Company Xmas Party Ch. 11

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We had nearly reached a year of our special relationship. The weather was cold again, and snow was threatening. I often think back to our first night together, and all the other times between then and now. The teasing, exploring, pleasing, and the surprises. At some recent point, we realized we were living it up a little too much. She mentioned that we had both put on a few pounds. Nothing bad that I could see. For me, the scale told me that I was not quite ten pounds heavier than my normal weight. Diane said she was about 5 pounds heavier. I could not tell to be honest.

“If not for you fucking me all the time, I would be enormous!” she teased.

“Me fucking you? I recall the last ‘fucking’ was over Halloween. All I ever do is see to your sexual needs.” I replied, sarcastically.

“Nothing wrong with that. You don’t keep it up, and I will have to look elsewhere.” she teased me. “We should join a gym to get back into shape.”

“I happen to like your shape. Your shape is sexy. Your shape gets me all horny. Your shape makes me want to do things to you.” I motioned down to my crotch. “Guess there is no need to go elsewhere just yet, huh?”

“What if I am not in the mood?” she continued to tease.

“I guess that I will just have to catch you, and do what I please.”

“Catch me? Can you even walk properly yet?” She was obviously referring to her surprise she had for me in the horse costume.

“Run and see. When I do catch you, you are mine to do what I please. Deal?”

She walked up to me, kissed me quickly on the lips. “DEAL!” She then pushed me down onto the couch, and took of running for the door. I jumped up, and gave chase. It was a cool November day, and she was in a T-shirt, no sweater or coat. When she reached the door, I was already on her heals. A quick idea came to mind. We had some rain recently, and her back yard still had some standing water, and was otherwise a mess. I decided to try to direct her back there.

She tried to change directions, but I made sure that she kept going my desired direction. As she ran towards the back, I made sure to give her enough space so that she could get the gate open. I ran through just behind her, and finally caught up to her, sweeping her off her feet. All the while, she was laughing and giggling, and let out a shriek as I pulled her into my arms.

“Hmm, now to decide what to do with you.”

“Sir, are you going to ravish me against my will?” she asked in a mock southern belle accent.

“Don’t play innocent with me. You are such a dirty girl.”

“Whatever do you mean?” she continued with the accent.

“You are dirty. A dirty, dirty girl.” She saw me looking to the middle of the yard.

“No! Don’t do it. Jerry, I mean it! Don’t do it!” All the while I was walking in the middle of a puddle of water. Suddenly, I plopped both of us down in the middle of it.

“OH MY GOD!” Before she could react any further, I grabbed a handful of mud, and pulled her shirt up, and slathered it all over he belly. We were soon rolling around the yard, and she was laughing up a storm again. We avoided our faces, but the rest of us was covered. While wrestling around, I grabbed hold of her T-shirt, and gave it a tug, letting it rip. She tried to fight me off, but I just kept working on it, and soon she was wearing a tattered piece of cloth, and her bra. In her own back yard, I quickly pinned her down, snapped open her bra, and quickly covered her breasts with mud. She still tried to fight me off, now worried if neighbors were watching, but I managed to rid her of these garments, and had her face down.

Leaning close to her ear I whispered “Guess we will have to really cover you in mud, or you can walk inside bare chested.” I slipped from her, and she laid there looking at me. With no more challenge, she just stood up, and walked to the back door, which she found to be locked. She turned to me with a look of alarm, but underneath I could see the fire smoldering. I stood up with her garments in hand, and took off out the gate to the front of the house. “Coming?” I asked as I ran by.

I stopped at the edge of the house, and looked back at her. She was weighing the options. I am sure she knew I would give her her bra, and what remained of her shirt if she asked, and would quickly go inside to unlock the door. She was finding it exciting to show herself. I understood her apprehension now. These were her neighbors. While they could not see her where she stood, to go around the front would be to put herself on display. I saw her shake her head, so I ran inside quickly, and opened the back door for her. As she walked in she punched me in the arm, and walked to the bed room. Since she was halfway undressed, it was only a moment before she was climbing into the shower. I quickly joined her. As I walked in, I was met with a fury of hard kisses, and her hands were quickly stroking me, making me rigid. Even in the warm shower spray, her nipples were rock hard, and I lightly rubbed my fingers over the pointed tips. This elicited a moan from her. I spun her around, her face to ataköy escort the shower, and grabbed her breasts with both hands. She reached down to guide me inside of her. Once in position, she wasted no time, and started pulling my hips to her, desiring a hard fucking.

Without further hesitation, I began pumping quickly into her very wet pussy. Her hands covered mine over her breasts, then one hand wandered down to rub her clit. “Oh, FUCK. uh uh uh uh uh” she said as I continued. While we had become much closer over the year, unspoken that we were a couple, and dedicated to each other, there was no love making this time. This was pure lust and desire. I moved my hands under her arms, and up to her shoulders, and pressed her against the shower stall, getting better leverage to move my hips faster. I tried to fan her flames.

“Why didn’t you just walk around to the front door? Don’t you think your neighbors would have liked to see you topless? You know that you are so sexy, if anyone was offended, it would be the women, and they would just be jealous.” I said into her ear. She cried out, and quickly came. I slowed down, but continued my thrusting inside of her. “God, you are beautiful! Guys and women both would love to see your naked body.” I whispered as I moved one hand back down to her breast, caressing it. “Remember the waitress at the bar that time? Did you see how turned on she got watching you?” I was stroking her ego, among other things. I began moving faster inside of her again, and her cries told me she was getting close. She used one hand to play with her breast, and the other to rub her clit, getting maximum stimulation while we fucked. I was getting close.

“You are going to make me cum. Uh.. nggggg, I am going to cum inside you…” I felt her tighten down over my cock, and she began to screech as her orgasm took her. I felt her body shaking, and she clenched down on my cock, and that sent me over the edge. I pressed as deeply inside of her as I could, and my orgasm began. My hips spasmed as I continued to shoot inside of her. She reached an arm back, and dug her fingers into my hair.

We stood there, my cock still deep inside of her, panting. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pressed against her. I nuzzled her neck, and gently nibbled her earlobe. I reluctantly pulled back from her, and Diane turned around, and gave me a very sensual kiss. We finished with our shower in silence, eyes roaming each other’s body, occasionally she would smile bashfully as I admired her. Once clean, we stepped out, and she immediately began to dry me off. Once done, I took my turn, and began to dry her off. She led me to her bed, and we both laid down, her back to me, and we snuggled in for a nap.

We woke about an hour later, and she strolled naked to the kitchen. “What should we have for dinner?” she yelled out.

“Let’s just go out.”

“We need to start eating healthier, so that means more eating in. And, we are both going to join a gym, at least for the winter.”

I guess that there was no sense in arguing. I was more than happy to please her any way I could. Helping her check the cabinets, it was obvious she did not have the means to create a healthy dinner that in any way went together. “OK, let’s go to the store, get something healthy to cook for dinner. I will do that for you, and you know how I like going out..”

Without hesitation she agreed, and headed off to the bathroom to get ready. While she straightened out her hair, which was a mess from sleeping on it while wet, I got dressed. I had several changes of clothes at her place. I pulled out some jeans for her, grabbed a pair of panties from her drawer, and a snug T-shirt from her closet. She came out, saw what I had laid out, and started getting dressed. Once she had her jeans on, she grabbed a bra from her dresser. I put my hand on her arm, stopping her. “You will be wearing a coat, so go without it.” I challenged to her. She looked at me skeptically.

“Seriously, it is cold out, so you will have a coat on. I promise I will not do anything to cause you to take it off. Just the thought of you out with just a T-shirt is arousing.” She relented, and I could not help but notice how her breasts moved while she walked. I still loved to watch her move while naked. She pulled her shirt on, and I wrapped her in a hug, and gave her a quick kiss.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?” She blushed at the compliment. We gathered out coats, and set off to the grocery store.

As we walked in, we passed the florist shop. At the front, they had a vase full of roses. I quickly grabbed one, and presented it to her. She blushed again, and then held the flower up and inhaled its fragrance. As we proceeded into the store, she kept sniffing the rose, and had the look of a teenager in love. She kept smiling the entire time. I put an arm around her, and we walked the isles, gathering the items needed for dinner. Once done, we returned to her place, and we both set to making dinner. She mesmerized me when she moved. Her breasts swayed in her thin shirt, and her nipples bakırköy escort were hard, and you could almost make out the color through the thin fabric.

While we ate, she brought up the gym again. I told her that my old gym was very nice. I had been a member a couple years before. The equipment was nice, and fairly modern, it has twenty-four hour access, and had a sauna, whirlpool, and a cleansing room.

“What is a cleansing room?” she asked.

“It is a room where the temp is low, and the air is dry. They pump eucalyptus in as well. I used it a couple of times. It is nice when I got too hot. Walked in, let the dry air cool me off. The whirlpool and sauna were only open certain hours, but otherwise, you could use everything else, whenever you wanted. Plus, it was not super busy. There always seemed to be people around, but never crowded. Plus, they were people like us who just wanted to get in shape. No no-neck idiots grunting away.”

“Does not matter to me, as long as we go.”

We finished up our healthy dinner, and settled in for some television.

It had gotten late, and we decided to head to bed. She must have been tired, as when I came from the restroom, she was fast asleep. I pulled the covers back, and slid beside her. She was laying on her stomach, and completely naked. As I lay beside her, I began thinking how everything about her could be arousing. Each part of her was sexy. I was growing hard thinking picturing her. I began thinking about how she could seem so confident, yet other times be so demure. I adored how she would blush at times when I watched her, or complimented her. I could tell she really liked to know from me how sexy she is. Other times, she would pounce on me, needing to feed her sexual appetite.

I slowly stroked myself as I thought about how she was becoming more willing to show herself. There was still a battle raging inside of her between the ingrained ideals of right and wrong, and the arousal of ‘doing something naughty’. She found it very exciting be in a position of getting caught. I had moved my other hand over to her, and was lightly rubbing over her butt. “She has such a sexy ass.” I thought to myself. I was reminded to our first night together, seeing her lying just like she was now. I let my fingers slide down to her thigh, and just as expected, she spread herself for me.

I gently rolled myself over her, and she moved her legs farther apart. I waited a moment to make sure she was still sleeping. I began rubbing my cock between her cheeks slowly. Her breathing remained steady with an occasional moan. I grabbed my cock, and probed the entrance to her pussy, and found her to becoming aroused, so I pressed against her, and slowly slid inside. When I was pressed against her butt, I held myself there, marveling how good it felt. When I started to pull out, I heard Diane take in a sharp breath. I pushed back in, and she responded with an “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

She spread her legs apart more, and I continued to move at a slow pace. I pushed inside of her, pressing against her, and holding it there for a moment, then slowly pulled out until just the head remained. She was becoming very wet, and in the quiet of the darkness, all that was heard was me sliding through her wetness, and the light moans from two lovers. I began to alternate from long, slow strokes, to slowly rubbing the head of my cock over her G-spot. As I applied pressure here, she would gasp, and I could feel her tense up, her hips occasionally thrusting up to me.

In the dim light, I could see her beginning to pull at the sheets, and I knew she was very close. I began to increase my speed. When I bent to suck on her earlobe and neck, she became more vocal, nearly shouting her pleasure. I was very close to orgasm. “I’m close.” I whispered to her. The idea that her body could provide pleasure to another seemed to be a powerful force for her. It was sexually pleasing for her to know her body was going to make me cum, and she loved feeling me cum inside of her. I was soon shooting inside of her. I pressed deep inside of her, and unloaded, and was rewarded with the familiar warmth spreading from her as she came. I continued to move inside of her until she finished. Her hips spasmed, and her gasps caught in her throat. I continued to feel the wetness spread from her. This was a powerful orgasm for her. As her movements ceased, leaving her panting, I stopped moving, and nuzzled her ear.

I was tempted to tease her by beginning again, trying to bring her to another orgasm, but she turned her head in an attempt to kiss me. I slowly dragged my cock out of her pussy, and rolled to the side. She immediately rolled over to me, putting her arm over my chest, and we held each other, and kissed. She moved her hand down, and gently rubbed her fingers over my cock, making her hard again. Soon, however, she was sleeping again, leg thrown over mine, my arm under her, holding her to me, and he hand wrapped around my cock. I too drifted off.

When I awoke in the morning, I was on my side facing away from Diane, and she was curled up to me with her arm over me. I grabbed her hand, and kissed it, then rolled out of bed to head to the rest room. When I returned, she was mostly uncovered, laying on her back, with her legs light spread. I stared at her for a moment until her ass began to wiggle side to side, and she began to giggle. I noticed she was looking back at me. “Take a picture, it will last longer.” she teased.

Not wanting to back from her taunts, I replied “Great idea, let’s go camera shopping. I will take your picture every morning.”

“Not gonna happen. No nudie pictures of me, thank you very much.”

I pretended to pout, then went to the bed. She rolled over, and reached her arms up to me. I gave her a kiss, morning breath aside.

It was Saturday morning, her son was spending the weekend with his father, so we had the day for ourselves. “Let’s get cleaned up, and see if we can look at some gyms.” I said.

“Sure, let me shower while you make me breakfast. Punishment for waking me up last night.”

As much as I would have wanted to join her, I decided that I would relent, though I did not move from where I stood. “Get going, I’m hungry.”

“At least let me stay until you are in the shower. The view is amazing.” I let me eyes scan down her body. She remained for a moment, then got out of bed. As she walked to the bathroom, she shook her ass at me. I went to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast.

I was setting everything on the kitchen table when Diane came from the bedroom, wearing a robe which was not tied. She saw me looking, and surprised me by asking “Do you think I should shave down there? That seems to be the thing now.”

“You can if you want, but personally, I love it like it is.” I stepped behind her, and ran my hand down her belly, running my fingers to her patch of hair. “Let’s me know I am getting close to something naughty.” I pulled my hand back up, squeezing a breast, and kissing her on the cheek. “Eat, before it gets cold.”

Leaving her robe open, we finished up our breakfast, and got dressed. Figuring of trying out some places, we dressed for it. I was in shorts, sweats, and a T-shirt. I was surprised when Diane put on some yoga pants, two tank tops, which is something she does in the summer, to great effect, and a loose T-shirt. We throw on our coats, and headed for the car. It was brisk outside, and the moment she stepped from the house, I could see her nipples instantly harden.

We visited a few places. Some let us look around, some told us they only offered guided tours, and a couple gave us punch cards. One for 3 visits, and one for 7 visits. Each place that we saw was nice. Some were elaborate, with rates to match. Some were just OK. We finally made it to my old gym. They quickly signed us up for a 2 week trial for free. I had originally thought that we would just take our info, rule some places out, and try a couple, but Diane wanted to check this place out. I showed her around. Only a few things had changed. I pointed her to the lockers, told her to go through the ladies, and out the other side where I would meet her. Out the back door was the pool area, with the whirlpool and sauna. “You did not say they had a pool.”

“Well, it is short, and mostly used for water aerobics. I have never used it. The whirlpool, on the other hand, is awesome.”

“What about the sauna?”

“I like that as well.”

We returned to the front of the gym, and I showed her the cleansing room. We walked in, and the effect was noticed by me instantly. The cool air caused her nipples to harden. We sat on the bench, and she took a couple of large breaths.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” I asked. I recalled coming in here after working out, or in the sauna. It was refreshing.

“I guess. Maybe I will feel different after working out.”

We decided to do some cardio, so I hopped on an elliptical, and Diane on a bike. I was shocked at how out of shape I really was. I was soon sweating up a storm. I looked to Diane, and noticed she was not doing much better. After about 20 minutes, she stopped, and so did I. “You might want to take your T-shirt off before you sweat through it. Leave yourself something dry to put on.” Since she had two other tank tops on, she pulled the shirt over her head, and carried it with her. We moved to the weight machines. We tried various exercises to get an idea of where we were. After awhile Diane commented “For a Saturday, it really is not that busy.”

“Never really was. Since members can come anytime, it seems to be pretty steady.”

After we had done about everything we could, Diane asked what was next.

“We could do the sauna, if you like. They used to have large towels that you could easily wrap around yourself. That is, if no one else is using it.”

While she appeared to think about it, I led her to where the towels were stacked, and opened one up, showing her that is was plenty large enough. It would easily cover from chest to knee. “Might as well see if you like it before we decide. Since this is the only one that had a sauna, it might influence the decision.” I thought about it, and it was indeed odd that of all the very fancy places, none had a sauna. I shrugged it off, and looked to Diane. She was starting to look skeptical.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32