Cursed Mother

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Cursed Mother

Natalie Wrathright pulled into the garage for her suburban home.

After closing the garage door, she made her way into the kitchen where she then began to make herself a single cup of coffee with her Keurig.

As the coffee was being made, she removed the black blazer she wore to the weekend meeting she just came home from. Aside from the blazer she wore a matching black skirt, high heel shoes, and a bright red dress shirt, which she undid the top button of to allow her double D breast to breath a bit.

Hanging the blazer on a coat hook near to garage door, Natalie heard some voices coming from the other room.

Looking through the doorway that lead to the living room, Natalie confirmed it was her Son, Damian, and his two friends Seth, and Mike.

Damian, who was sitting in the lazy boy recliner with the foot rest up, was somewhat lanky, and took after his mother with the same fair skin, dark blue eyes, and fluffy jet black hair (though Natalie liked to keep hers straight to let it fell down her back).

Mike was sitting upright on a love seat. He was the tallest and the skinniest of the three. He kept his dark hair short and neat. He also wore glasses.

Seth was spread out on the middle of the couch. He had red hair with the front combed up, was middle height, and the most muscular.

Walking into the living room Natalie greeted them “Hello boys.”

“Hi Mom, was starting to wonder when you would get home.” Damian said.

“Hi Ms. Wrathright” Seth and Mike said together, though Mike said it in more of a monotone, and Seth shot her a bit of a flirty smile.

“I’m making myself a cup of coffee, you three want anything from the kitchen?”

“No.” Mike said.

“We ate lunch before we got here.” Damian said

“Thanks, but I’m good.” Seth said as he took a sip from a bottle of ice coffee he had.

“So how have you three been doing, I feel like you’ve been spending so much time together this past week, but I’ve hardly seen you?” Natalie asked.

Damian seemed to tense up a little bit.

“Oh, we’ve just been working on a project for most of this past week.” Seth answered

“For school?”

“No, it actually something we read about online and want to try for ourselves.” Mike clarified.

“I hope it’s nothing too dangerous.” Natalie asked.

“It’s nothing like that, just an urban legend kind of thing. Damian was the one who read about it, and he wouldn’t let us do anything too risky, right Dami?” Seth nudged Damian’s arms, using the nickname he had hear his mother call him by.

“Huh? Oh, right, yeah Mom it was just some magic trick I read about, and we wanted to give it a try, but it’s nothing dangerous.”

Damian did have an interest in things like magic and occult stuff he read about online, it was a little quirk of his. Apparently, Seth and Mike seemed to think it made him fun to be around.

A beeping from the kitchen let Natalie know that her coffee was ready.

Back in the Kitchen, Natalie took her first sip. The taste helped ease the stress left over from the meeting her marketing firm made her attend. It was with their biggest client, so they didn’t want to make them wait, she had flexible hours with her management position, so her workload wasn’t usually that hard, but they were working on a big project lately.

A bit of back story. Natalie married her husband, Harold, right out of college. He shortly after started a career that provided well for both of them, and for Damian once he was born.

Life was good for the small family. Damian was a bit of an introvert from the start, but that was just another thing he got from his mother. The two of them became pretty close.

But tragedy hit them out of nowhere, when a large traffic accident on a freeway took Harold’s life.

The shock was the worst of it, but fortunately, Harold got himself a good life insurance policy that kept Natalie and Damian’s home safe until Natalie attended some grief counseling, and was able to get a good paying job at a local marketing firm thanks to a recommendation from a friend who worked there to. Natalie eventually reached a management position, allowing her the income needed for her and Damian to have a fairly comfy home life.

Natalie always tried to be appreciative of the good fortune life had given her, from her happy memories of Harold, to a good job, to her son that she loved more than anything.

Damian was only ten when his father died. Harold’s more outgoing personality seemed at odds with a quite introvert like Damian, but their relationship was still healthy, and the accident did shack Damian as much as it would any boy at that age, but Natalie was always there for him.

It was near the end of middle school when Damian meet Seth and Mike. Seth and Mike were childhood friends but had begun to take different interests.

They were pretty much stereotypes of a jock and a nerd. Seth was into football and was starting to play for the school team. Mike was more into computers Beylikdüzü escort and coding. How Damian fit into that was a mystery, but Natalie didn’t mind as long as he made friends.

Though it could have been they just didn’t fit in the usual social groups, which made them being outcasts the one thing all three had in common.

Seth was good at Football, but was far from the best, he had been left on the bench a few times, and was never considered a star. He didn’t seem to get along with the rest of the team because of this.

Mike was smart, but never into much of what the other smart kids at school were into, in terms of hobbies.

And Damian just wasn’t not much of a people person. Near as Natalie could tell, he simply started hanging out with one of the other two during free time, and then the other friend joined in later on.

That friendship had lasted into their senior year of high school as of now.

Seth entered the Kitchen.

“Actually, Ms. Wrathright, I could go for one of those protean bars, do you have any more?” Seth asked

“Oh sure, they should be right in the fridge.” Natalie answered

Seth reached into the fridge and took out a bar. As he ate it, Natalie started a conversation.

“So, how has school been going?”

“Oh, same old same old. So, what where ya doing at work on a weekend, Damian said something about you having a meeting?”

“Yeah, it was an important meeting. This was the only day the clients had free for a while, so it was now or never.”

“That must suck. Having to drag yourself to an office on a great Saturday like this.”

Natalie smiled. Seth seemed to love chatting with her whenever he got the chance. Natalie believed he had a kind of crush on her. His small talk was getting better though. If he kept it up, he might be able to get a girlfriend.

“Oh, it’s no trouble, I have great co-workers, and this is one of the last things he had to do. We’re heading for a nice pay day for it. I’m thinking of taking Dami on a nice vocation this spring because of it.

“While we’re talking about projects we’re wrapping up, what about this little magic trick you three are working on?”

Smiling a bit, Seth answered. “Like we said, it was something we read about online, it’s perfectly safe though. But getting all the right things together has been a bit tricky, but if we did it right, the payoff will be totally worth it.”

“And what is the payoff?” Natalie asked, starting to fell interested

“It’s a surprise.”

Natalie tried to guess what Seth could be talking about. She did have one idea. “Are you three trying to impress some girls here?”

Keeping a flirty smile, Seth asked back. “And what makes you think that?”

“Just the kind of thing boys your age tends to do when you all get together. And Damian did say something about you being interested in a girl on the cheer-leading team.”

Seth seemed surprised to hear the last part. “Damian told you about that?” Seth didn’t seem upset, but Natalie felt she might have hit a tender topic, Damian did say something about her rejecting an offer for a date from him and being in a bad mood from it.

“Was he not supposed to?” Natalie calmly asks.

“No, no it’s not a big deal. But to answer your question, I’m not trying to get that girl’s attention right now. I’ve done some thinking since then, and decided if she wasn’t interested, she’s not worth it.”

“That’s very mature of you, Seth.”

“Not to say I wouldn’t hook up with her if I had the chance.”

Natalie laughed a bit at that response. “Either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing this trick of yours, if it’s ready for a test?”

“Oh, it should be just about finished. That is, if the guy’s say so. Mike and Damian have been doing most of the brain work on it, so they should know when it’s all ready. I just know we got all the stuff together and mixed together.”

Natalie was definitely curious. She had a suspension that there was more to it than they were letting on. Dami seemed nervous when it was brought up. And she doubted that most girls would be impressed by three misfits doing a magic trick. She may not know much about teenagers these days, but she was sure enough about that. But if they were willing to let her see it, how bad could it be?

“So, can I see it?” Natalie asked.

Seth flashed his big smile again and said. “If you’ve finished your coffee, we can ask them right now. I know Damian has been really eager to show it to you.”

Natalie downed what was left in her cup of coffee and followed Seth back into the living room.

“Hay guys, Damian’s Mom says she wants to see we what we’ve been working on, is it ready?”

Natalie saw that Damian got nervous again, but Mike just said. “Of course, it is, we just finished getting it ready today, and the whole point of coming over here was to show Damian’s Mom.”

“Didn’t it need to sit for a while before use?” Seth asked.

“That was earlier in the week Seth.” Damian added

“You Beylikdüzü escort three really brought what you’ve been working on here to show me?” Natalie asked.

“Ye…yeah Mom, we’ve been working on this for a while, and we wanted to see how…how you liked it.”

Natalie figured that Damian was just being self-conscious about something he put a lot of work into. He was the kind of kid who was afraid to being out going out of a fear of embarrassing himself. Wanting to be an encouraging mother, Natalie asked to see this mysterious project.

“OK, come on your three, you have to show it to me at this point. Let’s see it.”

“You heard her Mike, bring it out.” Seth said.

Mike unzipped and reached into a duffle bag he had placed next to the love seat he was sitting in. He pulled out a metal thermos with latch on the side. It looked like the kind you brought on camping trips. It also had a bright red ribbon tied around it.

Mike handed the thermos to Natalie.

Letting the ribbon run over her sharp, black painted nails, Natalie asked. “So, how those this work, does one of you have to say a magic word or…?”

“Let me explain, Ms. Wrathright,” Seth began. “When we said it was a magic trick, we meant it was a special affect, used in magic tricks. All you gotta do is open the latch on the side, and a cool, colored smoke affect with come out.”

“And what’s the point of doing that?” Natalie asked, feeling more confused as to why they were doing this.

“It’ll makes sense after you see it Mom.” Damian said. “It’s meant to be a surprise.”

Natalie was confused by all of this, but Seth did also say there was a surprise to it, and she knew her Son wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. Now feeling more curious then confused, Natalie untied the ribbon around the thermos, and began to pull up the latch.

“Actually, the affect could be seen at its best if you faced right at the top of the container.” Seth added.

Still not completely understanding but wanting to get to whatever this was, Natalie angled top of the thermos to point right at her face.

As she opened that latch, the boys all stared at her intently. Seth was right behind, showing a big creepy smile. Mike was keeping a straight face but was hyper focused on Natalie all the same. And Damian was tightly gripping the arms rest of the recliner, a bit of sweat coming down his face.

Natalie didn’t notice any of this, as her attention was focused on the thermos which apparently contained the product of some hard work between her son and his friends.

As the latch finally came lose, the lid swung up as the internal pressure was released, and a loud proof of smoke hit Natalie right in the face. It was equal parts pitch black, and a thick bright pink in color.

Natalie was surprised, but she did not recoil, or drop the thermos. She found herself taking in the scent of the mystery smoke, almost like it was deliberately working its way into her noise. It had an odd kind of sweat sent, something she felt her knew, but couldn’t put her finger on, as well as a another smell that seemed to be some kind of perfume, beyond that she couldn’t tell what it was.

After the smoke cleared, Natalie was impressed to see that whatever coloring was in it, it had not gotten on her hands, clothes, or face. Though she did not notice things like Damian exhale a large breath he was holding, or Mike taking out his phone.

“We…Well, what do you think Mom?” Damian asked.

“It was actually a very interesting affect. What is it supposed to hide an entrance on stage for a larger trick?” Natalie asked.

“Something like that. Oh hay, how are you feeling by the way, Ms. Wrathright?” Seth asked.

The question seemed to some out of nowhere. “Ah, what do you mean?” Natalie asked.

“Oh, just that I just realized that you haven’t sat down once since you got home, and you seemed kind of tired from that meeting you just came from?” Seth asked in a voice Natalie found kind of odd. He was talking kind of fast voice, something he recognized as a sign that someone was hiding something from her business experience.

“Ah no, I’m don’t feel tired, thought I probably should change out of my work clothes.”

Natalie handed the now empty thermos to Seth and began to walk towards to stairs. But she barely made it past the couch before she let out a huge yawn. Though she didn’t notice this, the three boys stared her intently again.

Natalie was hit by a sense of exhaustion out of nowhere. She figured the meeting must have been more draining then she realized and was just riding the high of finishing it until now, regardless, her feet began to feel sore, so she sat down on left side of the couch.

“Actually Seth, I do feel kind of tired.” She said as she reached down and slipped her shoes off her feet. She stretched her arms and legs as she let out another yawn.

“It’s OK Mom, you had a long morning, you should be able to relax for the rest of the day.” Damian said.

“That’s sweet Escort Beylikdüzü of you to say Dami.” Natalie said as she laid her head on the back of the couch.

“Hay Damian, I think I left that notebook I’ve been keeping for this trick in your room. We should go and wright down how the affect looked.” Mike said.

“Oh…oh right, yeah, we should, shouldn’t we.” Damian answered back.

Mike grabbed his duffle bag as he and Damian went up the stairs, Damian pausing to look at his mother resting on the couch, as Seth sat down to her right her side, with a knowing smile.

After the two other boys were upstairs, Seth began talking to Natalie. “So, it looks like you liked our little trick?”

“Oh yes, the colors were beautiful, and it smelled so pretty. I’m sure it will impress plenty of people once you pair it with something else.” Natalie found that she didn’t feel so much tired as she felt lightheaded. She didn’t feel like she was gonna fall asleep, but she didn’t want to move if she could help it, it was a strange feeling, but her mind was to too cloudy to think about it right now. Right now, she felt very interested in what Seth had to say for some reason.

“Well, we’re not actually gonna be showing to too many people, it’s kind of a bitch to make, and it is only attended for some special people.”

“Aw, and what’s so special about me then?” Natalie asked as she moved her head to look at Seth next to her

“Damian thinks your special, and you have always been so nice to me and Mike. When we were trying to figure out who to try this out on first, it didn’t take long to settle on you. Though Damian was kinda reluctant at first.”

“Oh, Dami can be so self-conscious, he should learn to be more outgoing.”

“Maybe him getting a girlfriend would help?”

“Why do you say that is there a girl he’s interested in?” Natalie had been up front with Damian about how to pursue the opposite sex, but he never let her know whether he ever had a crush on any girl or thought about dating anyone.

“There kind of is, but he doesn’t know how to go about getting her attention. So, this little project kind of started out like that.”

“So, you three are trying to impress some girls. Does that mean you and Mike are interested on some young ladies yourselves?” Natalie felt her head getting lighter, but also found herself all the more interested in what Seth had to say, as well as anything pertaining to Mike and Damian.

“Oh, we haven’t figured that out yet, but since you seemed so interest in our love lives right now, can I share something with you?”


Had Natalie’s mind been clearer, she might have objected to Seth moving closer to her across the couch and putting his left arm around her shoulders, but she just stared at him with increasingly dream like eyes.

“I have always found you pretty attractive myself.” Seth said. Natalie was not surprised, she suspected he had a kind of boyish crush on her for a while. It’s not exactly rare for pubescent boys to find mature women around them attractive when they start noticing those things. And Natalie was aware of how attractive she looked. At 38, she could past for almost ten years younger, good aging simply ran in her family.

Her mind still hazed, she didn’t have the sense to shoot down what she should have seen as inappropriate comments from someone too young for her, so all she could do was smile and lightly laugh. Regardless of her mental state, earning the attention of a young man like that was a good confidence boost.

“You see, me, Mike, and Damien have been trying to figure out how to get the attention of girls for a while. Now Personally I’ve reading some stuff online about how girls are too choosy about who they date, but Mike has been telling me only loser men who scared girls away say stuff like that, but I haven’t quite made up my mind. Though those same message boards also say that attractive women always find men to live off of financially, and you are smoking hot, but also hold down a job, so they are probably wrong on that one.

“But getting back to my point at hand, the three of us have decided that you were special enough to try out this little trick on, and it seems to be working. So, all you have to do is lay back, and we’ll show you the rest of it.”

“Aw, it’s so sweet you all choose me for this…whatever this is, I hope all three get exactly what you want out of it.”

“Oh, I think we are just about to.” Seth said in a knowing voice.

After that, Seth’s arm reached around Natalie’s broad shoulders, and cupped her large breast in his hand. Natalie still did nothing about this, nor did she fight back when Seth pulled her closer to him and pressed his lips against her.

Natale found herself lost in the kiss. And, as Seth placed his right hand on her right, legging cover knee, all Natalie could do was feel every nerve in her body twinge with a growing sense of lust, All that mattered in that moment was her and Seth’s physical pleasure as Seth pulled her closer him.

Seth’s fingers worked their way into the part of Natalie’s shirt she unbuttoned, so he could feel the soft skin of her breast. He also began pressing his tongue into her mouth. All while pulling her closer to him, so their bodies pressed more into each other.

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