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First girlfriends, like first sexual encounters are seldom forgotten, especially when they involve different people. My first, true girlfriend, one past the age of six, was named Pat and her best friend and neighbor was Patty, often leading to some confusion. Pat and Patty both got boyfriends at about the same time in life, freshman year in college. Patty befriended Frank and Pat was mine. They both graduated from an all girls catholic high school and Frank and I had gone to the all boys counter part, 3 miles away. We didn’t know each other in high school but met the first week of classes at the city college we all attended.

Pat and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months and the relationship was progressing per plan. We had arrived at the continuous making out stage in our relationship and I was determined to press the point further, so to speak. A simple grope here and there was, one Saturday evening, surpassed by some groping of Pats.

We had been watching television on the rug on the floor in her dorm room, kissing in between action parts when her hand reached lower and lower until it came to rest on my fully erect member. The two of us struggled to get my belt off and pants undone which was accomplished with mutual cooperation. Now her hand encased my dick and just sat there, unmoving. I tried a little hip action without success then finally slid my hand from under her bra and placed it upon hers. It didn’t require much in the way of lessons as she finally got the hang of the pumping action guys need. In my mind the experience lasted for hours but in reality probably only a few minutes. I shot cum in streams which shot up and spotted my chin as she continued to pump vigorously. I remember rushing out the door shortly afterwards, not even cleaning myself off. By the time I made it back to my dorm I was pretty crusty.

We had a few other solo encounters in the following weeks but the most vivid one occurred on casino şirketleri a Saturday afternoon, again at Pats place. The four of us were hanging out, having gone to the local drug store for sodas and lunch. We all ended up on the sofa in their room.

I was on one end with Pat sitting next to me. Frank was next and Patty was sitting on his lap, both well within reach of my left hand. We all had been kissing for quite a while when Pat lowered her head into my lap, as if to rest. This afforded me the glimpse of Frank and Patty who were into some heavy kissing of their own. I watched as Frank snaked his hand under Patties top and was massaging her tits with fervor. Patty was a big girl, but by no means fat, while Pat was very petite. I could see the crease in her jeans clearly outlining her slit which faced me and her smooth belly leading up to her bra.

Suddenly I was aware of something else going on as Pat, while her head was in my lap, began to unzip my pants, undo my belt and retrieve my schlong. It was scary and exciting as she did this while others were in the room. The thought that she might jerk me off again, en-group, was very titillating.

While I was being distracted by what was going on in my lap there was a little action happening right next to me as well. Frank’s hand had left Patties twin peaks and traveled to her jeans which he was busily unfastening. Patty slowly raised her hips to allow Frank to slide the jeans down, over her round ass, exposing her bushy mound to Franks touch and to my sight. To this day I think Patty knew full well that I was getting a total view of her bush and it turned her on for she responded to Franks massage in full measure. He had previously told me that she never let him anywhere near her pussy, but today was the exception. While I was getting cranked up over the sights to my left the blond head in my lap was working to get even more attention.

What I thought was casino firmaları to be another manipulation turned out to become my first blow job. She slowly slid my cock into her mouth and simply held it there, doing nothing with it. The warmth, moisture and her steady breathing almost made me come immediately but I was one who needed more stimulation than just mental, I required physical as well.

Frank and Patty were loudly kissing and I was watching his finger slide up and down, in and out of her very attractive pussy over and over, the juices glistening on her lips and his hand. Below me a very soft and sensuous mouth had engulfed my cock for the first time, sliding it in about half way and just resting there. I urgently needed some relief and began pumping my hips back and forth to get it to slide in and out of her mouth. Unfortunately, her timing was not good and she rocked with me in perfect unison, providing absolutely no friction on my raging dick.

I was pretty content with what was happening when I glanced up and saw that Patty had buried her head in Franks neck, a very relaxed position and Frank was just lightly touching her slit in very slow vertical motions. With her view of me completely concealed Frank was turned and looking at me. We both made exaggerated eye motions to each other, since it was obvious that I had a full view of Patties engorged clit less than three feet from my nose. I indicated to Frank, with those stupid tongue motions guys do, that Pat was very busy on me and I thought he was going to come on the spot. His eyes bulged and his face was in total shock.

I think that was what got Frank to become bold. He removed his hand from Patties cunt and pointed to it with the gesture of ‘go ahead, help yourself’. It was my turn to be shocked and I think he had to signal me three or four times, almost becoming too obvious we were communicating. I hesitantly reached my left hand out, hovering over güvenilir casino Patties pussy for a second or two then slid it down and into contact. Her legs instantly parted some more, showing me all the juices running down to her ass cheeks. Since I was using a different hand than Frank was it must have been apparent to Patty that it was now I, not Frank, who had his thumb firmly inserted inside her, rotating and simultaneously pressing on her clit. It wasn’t more than a minute before she came, damn near squeezing Franks head off in the process. I could feel her contractions, feel her pulse through my finger tips and thumb. I slowly withdrew my hand and Frank replaced it with his, and she never raised her head to question.

About this time I was ready to explode. Pat was still holding my cock in her mouth but doing nothing with it. My efforts to get it to slide in and out were fruitless. Finally, in desperation, I reached down, patted her head and slid my hand onto my cock and began pumping myself. She gently placed her hand on top of mine, holding me back from continuing so I removed my hand expecting it to be replaced my hers. It was, however she continued to remain motionless, both mouth and hand.

It took about two minutes of this inaction for me to determinedly go back to stroking myself. This time she did not stop me, nor did she remove her mouth from my fully extended dick. In two or three minutes I came in a rush, flooding her mouth with my seed. She didn’t jump back or spit it out or react in any of the ways I expected. As my cock softened she allowed it to slide out of her mouth and emitted only a slight cough.

I don’t remember how we cleaned up or dressed or even left the dorm. I do remember that it was the last time I talked to Pat. She didn’t call me and I never called her either. I don’t really know why. I do know a guy from school who was trying to date her, claiming her wanted a blow job in the worst way. I guess Frank must have told him. Patty did tell me later that Pat was afraid that we would go all the way and she wasn’t ready for that, which was probably true. Then Patty reached over, took my hand and kissed my thumb. That was the last time I ever talked to her too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32