College Reunion

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Paul stood on the sidewalk gazing at the English Department building. It seemed strange to be back here after all these years. He had never attended a college reunion but this year, since he was traveling cross-country for his company, he included it in his itinerary.

A lot has happened in the thirty years since he graduated. He couldn’t believe he was the same person who had run through these grounds, continually late for class. Now? He was always twenty minutes early for everything.

His girlfriend, Tammy, had the habit of waiting until the last second to get ready to go out. It was the one thing about her that infuriated him. They had lived together for eight years and the idea of marriage had never really been discussed. Both of them had come from bad divorces and they started their relationship with a shared pain.

He slowly walked into the building, smiling at the assortment of memories it held for him. He hated English. He loved to read but to have to write copious papers still made him groan. He walked up to the third floor slowly. His one good memory of this building was Professor Gordon’s study room. It was a small room just behind Professor Gordon’s office where he and study partner spent a lot of time working on their final project.

Sandy. Gosh he hadn’t thought of her for a couple of years. She was his college girlfriend. A free spirit and the first girl he’d ever had sex with. She had incredibly long auburn hair that absolutely glowed when the sun caught it. And a nice tight ass. She was taller than most girls, she was five foot nine, and her legs were long and slim. And she was a feminist! She donated all her bras to the Goodwill and though her breasts were about a 34C, she still didn’t jiggle too much. But man, if you saw her when she was excited, or cold, or the front of her shirt was wet? She had the most glorious nipples in the world. Long hard nubs the size of large pencil erasers! And the areola was large, soft and slightly puffy.

His dick twitched as he remembered her. They both lost their virginity in Professor Gordon’s study room. It was quick and short and a bit painful for her. And as a joke, they left her panties hidden far back in a cupboard in the hopes that someone would find them some day and wonder what old Professor Gordon had been doing in there! It was funny at the time. There was a small stain where Sandy’s cherry had bled. She’d pulled her panties and jeans up and then quickly pulled them down again when they started giggling about someone finding evidence of a sexual encounter in the room.

He continued to walk down the corridor until he stood outside the classroom. He wondered if Sandy would be there this weekend? He was staying at the local Holiday Inn and he saw a few familiar faces, as familiar as thirty years could be.

‘Can I help you?’

Paul turned around quickly and found himself staring into the most beautiful green eyes. He smiled quickly and stood aside to let the woman pass.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I was having a senior moment.”

“You don’t look like you’re graduating this year.” She replied with a smile. Paul guessed she was about 15 years younger than he was and probably was one of the college staff.

She opened the door with a key and stood looking at him. “Are you here for the reunion?” she asked.

“Yes.” He didn’t want to tell her which one because that would give away his age.

“I thought so! You don’t recognize me do you? I’m so hurt!” she smiled giving lie to the words.

“I’m sorry,” he started. He looked more closely then. And then he realized who she was. It was ironic that he’d just been thinking of her.

“Sandy.” He said.

“Yes, Paul, it’s me! How are you?” She reached up and gave him a quick hug.

He felt her firm breast against his chest. She didn’t seem to notice his quick intake of air as he gasped. His dick jumped again.

“Come in.” she said.

“Are you sure it’s ok?”

“It’s my Fatih escort bayan classroom now Paul, I’m sure it’s ok.” She led him into the room and then through the door at the back to the professor’s office. The door beyond that was the study room.

“You teach English?” he asked. And then he realized how stupid the question was..if it was her office, her classroom, she obviously taught here. Where was his brain? He was a well-traveled successful engineer who controlled millions of dollars of equipment each year!

Sandy sat on the edge of the desk. She wore her auburn hair in a tight bun at the back of her head. Dressed casually in jeans and a sweater, she looked almost the way she did thirty years ago. A few pounds heavier but that only added to her beauty. She smiled at him as she caught him looking at her.

“Come here. I want to show you something.” She reached out and took his hand and led him into the study room. She reached behind one of the books on the lower shelf and pulled out a pair of light blue bikini panties.

“Oh God,” Paul said.

“I found them a year after I was hired. Professor Gordon was replaced by some woman and I replaced her three years ago. I used to teach at Glendale College until I got this job. I’m amazed they were still here!”

Paul took them from her and looked at the flimsy material. There was a small rust colored stain in the crotch. He looked up at Sandy.

“You were my first,” he said. “I never knew at that time that you should have had an orgasm too. I’m sorry I was so stupid.”

“We really were amateurs!”

“I certainly wouldn’t make the same mistakes today as I did then.” Paul stared into Sandy’s eyes. God! What was he doing? He was almost offering to show her how much better he was at sex today than their first time.

“We always seemed to be rushed when we had sex. In the dorm, the car, at the back of Alice’s parents cottage. We seemed to be in such a hurry!” She smiled.

He reached out and touched her face. When she didn’t object, he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. She tasted familiar yet new. She opened her mouth and their tongues met in frenzy. He was instantly hard. He pressed against her until she was backed up against the study table. He felt her moan in her throat.

He stepped back. “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it.”

Sandy smiled and then she put her hand on his chest. “I remember that you were a good kisser but I never remember it being that good!”

“I do a lot of things better now.” He said. “Don’t tempt me to show you.”

“How could I tempt you?” she asked coyly.

“Pull your sweater up and show me your tits.” Paul never expected her to follow through. He had no idea if she was married or single or if she’d turned lesbian!

Sandy pulled her sweater up and over her head. She wore a dark green bra that contrasted with her smooth ivory skin.

Paul reached out and cupped both breasts with his hands.

“They aren’t as pert as they were back then,” she started to apologize. He stopped her by leaning forward quickly and kissing her again. His left hand continued to cup her breast while his right hand went around her to unclasp the bra. It took him no time at all to get the job done.

He stepped back and pulled the bra from her shoulders. Her breasts were not as high and firm as they once had been. But the nipples were now hardened and seemed even larger than he remembered. The areola were still soft and puffy. He bent down and sucked her nipple into this mouth. She groaned and pushed her pelvis into him. He sucked harder, drawing the nipple further into his mouth. It seemed to get bigger, more rubbery the more he sucked.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

He slowly drew his mouth away from her nipple, letting it plop out. He looked at it and saw that it had enlarged to almost twice the size. He bent down and sucked the other one, hungry for the feel of it in his mouth. Escort Fındıkzade When he released it, he held onto it for a moment between his teeth, biting it gently.

“Paul,” she said. “Wait.”

“I’m sorry. Really, I didn’t…” he never finished as she moved away from him and locked the door to the study. She then crossed the room and pulled the couch into a sofa bed.

“Handy!” he said as he smiled.

“I’ve never used it.” She said. And as she stood there waiting, he stopped thinking of what their significant others would think. This was like a time capsule. No one would ever know.

He moved to her, pulling off his blazer and stepping out of his shoes. When he reached her, he unbuttoned her jeans. She kicked off her shoes and reached up to let down her hair. It wasn’t as long as when he had known her before. It was still a glowing auburn that just brushed her shoulders.

He let her unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. He pulled his sweater off and pressed his naked chest against her breasts. Her nipples felt hot against his skin.

He sat down on the bed and slowly pulled her jeans down. She stepped out of them and he leaned forward and kissed her stomach. His mouth trailed kisses around her stomach as his hands moved up and down her legs squeezing her ass when he reached it. His thumbs hooked into the top of her panties and drew them down slightly. He stopped as it reached it the top of her pubic hair.

His kisses became harder, followed by little nips with his teeth and quick licks with his tongue. Sandy squirmed in front of him. He turned her and gently lay her on the sofabed. He lay down beside her and kissed her mouth.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Paul you asked me that thirty years ago. The answer is the same. Yes, please. Just don’t ask me why. Let’s just forget everything for this time.”

Paul pulled her close. They kissed for several minutes lying side by side. Sandy rubbed his chest then snaked her hand down to the top of his shorts. Her fingertips brushed the top of his cock. It jumped.

Paul stood up and took off his jeans and shorts. His cock stood up.

“You’re bigger than I remember.” She said.

“Liar!” he said as he got on his knees between her legs. He pulled her legs up and placed her feet on his shoulders. Her ass was up off the bed so he reached down and pulled off her panties.

He put his hands on the back of her knees and spread her open. He looked down at her open pussy. The auburn hair was neatly trimmed, the lips beneath them glistened with her juice. When they were together before, he hadn’t done this, didn’t know much about oral sex until his next girlfriend.

He leaned down and kissed her pussy lips gently. He glanced up and saw that her eyes were closed. He stuck out his tongue and softly licked her open slit. He felt her shiver. She reached down and took grabbed her knees with her own hands pulling her legs up against her chest and exposing her whole crack to Paul.

He moaned and pressed his face into her pussy. He tasted her lips, stuck his tongue into her wet folds, licking down to her ass, flicking his tongue quickly against her puckered ass hole. She gasped slightly so he flicked his tongue across it again and again. Sandy moaned. He bit her asshole gently. Then with his tongue flattened he licked the length of her crack until he found her hardened clit peeking out at him. He flicked his tongue across it. Sandy gasped again. He sucked her clit into his mouth. His hands went beneath her and cupped her ass cheeks holding her firmly in place. His licking and sucking grew more intense…he ate her, biting her harder and harder. He thrust his tongue into her pussy hole.

She whimpered a small cry.

He stuck a finger into her. God she felt tight! He pushed it in and out. Her hips began to rock with the motion. His thumb kept time with her clit. Faster and faster he moved until she was tossing her Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan head from side to side. He stuck another finger into her wet pussy. Pumping harder.

He could feel her pussy clench as though she was going to cum. Keeping his fingers in her, he bent down and suckled her clit. With her clit firmly in his mouth, his tongue lashed back and forth against it. His fingers continued to fuck her pussy. Suddenly she started to shake, she let go of her legs but they remained in the air. She cried out.

Paul felt her clit quiver as her orgasm began. His mouth and tongue got wetter with her pussy juice and his fingerfucking made a wet slirping noise. He felt the walls of her pussy spasm against his fingers as she came. Slowly the waves stopped and she lay quietly, gasping for air.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

Paul, so hot now that he was almost ready to explode himself, kneeled with his cock in his hand, ready to put it into her.

“Let me suck you,” she sighed.

“Afterwards. You can suck your pussy juice off it later.” She smiled.

“Yes, I would like that.”

Paul put the tip of his cock at the entrance to her quivering pussy. He pushed slightly entering her just a little. Then more and more until he was almost half the way in. With one quick push, he shoved himself deeply into her moist hole. He put his hands above her shoulders on the bed and began to pump in and out of her. His cock thrust deep then pulled back with just the tip in her. Then he thrust forward again. He pushed harder and harder, faster and faster. He felt her legs go around him and he bent down to take one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard when he thrust into her with his cock and bit gently when he pulled out of her. The sucking and fucking synchronized.

He could feel himself ready to cum. He wanted to see her covered in his white cream. Wanted to see the auburn pussy hair soaked in his jism. He pulled out and Sandy cried ‘no’! He plunged deeply into her, feeling the back of her cervix.

“Fuck!” she gasped. “Fuck me Paul. Fuck me!”

“You like it hard baby? You like my cock fucking hard into your hot little cunt?”

“Yes! Please take me. Take my cunt. Fuck my hot cunt.”

“You like it in your cunt don’t you? You like my cock fucking you?”

“Yes. Please. Just fuck me!”

Paul could feel himself cumming. He thrust harder and harder. Pounding himself into Sandy’s wet open cunt until he thought she would split apart. He’d always been a gentle lover but now, he was out of control. He pushed harder, smashing his cock into her. He felt her cumming again. He exploded inside her. Thrusting deeper and deeper, squirting his cum into her as her pussy lips spasmed, clutching at his cock.

He pulled out and let a trail of his white cream trace across her pussy hair. He looked down at her open cunt. The lips were reddened and flared. She moved her hand down and covered her pussy.

“Don’t look at it!”

He lay down beside her, stroking her breasts and stomach. She moaned and turned towards him.

“Welcome to the reunion.” She giggled.

“Do you give this reception to all the returning classmates?” he asked teasing.

“Only the ones who fuck like you do!”

“I’m sure there are..”Her hand stopped him from finishing that sentence.

“You’ve become a magnificent lover. If it had been this good all those years ago, we would have spent all our time in bed and never would have graduated!”

Paul chuckled. “I have learned a few things along the way.”

Sandy drew herself up on one elbow and looked down at him.

“Is there a lady in your life?”

“Yes. A girlfriend.”

“She’s very lucky then. And now I have to get dressed. We have a party to go to tonight!”

Sandy jumped off the bed and quickly pulled on her jeans and sweater. She picked up her panties and folding them, placed them with the light blue ones behind a book on the first shelf.

“For the next time you visit.” She said as she smiled.

Paul saw Sandy several times that weekend and though he wanted to, they could never quite find the time to repeat their first afternoon of sex.

He left Monday morning for Salem. The first stop on his company’s tour. He smiled as he drove away.

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