Dinner with Friends

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Standing here looking into this long mirror my wife insisted I put in here, well I’m not impressed. I think I look goofy as hell standing here trying to decide if I want to wear a coral shirt or a teal shirt? I mean seriously, who the hell wears coral? That sounds like I should be some gay guy on a runway. “And here come Sally, with his beautiful gay coral shirt on.”

I’m Sally by the way. No, I wasn’t gender confused. My actual name is Salvatore. But my mom called me Sally, she claimed it was because she “was in labor for 19 hours, and I can call you whatever I want.” Yeah, she was a real charmer that one. Why else would she call her only son Sally? Maybe it fits now, because I’m contemplating wearing a coral color shirt. Man, Lena is going to be pissed if I don’t hurry up.

So, my goddess of a wife, Lena, short for Arolena, yeah, I know, another screwed up name that someone’s parent thought was fun. Anyways, back to Lena. See, she decided that it would be fun to go to some nice formal dinner with her friends from work and include me in it. I don’t mind, mind you, but I think I would much rather sit her and grovel over a coral shirt. Or maybe a teal shirt. Hell, why don’t I wear a lemon striped shirt with pink cubes on it? That way I can just let everyone know that hey, this guy right here likes to play the penis fiddle with his teeth and lips. How do you know? Just look at his frigging shirt.

How did I let her talk me into this? I don’t do this kind of fancy crap. I made to work with jeans and a t-shirt. Or maybe even a long sleeve t-shirt. But not this coral crap. I don’t even know where or when I got it. It showed up one day and decided to jump on my body.

“Hey, whatta you doin’ up there?”

And there it is, the final bell before the demon comes up here and puts my clothes on my body for me. Nah, she’s not a demon, don’t let me lie. She’s a devil trapped into this gorgeous of a body. She does grow on you though; like algae in a swimming pool. Why else would anyone want someone to dress up in a clown suit just for a dinner with her co-workers. Let’s not forget, these are the same co-workers that don’t like me because I don’t own a nice car, or a 50 kadrillion dollar house. So, to recap: gay shirt, demon goddess, and miserable co-workers.

Back to my clothing choice for the evening. I guess I’m going to have to get something other than this tie on, and quick. She’s going to be up here wondering where the hell I am and what the hell is going on. But this tie, it’s just so soft. Especially when I’ve wrapped it around my shaft and not my neck. Hey, don’t judge me, I want to see what a cock tie looks like, instead of a neck tie. This one especially. It looks rather dashing I must say (insert a Royal British Douche’ Bag accent), wrapped around my cock. Now my cock looks distinguished. I should give this a name, Dong, Sammy Dong, Double OH…

“What is taking so long?” Lena asked from the doorway, with a hint of irritation.

“Wha..what?” I stutter, trying to hide my cock tie amid her brutal interruption of privacy. Can’t a man have some time to himself before he has to go off to the gallows?

“I asked what is taking so long. I expected you to be ready 10 minutes ago. And yet here you stand naked with a tie in your hand. Or rather, a tie on your cock. Oh my god!” she giggles out. “Do you really have a tie around your cock?”

“No, that’s stupid!” I know I sounded convincing, because she started gracefully walking towards me. Gracefully might not be the word, maybe sauntering. Regardless, she’s walking towards me and I’m holding my cock in my hand. Well, a tie, that’s holding my cock. And I don’t have any reasonable explanation. At least none that she would believe. I can’t just blurt out that my cock didn’t have a look of sophistication. Yet here she walked, nonetheless, closer and closer till she’s arms reach away.

Oh hell, I know she’s judging me right now. There is no way she isn’t. I see it in those gorgeous deep blue almost green eyes. There’s a sparkle there, and it’s a sparkle of pure judgement. And I asked for it. I was up here waiting around with my cock in my tie instead of getting ready to go on this damn dinner. Now I’m going to have to live with this humiliation.

“Let me see it,” she demands. As though I’m going to give her the tie that I’m holding that’s also wrapped around my cock.

“No, have you lost your mind? Why would I…fine, but don’t be mean!” I know, I know. You’re wondering the same thing I am. “WHY!!” Why on earth would I give her the tie? Well it’s like this; I’m terrified of her. Not in the sense of she’s going to beat me down like çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle a bad football game. More like she’s going to keep me from getting any nookie if I don’t listen. That’s a lie. I’m going give her the tie because I am a man and she can’t see me sweat.

So, like any sane man, I give this devil goddess the one thing that she can physically lead me around with. A tie wrapped around my cock. She takes this mid-evil torture device in her soft, creamy white fingers and gives me that look. You know the one. That, “I can’t believe you just did that” look. Like she knows something I don’t. That’s what she thinks. I know how this feels and looks. It’s a little constricting, but nothing I can’t handle.

“Mmmm” she moans, as she gently starts to tug the tie towards her. “I was hoping to be able to get some dessert later, but I think I might have to spoil my dinner by having it now.”

As Lena is pulling me closer with the tie, and in retrospect, my cock too, she really is scaring me. She’s got that look of a woman who’s not see chocolate in 6 months and I just rattled the wrapper of a Snickers Bar. Does she think that I’m going to be a willing to just let her pull me closer so she can have her way with me? Is she crazy? Wait, nope, I’m going to! How do you resist a woman who’s got you by the cock? Or the cock tie?

Pulling me closer, I see her other hand wrapping around the tie as though she’s playing tug of war. I’m watching both hands get closer to my cock and realize that I’m getting hard. And that my friends is a bad thing. No not because I have that gorgeous woman wanting to get closer to my cock, but because there is a tie, tightly wrapped around my the lower end of my shaft, and it’s filling up with blood at a rapid pace. Which means that the tie is getting tighter. Oh boy, I really didn’t think this through. I should have just worn the frigging coral shirt. That would have kept me from being in the situation that I’m now struggling to try and get out of. As her hand gets closer to my distinguished member, it continues to get harder. Like really man, come on do we need to do this right now? If we show her that she can get this reaction out of us, then how are we going to ever go to dinner?

That’s when it happens. Her little ice tentacles wrap around the head of my cock, and squeeze just a little. I told you she was the devil. The grip was so hot it felt cold. I was too afraid to look. I just knew that she was going to melt it off because I would rather get it ready for dinner than get myself ready for dinner. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse it did. I felt the pressure just go away.

My mind is yelling at me to run. To call a voodoo priestess, a catholic priest, or anyone who could help. I know she has cut it off with her devil fire. I’ve read the books that tells you that if something is so hot, you won’t feel it if it’s cut off. And that’s what she did. She used so much heat to cut my pecker off, that’s why there’s no pressure.

“Now quit screwing around and get ready or we’re going to be late. We have to be there in…twenty-eight minutes,” she reminds me looking at her watch. Throwing my tie around my neck.

Daring to open one eye just a sliver I realize she hasn’t cut my life mate off, she just untied him. Looking down I feel the relief flood through me as I see my cock, untied, still hanging down where he was three minutes ago.

“Oh, and Sally, wear the coral shirt and THAT tie.” she demands as she’s shakes her devil ass walking out of the room.

Yeah right, like I’m going to wear a tie, that’s been around my cock, to dinner with her friends from work. Not going to happen. Who does she think she is? I’m not going to wear it. And I’m not going to wear that ugly ass coral shirt. I’m the man of this house. If I want to wear dress pants and a coral shirt I will. If not, I won’t. Who does she think she is? Telling me to wear an ugly coral shirt? She can kiss my butt.

Wear did I put that shirt? I know it’s here somewhere. Do I tuck it in? Duh, I’m wearing a tie. That means you tuck. Tie equals tuck, no tie equals what? Anything really. Shit, I don’t know. I’m not wearing this tie though. I had it around my cock 5 minutes ago. It does go good with this coral shirt though. What possessed me to wrap a tie around my cock that I was going to have to wear to dinner?

Before you say it though, I’m not wearing this coral shirt because she told me to. I’m wearing it because I made the man decision to wear it. She doesn’t tell me what to wear. I don’t care chasing waves izle if every time she smiles I get a rush of heat in my loins. Why do they call them loins? Why not come up with something that couldn’t be confused with lions? Plus, I picked out the shoes I’m wearing. She didn’t suggest them. Granted, I only own this pair.

“COME ON, SALLY” she yells from the bottom of the stairs! Man, she’s pushy. Why can’t we stay in and drink some coffee or something? Why do we gotta go out with her friends? I don’t understand what they are talking about when I’m around them. Hell, I don’t understand what they are talking about when I’m not around them. I don’t really care though. I’ll just sit there and nod my head.


“I’M COMING DEVIL WOMAN.” Wait, did I just say that out loud? Oh boy, that’s gonna cost me. I wonder if the couch is still comfortable? Should be, it’s only about a year old. And I’m never here to sit on it. Someone’s got to work. Not all of us can eat dinner with the people we call co-workers. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure what the couch looks like. Was it beige or brown? Maybe it was black.

Well no time like the present to face the music. Walking out of our room I make sure to turn the lights off so she can trip over something if she decides to make me sleep on the couch for my “devil woman” comment. Man that would be funny. To be a fly on the wall when she walks into the closet door because I didn’t leave a light on.

As I’m headed down to the first floor I see Lena standing there waiting for me. She’s got her purse in one hand, her keys in the other hand, and a look of irritation on her face. Yep! I’m in trouble. But damn, I just realized that she’s wearing a knee length dress that fits her like a second skin. Well, a little bit darker second skin. She’s got that creamy complexion. So anything other than snow is darker than her. But man, she looks good.

I’m not sure who makes that dress, but I’m going to have to remember to send them a nice thank you letter. Just looking at her has gotten me a little strained against my pants. I’m not sure how I got this lucky, but I’m ready to run back up stair and stroke one really fast. I think I could get it done in about 2 minutes. Less if she comes and stand there so I can see her.

Navy blue. That’s it! The couch was navy blue when I bought it. I wonder what color it is now. What! Why would someone change the color of a couch? Why not just buy a new couch? Wouldn’t it be easier to do that then to redo the upholstery on it? What room is that damn thing in anyways? Living room or the den? Hold on, why do I have a damn den and a living room?

“Ready babe?” Lena asks holding the door open?

“I guess,” I reply; hoping that before I get out the door she decides to stay in for the night. I mean seriously, what would it hurt if I stayed here and mopped the floor or something? I could paint the ceilings. Or the banister. I could walk the dog. Moron, you can’t use that excuse, we don’t own a dog. We would have to borrow Fred the neighbor’s dog. I hate that dog, so I it’s safer for the dog if I don’t walk it. We might end up in front of a bus. Which to me doesn’t sound too bad, at least I don’t have to go to dinner.

Lena hands me the keys and tells me to lock the door as she walks outside to get in the car. For a fleeting second, I think I could stab her in the neck with her keys and say she tripped. No one would be the wiser and I would be able to skip this dinner.

As we’re walking to the car I start humming to “Final Countdown” by Europe. Awe man this night is going to really suck.

“Come on honey, it’s not that bad. I don’t ask you to do this very often. And you know that I enjoy hanging out with the ladies from work. Their husbands don’t give them this much trouble.”

“That’s because their husbands are zombies with mushy brains and can’t think for themselves.”

“Really Salvatore, you better be nice tonight. Don’t embarrass me in front of my coworkers. Especially since Mel is going to there, she’s shy as it is. We had to practically threaten her with her job to get her to come out tonight. She’s been working there two months and no one knows anything about her really. Don’t know if she’s married, has kids, a boyfriend. So we’re hoping that she will open up a little after a few drinks.”

“I’ll be good. I don’t want Margie..”


“That’s what I said, “Mel.” We don’t want Mel, to be offended or embarrassed.”

“Good, now get in the damn car. We’re running late as it is.”

I’ll show you running christina in the country izle late I think to myself as I get the car started. I can take the long way around and we won’t get there for a couple of hours. Come to think of it, I don’t know where the hell we’re going.

“We’re meeting everyone at Lou’s.”

WHOA, not only is she a devil woman, now she’s a psychic. I knew there was something strange going on. But yeah, Lou’s is fine. It’s about a 20-minute ride, and at this hour we might add a few more minutes. At least 15. Who’s counting. It would be a shame to be 35-minutes late, and no one else showed up.

The glow of the dashboard shines just enough light inside the car, that I catch a glimpse of movement to my right. Lena has decided to roll down the window and let the night breeze inside. Maybe she will jump out and I can turn the car around so I don’t have to go to this dinner. Let me get something straight here, I don’t wish harm upon my gorgeous Lena, I just really don’t like these get togethers or hers. At least we’re having it a sweet hole in the wall.

She does look good in the glow of the dashboard though. Her short-bobbed hair, flailing around with the wind. Creamy ear lobes, illuminated by the digital clock on the dash board. I hope Lou is mixing drinks tonight. Something tells me I’m going to want to be wasted 5 minutes into this shin dig. These people have so much excitement, that the lady at the DMV counter would be like a hyper kid on Mt. Dew.

Shit! Yellow light. I better slow down before it turns red. Not saying that I wouldn’t want to be later than we already are going to be. But, I would love to be a whole lot later. Green light. Damn this light is fast.

“Thank you for doing this Sally. I know you didn’t want to go, but I’m glad you are. I love you for things like this.”

“I love you too, Lena. I know it means a lot to you that I’m with you. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather being doing then spending this time with you” I could be mowing the lawn right now. But NOOOOO, you wanted me to come see your dysfunctional friends and their even more dysfunctional husbands. To myself, not out loud. Are you crazy. I did mention she was a devil woman, right?

At that exact moment I feel Lena’s hand slowly pulling down my zipper. How did I miss her hand reach across the seat? I have to pay closer attention to what’s going on. But before I can say anything about how it’s not good to have my zipper down while driving down the road, I feel her slip her fingers under my zipper past my compression shorts that I wear as underwear, and is pulling my cock out. Man, she’s fast! I thought I was good, but she did it before I could even have a complete thought. Maybe she shouldn’t jump out of the car.

“What are you doing Lena?” I enquire, looking over to my gorgeous goddess.

“Showing my appreciation for being such a caring, loving, and understanding husband. And agreeing to put up with my coworkers.”

“This isn’t necessary. I would’ve come with you anyways.”

Taking my eyes off Lena I concentrate back on the road. It’s been awhile since she’s stroked my cock in a vehicle. I’m not going to stop her now. Plus, the silky feeling of her hands, wrapped around my growing cock is a pure feeling of ecstasy. I can feel myself getting harder now as she squeezed my shaft a few times in rapid succession.

At this point I’m standing at full attention. I can’t help it. Her slow up and down strokes are causing more blood to rush down to my loins. There’s that damn word again. I’m going to have to figure out where that word originated and change it.

Oh god this feels good. If I wasn’t driving I would close my eyes and lean back and just enjoy the sensation of her firm, slow strokes, up and down my shaft. It’s not a very big shaft to stroke, but it’s a decent size. With her small hands and my shaft, it’s like she needs to move her hands more. She’s always had small hands, but I’m not sure they ever felt this good.

Wham!! Just like that, I feel her lean over and plant a kiss right on the little opening at the top of my cock. How did she move so fast? Wasn’t she just leaning over by the other window? I feel the warm breath from her mouth as she pulls back a little. I’m almost afraid to look down because she might stop if I watch. Then I feel it again. Only this time I feel the wetness of her lips and they hug the head of my manhood, slowly sliding down. They offer just a little bit of saliva as she takes me deeper and deeper in the first down stroke of her mouth.

I sense, more than I feel, her stop her downward slide and start retreating. Not with the speed of an army retreating from the enemy. But enough that there is a feeling of abandonment. Her hand is still on my shaft so I know she’s not going to stop, I’m just sorry she’s withdrawing. Then I feel it, she’s pulling my cock back into her mouth. Only now I feel her going deeper. Like she needs to see if there is still the same amount of cock as there was before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32