was married. I got the details from Carmen one afternoon while we were rolling around on her bed. A nineteen year old guy had knocked up Nina and he had married her. I was surprised at the disappointment that I felt. It was dumb of me, but in the back of my mind I’d always thought that Nina would be waiting for me. I didn’t see Nina during spring break and when I got back to school I was too busy to even think about her. When I came home in June, sheepskin in hand, I landed a job at a local firm and settled down to start my adult life. I was still living at home until I could save up enough for an apartment of my own, and I was still making the trip across the lawn to see Carmen (I was surprised that I hadn’t worn a path by then). Carmen told me that Nina was working ten hours a day at her husbands parents dry cleaning place and when I asked her when the baby was due she said, “Oh, didn’t I tell you? She had a miscarriage.” She went on to tell me that Nina had told her husband that he could have a divorce because he had only married her because of the pregnancy and he had told her she was nuts. He had married her because he almanbahis yeni giriş wanted her and that the baby had only made it hard for her to say no. “Surprisingly enough, they seem to be very happy together.”

The summer passed by quickly, what with the new job and Carmen to keep me occupied, and even though I did see Nina a time or two it was always from a distance and we just waved at each other. Even from a distance she looked great and I cursed myself for not taking her when I could have had her. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in the garage rotating my tires when a voice behind me said, “Hey, gay boy” and I turned and saw Nina. She was wearing a halter top and skin tight jeans and she looked like a living wet dream. I just looked at her and thought about what I had lost by being so pig headed and finally she said, “What’s the matter gay boy, cat got your tongue?”

She reached into her back pocket and took out something and tossed it on the hood of the car. I picked it up and saw that it was her driver’s license.

“Check the birthday gay boy. You can’t use my being underage as an excuse anymore.”

She stuck out a hand and said, “Come on. My parents are gone for the week end and I’ve been waiting for this since I was fourteen.”

“But you’re married” I said.

She broke out laughing and said, “Yeah, like that matters to you. I know of at least one married woman you have been fucking for over two years now.”

She had me there so I grabbed the can of GoJo and cleaned my hands and then said, “Lead on princess.”

I had Nina on the same bed on which I had enjoyed her mother for the last couple of years. I learned that Nina had indeed learned a lot from watching from the closet. She was absolutely fantastic in bed; her blow jobs were every bit as good as Carmen’s, her pussy was just as velvety and as sweet tasting as Carmen’s, but she had a youthful exuberance that Carmen lacked. Nina and I tore at each other for four hours before she told me that we had to stop.

“I’ve got to beat my old man home baby, but if you can fit me into your schedule you can come over to my place any night between five-thirty and seven. You just have to be gone before my husband gets off work. Was I worth the wait lover?”

God was she ever!

For the next six months I visited Nina three and sometimes four times a week. I was still seeing Carmen two or three times a week and between the two of them they kept me pretty much wore out. I had finally gotten my own apartment, but even though Carmen would come visit me I could never get Nina to come over. She said she felt more comfortable doing it in her own bed. And then one day Nina called me and asked if I could come over a couple of hours early the next day. She met me at the door clad in only high heels and led me straight to the bedroom. She was an absolute, insatiable, wanton slut! She fucked me until I couldn’t see straight and then when it was time for me to leave she gave me a long lingering kiss and said, “Sorry lover, but this was our last time.” When I asked her why she said, “Because my husband wants me to try some one new.” She saw the confusion on my face and she laughed, “Like mother, like daughter.” I told her that I didn’t understand and she said, “Do you know why my husband and my father get along so well? It’s because they are cut from the same bolt of cloth. He’s just like my daddy, he likes to stand in the closet and watch as I fuck other guys. And you know what? I get just as much kick out of it as my mother does. I’m going to miss you lover, but remember, you could have had me all to yourself if you hadn’t been so hung up on that age thing.”

That was a year ago and I just found out yesterday from Carmen that Nina and her husband have split up and she is coming home to stay with her folks until the divorce is final. I intend to be the first caller when she gets home and if I have my way she won’t be divorced all that long. Carmen read either my mind or my facial expression and said, “If you do you won’t be able to fuck me anymore, but it hasn’t happened yet baby so lets fuck while we can” and she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I’ll miss Carmen, but that isn’t my biggest worry. My biggest worry is about something that Nina had said, “Like mother, like daughter” and “I get just as much a kick out of it as my mother does.” Was she still going to fuck other guys? Was she going to want me in the closet watching? And would I?

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