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My husband and I had planned a week’s vacation at our lake cabin and I had gone up early to open it and buy food for the week. I was sitting on the glassed in porch late Friday afternoon, watching the sun on the water and gulls swooping about when my cell phone rang. I got up to answer it and it was my husband. He has a good job as a tech consultant. Unfortunately because he is very good he has to be on call.

“Honey, I’m sorry, but one of our top clients server system crashed last night. I have to go out of town to get it back up and running, then do the clean up and try to figure out what went wrong.”

“Damn! When do you leave?”

“They have plane tickets for me. I leave in two hours.”

“Oh, shit. When will you be back?”

“I expect I am going to be gone all week.”

“Jesus, don’t they know you have a life?”

“Honey, it’s my job. It pays the bills and then some. Just stay up there and enjoy the lake. Get some sun and swim. I’ll call as often as I can. Maybe I can get the job done quickly and I can come up. Don’t let me not getting there spoil the good time you can have.”

“All right. But we have to talk to your boss. This crap is getting old.”

I know my husband was remembering the two years that he missed the lady’s golf championship. He was so apologetic for that when it happened. I remembered it too and blushed, glad that he wasn’t there to see my scarlet face. I hadn’t been the good little wife on either of those weekends, even though I had never had sex with a man.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ll try to make it up to you after I get back.”

“I’m sorry too. Please don’t think I am angry with you. I am just disappointed. I wanted to be with you this week. I love you. Have a good time and don’t work too hard.”

“I love you too and I am going to miss you.”

“Me too. Now you should get going so you can catch your plane. Call me.”

“I will.”

As I disconnected I sighed. Then I went to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine. I uncorked it and poured myself a glass and went back on the porch. Just absolutely fucking fantastic, I thought. All alone with no one to keep me company. I gazed out at the water again, sipping my wine and feeling sorry for myself.

I soon found my glass empty and filled it again. After I had finished the second glass of wine, I got up and walked down to the beach. Our dock and boathouse beckoned to me. I got up and walked into the boathouse. Shit! I had no clue how to run our boat; my husband always did that. I walked out and slipped off my sandals, digging my toes into the sand. The sun felt warn and soothing on me. With a deep sigh, I walked back to the cabin and got another glass of wine. Then I walked back out and sat on the end of the dock, dangling my legs and feet in the water.

As I sat there I heard the sound of a boat motor and shortly after a good sized runabout came into sight. There were four guys on it and they looked at me. I waved to them, still feeling sorry for myself. The boat turned and slowly motored towards our dock.

“Hey, Mrs. Johnson.”

“Oh my god. Is it Billy? And Jack?”

“Yeah, it is, but I prefer Bill now.”

I looked at the two young men who I used to baby-sit for our neighbors at the lake over ten years ago. God how time flies! Now they were young men. And as I looked at them and smiled, I realized that they really were young men. And I also realized that I was alone again. My mind flashed back to the caddies and the golf tournaments and I felt my face heat.

“These are our friends from college, Rob and Mike.”

“Pleased to meet you boys. Did Bill and Jack tell you that I used to baby-sit them?”

“No, but I am sure it was their pleasure. Nice to meet you Mrs. Johnson”

I smiled at all of them feeling the heat leave my face. “Are your parents up too?”

“No, they gave us the cabin for the week to get away after school let out and to rest and relax before we have to find jobs for the summer.”

“Oh that’s too bad, I would have loved to see them again. It’s been a while.”

As we talked I could feel eyes on me, interested eyes. I felt a little nervous.

“Is your husband up?”

“No, he had to go out of town for work. He was supposed to be up tonight, but he is flying out about right now.”

The looks I was getting seemed to get more intense, more appraising, as they looked at me.

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, maybe we can come around and take you for a ride or some skiing.”

“That would be nice although I don’t ski.”

“Well we have a inner tube too, we could pull you on that. It’s a lot of fun.”

“We’ll see boys, good to see you again.”

I got up and began to walk down the dock towards our cabin after waving goodbye. Obviously some one didn’t know how well sound carries over water.

“Did you see the body on her? Christ!”

“Jesus, Rob, she has to be close to forty if not over it.”

“I don’t care, she looked hot.”

I was shocked, but inside I was pleased. For the last five casino siteleri years I had worked out, trying to get my youthful body back for my husband. I had lost weight and toned up quite a bit. Because I had gained weight, I had put away my bikinis and purchased a couple of one-piece bathing suits. Now I wondered how I would look in a bikini again. The young man who had seen me as woman, not some old middle aged bat kind of excited but embarrassed me. God, I was almost twice as old as the boys were!

I walked into the cabin, still hearing the voice calling me hot and suddenly felt very naughty. I hurried into the bedroom and stripped naked. Then I dug in dresser drawers until I found my old bikinis. I looked in the mirror at my body, the body that was white from just below my neck to my thigh tops. I had to admit that I looked good for a forty something woman. I slipped on the white bikini; noting that it was loose on me. I had lost weight! I stripped it off and tried on the blue one. It was loose also. But it looked good on me except for my white skin. I got some lotion and a towel, deciding that I was going to tan for my husband. I walked back out with another glass of wine and put my towel on the beach. Then I spread lotion on my exposed skin, especially the white parts. Then I lay down on the towel in the sun, sipping my wine, working on my tan. After I had toasted both sides and finished the wine, I strolled back to the cabin and fixed a light dinner. I had more wine with dinner, not wanting the bottle to go flat and was a little tipsy still after I cleaned up. It was getting dark out and I wanted to get in the water.

Still in my loose blue bikini, I walked down to the shore and slowly walked into the water. It felt cool and wonderful on my skin. I dove into the water and felt a tug on my bottoms. Ignoring that, I swam out deeper. After a few strokes and kicks, I felt my bottom slipping down a little. I was still feeling blue without my husband, but naughty too. I just kept kicking and I felt them slide below my ass. The cool water felt good on my skin

It was pretty dark and I felt devilish. So, I stopped swimming and began to tread water. Once the bottom had slipped past my ass it was much looser and headed south. I got nervous and swam back in towards shore, with my bottom easing down to my knees. Once I knew I could stand and have my head above water, I did. I reached down for my bottom to pull it up. As my hands touched it, I felt that naughty part of me come to the fore.

I glanced around, I was alone. I stood still for a while, listening. I could hear the boys talking further down the shore. I couldn’t see them, just a hint of shadows and instead of pulling my bottom up, I pushed it down. I lifted a foot and then the other, removing the bottom and stood, naked below the waist in the water. It felt so good! My husband and I had skinny dipped a few times, but usually there were too many people around for that. Now it was as though I was on a deserted island. The murmuring sounds of the boys talking made me feel nervous. I breast stroked to our dock, holding my bottom in one hand, feeling the cool water slide across my naked skin.

Once I reached the end of the dock, I didn’t want this feeling of freedom to end. I quietly set my bottom on the end of the dock and looked around once more. It was dark, just a hint of the sun peering over the western horizon. I giggled at what I was thinking and then unclasped the top. I slid it down my arms and off and crouched naked in the water and the dark. My top joined my bottom on the dock.

I took a deep breath and quietly swam out deeper, naked. It felt so good to have the cool water caressing my naked skin. Without thinking, I found myself swimming towards the cabin the boys were at. I paddled along quietly until I was in front of their cabin. Then I swam in slowly until I felt sand under my feet. I was looking at them, sitting on the beach. I was partially crouched down, so I was under the water. Feeling even naughtier, I slowly stood up, shivering as my body came out of the water. I forced myself to straighten up. I was covered to just above my pubic hair, but the rest of me, the naked me was out of the water. My nipples felt so hard! The combination of the cool air and what I was doing excited them. I faced the boys, bare from below my waist up. I wanted them to see me and I didn’t want them to see me. I wanted them to come out with me and I didn’t want it. I was conflicted. I was remembering my caddie slowly undressing me in front of him and the other caddies. I felt tingles in my nipples and pussy. I remembered the embarrassment and excitement of being naked in front of them. I staggered a little as I shuddered. The water splashed.

“What was that?”

I watched as one looked out toward me and I hurriedly crouched down, hiding.

“Nothing, just a wave.”

“No, I’m sure something is out there.”

“Most likely a muskrat or otter.”

I slowly began to edge deeper and as soon as I was covered I güvenilir casino took a deep breath. Stupid girl! You could have been caught. I quietly swam back to our cabin and hurriedly picked my suit. Idiot! I was going to put it on, but my mind teased me again and I just held it in my hand and walked up to the cabin naked. I shivered as I did. Thank god, no one was here to see me!

I had another glass of wine, way too many for me in one day. I sat on the porch in the dark, a towel wrapped around me, sipping it. I teased it open and finished my wine, bare to the dark. I set my glass in the sink and went to bed naked. For the first time in a long time I dreamed of my caddie stripping me naked. I woke up, tangled in the sheets with my legs spread open and one hand over a breast with an erect nipple.

I got up and wrapped a dry towel around myself. I made some toast and coffee and sat on the deck, eating and enjoying the lake and the sun. The boys cruised by in their boat, waving at me. I felt deliciously naughty, sitting in just a towel. I saw a glint from their boat and thought nothing of it. Eventually I got up and put on the white bikini. I walked to the shore and spread lotion on my skin again and lay out in the sun. I ignored the sound of the boat as it passed. They still didn’t know how well sound carried over water.

“Look at her. God, she can’t be over forty.” “Well, if she isn’t, she’s close to it. She could be all our mothers.”

“Yeah, well my mother doesn’t look like that. You saw her this morning when we went by. She was naked under that towel.”

I almost jerked upright. Shit! I hadn’t meant for them to see anything.

“So what, the towel covered everything.”

“Yeah, but she was naked under it. You saw her too in the binoculars.”

Oh, the little shits! They were spying on me! They were spying on an old woman. I was a little upset. But my body tingled once more. I stayed on my towel, sunning. My skin turns dark so fast. I was starting to lose my whiteness, except for the bits my bikini covered. I swam a couple of times, carefully, as this suit was loose also. Eventually I undid the top and sunned my entire back. They kept going back and forth. I knew the little shits were peering at me through binoculars too. It sort of excited me! All the sun tired me out and later in the afternoon I went inside to rest where it was cooler. I took off the suit to wash the lotion out of it and the devil hit me again. I stayed naked, sitting on the porch, reading, but making sure I watched for them. I was sure they couldn’t see anything, but I was kind of nervous. Kind of nervous but enjoying being naked, at maybe being caught naked. Finally as they made another pass in front, I stood up and faced the windows for a few moments and then turned so my ass faced them. Then I walked into the main room and put on a tank top and a pair of shorts. Then I walked down to the dock and dangled my feet in the water again.

Sure enough, they came by again and motored in closer. My nipples were erect and I could see them easily.

“Hi, Mrs. Johnson. Would you like to go for a ride?”

All four of them were staring at me. I felt really naughty.

“No, I don’t think so, today. I got a lot of sun and I am not thinking clearly right now. I just think I will enjoy the water on my legs.”

“OK, we’ll check with you again.”

“Bye, boys.”

As they went back out, I could hear them.

“Fuck, did you see her nipples?”

“Jesus, yes! God did they stick out!” I blushed but I was enjoying them looking at me too. I made me feel younger and perhaps not that alone. I was sort of proud that an old woman like me could excite a bunch of college boys. I went in a fixed a light dinner and took the wine bottle. I sat on the porch watching the lake and birds and occasionally the boys going by. I could see the glint of light as they used their binoculars to see if they could see me undressed. My nipples tightened as I thought of them wanting to see me. Jesus, get a grip, Beth.

Soon it was getting dark and I was tipsy again. I stripped off on the porch and put on the blue bikini. I looked out and could see nothing. I stepped out on our deck and looked again. Nothing was in sight. I walked to the dock and stood at the end, trying to decide. I made up mind, stripped off the bikini and slipped into the water naked. Damn, it felt good to be naked in the cool water!

Without really thinking, I swam out and then turned towards the boy’s cabin. Slowly and quietly I swam down until I was in front of their cabin again. I swam in closer and listened to them. They were just talking, not about me, and I was slightly disappointed. I got into waist deep water and duck walked in closer. Then I stood up, until I was upright. The water only came part way up my thighs. My pussy was bare! As I listened, my hands cupped my breasts. I teased myself, pretending that they were watching me. God, I was hot!

Before long they were talking about me again.

“Goddamn, she has canlı casino great nipples!”

“Yeah, well, don’t get your hopes up. She isn’t going to show them to you.”

“I can dream can’t I?”

“I guess we’ll know who is beating off tonight.”

That was followed by some laughter. I felt my body tingle as I thought of one of them jacking off, thinking of me. And he hadn’t even seen anything! I couldn’t stand it. I slipped back down and slowly swam deeper, feeling the cool water sliding over me. It made me hotter. I got to our dock. With an evil grin, I hung my suit on the posts on the end and walked into the cabin naked again.

The next morning I was on the porch, drinking coffee. The boys motored by, slowly.

“Shit, her suit is on the end of the dock.”

“No way.”

“Take a look.” “Damn, it is. I bet she was skinny dipping last night!”

“I’d pay to see that!”

I felt my pussy clench. I stood up, turned sideways to the window and slipped off my robe, standing naked. I ignored the boys and just stood there. I wondered if they were using the binoculars. I didn’t know if I wanted them to see me, but I was excited. My nipples were hard; they almost always were now that I had started teasing the boys. I felt good and bad. Good, that they were interested in me, but bad that I was teasing them. I listened.

“Fucking screen, I can’t tell.”

“Can’t tell what.”

“I think she is naked, but the screen distorts so I can’t be sure.”

I didn’t want to find out if they could see, so I walked into the cabin and put on the white bikini. Taking my towel and lotion, I walked out to sun again. I laid out the towel, spread lotion on and lay down, my feet facing the water. I ignored them and they watched when they came by after I had lain out. I pretended I was dozing and listened.

“Oh god, that ass!”

“Look, her top is undone.”

“Oh Jesus, you can take me now.”

I giggled to myself. I had forgotten how horny young guys get when they think they are seeing something. I stretched and sat up, holding my top over my breasts with one arm.

“Oh, boys, I didn’t hear you.”

“Hi, Mrs. Johnson, nice day, isn’t it?”

I blushed and tried to slip an arm into the top’s strap.

“Yes, it is. Don’t you boys have something better to do than sneak up on an old lady?”

They flushed. I was still blushing.

“Sorry Mrs. Johnson.”

“That’s all right, I was just teasing you. But try to make a little more noise next time. You surprised me.”

A chorus of sorries followed that but their eyes were focused on my breasts under my arm and loose top. I was feeling very warm.

“Turn around boys.” They turned their backs and I slipped my top on and clasped it.

“All right.”

They turned back, disappointed to see me dressed again.

“See you later boys.”

“Bye, Mrs. Johnson.”

I walked back to our cabin, giving a little extra wiggle to my ass, smiling to myself. I knew they all were staring. I made me feel hot and younger and desirable. The teasing I was doing was making me feel less lonely.

I made a light lunch and took a short nap. When I woke up it was raining and overcast. I sighed. Then I smirked to myself. I hadn’t seen the boys for a while and they surely wouldn’t be out in the rain. I slipped outside. Even with the overcast and rain it was light out. I walked into the water and to the end of our dock. I tossed my towel on the end of the dock under the awning. Devilishly I removed my bottoms. I stuffed them underneath the dock on a cross member. I looked around again and crouched down, removing my top. That joined my bottoms. Then I began to swim out to deeper water, reveling in the feel of being naked. It felt so damn good!

I swam and floated enjoying the feelings. Enjoyed until I heard a boat motor. I jerked my head up and spluttered as I sank underwater. My head broke water and I looked around. Shit! The boys were coming by from further out in the lake! I began to swim as fast as I could but I couldn’t get away. They had spotted me and motored up behind me. I wanted to cry. I stopped swimming and began to tread water. They pulled up close.

“Hi Mrs. Johnson.”

“Ah, hi, boys.”

I kept turning so my back was to them, but they kept circling me. I was afraid they knew.

“Do you like swimming in the rain?” “Ah, boys, why don’t you go home.”

“Mrs. Johnson, don’t you like us?”

“Not at the moment. Now, please leave.”

“Problems, Mrs. Johnson?”

“Fine, just stay here then.”

“Sure Mrs. Johnson.”

I peeked over my shoulder at them, smirking at me. I began to swim away, watching them carefully. Then I got my naughty shot. I jack knifed my body and my bare white ass was above the water for them to see. I swam in and they followed me.

“Did you see her ass, I bet that she’s naked!”

I felt my face heat in the cool rain. I kept swimming and they kept coming behind me. I reached the dock and crouched down in the water. They slowed the boat and idled about ten feet away.

“Boys this is not a good idea.”

“Mrs. Johnson, we think it’s a great idea.”

They were all smirking at me. I tugged my suit from under the dock and sighed.

“I don’t suppose you would leave.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32