Doug Gets Burned

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This is a little story that popped into my mind. I’ve done a couple of Burn the Bitch stories – to mixed reviews, so I thought that I would try a Burn the Bastard story. I don’t typically read those, so I apologize if this is similar to anything else out there. I think that I’ve added a new twist to it though. I know that most of these types of stories are in the Loving Wives category, but, although the Bastard is married, the wife has a very small part in the story. It should be obvious why it is being put in the Incest category.

A couple of warnings here. First off, there is no sex in this story. At least no explicit sex. Second, this is rather dark, and there are really no good guys here. If you are looking for someone who wins. There are no winners. Take that as you may. FYI, this is a lot different than most of my stories.

If you have read some of my previous stories, you may know that I often write from different character’s perspectives. That will hold true here.


Doug gets burned.


I didn’t understand what was going on. My boss, the HR Manager, and the head of security were all there informing me that I was being fired. Furthermore, there were two police officers there to arrest me. I was completely shocked since I had not done anything illegal. I was told I was being arrested for sexual harassment, rape, and blackmail. That was ludicrous. Sure, I had fooled around with a new young employee, but it was completely consensual. Hell, SHE had been the aggressor. She pursued me. I had tried to hold her off, but then she walked into my office, closed the door, stripped naked and began pulling my cock out of my pants. I dare any straight man to refuse an incredibly beautiful 24-year old woman with a body like she has when that happens. Especially when you are a 46-year old slightly out of shape middle aged man like me.

Her name was Lisa Douglas. She was just hired at the firm 6-months ago. She was a red-headed goddess with a very intelligent brain. She always wore very attractive skirts and blouses that were professional, but sexy. Her legs were normally encased in silk stockings and 4-inch heels. Her blouses, while stylish, seemed to enhance her 36D breasts. Her slim, flat waist only emphasized the curves of her hips, and her skirts were tight enough to draw admiring glances to her delectable ass. Her slim nose, high cheek bones, and perfect bow-tie mouth topped off her beauty. I was completely astonished that she began to pursue me.

As I was being led out of the building in handcuffs, I caught a glimpse of her crying as she was telling her story to a detective. They were in another office, and one of the secretaries was sitting there comforting her.

“And then he told me that he would have me fired if I didn’t…” I heard as they escorted me past. Why was she lying to them? I never said that to her, well, I did, but that was just role playing like she asked me to do. She had asked me to say that as we were playing a game that she had come up with. Again, she was the one that came after me. Up until that time, I was happily married. It was the first time that I had ever cheated on Veronica. How was I ever going to explain this to her and our two kids?

I was numb. Nothing was making sense. I was taken to the station, fingerprinted and booked. My one phone call was wasted. Veronica just screamed “How could you do this to me and the kids, you BASTARD?” She slammed the phone down before I could even ask her to bail me out. Three days later, I was served with divorce papers. No visitation with the kids, she had cleaned out the accounts, and she kept the house.


I waited two weeks before I visited him. He was stuck in jail, because no one would bail him out. His wife had filed for divorce, right after she got the (edited) videos of Doug fucking me. Once the arrest report was released, she went for the jugular. Seriously, what judge in their right mind was going to grant visitation to a rapist? There was also not much he could do about anything else either. He was going to lose everything. Just as planned.

The real reason for waiting was that I couldn’t visit him while he was still in jail. Those visitation rooms are bugged, and it would be more than a little inconvenient for anyone else to hear what was said. Nope. If that happened, it would totally screw up all of the careful planning that I had done. I put in a hell of a lot of work to destroy him, and I couldn’t take the chance of anything going wrong. I had one more little trick to ensure his complete destruction. He needed to be out of jail for that as well. So, I anonymously put up the 10% to bail him out.

He was sitting on the park bench as he was instructed to do. I had a friend make an anonymous phone call to the hotel room he was at. His wife had booted him out of the house and put a restraining order on him. The phone call simply told him to be at this bench at this time, and everything would be explained to him. I was wearing sweats ucuz escort and a hoodie as I jogged through the park. I had psyched myself up for getting hurt. I was counting on him hitting me a couple of times, and had prepared for that. This was going to totally piss him off. I also took a couple of precautions to keep him from hurting me too bad. Thus, the two big guys lurking nearby to rush to my assistance.

OK. Let’s get this out of the way. I’m a bitch. In fact, you could also call me a Psycho Bitch. Go even farther and proclaim me to be the Psycho Bitch from Hell. I won’t argue about it. In fact, I would probably buy you a drink for the complement. The truth, it’s a lot worse than that. I truly am a Psycho Bitch from Hell, but I am the seriously pissed off Psycho Bitch from Hell. Think Satan’s daughter with a severe case of PMS and you would be getting close. Now, to close the deal.

I made a hand gesture as I jogged past the first time. A young blonde woman leading a small dog down the path sat on the other end of the bench to rest as she sipped from her water bottle. I grinned as she moved over and gave him a hug. As she pulled away, she slipped the cellphone and recorder she relieved him of before getting back up and resuming her walk.


I was sitting on the bench as I was instructed. I was told that everything would be revealed to me as to what was happening and why. I was finally going to have my answers. I took my cell phone and another audio recorder with me, sure that this would clear me of everything. My cell phone had been set to video with the camera out of the top of my shirt pocket. The audio recorder was in my jacket pocket. I was ready to get the information to clear me of the charges, and hopefully get my wife back.

I was sitting on the end of the bench when a very pretty young woman walking her dog sat down on the other end to rest and take a drink. She said hello and commented on the nice day that we were having. I returned the greeting but wanted nothing to do with this woman. I was already in enough trouble. I didn’t need to be seen having a deep conversation with another woman. For all I knew, this could be another set-up. Suddenly, she moved over and threw her arms around me. Just as I was about to push her away, she said that I needed to put my arms around her and be still if I wanted the information that I was here for. I thought that she was groping me, but a minute later she moved away, taking my phone and recorder with her. She grinned as she got up.

“There. No more bugs. All clear.” She said as she walked away. So much for getting any evidence that I could use. Maybe whoever was meeting me would give me enough information that I could use to investigate. That’s when I saw the jogger that passed by earlier jog up and sit down. All I could tell was that it was a woman. The breasts pushing out the hoodie gave that away. The hood had been pulled up, so I couldn’t see her face though. When she pulled the hood down, I was shocked. It was Lisa, the girl that I had been having the affair with. The same one that was apparently throwing me under the bus.


“Hello, Doug.” I said. I could see the anger begin to creep across his face. “Just a warning here. I would control your emotions if I were you. First off, I am the only one that can give you the information that you so desperately need. If you do anything stupid, that slim chance you have to clear yourself disappears with me. Second, If you make anu sort of a commotion, you will be arrested again for violating the restraining order preventing you from ever having any contact with me. Believe me, I will tell them that I was just sitting here when you ran up and attacked me. I will also have witnesses to that as well. Now, you just sit there like a good boy, and I will tell you everything.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” He asked.

“Good question, Doug. First off, do you have any idea who I am?”

“Of course, I do. You’re Lisa Douglas. You’ve worked for the company that I worked at. What kind of a question is that?” He replied angrily.

“Hmmm. Yes, that’s true. That’s who I am. My mistake. I didn’t ask that properly. Let’s try again. Do you have any idea who I was?”

“Who you were? What kind of a question is that? I have no idea who you used to be. I never saw you in my life until you joined the company 6-months ago.”

“OK, Doug. This will be a whole lot clearer if I tell you the story of my life. It may help you understand what’s going on here.” So, it began.

“I was born into a very happy family on the East coast. My parents loved each other very much, and they doted on their only daughter. We were extremely happy. Daddy had a pretty good job and took great care of mommy and me. Mommy had married daddy while she was half-way through college, and she dropped out to raise me when she got pregnant. I was such a daddy’s girl growing up. I loved my father more than anything. We had a very ümraniye escort nice house with a big back yard. I lived for the weekends when I could spend all day with my daddy.” I saw a glimmer in his eye as the dawn was breaking.

“Unfortunately, things changed when I turned seven years old. Most of it, I didn’t find out until much later. Suddenly, daddy was gone. Mommy was devastated. She lost all her will to live. On top of that, we had no money and we had to move out of the house to a rented trailer. The trailer has horrible. I also moved away from all my friends. I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I didn’t understand where daddy was and why he wasn’t fixing things for us. Mommy just fell deeper into despair. She began drinking – a lot. She rarely left her bed, except to get another bottle of alcohol. U would wear dirty clothes most of the time until I figured out how to use the washing machine. I went hungry a lot, because there was not always money for food. I became a loner. No one wanted to be friends with the poor, dirty girl. I think that it was when I was 9-years old that I began steeling from the stores, just so I could have something to eat. I got caught a couple of times, but when the police took me home, they saw how bad it was for me. Usually, they just admonished me and let me go. Child Protective Services intervened a couple times, and I ended up in group homes. I was molested a couple of times. The second time, I hit the guy with a baseball bat. He was arrested when the other kids testified against him. They put me back with mom that time. I found out that they had tried to contact my daddy to come and get me, but he refused.

“I was 12-years old. I was with mommy in the car on our way to the store. She was drunk, as always. I wasn’t paying much attention when she ran the red light. I woke up three days later in the hospital. My face had slammed into the dashboard. It took six surgeries to fix it. Of course, it also changed my appearance. That’s when a case worker told me that they had again contacted my daddy. ‘I have no place in my life for her. Send me the paperwork to have someone adopt her, and I will sign it.’ Just imagine what that feels like for a 12-year old girl in desperate need of help to hear that from her loving daddy. It was like a wind blew through the window and extinguished the flame from the candle of life. I felt dead inside.

Yes, I was finally adopted. I insisted on a complete name change. I will tell you that they were loving people, but I was no longer capable of that feeling. It had been permanently extinguished. Instead, I felt rage. Oh, I quickly learned to control and channel it. I was intelligent enough to understand that my adoptive parents were innocent of what happened to me. They really did everything they could to make me feel loved, but it was a lost cause. I do respect them though. They tried, and I never did anything to hurt them. Instead, I did some research. That’s what really got me to channel my rage. I channeled it straight to my once loving daddy. Guess what I discovered about my daddy.” He had turned very pale by this point.

“I never knew.” He whispered.

“BULLSHIT! You never wanted to know. I discovered that my daddy was having an affair with the whore that he worked with. When she got pregnant, my daddy packed her up and moved half way across the country. He filed for divorce, leaving my mommy with practically nothing. He just walked away from us like we meant nothing. That’s when I began to plan. I knew that I would need to get an education, so I began studying. I worked hard. Since I didn’t really have many friends anyway, I put all my efforts into my classes. I do have one thing to thank you for, though. You did manage to pass along some pretty good intelligence to me. I found out that I was actually really good in school.

“I already told you that I had been molested. I was also beginning to develop. Once puberty hit, it was off to the races. I really didn’t care that much about being popular, but that didn’t stop the guys from asking me out. A few girls too. I learned about sex from a few guys. Better sex from some girls. Once I got to college, I learned a lot more. What do you think Doug? Am I good at it?” I smiled. “Your reactions while you were fucking me tell me that you approve of my skills.

“Anyway, back to my story. I graduated college with honors, but you know that. You saw my resume and transcripts I had located my daddy who had abandoned mommy and me by that time. Seriously, it was pathetically easy to get a position with your company. They were falling all over themselves trying to recruit me. Obviously, I never even considered any other offers. Unfortunately for them, there’s just no way I can ever go back to work there after all I have been through. I’ll leave after your conviction, and you will never see me again.”


My own daughter. True, I had abandoned her. I would never have gotten custody of her üsküdar escort when I divorced my first wife. It wasn’t that she did anything wrong, it was just that I really never loved her in the first place. I only married her because she got pregnant. Then, sparks flew when I met Veronica. We were soulmates. Yes, I cheated on my first wife with her, but we were in love. I just divorced my first wife and moved away with Veronica. CPS had contacted me once because of an issue with my ex-wife, but I was in no position to take my daughter in at that point. Besides, it didn’t seem that bad. It sounded like a temporary thing for a week or two, and she would be going back. There was no point in all the work of moving her half way across the country and disrupting everything for a few days. Then, when they called after her accident, we had just had our second child. Veronica didn’t want to take her in, so we thought that letting someone adopt her would be best. We were pretty sure that she would never accept Veronica, seeing as she was the reason I divorced her mom. It was better that way.


“So, daddy, as you probably guessed by now, I seduced you, videoed everything, and edited it. Yes, all those role-playing games were done on purpose to have you on video threatening me. The bondage ones? Those were pretty graphic showing that I was unwilling. Remember all the times that I begged you to stop? Even though I never used the safe word, the DA won’t believe that I was acting. OH, and your wife was pretty pissed when she got a copy of the videos. She was very sympathetic to me when I went over to apologize. Yeah, I really should have been an actress. She even comforted me while I was sobbing as I described how you had forced me to do those things, even though I am gay. She was pretty disgusted at you for that. Oh, I also told her that it actually turned you on to be forcing a confirmed lesbian to have sex with you. You should have seen the look in her eye as I begged her forgiveness for not being able to refuse your demands.”

Yes, there it was. The rage was beginning to build. Just needed to push him a bit more.

“Speaking of Veronica, she is one sensual woman. Even at her age, she is very sexy. I did mention to you that I’m bisexual, right? After the third drink, she really lets it go. Since the kids were already asleep, we just went to her bedroom. I think I turned her into a full-blown lesbian now. She told me this morning as we were showering together that she is hopelessly in love with me. She’s actually a pretty good fuck, so I may stick around for another year or so to tap her ass before I dump her like you dumped mom and me. Hope she handles it better.”

Almost ready to break. One more nudge.

I began laughing at him. “Why Dougie. You look almost ready to burst. What’s wrong? Is it just now beginning to sink in that I have completely screwed you over, and there is not a singe thing that you can use to defend yourself? I just told you everything, and there is not s single shred of evidence that you can use. Go ahead and tell anyone you want. No one will believe you. There is nothing you can prove, and there is no way to defend yourself from all the evidence against you. You will be rotting in prison as Bubba’s bitch while your pretty little wife and her children suffer after they are deserted.”


“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” He leaped at me wrapping his hands around my throat. I tried to jump off of the bench, but he tacked me. I felt the punch to my cheek as his other hand was gripped tightly around my throat. He pulled his fist back for a second punch. Suddenly, I felt him pulled off of me. The two guys that had been hanging around had seen him attack me. They ran over and pulled him off of me. He struggled against them for a couple of minutes, but that just gave them an excuse to beat on him a bit. I saw the girl that had been walking her dog running over as she was talking into her phone. As she knelt beside me, a cell phone dropped to the ground. One of the guys put it in Doug’s pocket. The two guys held Doug on the ground as several policemen ran over.

“Officer, I have video of this woman sitting on the bench when this man attacks her. Sorry, it doesn’t show him sneaking up on her. I was a little slow in getting the video going, but it does show him attack her as soon as he gets to her.” The blonde dog walker says. “I did see the whole thing, and will gladly testify to it.”

“Yes Officers, my buddy and I were jogging along the path when we saw him sneak up behind her and attack. We got over here as fast as we could to help the girl. I don’t know what his problem was, but he screamed at her like he was pissed off.”

Yeah, I let him hit me and choke me a bit. I would have some bruises for a while, but nothing permanent. Besides, the pain helped my performance. “Officer, I cried. This man has a restraining order against him. He is supposed to remain at least -feet away and have no contact with me. I was just resting on the bench here while I was jogging through the park. Suddenly, I am being choked and punched in the face. If it wasn’t for those two gentlemen, I shudder to think what he might have done to me. I should let you know that the restraining order is because he has been charged with sexual harassment, rape, and blackmail against me.”

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