Chasing A Dream-Angie’s Desires

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It’s late and Angie is getting ready for bed. She showers and put on a short nightgown. She is really tired and decides to just go on to bed. She is drifting off to sleep and she is not aware that someone is watching her. She falls sound asleep. She suddenly feels someone laying beside her but can’t seem to get awake enough to pay attention.

She feels a hand come across her waist and start caressing her breast. She thinks she is having a very nice wet dream. She reaches up and touches the hand and knows exactly who he is. He is the one who knows her so well. She knows his touch and his smell and his tenderness when he is gentle. She doesn’t even have to open her eyes. She knows it’s him.

He caresses her breast and gently twists the nipple which makes her tingle. His caress is so soft and tender. She closes her eyes as her nipples get harder with each touch. He kisses her neck softly and she feels his warm breath against her skin. Oh how he makes her feel so good. No other man seems to be able to touch her the way he does. When he touches her almanbahis it’s as if he can see inside her very soul. She feels the hardness of his stiff cock behind her and she reaches behind her to rub it through his jeans. He is so hard. She slowly unzips his jeans and reaches inside. The thrill is so intense as she starts stroking it and rubbing the head.

His hand trails down her chest , across her small waist and his fingertips gently rub her hip. Oh how she is burning inside for him. She loves his touch and somehow he always seems to know when she needs him. His hand moves slowly down and ever so gently pulls her legs apart slightly. She feels him getting aroused now. His hand finds her throbbing clit in the darkness and he gently massages it with his finger. Rubbing it softly. She slowly turns over on her back and his lips find hers and he starts kissing her passionately. His tongue searching her mouth and tasting her sweet kisses. His kisses get more urgent. He starts sucking her nipple and cups her soft breast in his hand. His lips setting her on fire.

He almanbahis yeni giriş then goes down and starts kissing her stomach and lowers himself until he reaches her aching pussy. He takes his tongue and starts licking her swollen clit making it tingle so much that she almost reaches an orgasm. He is not ready for her to get that orgasm just yet. He wants it to last. He likes giving her pleasure. Pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. He knows just how and where to touch her to make her body tremble. He continues to softly run his tongue around her clit until she feels that orgasmic bliss that she loves so much. Her body begins to tremble and she moans as he places his finger inside her hot juicy pussy. He loves that feeling of those sweet juices that his touch brings out in her. Her back arches as she starts to cum and he fingers her as he feels those muscles start contracting inside her.

He unzips his jeans and removes them and she spreads her legs as he gets on top of her. Her kiss so hot and sweet as she softly sucks on his almanbahis giriş tongue. He puts his hard cock against her wet pussy and it slides inside completely filling her up. His cock feels so good inside her. He moves it in and out slowly. Feeling each stoke making his cock get harder. Their kiss is so passionate now and the orgasm they both feel is explosive. He groans as he starts filling her up with warm cum. Oh he needed that so much. He lays there on top of her for a few minutes and she can feel him looking at her in the darkness of her room.

She asks him how he knew she needed him so much and he whispered “I know you better than anyone and I always know when you need me and I know your thoughts. I always know. Our friendship is like no other and we both seem to have something the other needs. That will always be. We share our dreams , we protect each others secrets. No matter where we both go in life we will cross each others mind and smile.” He tells her.

With that he gets up and puts his jeans on and kisses her gently on the cheek. She hears the door close behind him and she goes to the window and watches him get into his white pickup and drive away. She crawls back in bed and drifts back off to sleep. She will chase that dream again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32