Confession of an Unfaithful Man Pt. 02

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While this story could be read as a stand alone story you should read them in order to get the best from them.


It was August 1996 and freezing cold outside Maria and I were moving into a flat together. We had gotten the keys about 6pm Friday night and gone round to clean a bit before moving in. The flat was clean when we got the keys but Maria insisted she clean before we move in just to make sure. I helped a bit but cleaning was not really my thing. About 10pm we left heading back to Maria’s place with a detour through McDonald’s drive-thru.

Maria was tired and I wanted an “early” night so after a few kisses Maria went to bed, I grabbed a blanket from the hall cupboard and went to sleep on the couch.

Ah the couch… it had been upgraded a few months ago to one that has a pull out bed and was so much better to sleep on. At some point in the night I felt the couch and blanket move. I realised someone was climbing in with me, and by the feel of it that someone was naked.

I rolled towards the naked body pulling it close and kissing the soft warm lips but something didn’t quite feel right. Then I heard Tasha whisper “surprise.”

OH FUCK I thought. “What are you doing here Tasha,” I said “and where are your clothes?”

All she said was “on the floor” then she spun around and placed one leg either side of my head lowering her pussy to my face.

Hey I’m a man with a pussy in my face there is only one thing to do, I stuck my tongue out and licked the length of her pussy lips. As I kept licking Tasha repositioned herself and lay down on top of me in the classic 69 position. This allowed my tongue and fingers better access to her pussy. I began rubbing her with my fingers, spreading her juices all over her pussy. I then ran my tongue around her pussy teasing her finally landing on her clit. Tasha moaned and I told her I was going to stop if she didn’t shut up. Tasha fished my cock out of my boxers and stuck it straight down her throat causing me to moan this time.

“Shut up” Tasha whispered back so I buried my tongue back into her pussy. Tasha had cum a few times sitting on my face while she sucked me in 69 position but now she wanted more. She spun around and kissed me telling me she wanted to feel my cock inside her. Just then we heard footsteps and the lounge door open.

Tasha quickly got under the bed as I tried my best to wipe my face and tuck my cock away. Maria climbed into bed with me snuggling up against me. Maria whispered to me “sorry to wake you but I’m horny as fuck and can’t use a vibrator with Tasha asleep below topkapı escort me.” Little did she know Tasha wasn’t in her room.

Maria reached down to my boxes finding and freeing my already hard cock she was excited. “I guess someone else is horny too,” she said and with that she straddled my hips and slid my cock into her wet pussy.

“Wow your wet” I said.

Maria replied with “just shut up and let me fuck you”.

So I lay there enjoying the feeling of Maria riding me wondering what Tasha was doing was she still under the sofa bed or did she make it back to her room.

Maria’s pussy felt great as she rode my cock. I have always loved the cowgirl position. Watching her big breasts bounce as she rode me. Feeling the nice warm velvet glove of her pussy sliding up and down. Maria was the first one to cum, her pussy clamping my cock as it spasmed through first one then two releases.

I could feel the pressure building in my cock I knew I was going to release soon and Maria knew it too as she felt my cock swell ready to burst.

“Don’t you dare finish before me” Maria said then it happened Maria moaned a little too loud for my liking collapsed forward onto my body as she shook in orgasm. At the same time I unloaded my balls deep into her warm cunt enjoying the feeling of my release, but it was to be short lived. There were footsteps heading in our direction. Maria quickly jumped off me and moved quickly towards the kitchen grabbing her nightgown as she went.

Just then Drew walked in “what’s going on” he said in his pissed off dad voice as he turned the lights on.

I pretend he woke me up “huh what” I mumbled in my pretend half asleep voice.

“I heard you so don’t try bullshit me boy” was the response I got back.

Just then Maria appeared from the kitchen “oh that was me making noise, sorry daddy, I kicked the table trying to get a glass of water”.

Drew didn’t seem fully convinced but accepted the explanation and told Maria to get back to bed. With cup in hand Maria walked away back to her room turning the light off as she went.

I had almost forgotten about Tasha when suddenly she popped up beside me and said “shit that was crazy, you two were so hot I had to finger myself and I came at the same time as you two did. I am glad Maria moaned it helped hide mine.”

Tasha then climbed back into bed with me and started to play with my limp cock. It was still slick with the mixture of Maria’s and my juices. Tasha bought her hand out from under the blanket and licked one finger then another and another before fatih escort diving under the blanket and taking my limp cock into her mouth. She appeared again a minute later and exclaimed that my cock tastes nice with the mixture of our love juices.

The thought of Tasha licking Maria’s juices from my cock and the blow job were starting to bring life back to my cock. “I see someone likes me licking my sisters juice” Tasha teased as my cock started to swell.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” I asked.

“No but Maria tastes nice, maybe I will get the juice from the source one day.” Well that was all I needed to hear my cock was at full noise thinking of Tasha eating Maria’s pussy.

Tasha straddled my cock and started to ride me just like her sister had. Boy was I getting spoilt tonight. Tasha came on my cock a few times before she rolled off exhausted. Having cum less than 20 min earlier I knew I could last longer than I had with Maria. As Tasha rolled off me I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me in a classic spooning position. This gave me a chance to slide my cock back into her wet pussy. I gently rocked my hips back and forward savouring the warm velvety feel of her pussy. I like the spoon position as it lets me play with her boobs while I gently fuck her pussy.

Once I was done with that position I decided it was time for me to really enjoy myself, I lifted Tasha’s top leg placing it on my shoulder as I swung myself onto my knees in between her legs. My cock was now going deeper into her pussy than any other ever had. Tasha begged me to stop or she was going to scream and that would bring big trouble. I slowed the pace and soon rolled Tasha into her stomach.

I again pumped my cock into her slick pussy as my hands played with her butt. I then got brave and pulled my cock out of her pussy replacing it with two fingers getting them nice and wet.

As I pulled my fingers out I stuck my cock back in and I started to massage her butt again but this time my slick fingers pressed against her tight anus. Tasha’s head spun round her eyes as big as saucers as my first finger started to enter her tight back door.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she said as I started pushing my second finger in also. I pumped my fingers in and out of her arse for a few minutes as my cock slid in and out of her pussy, then her pussy clamped down on my cock so tight I could barely move, Tasha buried her face into the pillows as she moaned through a massive orgasm. Her pussy flooded and juice poured out everywhere. Her orgasm was so intense it actually pushed my cock eyüp escort out. I tried to push back in but she was so tight it was never going to happen. I lay down and allowed Tasha to relax a bit as she came down from her orgasmic high. She reached over and pulled me close and we both drifted off to sleep.

The sun was only just starting to come through the curtains when I woke (I have always been an early riser) and realised Tasha was still in my bed. I shook her gently and reminded her she was naked and in the wrong bed. For someone who hates waking up before 10am she sure moved fast.

Maria and I went and hired a small box body truck and moved her things to the new flat first. Then we shot across town and picked up my stuff including my double bed. On the way back to the flat Maria made a comment that nearly caused me to crash the truck. In a sweet sexy tone she said to me “I am so horny right now that I want to fuck you in the back of this truck.”

Ten minutes later we were parked in a secluded car park around the side of some factories. I chucked the mattress on the floor of the truck and helped Maria up into the back. I knew we didn’t have much time so got straight to it, I pushed her down on her knees and undid my pants. Maria pulled my cock out and started to suck on me. It worked, my cock hardened almost instantly. I pushed her backwards on the mattress and reached for the top of her pants yanking then down her legs. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and lined up my cock.

We could hear cars driving past the factories and knew if anyone came to check the truck we would be in big trouble but that’s what made it so hot.

I buried my cock deep into Maria’s already soaking wet pussy and began pumping for all I was worth. The truck was rocking she was moaning and there were lots of squishy pussy and slapping bodies sounds. We lasted maybe 5 minutes with Maria climaxing in perfect timing with my own orgasm. As we both finished coming down from our high and starting to pull apart we heard the sound of hands clapping. My head spun around so fast I nearly pulled a neck muscle, there standing beside the back door was a security guard. “That was one hot fuck” he said to us “now get your pants on and clear off before I report you to the police.” Maria and I dressed and bolted from the truck heading to the flat as fast as we could.

Later that evening as we were discussing what happened Maria admitted it was kinda hot to think someone else was watching us fuck but it was also scary that it could have been anyone and there is no telling what might have happened.

We talked about sex and fantasies for about 2 hours before admitting all the sex talk was making us horny, we retired to our new bedroom and had a long slow passionate love making session until we both fell asleep.

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