Corrupted Juices Ch. 06

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Well hello, gentle reader.

I’ve finished another couple of chapters of Corrupted Juices and thought I’d check in with you.

We don’t pick back up where we left off with Cody and Hector. Instead, I explored an aspect of the previous chapters a little more. I thought it might be fun to dive into that little rabbit hole.

I’m sure that down the line, it will become clear what part it is that I’m exploring, exactly. But I don’t want to give anything away right now. You’ll have to continue reading to find out. Mwahaha.

We’ll definitely be going back to Cody and Hector very soon, don’t worry. I’ve got some wonderful things planned for those two.

Chapter 6 — Brandon

Brandon’s room at Colorado State University in Fort Collins is a pretty decent size for a university dorm room. In the end, he had convinced his asshole father to spring for the big solo room. Brandon knew his parents were rich and knew they could afford it. After all, he got into university on a football athletic scholarship. He was an average C student at best, so why make it even more difficult by adding the challenge of a roommate to the mix too.

Brandon’s high school girlfriend, Alyssa, had also gotten into CSU. At first, she wasn’t too happy about him getting the single room. She was the jealous type and had put it into her mind that he’d have girls over each night she wasn’t there. Her parents wouldn’t pay for a dorm room seeing as she only lived a half hour bus ride from campus.

“You’ll be up here in your own private, big ass room, fucking every other slut while I’m at my parents house,” Alyssa had said, pouting.

Brandon had no trouble looking genuinely shocked and said, “Baby, you know you’re the only one I want. I did this for us. Think about it, I’ll have the whole fucking week to study. So on weekends, you could stay over and… quiz me.”

“Well… I hadn’t actually thought about it that way,” Alyssa said while biting her lower lip. A little smile slowly appearing on her lips.

Brandon saw that his point had been made and walked over to the bed where Alyssa was sitting cross-legged. He took her face in his hand and kissed her. The issue wasn’t brought up again after that.

He actually wanted the privacy of a single room to be able to come and go as he pleased. Especially at night, when his little excursions would draw the most attention. He had first read about the City Park being a popular gay cruising area in his senior year in high school. Brandon had known he was into guys for a couple of years now, but wouldn’t act on it. By the time he got into CSU, he was still firmly in the closet. Being a football jock, in his current social setting, it would be unthinkable to come out as gay. All he did was secretly watch gay porn when his parents weren’t home.

The City Park was only a block from campus, and he was planning on paying it a midnight visit as soon as he could when he had moved into his dorm room. Having a roommate would’ve made this impossible. He didn’t want to endanger his scholarship by suddenly being outed as gay.

By his third week on campus, he had already gone to the park a couple of times. He hadn’t gone in though. He’d stood across the street from it, watching guys going in and coming out. Some saw him and had seemed to gesture him to come over. He didn’t though and the men had left, retreating back into the shadows.

That first step was actually proving pretty hard to take at the time. When he finally did enter the park, he was stumbling through bushes and almost tripping over some roots. “Why didn’t I just use the fucking path?” he scolded himself.

Finally, he entered what seemed like a small clearing. To his left, a few yards away, saw a small bench with a light post beside it. He made his way over to it and leaned against the post, trying awkwardly to look casual. He pulled out his phone, but put it right back because it was too bright. The obscurity of the dim light comforted him and somehow, made it seem less real. It had seemed like a dream almost.

Brandon’s heart was thumping in his ears and throbbing in his pants. The feeling of anticipation that was building in his body was almost too much to take. He had fantasized about being used countless times. He knew liked older guys. Preferably tall and lanky. The scruffier they were in the porn videos he watched online, the quicker he came. Homeless men fucking twinks was his favorite category.

He had been at his bench for over half an hour already and was about to call it quits. That’s when he heard a shuffling noise from around some bushes further up. A tall figure stepped out from behind them and just stood there, looking at him. Brandon’s mouth went dry instantly. The guy had to be at least 6″6 and was really thin.

The crotch of Brandon’s sweatshorts started growing to an uncomfortably obvious size. His cock was a thick 6 inches when he was fully hard. Although he was only halfway there right now, the bulge was unmistakable.

The man stepped closer to Brandon istanbul travesti and into the light. He had to be at least 40. From beneath a truckers cap came wild, dark hair with some gray streaks in it, reflecting the dim light. His face had a rough, patchy stubble. His hands were big and rough. The clothes he had on looked like had been wearing them for a while. In one of his hands, he had a bottle in a paper bag.

Brandon turned around and walked into the bushes behind him, hoping the guy would get the message. Looking over his shoulder after a couple of steps, he saw that the guy was indeed following him. He walked over to the edge of the little clearing he passed through earlier. As soon as he started turning around, the guy was on him, grabbing his ass and sending a sour breath over Brandon’s shoulder.

“You want to get fucked, you little slut?” the guy grunted at Brandon.

“Uh, uh, I,” Brandon mumbled nervously.

“Shut the fuck up, slut!” the guy grunted and slid a finger down the back of Brandon’s shorts and up his hole.

“Aaaaaahffffffffffff!” Brandon hissed. The pain was unexpectedly sharp. He had experimented at home with wine bottles and usually had no problem taking the neck up his hole. But this guy’s finger was rough and almost seemed to burn as it was working its way in his guts.

“Hmmmmm, yeah, you’re really tight, slut,” the guy slurred over Brandon’s shoulder, into his ear. “I’ll give you something to loosen up a bit.”

Brandon heard something like a cap coming off something and suddenly a small glass vial was thrust under his left nostril.

“Breath in deep, slut!” came in a grunt from behind Brandon. “Or I’ll go in dry and destroy your tight little hole.”

Brandon did as he was told and an overwhelmingly intense smell filled his head. “Poppers,” he thought. Immediately, the bottle was at his other nostril. He inhaled again without having to be told.

“Yeah, you want this,” the guy behind Brandon almost growled.

The sound of ruffling fabric and a zipper being opened came from behind him, and Brandon turned his head around to see. He could see at least 9 inches of thick cock protruding from the mans undone pants.

“Here,” the man says and offers the bottle. Brandon took two even deeper hits in each of his nostrils. His vision started to blur then and he stumbled forward half a step. The guy led him to a tree a couple of feet to their left and planted Brandon’s face against it.

“Get ready for it, slut,” the guy said matter-of-factly.

Something hot and wet touched Brandon’s asshole then. He felt it throbbing slightly as it was held against his hole. He heard the sound of spitting, then something wet splashed on his hole. The hot, throbbing cock started rubbing it into his hole, applying more and more pressure. Without warning, the guy behind him thrust forward, his dick going into Brandon at least 4 inches.

“Ooooommmwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh,” Brandon moaned out as a sharp pain radiated from his asshole.

“That’s it, slut. Take it all. You know you can do it,” the guy panted.

Again, the little body was presented to Brandon. “Got to open that second sphincter, boy,” came from behind him.

Brandon again did as he was told and breathed in deep. He could feel his head floating again and all his muscles seemed to relax.

The pressure inside his ass started increasing again, but there was no pain this time. He could feel the length of meat pushing past something with a popping sensation.

“Yeaaahhh, there it goes! I’m going balls deep on you, slut,” the guy moaned in a rough voice.

After hips connected with his ass, the man behind him started jackhammering Brandon without mercy. Brandon offered up no resistance. This had been his fantasy for so long. He would fully surrender to it. After what couldn’t have been more than a minute, the man behind him suddenly stopped moving completely and breathed in sharply.

“Nnnnggggaaaaaaaaaaahhhrrrrrrr!” came from behind Brandon, and suddenly he could feel a faint pulsating feeling in his hole. With every spasm that went through the cock in his ass, the mans body behind him convulsed heavily.

When the throbbing in his ass finally subsided, the meat was pulled out of him in one slow but steady movement. Cold air seemed to blow into his asshole and he shuddered heavily. The guy behind quickly turned around and walked away without saying another word. Brandon stood there for a minute longer, hugging the tree, still catching his breath.

Half an hour later, he was in the shower back at his dorm, jerking off. The images of what had happened flashed through his head as he worked over his fat 6 inch cock. After shooting what seemed like the biggest load he’d ever shot, he knew that he would be back at the City Park before long. He needed to see who or what else was available there.

Over following months, Brandon did just that. He found that there was a wide variety of his “type” available in the park. He didn’t really get fucked that often. Mostly istanbul travestileri the guys wanted to get sucked off or suck him off. Nothing ever really compared to that first encounter, though. He kept hoping the tall, lanky stranger would show up again. But he never did. Brandon figured he must’ve been an out-of-towner.

It started to feel like he was leading a double life. By day, he was a university student. Happily in a relationship with his high school sweetheart. But by night he would go out prowling for cock. Giving up his throat or sometimes ass to random dudes in the park.

He did feel conflicted about lying to Alyssa about his nightly adventures. He genuinely cared for her and they had safe sex often enough. It wasn’t like Brandon didn’t enjoy it on some level. But he was always left with a longing. Nothing was as fulfilling as feeling a hard cock shooting its juice in his body.

During the first semester, Alyssa stayed over at his room almost every weekend. They went to the usual frat parties together, living the normal university student weekend life. Sometimes, her brother Tyler would stay over too. Whenever a particularly wild frat party was coming up. Brandon never protested this because Tyler always brought great weed. And he was kind of cute too.

A little into the spring semester, late one night, Brandon had found a gay forum online while browsing for porn. It was a local forum that mostly seemed to be used to advertise a wide variety of parties. Usually at someone’s house somewhere in the suburbs. When he discovered the breeding parties, he instantly felt his cock growing a few inches in his boxers. The possibility of offering his ass up to a steady stream of ready cocks was too enticing to ignore.

Problem was, though, that they were typically during the weekend, when Alyssa would stay over. He knew then that he would have to start lying even more. And so he did. He spun a story about how he was falling behind on some classes. She wouldn’t be able to stay over every weekend any more because he really needed the extra time. Actually, he was doing pretty good in practically all of his classes. So, those weekends, he was free to explore the party scene.

And explore he did. His athletic, jock body was very well liked, so he never left one with a dry ass. When he would be riding his bike back to his dorm, more often than not, he would feel juice seeping out his ass. One time, an exceptional amount of men had dumped their load in his guts. When he was riding home that night, he had felt it running down his leg.

On a random Monday morning, Brandon is sleeping in, seeing as he didn’t have classes until 1 pm. The past weekend, he had done a couple of tablets of XTC at a breeding party that had been pretty wild. It was at some crappy apartment a few blocks away from campus. In a room at the end of the place, a number of slings had been set up and every one was filled with a hungry bottom. He had been able to snag the last one at the end of the room and had seen plenty of cocks.

The two previous weekends, Brandon had been to excellent parties. The men were hot and of all ages. It had been a really nice mix both times. But he had to come up with some pretty strong excuses to keep Alyssa from coming over. Next weekend, another one was coming up that he’d heard some very good things about. The host was supposedly very chill and always had some party favors for his guests. Also, it was a house in a quiet neighborhood, not some dingy appartment downtown. But having blown off Alyssa two times already, he was fearing he wouldn’t be able to do it again this weekend.

It’s 9 am on the Monday morning after that party, and Brandon is still fast asleep. Completely unaware of the stories that have been on the news all morning about a comet set to collide with earths atmosphere. Suddenly, a loud sound, almost like an explosion, shakes him from his sleep and he jumps up in his bed, wondering if he dreamt it. He looks around his room dazed, his vision still blurry from being fast asleep only a few seconds ago. Without warning, everything starts shaking heavily, knocking several books and an empty coffee cup to the floor. A strong current of warm air blows into his room through the open window, carrying a faint sweet; musky smell. Then everything goes quiet again.

“What the fuck?” Brandon says to the empty room and gets up from his bed. While scratching his head, he heads over to the window and looks out.

His room is west-facing, so he sees the Rocky Mountains beyond the city limits. Above them, a halo of intensely shimmering light can be seen. It’s almost like someone set off the biggest glitter bomb ever over the Rockies. “What the hell happened over there?” he murmurs to himself.

He walks over to his desk and turns on his laptop. While it’s booting up, he goes to get a Red Bull from his little fridge. He goes online, to the website of Denver7 News and there it is on the main page, today’s lead story. “Comet impact in the Rocky Mountains near travesti istanbul Fort Collins, CO.” Right below that, there’s a link to the live feed with an anchor at the scene. Brandon clicks it and a smartly dressed guy in his thirties comes up on Brandon’s screen.

“… as of right now, Laura. A road block is keeping all traffic off of the roads leading to the crash site. Luckily, authorities have confirmed that there seem to have been no casualties. The Summers-Thrace comet impacted in an isolated area with no human population. There are some fires, but we have been assured that the fire department is quickly putting them out.

“Larimer County Sheriff’s Department is set to give a statement later today at 5 pm, when more news is expected to be available. Officials from NASA and CDC are coming to investigate further and make sure the area is safe.

“Local roads leading to the impact site will remain closed off for now. Citizens are advised to…”

Brandon closes the feed and shuts his laptop. His phone suddenly starts ringing and he jumps. Brushing off the eerie feeling that’s come over him, he picks up his phone and answers the video call. It’s Alyssa, looking very worried.

“Babe, are you okay? I just saw the news about the comet. They said windows as far in town as the campus were blown in by the blast wave,” she said in a panicked voice.

“No, no, I’m OK. No windows got blown in here. I got woken up by the blast, then everything started shaking and a blast of warm air blew in through the window. Didn’t break though,” Brandon assures her. “Are you still at Carter Lake with your parents?”

“Yeah, we’re coming home Wednesday morning,” she says. “Listen, I really want to come over and see you. I could bring Tyler, we could smoke some weed, have a fun night. What do you say?”

“Yeah, sure, that’d be OK. 6 pm sound good to you?” Brandon proposes.

“Sounds good. See you then babe,” Alyssa says, visibly relieved now.

“See you then, babe,” he says and ends the call.

A sly smile appeared on Brandon’s face as he realizes that he would now be free the coming weekend. Alyssa was coming over on Wednesday, so he would be free on Saturday, to go to the breeding party in the suburbs.

After that, Brandon gets himself into the shower, so he can start being a little more productive. He still has some work to do on that English paper he’s been avoiding. He probably won’t be very productive tomorrow, so he has to make the best of today.

The day rolls by and by 5:30 pm he’s walking back to his dorm room from his afternoon classes. He pulls out his phone to check on updates about this morning’s event. Opening the website of Denver7 News, the new headline reads, “Several first responders hospitalized in critical condition.” Below is a link to their coverage of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department press conference. He decides to watch the video once he’s back in his room and puts his phone back in his pocket.

Once back in his room, Brandon turns on his laptop and gets himself an energy drink from his little fridge. He sits down at his desk and pulls up the Denver7 News site. He clicks the link to the feed and the same smartly dressed reporter he saw this morning appeared on his screen.

“We’re here waiting for the sheriff to start the press conference right now. Oh, here he is right now.”

The camera turns and a man with a stern face comes into view. He’s standing on a raised podium, behind a lectern. After a few more moments of murmuring, the room quiets down and the sheriff starts to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve called this press conference to give you a status update and share some of the information we’ve gathered so far about the Summers-Thrace comet impact earlier this morning.

“Besides a single landslide at the impact site, the area doesn’t seem to have sustained much damage. The few local fires that we found were quickly put out by our fire department. There seems to be nothing left of the comet itself. It was completely disintegrated upon impact. We are happy to confirm that so far, no casualties have been found.

“A small number of first responders, consisting of firefighters and police officers, did have to be hospitalized after being exposed to the area. The rumors going around that these men are in critical condition are highly exaggerated. I can assure you these men are only being kept in observation as a precautionary measure.

“We urge the public to avoid any roads around the area. The impact site will remain cordoned off until NASA and CDC scientists deem it safe. As of now, there is no explanation for the persisting shimmering quality of the air around the area. Initial tests of the air quality showed it was clear of abnormal contaminants, but further testing still has to be done.

“This is all I can tell you at the moment. I’m afraid I won’t be taking any questions tonight. But we will keep the public updated as more information becomes available to us.”

Loud questions burst from the crowd but the Sheriff calmly turns around and walks off the stage. The camera turns back to the reporter, and before he starts speaking again, Brandon closes his laptop. “When more information becomes available to you? Yeah, right!” he scoffs to the empty room.

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