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Hi! My name is Chrissy, and I am so glad to finally find a place to tell all of my stories. Just so you know, they are all true (except for the names!). I get off retelling them to people and getting to relive my little ‘adventures’ as I have come to call them! I am a recent college grad (22), living in the Philadelphia area. I am 5’4,” 110 lbs, 32A-22-34.

I was 18 and a virgin when I started college…not that I wanted to be a virgin. My boyfriend all through high school had refused to take my cherry because of his religion. Once I got to college, I realized that I needed to explore my sexuality, so I dumped him and started looking around for someone to fuck! I swore to myself that the first guy to ask me out would get my cherry.

That guy was Mike. He was real skinny, and his cock matched the rest of his body. I could barely feel him inside of me, as I was used to masturbating with large magic markers for years. He also didn’t last very long. But he served his purpose and I broke up with him after a few weeks….not because of hi pencil dick, or his inability to fuck me long enough so I would come, though. I left him when I found the man I had been searching for…Rob.

Rob was 6′, big and strong, without looking like a body builder. I could tell by the way his jeans fit that he had a great package hangin’ under there. He was the manager of the campus radio station…boy did I join up quick!

The day I went to the station to join, I wore a sleeveless button-down top, that was a little too big on me. Anyone standing behind and to my side would totally get a glimpse of my tiny, but firm A-cup titties. I made sure I stood next to Rob a lot that day! The dj booth was small, and I kept rubbing my tiny ass against his groin “by accident.” By the third or fourth time, I could feel that his cock had grown hard. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it felt as casino şirketleri big, or bigger, than I had imagined.

At the end of the day, he asked if I wanted to go to the mall with him and two of his friends. I agreed and we all went and had a great time. Afterwards, we all went to dinner. Rob and I sat next to each other in the booth at the restaurant. I kept my hand on his thigh the whole time, and he kept his hand on mine. Every 15 minutes, or so, he’d inch his hand further up my thigh, and I would move mine closer to his crotch as well. By the time we left, both our pinky fingers were caressing each other’s crotches. I was so wet by the time we left the restaurant I was afraid I’d have a wet spot on my jeans!

Once in the car, Rob’s friend Jim said he’d drive. Joey got in the passenger seat. That left Rob and I in the back. It was very dark, and I was very horny. As soon as we got on the highway, Jim turned up the music. It didn’t seem to bother Joey, who had fell asleep. I slowly reached over to Rob and let my hand fall into his lap. We turned to face each other and kissed for the first time. As I slipped my velvety tongue into his mouth, I could feel his cock respond by instantly twitching and beginning to grow. He moved his hand to my breasts, feeling them through my shirt. As he slowly undid the top three buttons to slip a hand inside, I deftly lowered his fly. I glanced up and saw that Jim was oblivious to our actions.

As Rob slowly massaged my puffy pink nipple between his thumb and forefinger, I slowly pulled his now hard cock out through his zipper, over the top of his white briefs. He wasn’t more than 6 or 7 inches long, but his dick was so big around I could barely get my fingers to touch around its massive girth, I gasped, and said, “Holy shit!”….a bit too loud, I’m afraid. For when I looked up, I caught Jim stealing glances through casino firmaları the rear view mirror. I was too turned on to care, and Rob hadn’t noticed…so I starting stroking his fat cock between my tiny fingers.

Rob moved his hand to my waist and started to open the button on my jeans. I gently removed his hand, and put it back on my breast. Then, when I noticed Jim wasn’t looking, I kissed my way down Rob’s neck to his chest, and then quickly moved my lips over the head of his cock. He groaned as I gently kissed the head with my soft, red lips. I felt the car swerve briefly, and a car horn honk…obviously, Jim had heard Rob’s gasp and seen my head in his lap.

I circled the head of Rob’s cock with my tongue, flicking it quickly over the underside of the head. I had paid great attention to my father’s ‘hidden’ stash of pornos, over the years. Rob slid his hips out, so he was slumped in his seat. I pulled his pants down a bit to expose his big beautiful balls to the cool night air. I laid across the seat, with my head in his lap. He immediately slipped his hand down the back of my jeans, and caressed the cheeks and crack of my ass. I ran my tongue down the length of his cock to his balls. Once there, I lapped at them lick a dog lapping water on a hot summer day. Then I nibbled my way back up the shaft, made a tight ‘O’ with my lips and slowly moved my mouth over and down the length of his cock.

The girth forced my mouth to open wider as I sank lower onto his wide trouser snake. When I got to the base, I tried to flick my tongue out to lick his balls, but I felt like I would gag and choke. So I slowly moved back up his cock. I heard Jim say, “One more exit to campus.”

I knew I had to hurry. I made my lips tight around the head of Rob’s cock, filled my mouth with saliva and started jerking him off with my mouth. I moved my right hand to his güvenilir casino balls, and slowly caressed them with the tips of my finger nails while I sucked his cock deep into my throat, releasing it momentarily, and then engulfing it again. I quickened my pace, and Rob removed his hand from my ass and put it on the back of my head, guiding me to suck faster. I started to feel his hips move and buck…he raised his hips off the seat and whispered, “I’m gonna cum…” I sucked harder.

He hastily whispered, “Watch out…I’m gonna cum!” I stopped moving my mouth and simply sucked the head, while stroking his cock with my right hand. He grunted, and I felt a hot spurt of his thick, milky cum hit the back of my throat. I started swallowing, trying to keep up with his bursts. A little bit seeped out of the corner of my mouth, but I lapped it off his hot swollen balls. When I brought my head out of his lap, Rob pulled me close and kissed me hard, slipping his tongue in my mouth.

“Mmmmmm…,” I thought, “He’s not afraid to taste his own cum!” Then he hugged me, and whispered in my ear, “You are so fuckin’ hot!” I giggled, and looked in the mirror, just in time to catch Jim staring intently, with a huge grin on his face. I buttoned my top, and we drove up to Rob’s dorm. We kissed and promised to call each other the next day. Then we woke up Joey, and dropped him at his dorm. Finally, Jim pulled up to my dorm. Before I had a chance to reach for the door handle, he had jumped out of the car and opened it for me. “Thanks!” I said.

“No, thank YOU!” he responded, grabbing his evidently hard cock through his sweatpants. I pulled him close and kissed him on his mouth. I slipped my tongue in his mouth, and he accepted it wholeheartedly. This was awesome! Here I was, sharing my new boyfriend’s cum with his best friend! Our lips parted, and I said, “Sweet dreams!” and moved away, walking to my dorm. When I got to my room, my room mate was out. I started to get undressed, and glanced out the window. There was Jim, 5 stories down, stroking his cock next to his car!

Guys!…gotta love them!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32