Elanna, in the Park Pt. 03

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“Michael, can you stop by my office at about 2:15 this afternoon?”

“Sure thing, Dr. Baker. I mean, Ed.”

After 18 years, I still haven’t broken the habit of addressing my colleagues formally. This is regrettably true of Edward Baker who is the chairman of my department these days. Ed had taken me under his wing during my first year teaching here. Then both Ed and his wife stepped in to help hold me together after the tragedy six years ago. So naturally, I thought nothing of being called to his office on a Monday afternoon.

When I arrived at Ed’s office, however, the situation suddenly seemed grim. Ed was at his desk, talking to the Dean sitting across from him.

“Come on in, Michael. Close the door and have a seat.” Ed was trying to sound upbeat, but he seemed a bit tense. And he rarely asks me to close the door.

I felt the blood leave my face as I shut the door behind me. I took a seat beside the Dean and tried to smile politely.

I turned to Ed and was somehow able to get a few words out. “What’s this about, Ed?”

“Well, Michael. We don’t like to pry into the private lives of the faculty, but we can’t dismiss concerns about impropriety without investigating first. There seem to be some concerns about… a romantic relationship. An anonymous concerned individual seems to think you might be involved with a student. Do you know what they could be talking about?”

“Oh, good lord Ed! You nearly gave me a heart attack! I have recently started seeing someone. Her name is Elanna, and she is most definitely not a student here. She graduated with an art degree from our cross-town rival last December.”

The Dean stood up, visibly relieved, and reached out to shake my hand. “I’m glad that’s sorted, and I am so sorry to have scared you. Good luck, Michael. See you later Ed.”

A good administrator is ready to come down like a ton of bricks when needed, but never enjoys it.

As he walked out, he asked Ed if he wanted the door shut. Ed indicated the answer was no.

“Congratulations, Michael! Helen and I hoped you would find someone someday. I just wish I hadn’t found out like this.”

“You and me, both. Elanna and I have only just started dating. How could anyone have possibly known?”

“As I understand it, someone recognized you standing out watching a sunset with a young woman last night. They said a lot of passionate kissing ensued.”

“Well, it was pretty passionate. I’ll give them that.”

“But now you and I have a real problem on our hands.”

“Really? What’s that?”

“You are dating someone, and I know about it. However, Helen doesn’t know yet. “

“Okay… Why is this a problem?”

“Helen will kill me if I don’t tell her right away. I can save my skin by telling her when I get home tonight. That just leaves you in mortal peril.”

“Ed, do you mean I have to…”

“You know what needs to be done. We will have a little cookout at our place next weekend. Probably on Saturday. You said her name is Elanna? You will have to bring her to meet Helen.”

“You know, that’s a really good idea. I’ll check with Elanna and get back to you about the details.”

“Sounds great! Helen is going to love this. And Michael, I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks, Ed. I’m off to prep for my next class. Talk to you later.”


Tuesday morning I found myself in a shop trying to decide on snacks. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, so I settled on two iced coffees, a package of eclairs, and some plain yogurt. It took far too long to realize that I could just text Elanna to see what she wanted instead of trying to guess. She wanted a piece of fruit, so I bought an orange as well. I decided to grab two bottles of water so we could wash everything down.

Elanna was already on the bench, sketching away. She saw me approaching, set her stuff down, and stood to greet me.

I arrived and set the food down so I could greet her unhindered.

She took a few steps back, then ran and leaped onto me again! As before, I managed to avoid falling over. This time one of my hands was on her upper back and the other was on her lower back. She wasn’t satisfied with this, so she moved the hand from her lower back down to her butt.

“I believe THIS is where we left off. Good morning, Michael.” She leaned in and kissed me. Gosh, those plump lips of hers are made for kissing! And her butt was made to be held, and I gave it a bit of a rub too for good measure.

Sadly, as much fun as that was, I’m not built to hold Elanna that way for too long. She sensed me wavering so she finished the kiss and hopped down.

“And a very good morning to you too, Elanna!” I leaned in and kissed her – with both of our feet firmly on the ground this time. My hands found her waist. Her hands found my butt! We concluded our kiss after she gave my cheeks a good squeeze.

We settled onto the bench and divided up the picnic. She started on her almanbahis yogurt and I enjoyed my coffee with an eclair. We chatted about nothing in particular. We were just happily enjoying the morning and each other’s company.

Then she had a bit of a twinkle in her eye. More mischief than a twinkle, I concluded. She picked up an eclair, locked her eyes with mine, and slowly brought the pastry to her lips. I was mesmerized watching her lips wrap around the end of that treat, then she pulled the pastry back slightly making her lips look even more plump than usual.

Her eyes were on mine. My eyes were glued to her lips. The luckiest pastry in the world was being slowly devoured in the most sensual way I could ever imagine. The iced coffee tipped into my lap.

Gah! The iced coffee tipped into my lap! I yelped as I darted up to mitigate the damage, and tried to keep my penis from freezing off.

Elanna broke into laughter. “I am going to enjoy testing out new material on you, Michael! Here, let me help.” She grabbed a handful of napkins and began dabbing some of the moisture from my trousers. Eventually, she cupped my balls, though, with so many napkins and all that fabric in the way, I was surprised that she could feel my penis respond as quickly as she did. “Mmmm. I can work with this. But not now and certainly not here.”

She removed her hand and passed me the napkins. I dried my trousers as best I could and she cleaned off the bench.

Breakfast resumed and she behaved herself for the rest of the meal. Though I could tell she was sorely tempted to tease me a bit when she ate one of her orange slices.

After we finished, a little bottled water was spent washing the stickiness off our hands, before the rest was used to hydrate ourselves.

She had settled in and started drawing in her sketchbook. The conversation had gone quiet for a few minutes as we just enjoyed the morning. I glanced over to see what she was drawing. It didn’t look like a landscape or a portrait – just some lines, some ovals, and little notes that I couldn’t read from my view. A practice page I guess. I looked to the distance and saw a mob of pigeons accosting an old woman for breadcrumbs.

“Michael, when are you going to make love to me?” She finished the question before looking up at me.

“I’m sorry. What?!”

“I mean, not right now. And I don’t want to rush you at all – take all the time you need. I’m just curious. And I want you to know that I’m ready, in case you weren’t sure.”

“Wow, Elanna. I’ve been thinking about it, but I didn’t know we were there yet. My generation was raised to wait for sex, not that it slowed anyone down.”

“Well, I was taught not to fuck before the third date. This is our second date, so…”

“I see.” I must have had the biggest smile ever. “Well, I will make sure to pick up some condoms before I see you next. Do you have a latex allergy?”

“No latex allergy. But I’m already on the pill, so you don’t have to.”

“That’s good to know, but I think we need that extra layer of protection for now.”

She smiled at that and then made a note in her sketchbook. “How about Thursday? I have the early shift at the art store. You can come back to my place and we’ll order take-out again.”

“That sounds like a perfect third date. What time should I arrive?”

“How about four? That gives me time to wash up after work, it gives you time to buy condoms, and still leaves us time to make the most of our date.”

We smiled and blushed at each other. “Perfect. I will be there.”

She returned to her sketch. I’m sure I sat there smiling like an idiot. After a little while, I suddenly remembered we need to make an appearance at the Baker’s. “Elanna, speaking of dates, our fourth date is a double date. I think. At the very least, we have been invited to a cookout.”

I told her about Ed and Helen and explained my impending death if I didn’t introduce her to them this weekend. She seemed a bit uneasy with the idea of meeting my boss, of all people. But I assured her everything would be alright and she agreed.


Tuesday evening I found myself in the park again, watching another sunset. I had spoken to Ed that afternoon, and everything was set for the cookout Saturday evening. My attention drifted between the scenery before me and the images of Elanna floating around in my head. I wondered what she would wear for our date Thursday. Or if she would wear anything at all.

A set of small, delicate hands came from behind to rest on my shoulders. “I love sunsets more and more these days. How about you, Michael?”

“Elanna! I didn’t expect to see you again until Thursday. Yes, sunsets have become even more enjoyable lately. Join me?”

She came around to the front of the bench and stood before me. She moved in close, straddled my lap, and kissed me. “I don’t want to interrupt your evening. But I thought you’d like to know I’m looking forward to our date.”

She dismounted me and took a proper seat on the almanbahis yeni giriş bench. My head was spinning, but at least I managed to hold her hand. “Much, much more enjoyable,” I mumbled.

A couple of minutes passed. “I wanted to see these colors again so I can capture them in my next painting.” She gestured at the scene in front of us.

“Oh, are you planning to paint a sunset, or will you do an abstract with those colors?”

“That is a secret for now, and an artist cannot divulge all of their secrets to anyone. Not even to their lover.” She looks at me with a mischievous smile again before turning back to watch the sunset.

Lovers. We are going to be lovers! I think I remember most of the basics, and between the two of us, we should be able to figure out anything else we need to know. Oh, I should avoid playing with myself for the next couple of days. It would be a pity to show up for our date already running on empty.

“Michael, I want to ask a favor of you. You might not like it.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Don’t masturbate before our date. Please.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” I tried to make it sound like I was simply agreeing with her, and not that she had just revealed that she can read my mind!

“I have to get going. But I’m so excited about Thursday! Kiss me before I go?”

We stood up and turned to each other for a kiss. I leaned in and my hands found her lower back. She slid my hands to her butt before putting her hands on my butt and then pressing her lips to mine. Such a wonderful kisser, this one.

She pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes. “Just so we are on the same page, I like grabbing ass, but that’s the limit of the butt stuff. Okay?”

“Of course. It’s never really appealed to me either, though I can’t fault anyone who does enjoy it.”

“Perfect!” She smiled and leaned back in to kiss a bit more. For a moment I wonder what the other parkgoers must think. But only for a moment.

Elanna broke off the kiss and moved to head home. “Four o’clock sharp.”

“Four o’clock sharp.” I echoed. “I love you.”

“And I love you too, Michael!”

I only wish there was a bit more light so I could enjoy watching her walk away. Maybe next time.


Thursday, at four o’clock sharp, I knocked on her door. I was dressed in my usual date attire, with a nice shirt, pressed slacks, and comfortable dress shoes. In my right hand I had a bottle of wine, and in my left was a bag of essentials for the evening. It contained an unopened box of condoms, a new tube of lube, and an unopened box of chocolates. You see, chocolates can give someone a quick burst of energy if needed, and they are delicious.

Elanna peeked out the door before opening it all the way. “Michael, you’re right on time. Let me get that.” She took the bottle of wine and the bag of goodies and set them on the kitchen table. That freed me to take off my socks and shoes and leave them by the front door.

Tonight, Elanna was wearing a simple white sundress with a flower print on it. No bra, as the top of the dress was pretty minimal, with thin straps and just enough fabric to encapsulate her breasts. As she moved about I could just make out that she was wearing some sort of panty.

She emptied the contents of the bag onto the table with a smile. She opened the box and retrieved one condom and then she picked up the lube before she turned back to me. “Michael? Breathe for me, okay?”

“Gah, sorry! You look fantastic in that dress!”

She smiled. “Thank you. I take it you followed my instructions, and haven’t masturbated?”

“I haven’t touched myself since Monday.”

Her smile widened. “Good. Let’s start by taking care of you first.”

She lead me back to her bedroom and sat everything on the nightstand. “Can you help me slip out of my panties?”

“Not the dress?”

“No, the dress stays on for now.” Someone else might have noticed the mischievous twinkle in her eye again, but I sure didn’t.

I bent down, lifted the hem of her dress, and took in the view. Her legs are smooth as can be. I am close enough to feel her body heat on my face. My target is in sight. White panties with a flower print that matches her dress. Lace panels to disguise any visible panty lines. A thong back. And two thumbs in the waistband brought them down.

Her best erotic photos could never convey how her bare pussy looks up close and in person. Clean-shaven I think. Or waxed? The outer lips seemed to be a bit plump? Puffy? The edges of her inner lips were barely visible through the small separation between her outer lips.

She stepped out of the panties once they reached her ankles. I picked them up off of the floor and placed them on the nearby chair.

“Now let’s get you undressed.” She loosened my belt and undid my slacks. They dropped to the floor under their own weight. That just left my underwear, which easily fell with a little persuasion from her two thumbs. She collected my clothes and set them on the same almanbahis giriş chair.

Then Elanna opened the condom and prepared to wrap my rather erect penis.

“I would appreciate it if you put a little lube on the inside of the condom. It will be more comfortable and easier to remove later.”

“Good to know.” She added the lube and went about the task at hand. In no time I was ready to go and about to burst.

“Elanna, I’m pretty close already.”

“Okay, go lay down on the bed.”

She took a larger dollop to lube herself up. It’s never a bad idea to use more than you need because there are some very sensitive bits involved.

“Cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl?”


“Do you want to watch my face and boobs, or my butt?”

“Your face, without question.”

She smiled widely as she straddled me. That must have been the right answer, this time at least.

She took hold of my penis gently and positioned herself just right. Once she was happy, she lowered herself onto me slowly.

How I didn’t cum immediately, I’ll never know. Her vagina felt warm, slick, and snug, but not too snug. I could tell that her pussy stretched to accommodate me – not that I am any larger than average, rather she’s a bit smaller than average.

She held still for a moment, getting used to the feeling I think. I tried to put my hands on her butt, but the position was a little too awkward. I settled for resting my hands on her thighs instead. Let me tell you, her thighs are fun to hold too.

I studied her face, and she studied mine. She had a look of concentration as she began to lift herself and then lower herself again and again. I’m pretty sure I looked like a goofball.

Somehow I managed to hold on for a good two minutes before cumming. The instant I started, she took one last slow stroke upward. She stopped herself so that the head of my penis was about an inch or so inside her vagina. With every pulse, it felt like I was on the verge of popping out, but never did.

Once I was spent, she lowered herself one last time, leaned forward, and kissed me as she slid herself off of my penis. Our kiss continued as she moved off to lay beside me. “Feeling you cum inside me like that, thrashing at my pussy’s entrance. It’s everything I had hoped for.”

“I don’t know how it could ever compare to the feeling of you riding me – that was incredible. But I am very glad you enjoyed it too.”

She snuggled into me a bit harder after that.

“I’m afraid I need to step into the bathroom and clean myself up.”

There was a disappointed “mmm” beside me. I turned and kissed her before getting up. She got up as well and followed me to the bathroom. I removed the condom, tied it up, wrapped it in tissue, and tossed it in the trash. At the same time, she took down the hand towel and replaced it with two washrags on the towel rack. “The one on the left is for me. The one on the right is for you.”

I smiled. “Thanks.” I then sat down to pee. I learned a long time ago that most women don’t appreciate the sound of a man going for distance records trying to hit the toilet bowl.

She took the opportunity to wet her rag and clean off the lube and juices from herself. “I know it’s good for women to pee after sex to avoid a UTI. Does that go for men too?”

“In my case, if I don’t rinse out the plumbing, it leads to irritation. Not as bad as a UTI, but I would rather avoid it.”

When I was done we traded places, and I wet my rag to clean myself off as she peed. And that was it, we were officially lovers. It’s only a matter of time before she farts in my presence. I chuckled at the thought.

She flushed and grabbed a couple of towels before we headed back to the kitchen table. The date had gone so well already. I looked at the clock on the way and it was… 4:34. Huh.

She put towels on two chairs to protect them when we sat down. “Let’s go ahead and order food. We should order extra because we’re about to burn off some energy.”

“Good thinking, Elanna. Let’s order from that other restaurant this time. Are you ready to open the wine, or is it too early?”

“No way. The first time you give me an orgasm, I will be completely sober. After that, we’ll see what the evening holds.”

I smiled widely – no liquid courage for us. Not for this. The first time might be far from perfect, but I think we both want to remember it as clearly as we possibly can.

Elanna called in the order, then announced the food would be here in about twenty minutes. At which point she ordered me to grab the lube from the bedroom and bring it here. She already had a condom unwrapped when I returned. She added a little lube and turned to get me ready.

Well I had a pretty good idea where things were headed, and I’d had several minutes to recover, so I was nearly erect by the time she was ready to apply the second condom of the afternoon.

In a blink, the preparation was done and we just needed to get to it. Time’s wasting.

She pulled a short step stool over to a counter in the kitchen in front of a window. She stepped up, bent over the counter, and invited me to take her from behind.

“Remember, it’s my turn to cum first. Stop thrusting if you have to, and don’t ignore my clit. Or my boobs.”

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