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Big Tits

Diane Cooper, a gorgeous brunette with a tall slim tight athletic body. Her seductive green eyes and great smile was only matched by her flat stomach, firm breasts with puffy upturned nipples and neatly trimmed snatch. The widowed mother of a 18 year old son Peter was not only blessed with physical beauty but also had a great personality and intelligence having earned several post graduate degrees. She had stripped during her undergraduate studies but quit after falling pregnant with Peter. She had worked hard in maintaining her body since and at 38 years her body was to die for she could only be described as sex on legs.

One afternoon Peter went looking for Diane to ask her something. Entering Diane’s bedroom he was confronted by a gorgeous nude woman standing facing away from him. Peter had not expected this. Diane turned around quickly, sensing the presence of someone at the door, and brought her arms up to hide breasts.

“Oh, Peter,” she exclaimed, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

Diane caught the look of bewilderment in his eyes. Both mother and son were in a state of quiet panic, albeit not for the same reason. Diane was ashamed that her son had caught her naked. Peter was in a panic because of his own reaction. He couldn’t believe that he was actually hot from looking at his own mom. He was even more upset with himself that he had not been able to take his eyes away from her body.

Over the years, he had seen her in various stages of undress and he had never taken any undue notice. As recently as six months ago, when she was completely undressed and trying on a new dress, he had walked in on her and never even flinched. He just apologised and walked back out; never even thinking of his mother as a female. She had been just mom.

“I, I’m sorry, mom,” Peter stammered

Diane was no less shy of her body than any other woman despite her earlier experiences this was different. Diane held a small towel up to cover her perfect breasts and crossed her legs in a way to hide her naked pussy.

Peter looked at her long smooth thigh that was exposed all the way to the smooth curve of her butt. Peter was frozen. He could not move, and he fought to catch his breath.

Diane getting over the shock of her son seeing her naked said “Hey a bit of privacy if you don’t mind.”

Peter slowly turned and quietly left the room his interest peaked by this incident. Several of his mates at school had commented that they thought his mother was a hot piece of arse, Peter had in the past ignored this and laughed it off but now he realised they were right.

Early one morning Peter noticed Diane’s door ajar. He peeked in noticing she was asleep. Peter saw this was his chance to get another good look at his mothers body which he had now become obsessed with trying to see, he creped in and hid in her closet. Were he would have a good view he took his shorts off as his anticipation already had his erection throbbing. Ten minutes later sitting nude in his mothers closet Peter realised that if Diane went to her closet to dress he would be caught. He went to sneak out when Diane awoke so Peter froze hoping not to be caught. At first, he didn’t notice her nudity out of fear as she got up and locked her door. Diane retrieved a silver dildo from her dressing table and laid down sucking on her bed sucking on the dildo while she let her heaving breasts and manipulating her sweet pussy.

Diane moaned softly loosing herself in her own pleasure. Peter began to stroke his penis as his attentions focused on the show his mother was giving him. Diane trailed the dildo over her tits across her flat stomach. She teased her pussy and clit by rubbing it around the lips of her pussy paying special attention to her now erect and protruding clitoris. Peter held his breath as Diane penetrated her sex with the 8-inch silver synthetic penis. Peter could not believe his mother would do this or how he didn’t know she does. Diane fucked herself thrusting her hips up to meet her hand with its weapon pushing deep into her. Increasing in speed as her climax grew then suddenly her muscles tensed up her legs slammed tight together, arching her back as waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsated through her body collapsing in a sweaty heap. After a few minutes to recover, Diane got up opening her closet and immediately seeing Peter.

“What are you…?” Diane screamed interrupted as Peter ejaculated spurting his cum all over her stomach.

Both mother and son stood stunned before Diane barked out while pointing an accusing finger at his still rock-hard erection, “What the fuck is the matter with you? Do you get off watching me?”

Peter’s face turned pale with guilt and while his mind desperately attempted to plot out a credible explanation to the whole situation. His eyes shifted between his own erection and his mothers’ angry eyes as if searching for a hidden answer to this horrible unexplained dilemma. “I…I…I…I,” he stuttered as he figured opening his mouth and saying something Karaköy escort was better than keeping silenced, something he quickly found out was useless. Diane, angry with her horny little son but also a tad flattered that he would watch her started searching for something reasonable to say, but she too was lost for words. The two stood there for a very long time looking at each other’s naked bodies and neither of them said a word.

Finally, Diane let a tiny smile bestow her pretty lips, as she could not help but see the humour in the whole situation. “Go on PISS OFF, you pervert!” she laughed as she rubbed her sons cum into her skin. Peter ran back to his room to pull his dick again.

Diane couldn’t believe it her son had watched her masturbate but what had her surprised and confused was her reaction. What should she do know was all she could think about? She didn’t want to encourage him but she didn’t want him looking at other girls and getting himself in real trouble besides she kind of enjoyed being the subject of a teenager’s fantasy. Nevertheless, it was her son and that was wrong but what harm could it do.

It wasn’t long before both had forgotten or at least pushed the incidents into the back of their minds. Things went on more or less normally however that would soon change after another incident. It had been an extremely hot summer and this day was no exception. Diane was desperate to cool off. Peter was at school the backyard was very private but lacked a pool, so Diane decided she would sunbake outside under the garden sprinkler. She decided to do it naked as her bikini was a little old and couldn’t be bothered going out a buying a new one yet. Diane could relax because she didn’t have to work because of her late husband’s estates generous allowance. Pouring a tall ice cold drink Diane stripped off leaving her clothes on the kitchen floor. Setting up the sprinkler to spray her gently on the hammock she had set up Diane covered her body with sun tan lotion stretched out in the hammock sipping her drink and relaxed.

Being released from school early because of a blackout caused by the air conditioners, Peter got home and went straight to the kitchen to grab a drink were he saw his mother clothes on the floor. Peter like most teenage boys were increasingly interested with sex and this aroused his curiosity, as his sexy mom was the most recent fantasy during his regular masturbation sessions. Looking around he heard the hose on and went to investigate. He was greeted by a scene from his dreams his mother lay naked, exposed to his eyes while she slept silently in her hammock. Peter moved closer to get a better look and knocked over Diane drink waking her up. The fright in the unstable hammock made Diane fall out stumbling into Peter and falling on top of him. Sitting astride her son her nudity the centre of Peter attention but Diane didn’t realise she was still nude and yelling at Peter for ditching class. He explained and she apologised as she began to feel a growing erection beneath her. Asking Peter why he was aroused, she suddenly became aware of her exposure when his response was she had great tits. Getting up quickly she ran to her room.

Diane was again confused by all this, three incidents in as many weeks, did she want him to see her nude was it her sub-consciously causing these incidents? She knew she was a tease and had always flirted, being the girl at high school who always sat with her legs slightly parted in a short skirt or an extra button undone on her blouse. Since she had stopped stripping she had missed that attention that would come with all the lights and eyes focused on her nude figure as she moved sensually in her erotic dance. Eventually Diane convinced herself that was the reason for these incidents were her trying to refill this missing part of her life. Realising she needed to do something before she accidentally got in trouble Diane began to search for something. It found her by accident one evening she was wearing her little black dress it was tight fitting with a high hemline and accentuated her cleavage. She had been out to dinner with friends there had been a fight between one of the couples and it left Diane without a ride home when they stormed out of the restaurant. She walked for what seemed miles in her high heels planning to go home when she stopped her feet were aching. She looked around realising she didn’t know were she was eventually figuring out she had taken a wrong turn and ended up in an area of town known as the red light district. After gaining her bearings and resting her feet a little she realised it was a short cut home she usually avoided because of its sleazy reputation and continued home.

A curb crawler pulled up next to her and asked her “How much sexy?”

Diane responded in shock “What!”

The middle-aged man in his neat BMW continued “You’re working right how much?”

Realising the man had mistaken her for a prostitute Diane said “Honey you couldn’t afford Kayaşehir escort bayan me.”

“I bet I could” Was the man’s response.

Curiously, Diane responded “Alright, How much do you think I’m worth?”

“Well let’s just say I wanted a blowjob that’s half an hour. I could pick up a cheap drugged up slut around the corner for about $50. I would think a nice girl like you $100” he said.

Wanting to get a taxi but having no money, her anger at having to walk home and this being a fantasy of hers made Diane surprise herself by contemplating it. Deciding not to go through with it she tried to be kind and disappoint the man gently after all she was alone Diane said “No sorry honey for a blowjob it would cost you more than that.”

“How about $200?”

“Sorry I’m out of condoms and stuff I’m going home.” Trying not to let on she had no idea what she was doing.

“$300 for a blowjob without a condom.”

“Sorry I don’t swallow.”

“I pull out before I cum.”

“Don’t Bull Shit?”

“OK $500 last offer.”

Diane thought “shit this is a lot of money I can’t just walk away but its wrong then again who would know.”

“Well will you suck me or not.”

Diane decided to make some rules “OK, Park your car and sit in the passenger seat I’ll do it here but you have to pay me first and I’ll stop if you try to touch me.”

The man followed her instructions doing as was told. Diane couldn’t believe it when he gave her the money. He pulled his pants down while she counted it. She looked around there was a bit of traffic but not many people except on the other side. Noticing he had a reasonable nice looking circumcised penis not big at all Diane knelt down in front of her client a gently took him in her mouth. Diane late husband had loved her to suck him off and she had learnt some techniques that were sending this person wild. It did not take long for this person to cum down Diane’s throat and she swallowed every bit. Wiping her mouth she stood up straighten herself up said thankyou to her appreciative client who gave her another $100 as a tip. Diane watched the guy drive off she couldn’t believe how easy that was she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t disgusted like she thought she would.

She decided to keep walking home when another guy pulled up next to her having witnessed Diane’s previous client. He shouted, “Hey how much did that guy pay you?”

“Why?” Questioned Diane coyly.

“Because I want to be next.” The handsome older man smiled.

“Well darling he gave me $1000,” Diane interested but tried to discourage.

“What do I get for that?” He nervously inquired.

“Just a blowjob,” Diane teased

“You’re expensive,” He complained.

“No I’m quality,” Diane snapped

“How much for a screw?” He asked excitedly

An increasingly interested Diane said, “It depends.”

“On what?” The interested old man asked.

“What you want,” replied Diane.

“Just straight sex,” the eager old man said.

“Sorry, but I shouldn’t lead you on like this because although it would be fun. I can’t I’m out of rubbers,” apologised Diane

The gentleman hopingly said, “That’s alright I bought a packet just in case it’s not even open yet.”

Surprised Diane smiled and replied, “OK, but my rules.”

“Great” He smiled.

Diane thought for a second then said, “Well its $2000 plus the condoms up front. Still interested?”

“Yes, here you go” the man said offering the money and condoms.

“There is a car park behind these shops give it to me there I’ll meet you in a minute.” Diane said as the guy drove around the back.

Diane met the older man in the car park and then explained her further rules, “Before you give me the money and condoms the deal is we do it on the front of your car out here in the open. And you must leave your pants in the car and once you cum that’s it. Still going through with it?”

“I can’t wait but can I keep your panties?” He asked

“Well I’d like you to have something to remember me by. But I’m not wearing any underwear,” apologised Diane.

Disappointed he handed her the Money and condoms with a shrug of the shoulders. While Diane put the money in her purse, her client removed his pants. With a nervous look, the man joined Diane at the front of the car. Diane with a brand new condom squatted in front of the gentleman using her moist lips to lubricate his cock she quickly rolled on the rubber. Then sitting onto the front of the car Diane raised her dress exposing her neatly trimmed pussy to the fresh night air which sent a tingle through her body. While her client gently pulled the top of her dress down exposing her, great tit then began suckling on them to Diane delight. Being already wet from anticipation Diane gently guides her companion’s latex covered penis into her steamy pussy. A blowjob was one thing but now she was truly a whore Diane thought to herself as she pushed back in a Escort Küçükçekmece circular motion against her clients thrusting penis. It was not long before her client took a deep gasp of air and came. This did not satisfy Diane’s needs and when her client left, she got no tip or thank you.

In a coffee shop on her way home Diane overheard two person’s talking about how much money they earned at a nearby brothel. Diane thought that couldn’t be right that was about 100 times what she earned a week when she was stripping. But only sluts worked in places like that Diane thought but the woman didn’t look like a prostitute in fact she was well dressed a very attractive nothing like what Diane imagined. This aroused her curiosity after her experience that night and she decided to make some discreet anonymous enquires into working in a place like that. Diane discovered the laws that legalised those establishments were designed with public health in mind. Security, drug free, STD checks, and safe sex requirements made it a safe working environment. The only thing she found against it that was not just a moral argument was the fact that some hookers have suffered emotional trauma but this was an old study before brothel’s were legalised and many of the girls involved had been on drugs and been raped. Diane was satisfied that it was safe and decided to sleep on it. She debated the moral issue and wether or not she could do it or not.

The next day having thought it through, she decided to give it a go. Diane figured if the government could overcome the moral issue so could she after all it paid well and if she couldn’t handle it, she would quit. She arranged an interview with a high-class brothel or as they preferred gentlemen’s club outside of town it had the best split and had a discreet and quality reputation. A classy establishment with high prices meant she was unlikely to be found out by any of her friends.

A few days’ later she was interviewed by woman who went through a series of health checks and discreetly obtained her medical records. After a grilling and testing her, the woman asked her to wait in a suite while she spoke to her boss. A man very attractive entered and asked her to fuck him it was part of her interview Diane refused. Then the woman came back in saying that it was a test to see if she was a common whore, this surprised Diane. The woman introduced her self as Madeleine the madam of the establishment and the man was her husband Michael he worked security. Madeleine then asked Diane to strip to see if her body was as good as her, clothes made it look. Tentatively Diane stripped letting the couple see her Madeleine felt her breasts stomach then her arse before reaching between Diane’s legs and inspected her pussy. Impressed they offered Diane a job. The prices are $100 the first half an hour full service and $40 every quarter of an hour after that. Payment up front, no refund policy and various health and safety requirements need to be followed and there is 60:40 split with Diane getting the 60 Madeleine explained. After negotiating times Diane left, she would now work 10am to 6pm every Monday to Friday, earned about $600 a day.

Diane’s first day at the club she wore a tight pink body hugging sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline and the hem of her skirt barley covered her white satin g-string thong and matching push up bra. Her first client was an old man easily 70 years of age. Diane was introduced like the other girls, after he found her to his liking and arrange and payed the receptionist for a half an hour full service. He was shown to a room and directed to have a shower. Diane entered the room placing her lubricant and condoms on the bedside cabinet and finding him sitting on the end of the bed. After giving the old guy a visual STD check Diane slowly stripped making small talk pausing a moment for her client to admire her gorgeous body.

“Would you like to start with a massage?” Diane seductively asked,

“Yes” nervously the old man responded.

Diane then directed the old guy to lie down in the middle of the bed on his stomach, and then began to slowly massage his back, arms, and legs letting her hand linger a little longer and softer near his arse and balls trying to arouse him. She straddled his back making sure he could feel her neatly trimmed pubic hair and natural heat using her body to tease him. Breathing softly in his ear Diane asked him to roll over on his back, and then kissed his chest teased his nipples with her tongue and run her fingers through his tough pubic hair. She slowly stroked his small but experienced 5 inch cock reached over grabbed a condom ripping open the tough packet with her teeth and rolling it down it full length without much trouble.

Diane then whispered in his ear “Would you like me to suck your sexy cock now?”

His eager response was “Yes, please” as he furiously nodding his head.

Diane began massaging his balls and stroking his cock as she knelt between his legs. Looking up at the old man and smiled before leaning forward and engulfing his cock gently, she manipulated his cock using her lips and tongue to increase his enjoyment after a short while she stopped much to his disappointment.

His disappointment turned to excitement when Diane asked “Would you like to screw me know?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32