Claire Ch. 02

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Claire and I showered together afterwards. We spent probably ten minutes just laying on the bed together, my cock still buried inside her, our cum slowly trickling out around us, just enjoying the sensation of being locked together like that. We were silent for a while, just looking at each other, our breath going from quick, sharp gasps to more controlled inhalations and long, steady exhalations that dusted across our noses. We kissed, gentle pecks spiced with deeper, open-mouthed explorations, like we had fucked away the memories of each other’s mouths and were shyly trying to remember.

Claire’s slender thighs shook around my hips, her feet curled under my calves as we lay there, kissing, whispering. My fingers toyed with her hair, all splayed out around her head, a golden fan across my bed. She giggled as I reached under her leg and cupped her shaking muscles, planting a gentle kiss on my nose.

“This might sound weird,” she whispered, “but I started wondering what it would be like to fuck you right around the time you scared off my date.”

I laughed, the motion causing my not-yet-soft cock to slip back and forth inside her. She cooed, and her legs tightened around me.

“Well, I hope you haven’t decided that finding out this once was enough,” I replied, flexing my hips just a little to emphasize the point.

“Uh-uh,” she gasped. “You’re definitely gonna have to show me again soon.”

I smiled and raised up, taking her hand as my cock slipped from her. Claire gave a sharp intake of breath as I plopped free before grinning up at me.

“Come on,” I said.

I led her to my bathroom, reaching into the shower with my free hand and turning on the water. I turned and let my eyes wander over her body. She was gorgeous, shining lightly with sweat, the golden fan of her hair replaced by a tangled drape of soft, fragrant strands that tumbled down over her shoulders to tickle her hard pink nipples. I followed the gentle curve of her breasts, just large enough to fill my hand, trailed my gaze down her side, let my eyes take in the softness of her flat belly, the gentle slope of her hip. My hand reached out and grazed over her hip bone, a gentle bump right before my fingers slipped lower and caressed the smoothly shaven skin that led to her mound.

Claire’s eyes drank me in as well, moving from my face to the stubble below my beard, across my chest, muscular without being overly defined, down across my belly. As she looked, her gaze skipped from tattoo to tattoo, following them like a treasure map down to my cock, already lengthening and thickening just watching her watch me. I pulled her close, one arm wrapping under her ass, lifting. Her legs parted and wrapped around my waist, her lips coming to mine as I turned and pawed the shower curtain aside, stepping into the shower.

Warm water cascaded over Claire’s shoulder, beading on her breasts, forming a pool between her chest and mine as we pressed together. She giggled as water snuck into our kiss, the taste of each other lost, washed away by the warm, nothing flavor coming from my shower head. Claire leaned back, water soaking her hair, and reached between us, her little hand wrapping around my stiffening cock. I turned, carefully moving my arms, sliding them one at a time under Claire’s legs, hooking under her knees and bringing my hands together behind her, finding the short handle built into the wall of my small shower.

Claire giggled and shifted, her little body and her flexibility enabling her to drop lower, folding herself up in my arms as her position spread her pussy wide. I planted my feet, for once grateful for the silly, hideously ugly seventies-era gritty flowers that I had found stuck all over the shower floor when I moved in. She waited patiently for me to get settled, one small hand stroking my cock gently, the other wrapped around my neck. She let go of my neck for a moment and reached up, adjusting the shower head, pointing it away from us.

I got my feet settled and looked at her face, her mouth open, her eyes half-closed, water beaded on her face and breasts, running in little rivulets down her neck, between her perfect breasts, pooling in her belly button before continuing on, running down her pelvis and across her lips. Her little hand turned my cock, aimed it, settling the head at her entrance, the water from the shower splitting across my cock and rolling down off my balls. She looked up at me and licked her lips, nodding.

I pushed forward quickly, less thrusting into her, more pouncing into her, driving myself home with one quick, decisive thrust. Claire cried out as my cock pushed her into the wall, her shoulders squeaking against the wet fiberglass. Both arms circled my neck, clinging to me as I began to drive into her, water flying away from us in speeding droplets and wet fans as we began to fuck, hard and passionate.

Claire’s cunt rippled around me, grasping and releasing my cock with each thrust. She gripped my neck hard, her mouth open ataköy escort and gasping as I pressed my forehead to hers.

“God I love your fucking cock,” she groaned, her lips barely moving, her breasts bouncing with every hard thrust. “Fuck me! Fuck me into the wall and make me cum all over that cock I love so much!”

I growled deep in my throat, flexing my arms, using them to pull her into my thrusts. Claire’s fingers curled into my shoulder, clawing gently, pulling her mouth to mine. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, wrestling with hers as her breath shot out in short, hard gasps through her nose and across my cheek. I let the handle go, my hands cupping her perfect ass, squeezing, my fingers overlapping under her, yanking her hips onto my cock, feeling her pussy begin to contract harder, squeezing me tightly and releasing over and over, the start of a hard orgasm that I felt a deep need to draw out as long as possible.

On impulse, I let one of my fingers slip inward, curling up and drawing a quick little circle around her tight asshole. Her tongue pushed farther into my mouth and her clawing became frantic on my shoulders, her pussy pulsing faster around me. I pushed my finger in, the tight circle of her ass opening just enough to let me in and she broke the kiss, her head falling back, her eyes wide as she came, her cunt clamping down on me, her asshole milking my finger as her pussy went wild around me and pushed me over.

I hammered into her hard, pulling her into me with both hands, pushing my finger up her quivering ass to the second knuckle as my cock filled her completely and I came, jetting my cum against her cervix for the second time in an hour. Her pussy drank me in, taking my load happily, hungrily, quivering around me. I slid shakily to my knees, taking her with me, my cock staying deeply, blessedly inside her.

“You,” she gasped, pulling me closer, her arms wrapping more tightly around my neck, “are an amazing fuck.” She kissed me deeply, her tongue swirling around mine as my cock slowly began to soften inside her.

“Thanks,” I said. “You’re a pretty amazing lay yourself.” She giggled and kissed me again.

“Good! Now take your finger out of my ass and let’s get washed up, you dirty old man.”


About an hour later, we sat around the island in my kitchen, completely naked and making ourselves some sandwiches. We talked while we ate, mostly about our respective course loads and how we normally spent our weekends. Somewhere in there, we came to an unspoken decision that those plans would now include each other.

“So,” I said finally, “did you want to do anything else today, or did you just plan on seducing me over and over?” Claire shot me a grin, then tried to look offended and threw a chunk of lunch meat at my head.

“Seducing you, huh? Is that what you’re gonna tell the cops, dirty old man?” she teased. “I’m an innocent victim of your older, wiley manipulations.”

“Ha! Yeah, that sounds about right,” I laughed. “So does that mean that now you’re going back to your house to finish your homework?”

“Smartass,” Claire said, and stood on her stool, her breasts bouncing tantalizingly as she leaned over the counter and kissed me.

I reached up one hand and brushed my fingers across her nipple, feeling it tighten on my fingertips. She moaned into my mouth and smiled against my lips.

“You keep doing that, and you’re gonna get mayo on my tits,” she said.

“I’ll clean it off,” I offered.

Claire giggled into my mouth and sat back, my eyes checking her for mayo. I grinned as she did the same.

“Too bad,” she said, finding it clean. “Cleaning it off actually sounded like fun.”

I laughed and scooped a dollop of mayo out of the jar.

“Oh, no! No! We just took a shower! You little-“

I cut her off by flicking my fingers at her, firing drops of mayo in a wide spread that left little white dots from her belly to her neck. She squealed and laughed and picked up the top of her sandwich, having already spread mayo across it. Claire arched her eyebrows and cocked her head, biting her lip before lobbing the slice at my lap.

I caught it quickly and used the counter to yank myself around the island, catching her wrists as she tried to fend me off, laughing and playfully shouting that she needed an adult. I flipped the bread upside down and dropped it into her lap.

“You bastard!” Claire shouted, laughing. “Look what you did! I’m covered now.”

I stepped closer so that my face was right next to hers.

“Mmhmm,” I intoned.

She gasped as my lips brushed her ear, the moan deepening to a groan as I gently bit the soft skin of her neck. I trailed my lips to the other side, my tongue slipping out and stealing away the small drops of mayo, following the trail of condiment down her body, kissing and biting my way down her body.

“You better clean me really good,” she whispered as my lips closed on one of her hard bakırköy escort pink nipples and my teeth held it in place for my tongue.

“Mmhmm,” I continued. I dragged my lips lightly away from her nipple, gently kissing and biting between her breasts before dragging my tongue over to the other, mirroring my actions. I kissed the underside of her breast, nibbling the soft, hot skin. Claire’s hands came up and gripped my head, her fingers sliding over buzzed off hair. I licked her chest, taking away more mayo, gently biting the spot where her ribs ended and her belly began. My hands gripped her ankles, and I began to let them slide slowly up her shins, curling my fingers around to her calves, kissing lower and lower, my tongue circling her navel and trailing down, making sure to clean her of mayo.

I pulled her legs apart, my mouth biting at her hip bones, kissing away the mess I’d made. I licked her thighs as I pushed her legs over my shoulders, kissed the spot where her legs joined her body, gently bit the place where her ass began, dragged my tongue across the smoothly shaved skin next to her pussy, the heat of her humid against my cheek. She flexed as I licked, and I watched her pussy open, her little asshole bobbing once.

I leaned close, let her feel my breath on her lips, my beard tickling against her thighs. I gently reached out and ran my tongue over her lips, feather-light, feeling and tasting her wetness against the tip, parting the lips. At the top, I made a quick, light circle around her clit before running my tongue back down, all the way down, repeating the circle around her tight, puckered little hole. I moved back up, plunging in, delving deep between her lips, drinking in her wetness on my way to her clit, where I flicked my tongue around it, sucking gently. I flattened my tongue and dragged it across her hard little nub, bringing my hand around and slipping a finger into her tight, soaking pussy.

My fingers sawed in and out of her, making a come-hither motion with each thrust of my hand, feeling her pussy convulse. She came, her pussy pushing juices out into my palm, grasping at my finger, her clit hard under my tongue as I licked faster, driving her harder into her orgasm. Her thighs clenched on my head, squeezing me as she moaned and gripped my scalp.

The pressure on my head disappeared and she grabbed my ears, pulling my face away from her. I rose quickly, following her unspoken directions as she jumped off the stool and turned, climbing back onto it, straddling the leather, settling on her thighs and hanging her ass over the edge. She reached behind her and gripped my cock, the head purple and angry, and pulled me forward.

“Fuck me, Jay. Shove your cock in me and make me cum.”

I stepped forward and drove into her, letting her guide my cock as I drilled her wetness. She cried out as I bottomed out in her, her hand going from my cock to my hip as my arms wrapped around her and gripped her breasts, squeezing the firm, soft flesh, her nipples tight against my palms.

“Oh fuck baby my clit is right on the stool! I’m gonna cum already! Fuck me, Jay don’t stop!” Claire screamed as she came, her pussy clamping on my cock, her body reddening as her breath caught, the blush covering her back and shoulders, her feet slipping from the stool as her legs twitched and shook. She collapsed forward, her arms catching her head as she fell across the counter, her sandwich abandoned and pushed across the island, the plate clattering onto the floor.

I pulled my cock out of her and pulled her around, lifting her into my arms as she wrapped her smooth, slender legs around me, her hand reaching down to guide my cock back inside, her eyes hungry and glazed, lips parted. I walked to the couch with my cock teasing her opening, gliding back and forth across her wet lips, holding her just out of reach before reaching the couch. I lowered her to her back, following her down and spearing her steaming wetness in one fast motion, burying my cock in her, letting my weight push it deep inside her hot, rippling softness.

Claire cried out and gripped me with her legs, her hands coming to rest on the back of my neck as I held her down and fucked her. I thrust my cock deeply, slowly, using gravity and every muscle in my core to push myself as deep as I could go with every move. I knelt between her thighs, one knee on the couch, the other leg planted on the floor, pushing, lending leverage to the act. Claire’s head lolled back and forth as she whispered nonsense, driven mad by the feeling of my cock inside her. She came again and again, her cunt pushing waves of juices out of her, splashing against my balls, drenching the couch.

I bit down gently on her nipples, kissed her neck, let my hands roam over her body, always searching, always holding her down, holding her in place for my cock. Claire let out a deep groan and her pussy seized, clenching around my cock and not letting go, pulsing and milking, throbbing around me. I felt my own orgasm start, boiling up from deep inside me.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

“Yes, baby! Yes! Cum in my pussy again! Fill me up so deep inside, let me feel you cum in me! I want it, right now!”

Her words, coupled with her still-clenching pussy, ripped an orgasm from me, my cum blasting into her, driving into her tight, hot cunt, exploding into her. She screamed as I came, her orgasm dragging on, tearing through her tight little body.

Claire’s legs shook as she came down, her arms limp around my neck, her eyes locked to mine as the redness I’d come to expect from her faded from her face and retreated down her body. I rested my forehead against hers, my breath mingling with hers, our eyes closed as we held on to each other.

“Okay,” Claire breathed against my lips. “Now I’m really hungry.”


We walked through the outdoor mall that provides the main competition in town for the mall Claire and I worked at, strolling past shops hand-in-hand. We had gotten dressed after we ate, joking with each other as we separated our clothes from the pile we had left on the bedroom floor. Claire had suggested getting out, leaving the apartment so we had something to tell her mom that we had done that wasn’t just hanging out at my place.

“Besides,” she had said with a wink, “I figure we could use a rest before you fuck me again.”

I held Claire’s hand as we window shopped, looking at random things that we thought were neat but had no real reason to buy. She was funny, charming, and quick-witted, matching my own ability to crack jokes about some of the things we saw. The more time I spent with her, the more I realized that Claire was a lot more mature than most girls her age.

We talked about college; where I had gone for undergrad, where she wanted to go for hers. She was planning on majoring in economics and running it through the full course of degrees. Claire wanted a PhD, and she was willing to push herself as hard as she needed to in order to get it.

We bought pretzels and wandered some more, talking as we ate, laughing at each other’s attempts to get words out around chunks of pretzel. I don’t know how long we walked around the mall. I hadn’t looked at a clock once the entire time we had been together that day, and I don’t think she had either.

Claire leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were soft and salty, little granulated bits of salt moving back and forth between us. When she pulled back, Claire smiled and squeezed my hand.

“When we get home,” she whispered as she raised the last of her pretzel to her lips, “I’m gonna suck your cock.” She ran her tongue up the pretzel piece and slipped the end into her mouth.

“Oh, really?” I asked. My cock had begun to stiffen already at the thought of being between her plump, soft lips.

“Mmhmm,” she moaned around the pretzel. “I’m in the mood for something else that’s hot and salty.”

“So, you’re saying we should leave like, right now?” I asked. Claire giggled and slapped my arm.

“Dirty old man,” she laughed. Her phone chimed in her purse and she fished it out, looking back up at me as she did. “Maybe,” she added with a wicked grin.

Claire opened a text and started laughing, showing me the phone. In the foreground, a very attractive brunette girl was taking a selfie, her pert breasts creating a tantalizing shot tanned cleavage. The girls was making a sarcastic, cartoonish kissy face, and in the background stood Claire and I. The picture had been taken just a few moments earlier, as we were kissing.

“I really hope you know that girl, otherwise this is borderline creepy,” I joked.

“It’s my friend Jenna,” Claire replied. “Look at the message that came with.”

It read, “Hey bitch! Who’s the cute guy ur necking?”

“Jenna!” Claire called out.

I looked up and spotted the girl from the photo about ten feet ahead of us. She was about Claire’s height, so just an inch or two over five feet, and had a similar build. Jenna was slender, toned, tanned. Her hips were a bit narrower than Claire’s, her boobs at least a cup size bigger. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, straight against her head, then bursting into loose, wide curls behind her head. Her face was narrow like her hips, and her small mouth was split into a wide, happy smile that made her dark brown eyes shine in the orange afternoon light.

Jenna’s breasts moved wonderfully under her tight tank top, and I had to stop myself from imagining her slim, smooth legs wrapped around my head. Like Claire, Jenna seemed to be a fan of skirts and flip-flops.

“Hey lady,” Jenna said as she came up, wrapping her arms around Claire. The two hugged, and I’ll admit that watching the two embrace made my brain briefly conjure up a few very interesting images. Jenna’s eyes sized me up over Claire’s shoulder. She started at my feet and let her eyes wander up, pausing for a moment longer than necessary at my crotch before completing the journey to my face. She smiled as the hug broke.

“I’m Jenna,” she said brightly. She extended one small hand.

“I’m Jay,” I said, taking her hand and squeezing gently.

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