Caught Perving on My Pretty Cousin

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – In Wisconsin, 18-year-old Paul has a secret crush on his pretty and famous cousin Michelle also 18, who has since moved to California to work as an actress in Hollywood. He sates this by engaging in voyeurism with her, mainly by sniffing her panties whenever he gets a chance. Such a chance arises when Paul is left alone in the family’s cabin by the lake with Michelle paying a visit back home for the summer, but when things go wrong could this be the worst day of Paul’s life? Or will things take an unexpected turn into the best day of his life?

Read ‘Perving On My Pretty Cousin’ to find out. Please note that the story does contain some recollections of Paul engaging in voyeurism with Michelle when she is using the toilet or having her period, but not overly strong content in that regard. All characters engaging in sex are 18 and older, and they and the events in this story are fictional, with similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Please enjoy your trip back in time to the late 1970s, and be sure to rate and comment.



“I’m just heading into town now, are you sure you didn’t want to come too Paul?” my cousin Michelle asked as she collected the car keys and her purse.

I shook my head. “No thanks Michelle, I’ll just stay here and chill.” I smiled. “I think I had a bit too much fun in the sun yesterday.”

“Did you want me to get you anything from the store?” Michelle turned and headed for the front door.

“No, I’m all good thank you,” I said.

“Okay, catch you back soon then,” said Michelle.

“See you later Michelle,” I said, my cousin and I exchanging a wave as she walked out of the living room and to the front door of the cabin, me hearing it open and close.

Michelle soon appeared in my line of sight again as she walked past the front windows and to the station wagon. My conscience reminded me not to look at my cousin the way I was but the rest of my brain was not listening especially my penis, me able to feel my erection filling out the front of my shorts and underpants.

If ever one was looking for a perfect example of a Midwestern girl, then my cousin Michelle was that girl. With her long wavy blonde hair cascading down past her shoulders and framing her pretty face of angelic perfection the highlights of which were Michelle’s big blue eyes, flawless complexion and cute nose, Michelle looked like a doll made by a toy-maker as an example of what a perfect girl from the Midwest looked like.

Appropriately Michelle was indeed from the Midwest, my twin sister Janice and I were born a week before Michelle in Wisconsin in October 1960, and it was in Wisconsin where we currently were on this warm and sunny summer’s day, in our family’s cabin by the lake. We went there every summer for a vacation and this year 1979 was no exception.

This summer was kind of the end of an era. Janice and I as well as Michelle had all graduated from high school in June and it was onto college and working part time in the fall for Janice and me. Michelle’s younger brother Tim was born a year after her in 1961, and therefore would be going into his senior year of high school this coming year. When we got back home, it would be working over the summer for Janice, Tim and I for the rest of the summer, and then Janice and I would be starting college in the fall.

I continued to admire Michelle’s fine figure as she unlocked the driver’s door. My cousin’s body was absolutely perfect for an 18-year-old girl, standing at 5 feet 7 with a slim, shapely body where everything fitted the way it should. The green tee-shirt with cartoon cats on the front that Michelle wore today accentuated her C-cup breasts, and her pink shorts — somewhat short pink shorts — showed off the shape of her bottom and her long legs. Her feet were clad in cute green ankle socks and white sneakers.

My heart pounded and my erection throbbed as Michelle drove away, leaving me alone in the cabin. Janice had gone out with some of her friends and her boyfriend who likewise were enjoying spending time at the lake, and Tim was meeting friends from high school. Both sets of parents had gone out for the day. Although my conscience told me not to do what I was going to do, I found myself heading for the place I knew I should not be going, and that was the bedroom that Michelle and Janice were sharing, eagerly anticipating what was going to happen.

The first thing I picked up was relatively innocent, a Polaroid photograph of Janice, Michelle, Tim and myself snapped at the lake yesterday. We were quite an interesting set of cousins. Janice and I looked very similar as fraternal twin sister and brother, both having brown hair, brown eyes, slim figures and the same skin complexion although our heights differed, I stood 6 feet tall and Janice like Michelle was 5 feet 7.

Michelle’s younger brother Tim was tall and skinny like me, but while the blonde haired, bursa escort blue eyed Michelle contrasted with Janice and I, she also contrasted with her brother, Tim having red hair, green eyes and fair skin, a bit of a contrast from his big sister.

However, it wasn’t the photograph that I had entered the girls’ bedroom to look at, my destination was something way more private – the cloth bag in which Michelle put her dirty clothes ahead of doing the laundry. And the cloth bag contained Michelle’s worn underwear, her bras and her panties.

My trembling fingers retrieved and opened the bag, taking out two of my cousin’s bras one white and one pink and touching the soft fabric of the cups, thinking about how they covered her boobs. They were lucky bras, that was for sure getting to spend all day in contact with Michelle’s tits, but apart from faint hints of my cousin’s deodorant and her perspiration from the warm summer days, there wasn’t really anything interesting to smell here.

Unlike her panties.

Reaching into the bag, I extricated four pairs of Michelle’s panties. All of my cousin’s pants were bikini-style panties. One pair was white, another white with pink and purple flowers, one pair was pink and the other pair was lemon in color with light blue leg and waist elastic.

But while different in color and patterns, Michelle’s panties all had one thing in common, and this was creamy colored female stains on the double cotton panty saddle courtesy of Michelle’s vagina. I raised Michelle’s pure white panties to my nose and absorbed the scent of my cousin’s 18-year-old vagina, the musty feminine smells from between her legs going up my nose and causing my erection to throb in my underpants. I sniffed the back panel of Michelle’s panties, where they would have gone between the cheeks of her ass and made contact with her anus.

Hopefully not every guy in America got his rocks off sniffing his pretty cousin’s dirty panties as I did, but then again Michelle was not every guy’s cousin for one reason. She was famous.

It hadn’t started off that way, we all grew up together in the suburbs of our ordinary Wisconsin town and attended the local schools. However, Michelle showed an unusual talent from a young age — the ability to sing, dance and act. Michelle’s mother and father all had plenty of siblings — her mother and my mother were sisters — and that meant plenty of cousins, but none of them showed an interest in or talent for performing and neither did her younger brother with Tim very much into sports. Michelle’s talent just seemed to appear.

Growing up in the middle of the dairy farms and cornfields of the Midwest, one might think that Michelle’s only chances to showcase her talents would be at dance recitals, concerts and acting in school plays. And Michelle might have been just a regular theater kid through school, but while in a musical in junior high she happened to be spotted by a talent agent who recognized her untapped potential.

Some commercials followed, and then a role in a locally produced TV show from Milwaukee. This TV show happened to be seen by a vacationing Hollywood executive when Michelle was in her first year of high school, one thing led to another and at age 18 my cousin had been in a number of TV shows and movies and her star was rising.

In her sophomore year Michelle had tried to balance several acting roles with living her normal life in Wisconsin and travelling to California for work, but it was clear that as her career progressed and she got more roles that this wasn’t going to work. As luck would have it, her father’s brother lived in Los Angeles with his wife and kids, so Michelle relocated to California to live with her uncle, aunt and cousins, attending high school for her junior and senior years while working on her acting roles at the same time, and coming home for holidays. It was sort of like she was attending boarding school in another state.

Through all this, Michelle remained the same nice-natured, kind-hearted, down-to-Earth girl she had always been. Fame never went to her head and her feet remained firmly fixed to the ground and eternally grateful for her good fortune at making it in Hollywood at a young age and working hard to ensure that her success continued. If she did have an ego, she was a very talented actress to hide it from the world. Her liking for the simple things in life was evidenced this very summer, the way she was enjoying a typical Wisconsin vacation with her family in a cabin by the lake.

Michelle and Janice still enjoyed things they had always done, like at home listening to their old records on the hi-fi. Last night my sister and cousin were enjoying themselves in their bedroom listening to cassettes on Janice’s tape player, just like regular 18-year-old girls would.

I sniffed at Michelle’s pink panties, the smells on the saddle getting me high on vagina. My cousin’s vagina. My famous cousin’s vagina. Sometimes bursa escort bayan when Michelle was back home people would ask her for her autograph, and ironically Michelle said that she had a tendency to become star-struck herself when she got to meet famous actors and singers in her work as an actress or from living in Los Angeles. She was especially thrilled when she got to meet Fred Astaire one day, Michelle loving his old movies with Ginger Rogers when she and Janice were younger.

However, it was me who seemed to be most star-struck by Michelle, even though she was my cousin and we had grown up together. Whenever she paid a visit home to Wisconsin, even though I knew how dumb it was I kept counting the days until she arrived, and my heart would be aflutter when she appeared. I would walk around like I was a dream, internally repeating, ‘My cousin Michelle is a famous actress, I’m related to a famous actress …”

Whenever I watched one of her movies or TV shows, I was always excited to see her yet at the same time disbelieving I was actually watching my cousin on the screen. It was like I had a crush on Michelle, something I kept very much to myself. Crushing on one’s cousin is not something one should go around telling the rest of the world about it. And especially not the cousin herself, especially when one was sniffing her worn panties extricated from her dirty clothes bag.

Getting star-struck over my famous cousin let to other forms of voyeurism with Michelle as well. Just this very morning I had watched Michelle walking towards the bathroom on her bare feet in her nightwear, an oversized tee-shirt over panties, going in there and closing and locking the bathroom door.

Loitering near the bathroom but not so close to risk getting caught, I had listened to Michelle put down the toilet seat, then the splashing tinkling sound of her urinating into the toilet, me disbelieving that I was listening to my own cousin having a pee. When this stopped, I continued to loiter near the bathroom, listening to Michelle as she remained sitting on the toilet for the next five minutes to have a poo, me able to hear each time Michelle unwound toilet paper from the roll and used it to wipe her bottom, me thinking about what she looked like sitting barefoot on the toilet with her panties down around her ankles.

Although I knew it absurd, I couldn’t believe that Michelle actually went to the toilet to empty her bowels and actually used toilet paper, but this was the reality going on in the bathroom, until Michelle flushed the toilet and I heard her washing her hands after finishing doing her business.

My conscience reprimanded me for listening to my cousin while she was on the toilet instead of respecting her privacy, but it didn’t stop me from listening to Michelle showering about ten minutes later, me getting my rocks off thinking about what she looked like naked under the water.

It was a similar story when Michelle came home for Thanksgiving last year, and I saw her heading for the bathroom carrying a period pad, evidence that she was menstruating. Given the odd way I thought about my cousin, I couldn’t believe that Michelle actually got her period although of course I knew she did. All day I couldn’t look at Michelle the right way knowing that she was on her period, and knowing that under her clothes the menstruating Michelle was wearing a sanitary napkin in her panties.

After a visit to the bathroom I had seen Michelle go to the external trash and place a brown paper bag in it, and later that evening when I took some food scraps out to the trash I saw the paper bag. I was unable to resist opening it, and looking at the long white sanitary pad inside. I couldn’t believe that the huge red blood stains on the pad’s cover was Michelle’s period blood, that have flowed from her uterus down her birth canal and out of her vagina to be absorbed by her panty pad.

And I was unable to resist lifting the napkin to my nose and sniffing Michelle’s menses, the feminine fragrances of menstruation from the period stains driving me wild. Although the weather was horrible that evening, icy cold rain and sleet and freezing winds, I felt like it was 120 degrees in the shade as I sniffed Michelle’s feminine napkin.

Other times I was saved from embarrassment in my voyeurism of Michelle by what I was wearing. Michelle visited for Christmas 1978, and after a heavy snowfall we were out clearing it from the driveway. Michelle bent over wearing a tight pair of blue flared jeans. Her ass looked so hot in the tight denim that my penis responded, and within seconds I was sporting a full-blown erection. Lucky I was wearing a huge jacket that covered my groin!

The second time was in June, when Janice and I were celebrating our high school graduation. Michelle had visited to attend the graduation of her cousins and her former classmates in the class of 1979, and happened to be walking downstairs just before we left for escort bursa the graduation ceremony, wearing a short skirt above her knees, which provided me with a grandstand view of her light blue panties. Like at Christmas with my jacket, my graduation gown spared me from major embarrassment, although I had nobody else to blame but myself for looking up my cousin’s skirt to see her panties.

I didn’t need to hide my erection from anyone right now as I intently sniffed Michelle’s flowery panties which most definitely did not smell like the flowers on the fabric, and then turned my attention to the yellow panties with light blue leg and waist elastic. The smell of Michelle’s teenage twat went into my nostrils, and grabbing some tissues I was pulling down my shorts to relieve the sexual tension when a young female voice filled the living room.

“Paul, what are you doing?”

I went absolutely rigid, feeling hot and cold at the same time. I turned around to see Michelle standing there in the bedroom door, watching me sniffing her dirty panties and clearly about to masturbate. I felt the panic rising in my throat. This was a nightmare, it had to be. I would wake up and everything would be okay, I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong or Michelle wouldn’t be there.

But of course I didn’t wake up and find this was all a dream, I sat there on my cousin’s bed, her worn panties with me, one pair raised to my nose, which I hastily pulled away. What was I going to do? Should I run off and end it all by throwing myself in the lake, climbing up the tallest pine tree in the forest and jumping or by antagonizing a bear?

“Michelle, I’m sorry,” I stammered. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“It looks like you’re smelling my panties and about to jerk off,” Michelle said matter-of-factly.

“No, but I thought you’d gone into town,” I said ineffectively, unable to think of what to say, Michelle’s blue eyes affixed upon me. “What are you doing back?”

“I’d driven only about a mile when I got a flat tire, and found the spare was flat too so I had to walk back to get the pump,” said Michelle. “But Paul, if one cousin catches another cousin sniffing her panties, he really shouldn’t be asking her why she came back early.”

“Michelle, I’m so sorry,” I said. “I don’t know what came over me, I shouldn’t have taken your panties like that.”

Michelle came and sat down on the bed next to me. She seemed very calm, not freaked out and pissed off as she might have been. “Paul, you’re right, you shouldn’t have taken my panties, talk about an invasion of my privacy.”

“It will never happen again,” I said, still terrified. “You must be so angry and freaked, you should be, you have every right to be.”

“I should be, but I’m not,” said Michelle, again very calm. “I’ll let you into a little secret. I think it’s hot, seeing you with my panties like that.”

“Hot?” I was stunned.

Michelle nodded. “Yes, hot. I think it’s really hot the way you look at me, I know you have a crush on me.”

“No, I don’t — I love you as a cousin and a friend — but not that way,” I pleaded.

“Who are you trying to fool Paul, me or you?” Michelle asked. “Anyway, if you don’t have a crush on me I’d be disappointed.”


“Yes, disappointed.” Michelle looked directly at me. “Paul, you seem to like getting into my pants. If you didn’t like me in that way, you wouldn’t want to get into the panties I’m wearing right now.”

My heart was beating. “You’re joking?”

“No, I’m not,” Michelle assured me. She reached into her purse, and to my amazement pulled out a condom. “This is for us to put on your penis when you insert it in my vagina.”

“But you never said anything before,” I said.

“Who would say that they want to fuck their cousin?” Michelle asked with laughter in her voice. “But you want to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me, we have the place to ourselves so let’s fuck. Like this.”

My erection had subsided when Michelle had walked in on my panty-sniffing antics with her underwear, but it sprang up again when my cousin launched herself at me, kissing me on the lips. Michelle and I embraced, and rolled back on the bed making out, French-kissing deeply. I could feel the strap of Michelle’s bra through her shirt, and felt her hand on my groin.

“Oh, you’re excited, you’re not supposed to get excited by your cousin like that,” the teasing Michelle laughed.

“It’s easy for you, nobody can tell when you get excited,” I said.

“That’s because I’m a girl, you big silly,” smiled Michelle. “But if you put your hand down my pants, you will find out for yourself.”

Michelle loosened her shorts, and I could see that she was wearing apricot colored panties underneath. “Go on, put your hand down into my panties.”

Still finding it hard to believe this was happening, I put my hand down the front of my cousin’s panties, feeling her feminine mound and her forest of pubic hair. My hand went further down Michelle’s muff, me feeling the wet entrance to her vulva, Michelle squirming as my fingers went deeper into her pussy and made contact with her clitoris.

“You’re so wet down there,” I said, loving the feeling of my hand down my pretty cousin’s pants.

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