Closing Time

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Eva Lovia

I work as a security officer in a small company in Texas and have seen a lot of strange things since I started in the business. I’ve seen people having sex in cars in dark parking lots, seen others going at it in offices and I’ve even done it myself a time or two on different posts that I’ve worked on, but the story I have today is totally different.

The site I’m working at these days is a shopping plaza. I have to patrol in car with a bubble light on top. It’s a very boring job but I get to see a lot of very pretty women going back and forth from stores I’m the plaza. As an added bonus there is a strip club right next door and I get to see the dancers in street clothes.

Recently a new restaurant opened up on the plaza and it’s become very popular since there wasn’t one in the area. The workers in this place don’t have to wear uniforms other than company buttons with names on them. Most of the employees just wear t-shirts and jeans. One of the girls (Megan) normally wears shorts and very tight shirts.

Last week I started going in during my shift to get sodas (they said I could get them free for watching after the store). I noticed Megan was wearing some loose fitting gym style shorts and a very low cut t-shirt. She was showing some serious cleavage and I just couldn’t help but stare. I went over to the registers where she was working.

“Do you have a first aid kit? I need a band aid.”

“I don’t know, let me check.”

And she bent over at the waist and started looking thru the cabinets under the register. The whole time she was looking, I was too! I could see right down to her nipples! She looked up at me.

“I don’t see one here, was it important?”

She noticed that I was staring down her shirt and smiled at me.

“Sorry what did you say?”

She istanbul escort stood up and moved closer, “You want a better look come back after closing.”

My mouth just about hit the floor. Here I am 45 years old and this 20 something girl is giving me a line like that? I replied, “Ok, I’ll be back later.”

I went back out to the car and had to readjust my dick in my pants before I could even get in. I spent the next 4 hours driving around the parking lot with all kinds of pictures running thru my head. Would she really go through with it? Or is this just some big game to her? I went back a couple times to get more soda and she would smile and wink at me. One time I went in to use the restroom and she saw me coming and turned away and bent over to get something from the floor and her shorts where loose enough for me to see her pantie covered pussy peeking out at me. She twisted a little and looked back at me and smiled. I just had to too see if she was for real and gave her the follow me sign and headed into the back hallway. When she came around the corner I spun her around so she was facing the wall.

“I hope you’re really serious about this” I whispered into her ear as I ran my hand up the back of her leg, starting to feel the heat from her pussy.

“Oh yeah. I’m very serious!” I ran my fingers over her panty covered pussy and she moaned “you better stop or we will get caught.”

“OK but you better be ready for me when I get back.” I left her in the hall way and went out the back door, flipping the alarm switch to the off position as I left.

I went back out to the car and did a few more patrols while I waited for the restaurant to close and everyone to leave. About 45 minutes later I was driving by the front and I saw her flash the lights escort bayan as a signal that everyone was gone. I pulled around back and parked the car and turned off the lights. I walked in the back door and there she was waiting for me.

“Ive been waiting for you to make a move on me for weeks, why haven’t you”

“I guess I just figured I was too old for someone like you.”

She walked up and wrapped her arms around my neck and said, “honey, you aint old”

She started kissing me with a hunger that I haven’t felt in years. I reached down and grabbed her ass lifting her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around me as I walked down the hallway to the office. I barely made it to the desk before I dropped her. I set her down on the desk and broke the kiss so I could take off her shirt. Even with her bra on her tits looked good. She reached behind and undid the bra and her gorgeous tits were free. I attacked her nipples with my mouth as she tried to get to my belt buckle.

I stepped back and started to take off my clothes as she jumped up and took off the rest of hers. When she was done it was like I frozen. Here she is 20 some odd years old, baseball sized tits, almost bare pussy with a huge smile and hungry eyes…FOR ME!

She stepped up and helped me finish undressing. She dropped my shorts to the ground and knelt down in front of me and grabbed my dick, looking up at me and licked me from my balls all the way to the head. I almost came then and there.

“Oh shit that feels good!”

She started to gently suck on the head running her tongue around the edges. I haven’t had a lot of blow jobs in my life but this was definitely the best one yet. She went down all the way to the base and buried her nose in my pubic hair and back up several times and escort istanbul I just couldn’t hold back any more.

“Shit I’m coming already.” she pulled back as I started to come and I watched as it shot into her mouth. I don’t think I’ve come that hard in a long time. I shot maybe three spurts into her mouth and one missed and landed on her chin dripping down to her tits.

My legs started getting weak so I dropped down to her level and kissed her deeply sharing my come with her. I laid her down on the floor and started sucking on her nipples as my hand went down to her pussy. She was totally soaked. As I started to move her lips with my fingers she started to moan. I was hard again already and just couldn’t take the wait so I spread her legs and pushed my dick in as hard as I could, making her scream out a little.

“Oh my god you feel so good inside me.”

I started pumping in and out as slow as I could to make this last as long as possible. She wrapped her legs around me and started to moan into my ear “harder, please!”

I stopped moving and pulled back. “You want harder then get on your knees”

She scrambled around and stuck that cute little ass in my face and looked back at me, “fuck me now, HARD!”

I grabbed her hips and slid back into her feeling her pussy squeeze at my dick as I slid back in. I took a deep breath and started to ram into as hard and fast as I could. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last very long so I did the best I could. She was grunting with every thrust and her pussy was grabbing me every time I pulled back. I lasted longer than I thought I would, she came at least four times that I could count, screaming out each time. When I felt that I was going to come I pulled out of her wet pussy and started coming all over her ass. She spun around to suck the last out of me. I had to stop her because my dick was so sensitive that it almost hurt to be in her mouth. I fell back on the floor and she crawled up on top of me.

“Still think you’re too old?”

“No…I think you just killed me”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32