Clown Comes to Visit

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The Son

I woke up on my 18th birthday surprised and afraid. Standing in the middle of the room was a clown. He was completely black and white, with floppy, black shoes, a big, black nose and a gaunt black smile. I opened my mouth to scream, but before I could, I heard a voice echo in my head. “Don’t yell. My name is Zombozo and I want to help you.” I found myself unable to move my body or my mouth. “Look into my nose.” The clown’s voice echoed in my mind and I found myself unable to resist.

“I want you to look directly into my big, black nose. Stare into it. Look into its deep, dark depths.” I felt compelled to do as he said, and the second my eyes landed on his nose, all hope of even wanting to resist was lost. Zombozo’s irresistible voice started up again, “The nose is so deep, so black. Let yourself sink into its depths. Go deeper and deeper. Drown in the darkness.” I felt myself being sucked into the infinite, inky blackness of his nose, feeling waves of euphoria wash over me as I stared deeper into the nose.

Suddenly I felt the darkness completely engulfing everything, surrounding me completely. The blackness covered my skin and filled my lungs, and still I stared deeper into the nose. All I could think about, all I could feel, was its darkness. Attempting to swim to the surface was futile, and as I sunk deeper into the blackness of the nose, I no longer wanted to escape. In that moment I began to embrace the darkness, not only accepting, but wanting, even needing, the darkness.

I belonged to the nose. I belonged to the darkness. Drowning in the nose, I was finally where I needed to be. The blackness of his nose seeped into my mind, consuming every inch of my brain. Inside and out, only one thing mattered anymore: Zombozo. I existed to worship him. I existed to serve him. I was his slave. Every thought, every action, every breath was for my master. My entire reality was geared towards him. he was everything and I was nothing.

“I exist to serve you Master” I uttered reverently as I dropped to my knees in front of my god.

“I porno have a gift for you, my child. Clownification.” As the Clown God uttered those perfect words, I instantly knew what was in store for me. My body began to tremble in anticipation for my God’s gift.

Clownification is a glorious process by which Zombozo frees mortals from their human constraints and imparts them with the gift of slavery. Becoming a clown slave changes you into his perfect image and completely consumes every aspect of your body. You become one of an infinite horde, no free will or individuality. It is true heaven and can, luckily, never be reversed. Zombozo is truly kind for giving this gift of servitude and he truly is the deserving god of the universe.

A black nose materialized in my master’s hand and as I looked at it, I knew that placing it on my nose would clownify me. I eagerly accepted my masters gift and placed the nose on my body, permanently becoming a slave to the clown god. My body morphed and changed into the most perfect form imaginable, the splitting image of Zombozo. My mind, already consumed by the nose, twisted even further, as every aspect of my soul melted away, leaving only Zombozo. My mind was empty, except for the image of the clown god and the desire to serve him. I had undergone clownification and become a clown slave.

The Parents

Zombozo and his new clown slave walked down the steps into the living room, where the new clown slaves’ parents, named John and Barbara, were sitting. Before either of them could act, Zombozo immobilized the parents. The clown slave walked over to his mother and began to strip off her clothes. “John, that clown is your son. Watching him rape his mother is making you more aroused than you have ever been before, and your arousal will continuously spike higher and higher.” John could not resist the command and started to get hard watching his son strip his wife.

The clown slave grabbed his pleading mother and began to force his dick into her. As he raped his mother, John’s arousal rose continuously. porno He was consumed by desire for his own son and felt his mind being eaten away. As the clown slave cummed in his mother, he turned to John. John, of his own free will, fell to his son’s feet and began to lick and suck his big black shoes.

John ran his tongue over the clown slaves feet, eagerly sucking on them with his whole mouth. His thoughts were completely occupied with serving the clowns, with no regard for anything else.

“Good boy. Worship at your son’s feet. Serve the person who just raped your wife.” Zombozo cooed, relishing in John’s submission. John got onto his knees and let himself be throatfucked by his clownified son. John gagged as the massive clown cock rammed into his mouth, but he was in complete heaven, being made into a toy for the clown to use. The clown slave rammed his penis into his fathers mouth over and over until he filled his father with his cum. John collapsed on the floor panting and covered in cum as the clown slave turned back to Barbara.

The clown slave buried his face in Barbara’s breasts, licking and sucking on them. Barbara could not resist the clown’s advances, constrained by Zombozo’s command. Eventually, the clown slave started to run his massive tongue across Barbara’s face and grope her body, using her like an object. Soon he pulled up her legs and pushed his cock back into her, fucking her as he ran his tongue over her body. The clown pushed his dick in and out of Barbara as she started to moan, unable to resist the dominance of the clown. When the clown slave pushed his cock all the way into her and ran his tongue over her mouth, she eagerly opened her mouth, accepting the kiss from her former son.

While the clown slave continued to use Barbara, Zombozo decided to use John, still panting on the floor. “Come to me John.” Zombozo cooed. John crawled over to Zombozo and bowed his head.

“I need you, master.” John begged.

“Serve me” Zombozo ordered. John got onto his masters lap and started to eagerly suck on his türk porno big round nose. Zombozo groped the ass of his new servant, relishing his willing servitude.

After a few minutes of sucking and groping, Zombozo lifted John off of him and stood up. The clown bent John over the chair and positioned his cock near John’s asshole. “Now beg for me to fuck you, slave. Tell me how badly you want to submit to a clown” Zombozo ordered.

“Please Master. I exist to serve you and to obey your commands. Clowns are superior and I am nothing more than a toy to be used by you. Please fuck me and use my ass. I want to give in to your perfection and be a fucktoy for you, the perfect Clown God. My only purpose is to submit to you Master. Every thought I have is for you sir. My entire body exists only for your pleasure. I need to obey your commands. That is my only purpose. Please Master, I need to submit to you.” John moaned, reduced into a whore who wanted only to be used by his master.

Zombozo grinned as he took his cock and pushed it into his slaves asshole, giving him what he wanted more than anything else in the world. The clown grabbed John’s hips and pulled him back with every thrust, penetrating him deeply. John was not prepared to be fucked so hard, but he could not feel the pain over the infinite waves of pleasure completely melting his mind into mindless servitude.

Zombozo rammed into John over and over, ruining his asshole with every push. Zombozo starts to add in a spank between every thrust, bringing his blocky white hand hard against John’s butt. Zombozo and the clown slave fuck the slaves harder and harder, both starting to near completion. Eventually, the clowns both cover the whores in cum, forever sealing the two as submissives who existed only to obey.

As the clowns pull out, the slaves get on the floor in a prostrate position, and begin to confirm their place as slaves. Their voices both start up in unison: ” I am a slave and a possession. I exist to obey the Clown God. My only purpose is to serve. Every second of my life is dedicated to my god. Thank you Master for letting us pathetic slaves obey you. You are infinitely graceful for giving us the gift of complete slavery. All hail Clown God Zombozo. All hail Clown God Zombozo.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32