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For those new to the story, Crossfire began as a moderate non-consent/reluctance tale, but has shifted into other genres—such as with the current installment—along the way.

A mild trigger: other than the usual sexual happenings surrounding a nice, girl-boy-girl free-for-all, there’s just a smidgen of light anal thrown into the mixed.


After the shoot at the warehouse, the three of them ended up back at the motel Jack and Brittany used for their trysts. Along the way, Jack picked up a bottle of single malt. The same brand Munch served.

They sat around for a while, talking and drinking. Most of the conversation centered on what Brittany experienced that day.

Kim continued giving Brittney pointers on what to do in front of the camera, as well as more specific information about the business behind the scenes. Kim also gave Brittany the name of a salon that does professional waxing. Nervous about exposing herself, yet again, to a new set of strangers, as well as the pain of the procedure, Brittany begged Kim to tag along. Kim agreed without hesitation.

After a while, the two were in a constant state of mirth, Brittany, more so. What with the scotch, and that she was back in the friendly confines of the motel room, her mood lightened up considerably from before.

As the girls talked, Jack contemplated other things while thoughtfully sipping his scotch.

The girls noted his overly quiet behavior, but didn’t push the issue with him. As he seemed preoccupied with other things, the girls left him alone.

Their conversation soon turned toward Brittany’s upcoming shoot. Kim poured them another scotch, while asking her, “Did Munch fill you in on what you’ll be doing Monday?”

“Not really, just that I’ll be working with a Maggie Saint something or other.”

“Magdalene St. Croix?”

“That’s it. What’s she like?”

“She’s about your age, tall, brunette, nice tits, better legs, does a lot of mother-son incest vids and MILF stuff. Whatever you do, don’t call her Maggie. She hates that name, but she loves sucking cock and cunt. She’s a real switch-hitting, mommy Domme. You should have fun. Did Munch mention anyone else, or is it just going to be a lesbo?”

“He said something about two guys, but I don’t remember their names.” Pausing a moment, a look of concern crossed her face before she continued, “Munch called them boys, and said it in a way that sounded…odd. He’s not talking about teenage boys, is he?”

Hearing the anxiety in Brittany’s voice over possibly doing young males, Jack almost reminded her how she ended up in this situation in the first place, but held his tongue.

Kim laughed before answering. “No. That’s Munch’s way of saying they look way younger than their age. They’ll be men for sure, but real baby faces. Sounds like Munch has you lined up for a little mother-son foursome. Don’t be surprised if Magdalene eats your pussy while the other guys are fucking you.”

Kim noticed Brittany’s face turning as red as her hair at the mention of a woman going down on her. Seeing a nice segue to the real purpose of her visit, Kim took Brittany’s hand in a soothing manner, while asking, “Are you going to be all right with it, if it comes up?”

“You think Munch will want me to…you know…reciprocate?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Kim responded, “He’ll probably give you a pass this time if you’re not comfortable. He doesn’t like pushing the actors if they’re not ready. One thing’s for sure, with Magdalene, there will definitely be some girl on girl action, whether it’s in your contract or not. The girl can’t help herself. And with you, she definitely won’t be able to help herself. I wouldn’t worry, though. She’ll probably be your huckleberry and stay a bottom this time.

Kim could tell Brittany was still worried. Smoothing Brittany’s hair in a loving manner, she said, “Remember, we talked about this. Munch may give you a pass for a while, but eventually you are going to have to go down on a girl. So it’s probably best to do it sooner, rather than later.”

Brittany was staring at her with an innocent expression, one that reminded Kim of a little girl lost in a wide world. Seeing Brittany’s luscious, pouty lips, Kim leaned into her with her own lips slightly parted, preparing to kiss her.

Shooting out of the chair as if it was on fire, Brittany blurted out, “I have to pee,” before quickly making her way to the bathroom.

Kim lets out a heavy sigh as she laid back on the bed, frustrated at Brittany’s nonresponse.

“Almost. Keep trying,” she heard Jack say.

Kim laughed brightly. Looking over at Jack, she saw him staring back at her with a warm smile. “I have a confession to make. I’m not very good at seduction, never have been. I always let my tits and ass hook the guys. Are there any tips you can give me concerning Candice? You seem to have a way with her.”

“Keep plugging away. You already have a good start. You know what they say, liquor is quicker, and she’s been hitting it pretty hard.”

She asked, tongue casino şirketleri in cheek, “Is that liquor, or lick her?”

“I think one’s going to lead to the other before the evenings over.”

Laughing again, “I hope so. Ever since I had her try on wigs, all I want to do is kiss her lips. She’s a doll.” Shifting gears, Kim sat up, asking, “Hey, I always wanted to ask why you never try anything with any of us after a shoot, like Munch’s other friends?”

Jack thinks about the question for a moment before answering. “It had to do with an old, personal code of mine that I’m soon to break.”

“I can understand that, I guess. You wouldn’t believe the number of blowjobs you’d get if you hung out at the after parties.”

“Yeah?” he asks, amused.

“Oh yeah, all of us girls think you’re hot, and all of us are wondering what kind of package you got.” She giggled with slight embarrassment before continuing, “Particularly Nika, the cutesy black girl with the short fro, she’s got it bad for you. She practically drools all over her boobs every time she sees you.”

Jack replied, half-jokingly, “I’ll have to remember that next time. Maybe I’ll invite both of you over. Get some salt and pepper action.”

“Yummy, it’s a date.”

They heard the toilet flush, and then the sink running.

Before Brittany came back, Jack said, quietly, “About Candice, full frontal assault works best. Not too hard, but firm. Don’t let her scooch away this time.”

Kim was standing at the end of the bed as Brittany left the bathroom.

Brittany started to say, “Sorry it took so long. With all that scotch, I really had to…,” when Kim takes her head into her hands and gives her a long, sweet kiss, silencing her.

Kim continued holding Brittany’s head as they stared at each other for a long while.

Finally, Brittany asked, “Just kissing…only with the lips, okay?”

Kim smiled and cupped Brittany’s cheek, while answering, “We’ll see.”

When Brittany showed no sign of moving away, Kim kissed her again, and continued without pause. What started out as a long, gentle pressing of the lips, soon turned into something more, as Kim slipped her tongue into Brittany’s mouth.

Jack watched as the two women moved to the bed. Laying Brittany on her back, Kim renewed their kiss, both of them passing their tongues wildly between them. Kim had a hand on one of Brittany’s breasts, and playfully massaged her through her blouse. It wasn’t long before Brittany’s hardened nipples clearly showed through the fabric.

They each took turns on top. Playfully rolling from one side of the bed to the other in wild abandon as their mouths remain locked together, both grasping and squeezing at the other’s breasts or running firm, yet gentle, fingers through each other’s hair.

On one such roll around, Kim ended up on top, straddling Brittany’s waist. Brittany looked up at her with a smoky allure in her eyes, her lips glistening with sweet moisture from their kisses.

Taking hold of the front collar of Brittany’s shirt, Kim ripped her blouse open with a laugh. Buttons fly in all directions. Brittany reciprocated, laughing as she tears open Kim’s shirt. Both of them giggled as they pulled and tugged at their remaining clothes, quickly disrobing each other.

Still on top, and kneeling with advantage, Kim bent forward to renew their embrace. Their kissing becomes softer, slow and long, wet bites to their lips, ending each time with them sucking lovingly on their tongues. All the while, their hands dance playfully about, fully exploring each other’s body.

Kissing and caressing soon leads to sucking, as Kim scoots forward, pressing a breast to Brittany’s waiting mouth.

As Brittany sweetly played with Kim’s breasts with hands and mouth, Kim softly talks to her, giving her direction and encouragement.

Spurred on by something Kim said, Brittany grabs both of Kim’s breasts in her hands, and while firmly pressing them together, she sucks and licks each in turn.

They rolled over again, so that Brittany was straddling Kim. Brittany held Kim’s hands flat on the bed, outstretched above her head, as her large breasts hang enticingly above Kim’s face.

Lifting her head off the sheets, Kim aggressively licked and nipped at Brittany’s heavy mounds with her lips. Brittany toyed with her, causing her breasts to swing to and fro and brush along Kim’s nose and cheeks. As each breast passed by her mouth, Kim tried in vain to catch one or the other with her mouth.

Seeing the frustration in Kim’s face, Brittany teased, laughingly, “You want these?”


“Say please.”

“Pretty please with a cherry on top.”

Releasing Kim’s hands, Kim immediately wrapped them around Brittany’s back, and buried her face fully between her breasts, taking great sucking bites to each in turn.

As Kim sucked on a hardened nipple, she continued to caress Brittany with her hands.

Brittany responded with loud moans of pleasure. Then, holding one of her tits firmly, she presses casino firmaları it against Kim’s mouth.

Latching onto Brittany’s offered breast, Kim’s hands fell away as she sucked hard while lapping at the nipple with her tongue.

Moments later, Jack saw Kim’s hand between Brittany’s legs, massaging just the outer folds with her palm.

It was so painfully erotic for him seeing them both at play. Brittany’s head, tilted up with her eyes closed striking an angelic pose as she loudly moans, as Kim, with Brittany’s tits secured between her tightened lips, lovingly rubs her friend’s groin with a gentle, circular motion.

Although he felt the urge to join them in their blissful, Sapphic moment, he stayed seated and only watched, wanting them to romp on their own a little longer.

When Kim finally parted Brittany’s folds, dipping a finger into her saturated opening, she commented, “You are wetter than a March rain.”

Brittany reached around and slipped her finger into Kim. “Look who’s talking.”

Both laughed like schoolgirls as Brittany lay fully on Kim, pressing and rubbing their breasts together as they continued to laugh and kiss.

After a few more minutes of play, Kim said, “I think we’re ready for our special treat. Oh, Jack.”

Then, both of them called out in chorus, “Oh, Jack. It’s time for you to play with us.”

Jack chuckled at their friskiness, saying, “I’m having too much fun watching you two have fun.”

Brittany says softly to Kim, “Why that sneak, he isn’t going to play with us.” Then pausing a moment as if in thought, Brittany finishes with, “Wait, I know what we can do. Jack is a real ass man.”

Sliding off Kim, Brittany positioned herself on hands and knees, pointing her ass directly at Jack.

Seeing what Brittany was doing, Kim copied her. Now, both of their asses were pointing straight at him.

If Jack didn’t have a massive hard-on before, he had one now, as the two wiggled their rears and bumped their hips together, all while saying, simultaneously, “Jack, time to play with us.”

Brittany then added, melodically, “Come on Jack. Four warm holes available. No waiting.”

“Make that six,” Kim corrected, laughingly.

“Oops, I keep forgetting about guys and their blowjobs.”

Kim turned her head around to look at Jack, and said, teasingly, “He’s still sitting there. Now I’m really wondering what you’re hiding in your pants.”

Brittany whispered something into Kim’s ear that Jack couldn’t hear.

Kim looked at her wide-eyed, exclaiming, “Really!”

“Really. My pussy didn’t stop quivering for days.”

Upon hearing the news, Kim flipped around and sat facing Jack. She teased a finger around her pussy while saying, “Okay, now you’ve got to let me see it, just so I can make everyone jealous on the set.”

Although it was killing him, and his cock pressed uncomfortably hard against his trousers, he still wouldn’t move or say a word.

The battle of wills had begun.

Kim went into full porn star mode. “Still playing hard to get, huh?” Sliding up and kneeling alongside Brittany, she grabbed her ass with both hands. “I hear you’re an ass man, Jack, and Candice has such a fine, tight ass,” she commented, kissing Brittany all along the top and flanks of her buttocks.

Then spreading her cheeks, giving Jack a wide-open view of what he desired most in a woman, Kim dropped a large split ball right at the top of Brittany’s cleft.

Jack watched the ball of saliva slowly creep down through Brittany’s crack, like a silvery tear of joy trickling down a woman’s cheek. His cock strained against his pants at the visual. He was sure the zipper would bust open at any second.

Just as the remnants of the watery pearl crossed Brittany’s anus, Kim put a finger to it, moistened Brittany’s anal opening, and inserted her finger all the way in.

She wasn’t done with her raunchy, porn star display, however. Reaching underneath Brittany with her other hand, she parts the folds of Brittany’s labia while running another finger, from clit to opening and back again, between her obviously slickened and swollen lips.

Looking over at Jack, she continued fingering both holes, adding more kisses around Brittany’s rosy globes. Then winking, said, “You know what I like to do with a real ass man, Jack. I like to watch as he pounds a girl’s tight ass into submission. I love seeing his thick, pumping rod stretching her tight hole, and absolutely love hearing his heavy balls slapping against her pussy, making her scream and squirt. Then, just as he’s about to shoot his hot load deep in her ass, I lay my head right at top of her cheeks, just like this, so he can shoot his heavy load into my hungry mouth. Ass to mouth, Jack. Ass to mouth.”

The masculine will is lost in battle as Jack stood up and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. “You slutty bitches are too much for me.”

The ladies burst out into wild, mirthful laughter, as they high-fived each other in wonderful camaraderie.

“Gets them every time,” Kim güvenilir casino said, proudly.

Brittany was sitting up by now and still laughing when Kim grabbed her breasts, pushing her onto her back. Then, without word or fanfare, she buried her face into Brittany’s warm, wet vulva.

Brittany let out a loud, “Jesus,” as Kim buried her tongue deep into her opening, her nose lewdly pressing against her clit. Wetting a thumb with Brittany’s moisture, she slipped it deftly into her ass, as her other hand roughly plays with her tits. Brittany arched her back to the massaging hand, moaning wildly in total ecstasy.

Kim’s mouth was everywhere on Brittany’s pussy. Licking, tonguing, sucking and nibbling all about her labia and clit. Kim pressed her face even harder into her groin, smearing it with Brittany’s warm flavor, as she again slipped her tongue deep into her hole.

Brittany clamped a hand over Kim’s massaging one, pressing both into her tits. Sliding her other hand down, she felt Kim’s cheeks and jaws feverishly working on her pussy, her tongue darting hither and yon between clit and perineum. Unexpectedly, the sensation of feeling another woman’s face tight against her vulva was sending her arousal screaming toward climax.

At that moment, full of newfound lust for another woman, Brittany saw Jack’s cock, thick and hard, pulsating close to her face. She never saw anything look more beautiful and erotic in her life.

Lifting her head off the bed, she rasped, breathlessly, “Give it to me. Use my mouth like it was my cunt.”

She then opened her mouth wide and waited for what she most desired.

Jack cupped the back of her head, giving her support, and pulled her onto him.

Brittany grabbed his balls to pull him closer, and sucked on his meaty cock as if it were her life’s essence.

The taste and feel of him sliding along and against her tongue and cheeks was all the trigger she needed. Shivers coursed through her body as her climax crashed over her. Even though she was well within the throes of release, Brittany continued holding Jack’s balls, sucking his cock with an ever-growing force and passion.

She hoped Jack would also come, making the moment complete, but he has too much control to let that happen. As such, she dropped her head down, momentarily spent as her climax waned.

Looking up at him, Jack was staring back at her with that smile that made her heart skip and breasts tingle. She asked, “Did I even get you close?”

“Emerald-eyes, you’re going to have to do better than that. I was barely in your mouth before you had your blast-off.”

She played lovingly with his hard-on, as an impish grin creased her lips, “Someday I’ll get you.”

“The night’s still young.”

Kim continued teasing Brittany’s pussy with her lips, when she finally caught sight of John’s erection sticking out straight and hard just above Brittany’s face.

Kim uttered a small laugh out of surprise, before commenting excitedly, “Oh Candice doll, you weren’t kidding! No wonder your pussy quaked for days on end. Look at how thick it is!”

Answering with a mirthful tone, Brittany said, “Told you. You should have heard the gulping sound I made when I first saw it. I’m pretty sure the neighbors did.”

Kim said, as she slowly crawled her way up to Jack, “Jack, don’t move. Don’t you dare move. This is going to be so hot.”

With Kim fully on top of Brittany, they lay face to face with Jack’s cock quivering between them. With a wink, Kim said to Brittany, “Time to give Jacky boy a little over-under suck-suck.”

With moist, pursed lips, the women slid their faces all along his cock, sucking, kissing, and licking their respective sides. Neither hurried, taking a slow, deliberate journey along its length, spending only moments with nibbling lips or a quick tongue at any one spot.

The contrasting styles between the two women was exquisite, each using their own brand of pleasure; Kim, using more tongue, flicking it quickly as she moved along the shaft, while Brittany, using her soft lips, nips and kisses the more sensitive underside of his shaft.

Between quick flicks, Kim asked, “You ever think about doing porn yourself, Jack? With your rugged good looks and this tool, you’d be an instant star.” She flicked at his shaft a little more, and then sang, “You ought to be in pictures, this cock’ll make you a star.” Brittany chimed in as well, until both were singing the stanza together.

Jack, slightly irritated by their mirthfulness, placed a firm hand on the back of Kim’s neck and gently pushed her head down, pressing her mouth and his cock into Brittany. “That’s enough of that, you slutty bitches. Mouths are for sucking, not singing.”

“Yes sir,” they giggled in unison, before they attended to his cock with lustful fury, taking hard sucking bites and long, slavering licks rapidly along his shaft; Brittany running her mouth in one direction, Kim in the other.

Now that their singing and laughter had stopped, only the sharp sounds of their hard, sucking kisses mixed with their heavy sighs were heard. Faster and faster, they slid their sensual mouths along his stick, plastering Jack’s cock with a heavy coat of saliva, all while sending rivers of pleasure coursing through his groin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32