Daddy Sells Jessica Ch. 03

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Big Tits


The night of the party Jessica took a long hot bath soaking herself in vanilla oil It made her skin smell so delicious and it drove Daddy out of his mind. She got out of the bath and looked at herself in the mirror. The only reason why she thought she was even remotely attractive is because her Daddy told her. They didn’t look alike. Daddy, who was German-Irish also had dark hair but with obvious European ancestry, while her mother who was very dark was born in Greece. Jessica looked exotic, with her dark curly hair and big dark eyes. She had her Daddy’s light skin. Her mother had big juicy lips but Jessica’s mouth was smaller than her mother’s. Her mother had big hips and Jessica’s were slight but curvaceous. Jessica’s mother had thighs while Jessica had very long slender legs even though she was only 5’2. Her mother’s nipples were very dark and obscenely large, her areolas were a good 3 inches in diameter. She never remembered her wearing a bra and she would constantly catch men staring at her mother when she often wore her tight white t-shirts. Mommy was a big flirt and Jessica would often have to wait in the car in the parking lot while she watched her mother press her bobs up against some older man they met at the supermarket. She did have her mother’s voice and from time to time Daddy called her Rita, her mother’s name. Jessica did get her hairiness from the Greek side. She had never shaven because her mother never did. She would see her naked and her big hairy bush looked completely normal to her. It wasn’t until Jessica went to slumber parties and started to play naked with other girls that she realized that she was overly hairy. But when Daddy started playing with her he wouldn’t let her go to those slumber parties anymore. She didn’t mind because she liked being naked with her Daddy better anyway.

She heard the doorbell ring and with her towel clutched to her tits she leaned over and looked out the front window. Jon had arrived. Her stomach turned a little and she found herself excited seeing him. The feeling any normal girl would get when seeing the quarterback in the hall at school. She didn’t know why she was attracted to him. Most women, let alone young girls would find him repulsive. Jessica thought he looked like Tony Soprano especially tonight with his leather jacket. She was happy that he would keep her safe and looked forward to him cumming on her alone in the basement. She wanted him to see her in her towel and ran down stairs.

Jon looked up at her coming down the stairs in her short white thin towel, long dark hair dripping down her back and he got stiff. She smiled excitedly. He looked away immediately.

“Hello, Princess!” Daddy said.

Jessica looked at Jon again and he looked down and into the other room. She was disappointed that he wasn’t staring at her. Daddy was oblivious to their body language.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” Daddy asked.

She looked at Jon again and he had his hands in his pockets and walked a little down the hall feigning interest in a vase that was in the foyer. She didn’t understand why he didn’t want to look at her.

“You better go upstairs. Go on.” Daddy said.

Jessica loosened her towel a little to show more cleavage and Jon wouldn’t turn around.

“Uh, I’m thirsty Daddy. I’m going into the kitchen.” She passed Jon in the hall and rearranged her towel so that it lifted above her butt cheeks. She turned around to look at him and he was looking the other way. This made her frustrated. The last time she had any interaction with him was when Daddy handed her the phone for him to apologize to her. She was looking forward to seeing him tonight but he didn’t seem interested in her at all, but she wasn’t giving up. She got some water and as she was going up the stairs she stopped on the stair that was directly under him and lifted her leg to give him a better view. While Daddy was talking on his cell phone Jon quickly looked up her towel and feasted his eyes on her newly washed thick, dark bush. She opened her legs wider hoping he could see how erect her clit was as she watched his face. When she heard her Daddy finish his phone call she giggled and ran up the stairs.

Hours later all ten guests had arrived and Jessica was wearing her first costume. Only three men would get their fantasy tonight. The rest of the men would watch, later go down to the basement and if they wanted to come back they would have to pay more. She had a very short pink child’s dress on and her hair in pigtails. Her tits were popping out of the top and her ass cheeks where exposed when she walked and the big petty coat under the dress lifted up. She was wearing bobby socks, black paten leather shoes and was caring a lollipop. This request was by a man whose name is Larry. She had to remember all the men’s names and approach them first while wearing their outfit request.

When she came down the stairs she saw all the men gathered around talking. It looked like any normal party, except that Daddy required them all to Beylikdüzü escort be wearing nice slacks, a button down shirt and a blazer. He wanted the men to look presentable for his daughter. They all turned when she walked down the stairs like animals that smelled a female in heat. There was an uncomfortable silence and Daddy took her by the hand and lead her to their first client, Larry.

Larry was in his 60s, completely grey hair he was average height and average appearance but with a full head of hair. He licked his lips when he saw her and groaned immediately. “Is this mine?” He asked Daddy.

“She is for 20 minutes and then she has to go upstairs and change.” Daddy said. He put his hand on her back and moved her closer to Larry.

“Well, hello Sunshine. My my aren’t you lovely.” He feasted his eyes on her and breathed heavy. Jessica giggled and made eye contact with him, she started to suck on her lollipop loudly.

“Ohhhh, you like that don’t you?” Larry was staring at her little mouth. “Yeahhhh, you look so so good in that outfit. Mmmmm you are my fantasy. Suck it baby let me watch you suck it. Oooooooo.” Larry started to grab the front of his pants. “Yesssss, suck it Jessica, uhhhhhh.” The other men started to watch while Jessica was entertaining Larry. They stayed a close distance but weren’t close enough to hear everything Larry was saying. “Turn around.” Jessica turned around and bent over exposing her bare hairy cunt lips from the back. “Fuckkkk girl,” he breathed, “fuckkkkk girl.” He started to rub faster. “Open it up for me. Come on.” Still bent over with the lollipop in her mouth Jessica bent over and opened her hairy cunt lips. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh CHRISTTTTTTT.” Larry groaned. “I want to look inside. Yes I do.” Jessica was really enjoying the attention and that so many men were there to see her body. “Keep sucking that lollipop Jessica. Yessssss.” She sucked it louder, moaning a little. “That’s it. Now take that lollipop and stick it inside.” Jessica opened her cunt lips trying to avoid the hair and inserted it inside of her.

“Ohhhhhh,” she breathed. And arched her back still bending over. She swirled the lollipop inside and scooped out her wetness. Larry was rubbing his cock through his pants frantically.

“Now taste it.” Larry commanded. She popped it out of her wet cunt and sucked it loudly. The whole room groaned deeply. “Now stick it in good and deep. That’s it. I want it covered in juices. Yessssss. Cover it.”

Jessica was really excited by this and her legs started to shake. Jessica pushed the lollipop deep and scooped out a big juicy glob of wetness as she removed it she brushed the hairy cunt lips and it got stuck. She tugged it a little and there were now some stray hairs on the lollipop. She turned around and showed Larry. He went to put out his hand and immediately Daddy stepped in with Jon right behind him. Daddy said in a stern voice as he moved him back making full body contact with him. “MOVE BACK.”

Larry looked like he was being torn away from his newborn. “I’m I’m I’m sorry.” He said nervously looking up at Daddy. I just wanted to keep the lollipop. May I?” Daddy turned around and took the lollipop from Jessica and handed it to Larry.

Daddy patted Larry’s shoulder harshly and looked him in the eye. “Watch yourself.” He warned.

Larry, frightened but holding his lollipop nodded yes. All the other men watched him walk into the living room with his souvenir. They were jealous that they hadn’t thought of a fantasy that involved a keepsake.

The next costume was a black vinyl body stocking. It had two holes for Jessica’s tits, one hole exposing each ass cheek and one exposing her vagina. Her next client was Bob and he wanted her to wear nipple clamps and stilettos. She undid her hair so that her long dark curls fell down her back. Larry’s fantasy got her REALLY hot and she was already a little tired but as she attached the nipple clamps she moaned loudly. She was surprised at how natural entertaining felt to her and she walked down the stairs. The men were talking to each other. Most of them were drinking Pellegrino or seltzer water since Daddy wouldn’t allow any alcohol.

She overheard one man saying, “is that really his daughter or do they just say that so they can charge more?”

The man beside him replied, “No, I’ve known them since she was a child. She’s his. His ex-wife was a hot Greek slut. She slept with everyone.”

They stopped talking when Jessica reached the end of the stairs and she heard the room groan, “uhhhh.”

She let her tits swing a little as the nipple clamp that was attached from one nipple to the other with a chain made a clinking sound. The sound of her stilettos on the hard wood floor commanded silence. Daddy had never dressed her up like this and even he looked surprised at how filthy she looked. His mouth was open a little as he stared and took her hand and led her to Bob.

Bob was around 6ft tall and in his late 40s with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She thought he looked Beylikdüzü escort a little like Matthew McConaughey. He wore his buttoned down shirt opened and showed off his abundance of dark blonde hair. He seemed the most confident in the group and when he looked at Jessica he eyed her like a hundred women had already fulfilled this fantasy before her. “Well you are a sweet tart.” He said with a slight southern accent. “How old are you?”

This was the first time Jessica would speak in the room. She preferred to just look with her big sexy eyes and she said in a shy little girl voice swinging her tits from side to side, “eighteen.”

He smiled and said, “this your real Daddy?” She nodded yes. “You let him fuck you?” She smiled and nodded yes. “You filthy whore. Turn around.” She turned around. Bob was a little more aggressive than the others, but he was also the most attractive. As she turned around and looked at him she didn’t see anything lecherous about him. He reminded her of her Daddy in the sense that Bob and her father were both all American looking and handsome enough to be actors. But there was something about his attitude toward her that told her that he had no problem getting sex, but enjoyed deviant behavior. “I tell you, little one, I’ve been to whorehouses all over this world and I have never seen a father sell such a fine piece of grade A meat. No way.” He smiled at her and looked away as if he were done with her.

This angered her slightly as she stood in front of him in the sweaty vinyl stocking, nipple clamps tightening as he looked disinterested. She looked at Daddy who wasn’t paying attention to the interaction rather he was caught up looking at her in that outfit. She could recognize when he was turned on beyond imagination. She felt like Bob was dismissing her, like she was too inexperienced for him and had no sexual appeal. She grabbed her Daddy by the neck aggressively and put her tongue deep in his mouth moaning loudly. This got Bob’s attention as he watched Daddy tugging on her nipple clamps. It felt amazing but she was more interested in getting Bob to see her as something worth his money. She arched her back as her Daddy tugged rapidly on the nipple clamps and she looked over at Bob with lust in her eyes. She rolled her head back and moaned deep and loud. Bob started to touch his cock through his slacks and she heard him moan. Now that she had his interest she turned around and rubbed her bare ass into her Daddy’s crotch while his hands went around and tugged on her nipple chain. “UHHHHHH,” she groaned loudly. She kept steady eye contact with Bob and he with her. Daddy was kissing her neck and she leaned back into him feeling his big cock between her ass cheeks. With one hand still pulling her chain the other opened up her hairy pussy exposing her pink to the room. She was panting uncontrollably she knew she had him as Bob was rubbing himself through his pants faster and squeezing his engorged cock. The whole room was touching themselves and she heard one man cum quickly leaving a huge stain on the front of his pants. Daddy was pushing into her so deep she thought his cock would rip through his pants. She knew that she should stop there. She took her Daddy’s fingers and sucked them. Daddy was looking into her eyes and Jessica looked back at Bob who just stood there impotently staring, his dick inside his pants. She was satisfied that she made him change his mind and for the first time she knew that she had inherited her Daddy’s competitive spirit.

Her next outfit was simple pink, sheer baby doll lingerie with no panties. She had to put a big pink ribbon in her hair in a high ponytail, carry a teddy bear around with her, suck her thumb and baby talk. Those were the explicit instructions of her next client, Sam. He also wanted her to act shy and hide behind her Daddy and cry. Finally, he requested that he get to see her jump up and down on a bed. She walked downstairs sucking her thumb and really putting on a show. She started calling for her Daddy in her best baby voice. She saw her Daddy at the end of the staircase. She felt like she was playing so many different roles that night and it started to get exhausting. When she locked eyes with her Daddy she truly did want to be his little baby and fall into his arms. He could tell that she was already tired and held out his arms. She hugged him and wrapped her legs around him. He held her like a child that he was carrying to bed. He brought her over to Sam. Sam was already intrigued by this role playing when he saw Daddy carry her over. Sam was an old looking man in his late 60s a definite grandfather. He looked a little like Colonel Sanders with his white hair and glasses. “Who do we have here?” He asked with perverted interest.

“This is Jessica.” Daddy said. Sam tried to look at her face but she turned away from him in a bratty manner and laid her head down on her Daddy’s shoulder. Daddy patted her bottom softly. This was a very familiar role to her. It didn’t seem that long ago that her Daddy carried her like this Escort Beylikdüzü and it felt really good for both of them.

Sam moved around Daddy. “Hi, Jessica. Hi.” Sam seem to like when she played hard to get. Jessica was still carrying her teddy bear and let it drop to the ground. She dropped it on purpose and Sam picked it up giving it back to her.

“Thank you.” She said in a sweet baby voice and started sucking her thumb.

Sam laughed in a sick manner. She could tell he was really turned on by this. “My name is Sam.” He said in a low quiet voice. “Do you want to be friends?”

Jessica nodded her head and smiled. This sent him over the edge and he gave a low lusty chuckle. “Daddy is so lucky to have such a pretty girl like this. Can you let me see you?”

Daddy put Jessica down and she showed herself to Sam. She knew that Sam didn’t want any obvious sexual behavior. He grew sick satisfaction from role playing a seemingly normal encounter. Jessica was practically naked with a veil of pale pink fabric exposing her upper torso. Sam looked at her nipples for a long time and was breathing hard. He made several smacking sounds with his mouth and gave a low. “Uh, huh. Can you twirl for me?”

Jessica twirled around and around and giggled. She looked right into Sam’s eyes holding her teddy bear and sucking her thumb. She dropped the teddy bear again right at her feet. He looked at her and she didn’t move a step when he picked it up giving him a close view of her thinly veiled bush. He breathed deeply as he came up with the teddy bear hoping to get a whiff of her aroma. His hands were practically shaking now as he gave it back to her. She took the teddy bear and held it tightly between her thighs stroking the bear and sucking her thumb. She looked at Sam. He looked at her and gurgled, “Ohhhhh GOD.” She smiled.

Daddy suggested that she show Sam how much she likes to jump on the bed. He showed them into the living room where there was a bed from the house in the middle of the room. Jessica didn’t realize that they were moving this downstairs for tonight.

“Do you like bouncing Jessica?” Sam asked.

“Uh huh.” She said. She started bouncing up and down on the bed. Her little nightgown was rising up and down showing everyone in the room her naked body. Her tits were jiggling and she was giggling. She truly was having fun and looked over at her Daddy who was definitely enjoying this. All the men in the room watched her hairy cunt go up and down and up and down on the bed.

Sam was smiling and clapping his hands shouting, “higher! Faster!”

She was out of breath as she looked around and all the men were smiling and stroking their big cocks again through their pants. She finally landed down on the teddy bear sitting on top of it. Sucking her thumb she slowly rocked back and forth on its face. There was a deep primal grunt from every man in the room including Jon who had stayed in the background and quiet the whole night. She knew this might push them over the edge but she didn’t care. She was aroused and wanted some relief. She moaned and mounting the bear again she used its nose against her clit. “Ohhhhhhh,” she groaned.

“Mmmmm she heard the men say in unison.”

“Te-ddddddddy,” she whimpered.

“OHHHHH FUCK someone shouted in the back and came in his pants.”

“Tedddddddd-yyyyyy.” She said again humping the bear’s face. Sam was speechless as he watched her writhe on her bear. “F-uck meee, tedddddyyy.” As she rapidly rode his face. It didn’t take much and she orgasmed all over the bear’s face living a thick white goo on it. She sighed and looked up at them. Two more men had wet spots on the their slacks.

Daddy picked her up and she was still holding her teddy bear. She handed it to Sam while her Daddy carried her upstairs. He whispered in her ear, “Mmmm, baby girl we’ll be moving to Hawaii in no time.”

Daddy could tell that she was exhausted and told all the men to go downstairs in the basement and strip off their clothes. Daddy knocked on her door and she opened it naked except for a leather collar around her neck and stilettos. All of the men requested that Daddy put a chain on the collar and walk her in. Daddy was naked at her door and when they saw each other they started kissing each other passionately. They couldn’t stop, because of all the excitement Jessica was ready for anything. Her arms were tight around him and she kissed him deeply both moaning like crazy. They kissed for several minutes and Daddy was ready to fuck her hard at that moment but he broke the kiss and pulled away and she moaned in agony.

“Daddy, I will do whatever you say. I love you.” She said breathlessly

“I love you too baby doll. Should we give them a real show?” He said looking at her body hungrily.

“Daddy,” she said seriously looking him in the eye. “I need you to fuck me in the ass.”

Daddy was shocked. For one, he had never seen her so aggressive. Daddy always seduced her and she always submissively agreed. They hadn’t been fucking for that long and he was eventually going to introduce anal but he never thought she would want it this way. At that moment he knew now that he opened a door and that she was changing quickly. He didn’t respond to her right immediately.

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