Daddy’s Princess

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(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. I welcome any and all feedback. It’s why I write! Enjoy.)


Tom Sanders whistled a tune as he sped along the shady street headed towards home. The window was down, allowing the warm, fresh air to flow in while he tapped his fingers along with the song playing on the radio.

The handsome, 40 year old corporate executive had taken off early from work today, too excited to concentrate on his duties. Today was a special day, for his “princess”, Kate, was coming home from school.

Tom’s whole world rotated around his daughter. His wife had died of cancer when Kate was only 3 and since that time he had doted on the girl incessantly. The demands of raising a child by himself while climbing the corporate ladder were tough, but he wouldn’t trade the closeness that they had forged for anything. While he was only 25 when his wife died, Tom had never remarried. Sure, he had dated quite a bit and was even engaged at one point, but his fiancés’ indifference towards his then adolescent daughter had ended the relationship. He didn’t feel cheated or resentful about his lot in life, feeling that it was as full and rewarding as he could hope for.

Whipping his SUV into the drive, he hopped out and hurried up the sidewalk, his long legs eating up the space. Tom kept himself in shape, swimming laps in their pool, and his 6’2 frame reflected his adherence to healthy living. He still weighed the 190 lbs he had graduated college with and he still had all of his thick brown hair, though flecks of gray were beginning to sneak into the temples. Dropping his keys on the foyer table, he walked through the spacious home, making sure everything was in order. He chuckled to himself at his excitement, but it had been almost nine months since he had seen Kate.

The Sanders’ home was on the West Coast and when Kate had chosen Princeton for university, he’d known that visits home would be few and far between. He hadn’t counted on Kate making so many friends so fast, so when she’d had the opportunity to go skiing over Christmas break, he had to fight back his disappointment at not getting to see her. And of course, at spring break, she’d gone down to Cancun for the week. Satisfied that everything was in order, he went to the bathroom before he had to leave to pickup Kate at the airport.

Leaving the downstairs bath, he was startled to hear the front door shut, but his spirits lifted hearing a cheery, “Dad! I’m home!” Fighting the urge to run to her, Tom smiled widely and turned the corner towards the front door. There, grinning like the cat that ate the canary, stood his daughter, surrounded by luggage.

“I got an early flight and took a cab, Daddy,” Kate said, then laughed out loud at the expression on her father’s face.

“I…I…who are you and what have you done with my princess?” Tom finally managed, so shocked was he by Kate’s transformation during the school year. Gone was the skinny, gangly teenager, replaced by a taller, still slender woman. She’d let her hair grow out. It now hung down past her shoulders, still a rich brown, but with highlighted streaks through it. Gone too were her glasses, replaced presumably with contacts, that he couldn’t remember paying for. Her brown eyes twinkled as she giggled and twirled in place before her father. She was wearing a simple T-shirt and high cut running shorts with flip flops.

Tom silently noted that Kate had filled out in all the areas young women did. Her hips were curvier, her waist still tiny, leading up to her now developed chest. Kate had always been self-conscious of her lack of breasts as a high schooler, but those days were long gone judging by the healthy set she now sported. Not to say that she was overdeveloped though. They meshed well with the rest of her body, but there was no denying that she had blossomed into a beautiful and, dare he think it, sexy young lady.

“All grown up, huh, Daddy?” She said, smiling.

Tom’s brow furrowed for a second, hearing a clicking sound when she talked. “Kate, what is that sound?”

“Oooops,” Kate muttered, her hand covering her mouth, a blush creeping into her cheeks. “Sorry dad.”

“What is it?” Tom said, stepping towards her. Kate dropped her hand slowly, and then extended her tongue, the silver stud glittering from the middle of her tongue.

“Katie! What on earth…?”

“Oh, Dad, it’s nothing really. Just something cool to have.” She closed her mouth, but still averted her eyes.

Tom sighed. This kind of thing was out of the ordinary for his usually straight laced daughter. She’d always been very demure and non-assuming, not wanting to draw attention to herself. In high school, she had been involved in activities, but always big groups, like band, never sports or cheerleading and such where she would sometimes be front and center. All in all, Kate was a very level headed, mature kid and if a tongue stud was the worst thing she did…well, Tom could live with that. He shook his head and laughed.

“Did it hurt?”

Relieved Ankara escort that her father wasn’t angry with her, Kate smiled and again stuck out her tongue, the silver ball clicking off her teeth. “Nah, just for a second.”

Tom peered at the bar and stud and immediately thought of the thousands of dollars worth of dental work getting banged around by the stainless steel contraption. “Well, just see if you can find something a little more tooth friendly, will you?”

“Sure Daddy,” Kate replied and then rushed forward, wrapping her arms around her father. “I’m so glad to be home Dad.”

Her father smiled and wrapped his arms around his daughter, bending his head down and kissing the top of her head. Though she had grown, Kate was still probably 6 inches shorter than her father, her head resting on his chest. Tom was conscious of the soft press of his daughter’s breasts against his abdomen. He’d never felt that sensation before with Kate and it suddenly made him feel uncomfortable. He squeezed her tight once more, petted her hair and pulled away. “I like your hair. What you’ve done with it…what do you call it? Highlighted?”

Kate giggled, a welcome sound to Tom’s ears. It had been far too long since that sound had been heard in the home. Kate bent and lifted two of her bags while Tom grabbed the other two, following her up the stairs. “Highlighted, you’re correct. At least its not pink or blue streaks Dad. You wouldn’t believe what some of the kids at school are into.”

She continued chatting animatedly as they entered her room and deposited her bags on the floor.

Tom clapped his hands together and rubbed them briskly back and forth. “Alright, punkin…what do you want to do today? I’m all yours!” Kate smiled and patted her father on the arm.

“Oh Dad, would you be too disappointed if I took a little nap? I’m worn out from the flight and the time change and all.” Tom waved his hand dismissively as he backed towards the door.

“‘Course not! Take that nap and we’ll go out to dinner afterwards, ok?” Kate smiled and leaned up to kiss her father on his cheek.

“Thanks Dad. Wake me in an hour?”

“Sure darling. Have a nice nap.” As Tom grasped the door to pull it shut, Kate turned her back and in one swift motion hauled her T over her head, exposing her bare, tan back. Tom swiftly averted his eyes seeing that she was not wearing a bra. He shut the door quickly. Kate had always been averse to bras in high school, but that was before she had blossomed this year. He sighed heavily. Yet another thing that would have been easier for a mom to discuss. He walked down the hall to his own room. Maybe a nap wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

Tom groggily opened his eyes, a noise awakening him. He lay on his side and could tell from the light outside that he had slept longer than he intended. He lay atop the comforter, clad only in his boxers.

“Wake up sleepy head! I’m hungry!” Something nudged his foot and Tom realized it was Kate waking him up. He rolled onto his back and wedged himself up on his elbows, seeing Kate at the foot of the bed, grinning at him.

“How…how long did I sleep?”

Kate’s smile faltered and she looked down, backing towards the bedroom door. “I…I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready…” She turned and walked quickly from the room.

“Huh?” Tom thought. Then his eyes spied the reason for Kate’s reaction. His penis was jutting out the fly of his boxers, rigid enough to hang laundry off of. “Fuck!” he thought. He already felt like a dirty old man when he’d noted the soft feel of his daughter’s body against his when they had hugged. He tried to stuff himself back into his fly and then headed for the bathroom. He wondered what dream had prompted his erection, but then realized he might not want to remember…

Fifteen minutes later, he was dressed in a golf shirt and slacks. Coming down the stairs he called for Kate. Hearing no answer, he glanced out the front door, spying Kate at the wheel of his SUV. He shut and locked the door and walked over, climbing into the passenger seat. She was dressed in a simple blouse and shorts. Without looking at him, she started the car and started backing out.

“I figured I’d better drive in case you were light headed…”

Tom’s jaw hit his chest as he turned to look at Kate. Reaching the street she dropped it in drive and gunned it then started giggling.

“It’s not funny Katie…”

She stifled her laughter behind her hand and glanced at him. “Impressive Daddy…”

“I said it’s not funny Katherine. A girl should never see her father that way.”

“Oh, come on Dad. It’s not like that’s the first…” her voice trailed off as she realized she had tread onto unstable ground. She adjusted the rearview mirror, gripped the wheel with both hands and stared straight ahead.

Tom now turned in his seat, his brow furrowing. “First what Kate?”

Kate took a deep breath, weighing her options. While not a virgin, her sexual experience was pretty limited. Did she tell him “first erection I’ve seen” or be truthful Ankara escort bayan and admit the rest of the sentence was “first time I’ve seen you like that”? Either statement made her dizzy with anxiety. The truth might entail her admitting to the many times she had peeked into his bathroom as he showered, fascinated by the long, pink tube dangling between her father’s legs or even worse, the time she had spied him stroking himself under the spray of the shower. That had been right before she left for school and the image still burned in her brain.

“I asked you a question Katie,” her dad said quietly. “First what?”

Kate glanced at him as her shoulders slumped. “Alright, first erection I’ve seen…” She immediately felt guilty for lying to her father, though technically it was the truth, just not the whole truth.

Tom’s eyes narrowed and he turned back in his seat, looking out the front windshield. He’d had the “talk” with Kate years ago and had always been accessible to her for any questions she might have about boys or sex. One of his sisters had handled the feminine hygiene and menstrual information. He sighed. He shouldn’t be surprised. Katie was a gorgeous, 18 year old woman. He would be a fool to think that she had not had at least some sexual experiences. They drove in silence for a while before they both spoke at the same time.



They both laughed and glanced at each other. “You first Kate,” Tom said.

“Dad…I…I just hope you’re not disappointed in me…”

Tom adamantly shook his head. “God, no! Katie, you’re a beautiful young woman. Disappointment is the last thing on my mind. I…I just want to make sure you are being careful…”

Kate blushed deeply, glancing at her father. “If you’re talking about protection…yes I am being careful Dad.”

“Good.” Tom was about to continue, but he could tell Kate had more to say. “What is it honey?”

“I’m not some whore dad…I’ve only been with…”

Tom held up a hand to interrupt his daughter. “I don’t need to know Kate. You’re a smart girl. I know you make smart choices.”

Kate smiled broadly, looking at her father, who was smiling back at her. “Thanks Dad. Whew!” she blew out a deep breath. “That wasn’t so hard after all…” she couldn’t resist a last jab, “Except for you of course…”

Tom chuckled and playfully smacked Kate on her bare leg and then left it there. He was greatly relieved that the tension in the car was dissipating, so he did not reprimand his daughter for her familiarity.

Kate was also pleased that the moment had passed, though the presence of her father’s big, warm hand on her leg felt oddly exciting. She could feel her nipples hardening underneath her blouse and she mentally admonished herself for not wearing a bra. She wasn’t at school anymore. She might want to get back in that habit, unless…


“Yes, punkin?”

“Without getting into….details…can I ask you a question?” She held her breath awaiting her father’s answer.

Tom removed his hand, to Kate’s disappointment, and turned in his seat, looking seriously at her. “Sure, hon, you know you can ask me anything.”

Kate took a deep breath, her face flushing before her question was even asked. “Well…uh…are most guys like you or are they…well…you know…”

Tom’s face turned the same bright shade of red as his daughters upon hearing her question. He knew where she was going. Tom had been in enough locker rooms over the years to realize that he was more amply endowed than the average Joe. Soft, he was bigger than most men when they were erect. He hesitated to answer. How are you supposed to answer your 18 year old daughter when they’re asking if you have a big dick? While he formed his response, Kate plunged ahead.

“I mean…the guys I’ve seen…well…they’re no where near…”

Tom held up his hand to stop her. “Ok, Katie, I get it. Before I answer, why are you even asking me this?”

Kate’s mind’s eye pictured her father after his nap, his big cock jutting up stiffly, and then pictured the two different boys she’d slept with while away at school. They’re pricks while very stiff and always ready had never really scratched the deep itch she felt between her legs. They’d left her dissatisfied, rubbing herself off after they’d taken their leave. “I don’t know daddy. I guess…I…well, I’m just wondering if that’s something I need to look for, you know…”

Tom chuckled nervously. “Kate, that’s like me picking a mate purely on if she has a big pair of boobs. There’s so much more than physical attributes. What about intelligence, humor, tenderness?”

Kate suddenly shivered slightly, realizing she’d just mentally checked off each of those attributes in her father’s favor.

Tom leaned forward and adjusted the air conditioning. “You cold honey?” She must be he thought sickly, noting her stiff nipples underneath her blouse. His paternal side would not allow him to process that this conversation might be exciting his daughter.

“No, I know that a big penis Escort Ankara isn’t all there is to a man.” Tom swallowed thickly, a lump forming in his slacks as well at the matter of fact way Kate was discussing the topic at hand. “Anyway, this probably isn’t the kind of topic a daughter and father should be broaching, right?” Part of her desperately wanted her father to rip down the wall between them, discuss the subject frankly, and perhaps even show her his…

“Whoa, Kate! There’s the restaurant!”

Kate braked sharply and pulled swiftly into the parking lot, her mind a whirl of emotions. She whipped into a parking spot, put the car in park, and turning it off, and made to get out of the car. Her father’s hand on her arm stopped her and she sat back, looking into his serious hazel eyes.

“Princess, you know you can come to me for anything. You know that, don’t you?”

Kate nodded her head slowly, wondering what exactly she might want from her father.

The meal finished, the wine drunk, they left the restaurant with Tom at the wheel. By the time they pulled up into the drive, the combination of alcohol and time change had Kate slumped against the door, fast asleep. Tom almost reached over to wake her, but then thought better of it. She looked so relaxed and comfortable there. It made him think back to the many times she’d fallen asleep as a child in the car. He wondered if he could still get her to bed as he used to.

Opening the passenger door, Tom gently cradled Kate’s sleeping form in his arms and headed for the front door. Luckily he’d had the foresight to have his keys in his hand, but entering the home was still tricky. Kate was no longer the small child he’d carried in so long ago. He mounted the stairs and deposited her gently on her bed. He spread a blanket over her body and tip toed from the room.

Tom himself was worn out and he skipped his usual nightly shower, falling into bed after removing his clothes. He fell fast asleep almost immediately after laying his head down.

Sometime later, a sound brought him from the depths of sleep and he rolled over, opening his eyes. The outline of a figure at the side of the bed startled him and he reflexively gasped, fumbling at the night stand for the lamp.

“Daddy? Daddy? It’s just me…”

Tom breathed a sigh of relief. His sleep fogged brain had forgotten that there were again two of them in the house. “Katie? What’s wrong? Are you alright?” He found the switch and clicked it, soft light illuminating his daughter beside the bed. She’d changed into a nightgown, cream in color, with thin shoulder straps connected to the lacy top edge. It ended at midthigh. She rubbed her eyes sleepily.

“I’m sorry Daddy. Couldn’t sleep…”

Tom reached for his night stand. “Do you need something…probably the time difference? I think I have a few sleeping…”

Kate shook her head, her bed tousled brown hair swaying over her delicate face. “No, it’s not that. I guess I…well, I’ve just gotten used to having someone in the room while I sleep. You know, with a roommate and all.”

Her father nodded. Kate roomed with Amy, her friend from high school. They’d always planned on attending the same school. “Well…I…”

“Can I sleep with you Daddy?”

The thought of the beautiful creature standing beside his bed sliding next to him beneath the sheets left Tom light headed. Kate hadn’t crawled in bed with him since she was a little girl, scared by a thunderstorm.

“Sure…I…” He made to throw back the covers for her, but suddenly realized that he was nude, his boxers lying next to his slacks beside the bed. His still slumbering prick lay thickly on his thigh. Instead, he pulled the covers tight against his hip and opened the covers for Kate with his left hand, ensuring that he wouldn’t flash her as he had before.

No dummy, Kate noticed her father covering himself and her head swum as well with the realization that her father was naked underneath the covers. She still could see his toned chest and flat abs above the sheets however and she felt a rash of goose bumps erupt on her forearms as she slid under the covers and rolled on her side, facing her father.

Tom looked down at his prostrate daughter, her big brown eyes looking up at him. It was all he could do not to lean down and kiss her good night. He knew that if he did, the chaste goodnight kiss might turn into something more. Something about the way she was looking at him told him that she knew this as well. He watched as her little pink tongue darted out, wetting her full lips. Swallowing hard, Tom slid back beneath the covers, rolling on his side away from Kate. “Good night, Kate,” he said thickly.

“Good night Daddy…”

Tom blinked his eyes, the bright morning sun falling across his face through the open window he hadn’t curtained. Something felt wrong….

He sat up suddenly, looking down and realizing he’d kicked off his covers in his sleep. Staring up at him, admonishing him for his restless sleep was his morning wood, hovering thickly over his abdomen, the tip even with his belly button. He jerked his gaze to Kate, but she was on her side, facing away, her breath measured and even. Breathing a sigh of relief that she hadn’t seen him yet, he carefully got up off the bed and headed into his bath.

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