Darlene’s Addiction Pt. 02

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[All characters are consenting adults 18 years of age or older.]

Darlene’s Addiction

A divorced mom lusts after her son and gets what she wants.

Erotic Fiction


Casey Bea


More fantasies are fulfilled when Shannon joins in

(Short recap from part-1)

As they walked–hand in hand–to the bathroom to take a shower together, Darlene asked, “So, um, you mentioned a three-way with your girlfriend and your mother back there. Was that just dirty talk or do you think that’s something that Shannon would actually want to do? Because I’m certainly on board with the idea!”

As James turned the water on to get it hot, he answered, “What we just did was actually her idea. I showed her the stories you’d left open on the computer–nice move to break down the taboo barrier, by the way–and she got really turned on reading that mom-son-girlfriend part. She made me read it out loud to her a second time while she gave me a blowjob and fingered her pussy right there in the kitchen.

“After I blew my load in her mouth and she came, too, she said, ‘I don’t think your mom left this here by accident. You need to see if you can make this actually happen! The part with the girlfriend, too! I am dying to try eating a pussy!'” As they stepped into the enclosure, James asked, “So, did you like the taste of Shannon’s pussy on my cock? That was her idea, too. So was not letting me cum when I was with her so I could give you a bigger load.”

“Fuck yes, I liked it!” Darlene answered as her pussy leaked. “And now I want to taste it right from the source!”

As he soaped up his mother’s big tits, James said, “Well, we’ll have to see what we can arrange, won’t we?”

As she stood there letting her son wash every part of her naked body, she reached back and turned off the water. When he was done and she was completely covered in soap it was her turn. She turned him around to face the shower wall and began with his back.

She started at his neck and gave his back a two-hand wash that was as much massage as washing. He put his hands out against the wall so his mother could push hard against his back and shoulders.

She ran her hands up his sides and with his arms stretched out to the wall she washed his hairy armpits. There was something unexpectedly erotic about that and she found herself pulling lightly on the long hairs.

From there, she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her slippery, naked body against his. As she washed and massaged his firm chest she mashed her big soapy tits into his back. She lightly tweaked his nipples wondering if would like to have them sucked and pinched the way that she did. His father didn’t and she had found that to be about a 50-50 thing with the guys she’d dated.

She slid her hands down over his tight abs, washed his belly button with a single finger, and then proceeded to his pubes. She washed and pulled on the hair then slipped one hand down between his legs and gently washed his balls. Then, with forced slowness, she wrapped both hands around his fully resurrected boner and washed it from its root to its fat cock-head. As she held it with one hand and polished his knob with the other, she whispered into his ear, “You want to fuck me again?”

He drew in a long breath as she slid both hands down his cock with a firm squeeze, then answered, “I can’t.”

She gave a little chuckle and as she ran her fists up and down his erection, she replied, “I beg to differ!”

“Shannon made me promise that if I did anything with you tonight it would be a one-time thing,” he said.

Darlene’s heart nearly stopped. “What?” she said as her hands froze in mid-stroke on his dick.

He then let his mother off the hook by adding, “Unless she’s there with us.”

Darlene backed away from his naked body a bit and gave her son’s ass a wet smack. “Tease!” she scolded. “Now explain!”

“She’s afraid that once you and I started fucking I’d be doing it more with you than with her, living under the same roof, and all,” he said. “I promised that if we broke through the taboo ice tonight that I wouldn’t do anything else with you until and unless she was here.”

As disappointing as that was to hear for a horny, incestuous MILF, she understood. She had actually envisioned morning, noon, and nighttime sex with James. It also made her pussy tingle to realize how open and apparently perverted Shannon was. She was not only willing to partake in a family ménage a trois, but was demanding that she be involved!

With the new–if disappointing–boundary set, Darlene went back to washing James but avoided his erection. It didn’t stop her from making sure that his balls were nice and clean as well as the globes and crack of his ass.

After they had ankara escort rinsed and dried each other off, they donned their robes with nothing underneath and went to the kitchen. It was well after midnight but Darlene made them each a sandwich.

With the glorious taboo thoughts of a three-way with Shannon and her son coursing through her brain, Darlene asked, “So, is Shannon bisexual?” She desperately hoped that she was going to be the young girl’s first same-sex partner. She remembered how wonderful her first time with another woman was!

“I wouldn’t have thought so,” James answered, “but when she read those stories you left open, those mom-and-girlfriend parts really seemed to turn her on. Then she made me promise that if what happened here happened, that I wouldn’t do anything else with you unless she was with us. I asked if she meant to just watch–which would have been kinky all by itself–but she said, ‘Oh, hell no!'”

A wide smile spread across Darlene’s face and a nice warm buzz spread through her pussy. As she brought the sandwiches to the table–on which she’d just recently been fucked by her young, virile son–she asked, “I don’t suppose she’d be awake and want to come over tonight, would she?” She looked up at the clock on the wall, and corrected herself, “Actually, this morning.”

“Oh, she’s up!” James replied. “She just sent me this video in reply to the ones I sent her.” He held his phone out for his mother to see, and her mouth fell open as she stared at a close-up of a slender hand vigorously finger-fucking a wet, shaven pussy.

“Oh, my God!” she said as her own pussy leaked a bit. Then what he had just said fully registered, and she asked, “Wait! What videos did you send her?”

He swished his phone and Darlene was looking at a POV shot of her from above giving her son a blowjob and then impaling her throat on his cock. Her pussy leaked some more. She had never seen herself giving a blowjob before; it was very hot! And the taboo fact that it was her own son’s stiff cock she was sucking and throating multiplied that heat several times!

Then he swished again and she was looking at her naked ass with rosy patches where it had been slapped. Then his rigid boner entered the frame and went straight up her cunt. “Oh, shit!” she moaned as her pussy leaked enough to wet her ass.

She could obviously never have seen herself get fucked from behind before, and adding to it the fact that it was her son doing the fucking after spanking her naked ass had her pussy on fire. But then the unexpected thrill of being filmed while fucking and knowing someone else was watching damn near triggered a hands-free orgasm by itself. She had never even thought about being an exhibitionist before, but she sure as hell was now!

“Oh, fuck, baby!” Darlene moaned. “Tell her to come over right now! Please! I am about to blow another orgasm right here!”

James grinned, and said into the phone, “Did you hear that, Shannon? My mom wants you to come over.” Then to Darlene, he said, “Push your chair back and spread your legs, Mom. Show Shannon how wet you are.”

“Oh, God!” Darlene moaned as she submissively pushed back, spread her legs wide, and pulled her robe open. It was a perfect storm of nasty taboo arousal! She was being commanded by her son to expose her wet pussy, she was showing her dripping cunt to his darling girlfriend whose grinning face was watching from the screen of James’s phone, and she knew it was being recorded to be able to be viewed over and over… and maybe to be seen by others, too.

She reached down and pressed both hands into her crotch, squeezing her mound between them and bulging her drenched pussy lips. She knew if she stuck even the tip of her finger into her cunt she’d start cumming in seconds. If she rubbed her clit, she’d explode!

“Tell Shannon that you’d like her to come over, Mom,” James said with a wide dominating smile.

“Oh, my God, sweetheart!” Darlene said, “Oh please come over here, right now! I want to lick your lovely, young pussy, you sweet angel! Please tell me that you want to taste me too! Shannon, the thought of your mouth and tongue on my pussy has me ready to cum right here in the kitchen!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” Shannon replied. On the little screen, she raised her fingers–glistening with her pussy-juice–to her mouth. After a long suck, she said, “James, sweetheart, tie her to the bed like in that story we read over here. I’ll be there in five minutes.” Then the call ended.

“Tie me to the bed?” Darlene repeated. But her tone wasn’t one of shock or even concern; it was one of curious anticipation. She had never gotten into bondage with her ex or any boyfriend but she was always curious about being restrained and wantonly “used” as a sexual pleasure thing. Adding to that was the fact that it was Shannon who suggested it–actually demanded it. There was obviously a lot more çankaya escort to this sweet “innocent” young girl than Darlene ever imagined! Still waters indeed run deep!

By the time Shannon arrived ten minutes later, James and Darlene had found enough scarves and such to combine with the belts from their robes to create a satisfactory set of restraints, and Darlene was tied naked and spread-eagle to the corners of James’s bed with her head toward the foot. She was lying there with a sheet over her naked body and face when Shannon walked into the room. The sheet was apparently an element of the story that the youngsters had read.

“Hello, Mom,” Shannon said. The polite young girl had always called her “Mrs. M.” before. Was the switch to Mom and its emphasis meant to mock her now-exposed incestuous desires? Was she pretending to be Darlene’s daughter? She wished she could have read that story, but either way, knowing Shannon was there now made her pussy hum in anticipation.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Darlene replied from under the sheet. “I’m glad you could come over. Can you pull the sheet down so I can see your lovely naked body when you take your clothes off?”

“Nope!” Shannon answered flatly. “Not yet, anyway. We’ll see if you can earn that.” She took a sleep-mask from her pocket as she took off the jacket that covered the young nude body that Darlene desperately want to see, and told James, “Put this on her.”

Under the sheet, James fit the mask over his mother’s eyes. Darlene’s pussy leaked in anticipation of how kinky this was going to be. Although she had wondered about bondage sex she never really had any fantasies to base her expectations on, so this was all going to be new and oh, so exciting!

A moment later, the sheet was lowered from Darlene’s face but only to her neck. She felt a finger and then two being rubbed across her lips, and then Shannon said, “Open up, Mom. Suck my fingers. Taste the pussy-juice that I gushed while I frigged my pussy watching you give your son a blowjob!”

Darlene parted her lips and sucked and lapped at the girl’s fingers as she danced them around in her mouth playing with her tongue. Then suddenly, the fingers were gone but replaced a moment later by Shannon’s full lips.

The young girl kissed her hungrily, pushing her tongue into her mouth and even lightly biting her own tongue when she returned the favor. Darlene wanted to wrap her arms around her but the restraints held her stretched out and unable to contribute any more than what Shannon dictated. Darlene found that helplessness and total surrender to be astonishingly arousing! Why hadn’t she tried bondage before!?

Then, with a long sucking pull on Darlene’s upper lip, Shannon’s mouth was gone. Immediately, though, the sheet began to be pulled farther down, dragging lightly over her erect nipples until she could feel that her breasts were completely exposed.

“Oh, yes!” she heard Shannon say as she took the two fleshy orbs and pulled them together. She massaged them with slender but strong fingers and then she said to James, “Come help me with mom’s big wonderful tits.”

Darlene felt the two kids get onto the bed then she felt a mouth attach itself to each of her engorged nipples. “Oh, shit!” Darlene moaned as the two youngsters began to suck and chew on her pencil-eraser nubs. She had never been in a three-way before so she had never had both nipples sucked at the same time. It was so much more intense than having a partner go back and forth between them!

With four hands and two mouths mauling and sucking her tits, Darlene’s pussy was leaking continuously and she felt her ass getting wet. But that just made things all the hotter, all the more kinky. She knew if the two kids kept it up, she was going to have a hands-free orgasm, and she was actually looking forward to it! She knew that in this state of arousal, her body was good for many orgasms!

Shannon lifted her mouth from her nipple and said to James, “I’ll bet you’ve dreamed about titty-fucking these beauties, haven’t you?”

“Oh yes!” he replied after lifting his mouth from her other nipple with a loud pop! “Especially since she started wearing that tight nightie-thing with no bra!”

Darlene drew in a breath as she imagined her son in his room jerking off his stiff boner as he fantasized about fucking her tits. The mental image playing before her blindfolded eyes and the anticipation that it was actually going to happen made her pussy leak even harder.

“Well, get up on top of her and I’ll help you do it!” Shannon said. A moment later James was straddling Darlene’s abdomen and she felt the heat of his big rigid cock lying between her tits. Shannon then mashed the two fleshy globes together around it and said, “Oh, your cock-head poking out from between her tits looks so hot!”

But then she released the tight squash she had around James’s kızılay escort dick. Darlene was confused–and disappointed!–but she soon understood why. She felt the bed move as Shannon crawled away momentarily, she heard a nightstand drawer open and close, then Shannon was back beside her. A second later, she felt the cool drizzle of lube being applied to the insides of her tits.

The coolness against her overheated tits and the anticipation of having them fucked for the first time in ages… and by her own son!… and while his lovely, sexy girlfriend held them squashed around his cock… and while she was tied helplessly spread-eagle to her son’s bed had her cunt on frigging fire before he even got started!

Shannon pulled the big orbs together and mashed them around a bit, working the lube over and around James’s boner. Then she said to him, “Fuck ’em, James! Fuck your mom’s big, beautiful, squishy tits!”

James began rocking his hips pushing his slippery cock back and forth between Darlene’s tits as Shannon mashed them tightly together and pinched and pulled on her fat nipples. Darlene groaned at the delightful combined physical feeling of what was being done to her plus the wickedly taboo mental aspect of who was doing it!

When one had tits the size of Darlene’s it was inevitable that her male partners would want to fuck them at one point or another, and Darlene enjoyed both the feeling of a cock pushing between her tits and the obvious kinky pleasure it gave her partner. Listening to her own son’s moans as he poked her tits, Shannon’s pleasant little purrs as she mauled them and pulled her nipples, and the sound of James’s lubricated cock squishing back and forth inches from her face–and all without being able to see any of it–put this titty-fuck experience off the charts from all the others, though!

Darlene began eliciting moans of her own as her orgasm quickly built, but when Shannon replaced her pinching fingers on one of her nipples with her mouth and gave it a hard suck and little bite, her pussy exploded.

“Oh, my fucking hell!” Darlene shouted as her cunt tightened and she gushed a hands-free orgasm all over the bed and her ass.

Shannon switched nipples while Darlene was still cumming, which elicited another low, “Oh, God!” from deep in Darlene’s throat.

Then suddenly, Shannon lifted her mouth, released Darlene’s tits, and pushed James off of his mother. “I think your mom kind of liked that,” she said with a little chuckle. Then, as Darlene felt the sheet being pulled farther down along her naked body, she added, “Let’s see how much she liked it!”

When the sheet slid past her spread crotch, the fresh flow of air on her drenched pussy and ass caused her fresh hot cum to begin to cool instantly, which only made Darlene’s cunt leak a little more.

As she lay there, now completely exposed and spread wide showing her sopping wet cunt and ass to the two kids, she felt the bed move as the two youngsters changed positions. They weren’t touching her but she knew they were looking at her nakedness and the results of the glorious orgasm they had just given her, and that previously-unknown thrill of exhibitionism kept her pussy tingling.

Then suddenly, she felt a mouth pressed against her wet cunt and she knew it was Shannon’s!

She sucked in her breath, twisted her hips as best she could to rise up and meet it, and moaned, “Oh, fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh, eat my pussy you sweet young thing! Please! Please!”

As much as Shannon was enjoying teasing her boyfriend’s horny mother, her burning curiosity about feeling a pussy in her mouth and tasting a woman’s fresh cum–other than her own–had taken over and she lapped and sucked on Darlene’s cunt from the pucker of her drenched asshole to her hidden clit.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity to explore her first-ever cunt, Shannon used her fingers to spread Darlene’s pussy lips wide then took a few moments to just look at the delicate petals of her labia glistening with fresh arousal juices. She pulled the lips back far enough to expose the tip of Darlene’s clit, and then leaned down and flicked its tiny head with her tongue.

“Oh, shit!” Darlene groaned. “Oh, please suck on my clit, Shannon! Please!”

Shannon pursed her lips, planted a kiss on Darlene’s clit and then began to suck as hard as she could while rubbing the coarseness of her tongue across its sensitive tip. James ate Shannon’s pussy on a regular basis, and he was pretty good at it. But Shannon had always wanted to try eating a pussy the way that only another woman would know how. She found that she loved the feel of Darlene’s hot, wet cunt against her lips and tongue, loved the taste of perfectly fresh pussy juice, and loved the sounds of Darlene’s reaction.

As Shannon devoured her very first pussy and Darlene moaned and mewed at the young girl’s remarkable talent, James got off the bed and stood there pulling hard but slowly on his rigid cock while watching his sexy, naked girlfriend eating his beautiful mother’s cunt while she was tied across his bed. James had jerked off to many different fantasies about his mother, but this one would never have entered his mind!

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