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Construction Pleasure 2

After our first encounter with the workmen on the building site near our home, we started to roam looking for other sites and new crews. There is a lot of construction going on in town so it wasn’t hard to find other sites but it was a little more difficult finding crews who were willing to satisfy our desires.
Finally, after about a week of searching we found what we were looking for. Actually, my wife found the site one day when she was out shopping. It was a short distance from our house so we could walk over to it without any problems. I went over one day and sized it up without my wife and had a conversation with the foreman who was very cooperative and appealing. He had a large cock and a firm ass which I knew would make my wife very happy not to mention I would love to feel him fucking me too. Little did I know she had already sampled the men.
Call us crazy seniors but we enjoy sex too much and enjoy being fucked by others preferably at the same time. I really love to see and hear my wife moaning and groaning as a hard cock fucks her cunt or fills her mouth. Even seeing her being fucked in the ass is thrilling and every time it happens, I have to join her as I get so horny, I have to have a hard cock inside me.
My wife told me about her visit to the site and had my cock hard in about two minutes. She used the excuse that she needed someone to help her and when two of the men came over, she feigned being faint so they helped her into the office and let her lie down. After casino şirketleri a few minutes, she told them she had an itch and she needed someone to take care of it. She had removed her panties before going to the site so when she raised her legs a little, her bare cunt showed itself to the men. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for them to volunteer to help her.
In just ten minutes, she had a cock in her cunt, a cock in her ass and one in her mouth, pounding away at her while the other men watched, waiting their turns. All told, she was fucked by five men in various positions and at least three of them at the same time. After it was all over, she mentioned me and how I loved having a hard cock buried in my ass and the men readily agreed that I should come over and see them that they would love to meet me and fuck me.
Two days later in the late afternoon, we went over to the site and knocked on the office door. Inside were five men waiting for us. The foreman gave us a bit of a hard time about making them wait but they all smiled and we got down to business.

First, two men undressed my wife who again had not worn any panties so her bare cunt was ready when they had the rest of her clothes off. Laying her down on the couch gently, one of the men knelt down and attached his face to her wet cunt while another of the men undid his pants and letting them slide down to his ankles, presented his hard cock to my wife who took it in her mouth with a groan.
In the mean time, the other three men had started casino firmaları to undress and looked over at me with a look that said undress, we are going to fuck your ass. I was out of my clothes shortly after them and had my cock engulfed by a hot mouth while my head was straddled and a hard cock was pressed against my mouth. I opened my lips and the hard cock was instantly at the back of my throat. I tongued it as he started to slowly thrust in and out of me while my tongue swirled around his head and shaft.
Because of the man’s legs being straddled across my head, I couldn’t see what was happening to my wife but I could hear her squeals and groans as I assumed she was getting fucked by more than one man. I was right as she had a cock in her mouth, a cock in her soaking cunt and a cock buried in her ass hole, all thrusting in and out of her in unison.
It wasn’t long before I felt a hot tongue on my hole and then my legs were raised up in the air. The man behind me put my legs over his shoulders and pushed his hard cock into my waiting hole. Thrusting it fully up into me made me grunt a little but there was no pain so he started to move his cock in and out of me. Feeling that hard cock inside me rubbing the walls of my canal and hitting the end of it, made me hornier and I sucked even harder on the hard cock in my mouth.
The man straddling my head raised himself up on his hands and with his cock now pointing straight down into my mouth, he started to thrust in and out of me even faster. I tongued him as well as güvenilir casino I could while he thrust in and out. Soon I felt his cock twitch and I knew I was going to taste him very quickly. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind when he spewed hot come into my mouth, making me swallow as quickly as I could to catch all of it and so I wouldn’t gag.
The cock in my ass soon came after that and I felt the heat from the hot come being spewed into my hole. I finished swallowing all the come in my mouth as his cock slipped slowly out of me. The cock in my ass finished and slid out of me too allowing his hot liquid to run down the back of my legs. He stayed leaning against me before moving to let another man access to my hole.
The next cock slid into me and immediately started thrusting hard, back and forth, filling my canal over and over again as it fucked me. Wow, the feeling of being fucked was almost over whelming as I wanted him to fuck me harder and faster.

I then looked over at my wife and she still had three cocks buried inside her holes. I watched as the three emptied themselves into her and when they exited her body, a big load of their hot come escaped from her and started to pool under her. She collapsed into the cushions on the couch and sighed as the three men who had just fucked her, relaxed along side her.
They all watched me getting fucked and when the hard cock inside me emptied itself into me, we all know that everyone was finished at least for that day. There would be other days and believe me, there was and there were also other sites and other crews. We were enjoying our retirement years in a special way for us and it would continue for a while longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32