Cheating with My Ex

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It’s been months since you broke it off with me for her, the woman you used to date, the one you started dating again while we were together, and now you live with her. I’m still in love with you, I shouldn’t put myself in this situation, we’re not right for each other but I’ve missed you. We eat lunch at our favorite spot, then walk around the city, catching up. We go back to my house for some dinner and maybe a movie. We’re on our backs next to each other on my bed chatting when you roll over and hold me, I turn with you so you are spooning me. It’s such a familiar gesture, I get a pain in my chest and my breath catches, I miss you so much it hurts. But this is wrong, you have a girlfriend. I babble on, trying not to engage further but I don’t want you to let me go either.

Your hand travels slowly, resting on my hip, inching its way up my side, sliding across my stomach and wrapping around me. My breasts rest on it while you hold me tight, until you move your hand around to cup one, then stroke the nipple gently through my clothes, brushing your thumb back and forth across it. I’m still talking, I’m panicked, you live with her, I don’t know what I should do, this is wrong but I want you and I love that you still want me. I know it’s just because you’ve had a fight or you’re feeling smothered but I can’t help but respond to your attention. I can feel your cock getting hard as your body is pressed against mine. You hold me and kiss the back of my neck, your beard tickling me, your thumb continually brushing my now hard nipple, it sends shockwaves through me and my breathing gets heavier. You let go of my breast and put some pressure on my arm, I give in to the motion and turn over to face you.

I don’t care anymore. We kiss quickly, its heated, intense. Your hand pulls at my shirt and I sit up to pull it over my head. I pull my huge breasts out over my bra and you reach up to guide them to your mouth where you kiss and bite my nipples. You’re hands move to my jeans and I quickly take them off, one of your hands is between my legs, searching for the piercing that’s new since the last time we were naked together. While we kiss, your hand finds almanbahis the ring and rubs it hard against my clit, “Be gentle,” I plead and you relent a bit. Your middle finger enters me while your thumb continues it’s torture on my clit until I can’t take it.

I move on top of you and kiss your forehead, nose, lips, neck, shoulder, chest, stomach, while moving down your body, my bare breasts touching your skin every time I lean in to place a kiss. I want to worship this body that I no longer have any claim on. I undo the button on your jeans, then the fly. You lift your ass in the air and I pull your jeans down, taking them off with your boxer briefs.

I’m kneeling between your legs now and I kiss your thighs, your belly, your balls and then the tip of your big, beautiful, swollen cock. I lick it, up and around and then again, getting it wet. Hands on your thighs, I begin to take you into my mouth. As it moves over my lips I hold them tight around it and keep my tongue pressed to the underside. I take more and more of you into my mouth, into my throat. Your hand wraps up my hair, holding it out of my face and I look up and see you gazing down at me. I try to shoot you a grin around this big cock in my mouth and start bobbing my head up and down a little faster. I only get to service you this way for a minute before you let go of my hair and pull on my arms, moving me up and positioning me over you.

I’m ready for you. I lean in to kiss you while guiding your cock to my slit, I get it into position and sit up as it slides into me. “Oh god,” I breath. I need a second, I contract around you. The feeling of having you inside me washes through me, I’ve missed you, no one else makes me feel this way, our bodies fit together so perfectly. My hands are on your chest and I begin to move my hips. I move them back, up and around, riding your cock. Your hands are on my hips, your body moves in time with mine. It feels so good. My hands are now in my hair, my head thrown back, I revel in this. My tits are bouncing to our rhythm.

I look down and meet your eyes, then lean forward to kiss you. “You’re bad,” you say against my lips.

I almanbahis giriş raise my eyebrows and bite my lip, then pull forward so just the tip of your cock is inside me and I drive back, taking all of you while looking into your eyes and whisper, “You’re the bad one.” I can almost feel you grow inside me, your eyes close, you suck in a breath and you press down on my hips, increasing our speed.

I kiss you, my tits pressed against your chest while we fuck. I reach up and grab the headboard, using it to leverage my thrusts onto your cock, my tits are now in your face and you take a nipple into your mouth and bite it, you bite it harder and harder until I can’t take it and ask you, “Be gentle? Please?” So you let go but take the other nipple in your mouth and bite this one even harder. I moan.

“Tell me,” I say, you look up at me and smirk, “Tell me,” I urge, meeting your eyes.

“You’re a dirty little whore,” you growl, “you’re my slut, huh?” At the same time you grab my nipple and pinch while pulling down hard, “You’re a fucking slut and you’re mine.” This drives me crazy and I grind down on you, trying to get every millimeter of your cock inside me. After a minute I pull away and sit back up, positioning my feet under me, hands on my knees, legs spread wide. I begin to bounce up and down on your cock, rising up so just the tip remains inside and then dropping down, bottoming out on it. It is an amazing feeling, fucking so hard, I’m so full of you.

I can’t keep this up for too long and I lean back down to kiss you again, “You’re so bad.” I remind you while I reach down to play with my clit. You hold my ass up and plant your feet so you can piston your cock in and out of me, there is a rapid slap, slap, slap made each time our bodies meet. I’ve missed this, missed you, your body, your hands, your beard, your tattoos and oh, God, I’ve missed your cock. I kiss your face and down along your neck. We shift again and I sit up, I’m full of you when I sit this way, my hand on your chest, I ride you and rub my clit hard. I moan loudly and breath heavily, rocking my hips as fast as I can. You grab them, fingers digging in, leaving almanbahis giriş red marks, and help me push down harder, move faster. I lean over and grab the headboard again, pushing against it to meet your thrusts. I beg you “Cum inside me, cum inside me, I’m yours.”

You sit up and you wrap your arms around me, pulling down on my shoulders, mashing my tits betweens us, holding me tight as I ride you. In this position your pubic bone rubs against my clit, your hair rough against it and after a few strokes I start to cum on your cock, I hold on to you for dear life, my arms around your neck, my face in your hair, I lose all sense of rhythm but you move your hands to my hips to guide me, move your head back to kiss me, I moan into your mouth, riding out this orgasm and you fuck me like that until you’re on the edge, your eyes squeeze shut and you break from our kiss, pressing your head against my sternum, between my breasts as you hold my hips tight to you. I rock back and fourth, your cock is bursting, filling me with your cum.

After a moment you ease yourself back down and I lie on your chest. I love being this close to you, your cock still inside me. We stay like this for a minute or two, catching our breath. “Thank you, I needed that,” I breath and kiss your chest before moving down, kissing your body as I go, I take your cock into my mouth again to clean it gently.

When I’m done I lie next to you, rest my head on your chest with your arm around me, you kiss the top of my head, “Thank you, Claire.” I kiss your chest in response. I can feel your cum dribbling out of me, I love it, somehow I feel you’ve marked me as your territory and that makes me so hot.

We slowly return to reality, I wish you would stay here with me for the night but you have to go home to her. I’m very quiet on the trip to Mission Hill and I’m biting my nails, which you know is a sign that something is wrong. You turn down the radio and ask urgently if I’m OK, I’m not but I just shrug and give you a small, sad smile. Short of breaking up with her on the spot, there’s nothing you can do to make me feel better about this situation, about what we just did, about who you’ve chosen. You take my hand and hold it, fingers entwined, for the rest of the drive. I drop you off down the street from your place, watch you cross in front of my car and I wonder if you’ll wash off before fucking her tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32