Epiphany Ch. 02

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The immediate aftermath of Allison Murphy’s disgraceful breakdown in moral and ethical decency left her numb and mortified. She had even gone back to smoking, a habit she had kicked in her late 20’s and for the first time in her life, she often found herself up late, drinking to escape the pain.

Allison had made the wise and prudent, albeit difficult, decision to cancel her therapy contract with the school following her encounter with Tony. Giving up the most lucrative deal of her career wasn’t easy, but Allison knew if she spent one more Tuesday afternoon there, the damage she might do to another boy, or to herself, would have only worsened things.

While she did maintain her other professional obligations to keep herself financially solvent, Allison felt a severe undertow of hypocrisy, guilt and shame each time she doled out advice to the people that came to her with their problems.

Then there was the fallout with Tony. Allison hadn’t given the boy a second thought between his first visit to her office, during the initial week of school, and the fateful afternoon when he knocked on her door crying several weeks later. But in that cosmic and chaotic second meeting with Tony, Allison would throw away four decades worth of living her life the right way, and hideously intertwine their lives forever. And to Allison’s everlasting horror, she had made the conscious decision to maintain the relationship with him, even after she’d cut her ties with the college.

In the basest sense, Allison was enjoying the physical fulfillment she was getting from the young man. Tony had admitted to her after their first few weeks together that Allison was the first woman he had ever made love to. Shy and clumsy by nature, the abuse Tony had endured had left him very uncomfortable acknowledging, much less exploring, his own sexuality with a female. Once that seal had been broken however, like a paroled inmate who hadn’t been with a woman in years, Tony was using Allison’s body for his own selfish indulgences.

Allison herself had never been very popular in school, and even during her college years she never took advantage of the numerous social opportunities that were there for the taking. Even after she finally wedded, Allison gradually came to discover the rather dull man of academia that she had married, and bore two children for, didn’t particularly have any use for passion as the years wore on.

Stuck smack-dab in her own midlife crisis, the sexual outlet Tony was providing, both to her body and her ego, had created a parasitic, yet symbiotic relationship each would have a difficult time ending.

In the process of exploring their mutual want, Tony and Allison had found the time to fuck each other in her bed, in his dorm room, on her living room floor, in the shower, on her kitchen table, in her Volvo, in the city park during the middle of the day, even on the same couch at 2am one morning, in the school office building where their tryst had started.

Six weeks into the affair however, once she had shared almost every conceivable sexual rush humanly possible with Tony, Allison could feel the adrenaline of the initial plunge starting to wane.

“It’s only natural,” the accredited doctor inside Allison’s swirl of personalities knew. “This was a relationship borne out of pure selfish lust, shallow self esteem, and a whole lot of guilt.”

“You didn’t want to damage the boy anymore than you already had… you couldn’t just use him that way then toss him aside,” She would reason. “So you kept him on a string and once you found out the sex was more than satisfactory things just kept getting deeper and deeper… now the endorphins are starting to wear off and the reality of everything is starting to rain down like acid around you, Allison!”

In those private moments of self examination, Allison knew the hypnotic haze of her selfish sexual desire was starting fade like a setting sun, leaving a much darker, star-less sky for her to find her way under. As much as she wanted an easy, painless way to cut ties with Tony, the shards of her tattered esteem and self confidence, along with much darker and more hidden motivations prevented Allison from addressing the issue directly.

Instead, Allison at times attempted to withhold sex. A ploy which inevitably failed to work when her own needy desires betrayed her. She would often try to bury herself in her work once again, knowing she needed money to pay the bills that had started piling up since she quit her job at the school, but those long days at her private practice only served to drain her already sagging energy even more.

The wildest idea that crossed Allison’s mind was to simply go out and pick up a guy, perhaps closer to her own age, and bring him home when she knew Tony would stumble upon the two, hoping it would not so subtly tell her barely legal teenage lover she had moved on. Still, with all the pain Tony had been through, Allison just couldn’t bring herself to be that cruel.

Any hopes however of letting konak escort Tony down easy ended after an innocent Thursday night at the movies.


The two had agreed to take in an evening show at the local multiplex and everything was about as routine as could be until Allison and Tony were making their way out of the darkened exit of theatre 12, into the light of the main hallway.

Their eyes temporarily blurred by the stark change in lighting, Tony and Allison nearly ran flush into a familiar face as he exited the theatre across the hall.

Once all three pairs of eyes adjusted to the light, time seemed to freeze for Allison, Tony and Darrin as they stood in front of each other, each completely oblivious now to the dozens of other moviegoers zigzagging around them.

Darrin instantly came to a stop when he recognized Tony’s face staring back at him. A sickening thud rolling through his stomach, Darrin stood there motionless in the mass of people, his eyes locked on Tony, not even noticing his former therapist was standing at the younger boy’s side. The confusion and shock Darrin was already feeling was increased tenfold when he finally did notice Allison there beside him.

For Tony, seeing Darrin was equally as stunning and a kick in the gut. Standing to Allison’s left, his gaze burning a hole in his teenage tormenter’s face, Tony had no clue Allison also had a connection with Darrin.

Allison, for the moment, felt as if she was on a island of her own as the two young men intently studied the other. Clutching her purse tightly in her left arm, as wave after wave of movie patrons filed past, Allison tried to nudge Tony towards the side exit and out of harm’s way.

Her 18 year old lover’s feet seemed to be anchored in concrete however, and he wouldn’t budge as he re-lived so much of his past in that locked stare with Darrin.

“… I… think… Tony… I think… we ought to be… going, “Allison started to mumble, immediately causing Darrin’s eyes to flare when he realized the depth of Tony’s and the therapist’s relationship.

“You… two…?” Darrin’s voice quivered.

Looking over to see the painful hurt shooting from the daggers of Tony’s eyes, Allison nodded her head up and down.

“Yes… yes we are,” she answered, almost apologetically, before raising her lips to kiss Tony gently on his beat red cheek.

When Allison pulled away from Tony however, her next move startled all three. Taking two cautious steps forward as if on auto-pilot, Allison walked up to the much taller Darrin until she was eye level at his chest. Tilting her head, Allison raised up on the toes of her shoes and kissed Darrin, first on his right cheek then directly on his soft, numb lips.

Pulling back slowly, Allison could see the look of confusion only intensify in Darrin’s expression as she took her place temporarily back beside Tony.

“Darrin… please come home with us,” Allison mumbled before easing back to Tony’s side, her hands fumbling and fidgeting together as she nodded to the door.

Still speechless, Tony just stood there, his punctured emotions draining into a bloody pool on the floor when Allison’s invitation to Darrin sunk in. Just that quickly, the anger in Tony’s eyes shaded to resolute helplessness when he realized his only ally, Allison, had turned her back on him.

Together, the three left the theatre, Darrin and Allison side by side with Tony trailing slightly behind.


Barely a word was spoken in the car as Allison drove the two young men back to her house, and once inside, there seemed to be a tangible sense for each that they were all three separate points in a dysfunctional but equally needy human triangle.

A vague haze of shame and uncertainty persisted for both boys as they tried to discern Allison’s intentions, each now knowing their therapist had knowledge of the most dreadful aspects of their corrupted youth.

Any empathetic or professional aura of compassion was absent from Allison’s living room however, as all three troubled souls continued to drown in their morbid calling. Held hostage by the primal, sub human part of her brain, Allison could clearly sense the seemingly subliminal hold Darrin had over Tony, both from his sheer imposing size over the younger boy not to mention the residue of their grim, shared past.

Allison felt a tear welling in her eyes when she looked over to Tony, knowing from their conversations just how much he had tried to escape Darrin’s scope, and now there he was, standing in her living room face to face with all those same demons. The motherly part of Allison’s being yearned to run to Tony to shield him from the storm swirling around him, yet the cruel and callous winds of emotion and desire cutting through the room pushed her closer to Darrin.

Her eyes focused now on the staid and stoic boy standing in front of her, just as she’d done at the movies, manisa escort Allison walked up to Darrin, placed her cold and trembling hands on his waist and kissed him. Once the two were locked in an embrace in the center of the room, it looked as if Tony had become nothing more than a lost satellite, drifting out of its orbit as Allison and Darrin kissed in front of him.

Tony looked as if he had been shot in the belly as he watched the only woman he had ever made love to, and one of the few people on Earth that knew his deepest and most darkest secrets now openly throwing herself at one of the primary people that had caused so much of his childhood trauma.

Time froze for Tony as he stood there watching, the temperature of his blood rising with each passing breath until his fists clenched and traces of steam began billowing from his ears. Then his feet started to drift forward.

A long subdued fire now whistling through his veins as he weaved side to side behind the unsuspecting couple, Tony squeezed all 10 fingers into two tight fists until he was close enough to Allison and Darrin that he could smell their perfume and cologne as well as the clear sound of their tongues splashing against the others.

Rolling the tip of his tongue back and forth across the insides of his pearly whites, Tony worked his way up until he was two feet behind Allison’s back, all his pent up pain, self pity and aggression ready to burst.


Like a fingerless man with a loaded gun however, Tony could never bring himself to pull the trigger.

Arms entangled around Darrin’s lean and willowy body, Allison gracefully rolled her lips and tongue over the 20-year-old’s face and neck as their swaying bodies seemed to melt together, completely unaware Tony was stalking behind her. Nearly a minute into her embrace with Darrin, the two simultaneously felt an odd rubbing sensation against their calves.

Both looking down after easing their lips apart, a shudder whipped through Darrin and Allison when they saw Tony on his knees between them. Allison felt her own knees go weak and she took a full step back when Tony reached up and tried to clamp his noticeably quivering fingers around the zipper of Darrin’s pants.

“No… ,” the therapist and flag bearer of human decency inside Allison’s head wanted to scream but the words died in her suddenly dry throat as Darrin’s full erection swung from his unzipped fly.

A sizzling numbness shot through Allison when she saw Tony at her feet, and the way he first swallowed hard then opened his mouth to willingly accept Darrin’s smooth, bulging prick onto his palate.

“Oh… Dear… God,” she moaned when Tony’s tender lips wrapped around Darrin’s veiny manhood and started sliding up and down on the embedded shaft.

“SSHHH… AAHHH,” Allison heard Darrin’s voice crackle through the room as she visually fixated on the head of his dick carving out a vivid, protruding imprint on the inside of Tony’s cheek.

Standing directly in front of the lewd male coupling, her right hand placed firmly on her pounding chest, Allison could see a primal transformation taking place before her eyes as Tony fell into the same pitiful, but real, role Darrin had established over him many years earlier.

She could also see the metamorphosis taking place within Darrin as well as the equally shy and troubled young man sensed Tony’s well conditioned submission and began humping and grinding his groin repeatedly against the younger boy’s handsome face.

Keeping the rhythmic pace of his crotch working against Tony’s mouth, Darrin raised his right hand and reached towards Allison, taking a firm and steady handful of her left breast through her blouse.

“UURRRRGG… AAHHHHH,” Allison whimpered, bowing her head and standing in place as Darrin greedily pawed at her sagging tits at the same time he stood above Tony, allowing his childhood friend to give him head.

Massaging Allison’s breasts until her fat nipples were poking out the front of her blouse, Darrin roughly tweaked them between his thumb and fingers until he could see the older woman’s knees begin to shake under her skirt. Stealing a quick glance down at Tony kneeling at his feet, Darrin used his free hand to unsnap his jeans before lowering his fingers down to Tony’s chin.

Titling Tony’s chin upwards so the two were making eye contact, Darrin took several selfish breaths to savor the image of Tony below, so willingly perched there on his knees with his lips severely distended to accommodate Darrin’s pulsing girth.

“Roll my pants down,” Darrin nodded down to his childhood friend.

Watching Allison’s body tremble even more out of the corner of his eye as Tony worked his pants down over his waist, Darrin took his handful of Allison’s bosom and pulled the speechless woman closer.

Silently beckoning Allison to raise her arms, Darrin proceeded to take his therapist’s top off at the same time Tony worked menderes escort to disrobe him below.

“Wow… ,” Darrin muttered under his breath when the milky white swells of Allison’s breasts came into view, their full essence partially concealed only by her half off the shoulder bra.

Reaching his hand deliberately inside each of the lacy cups, Darrin pulled Allison’s fleshy mounds free until they bounced and swayed against her chest. Roaming his hands eagerly over the older woman’s exposed bosom, Darrin held each gently in his palm before reaching down with his free hand to tap Tony on the head.

Lowering his grip off Allison’s breasts after allowing Tony a few moments to soak in the image from his knees, Darrin took a hold of Allison’s skirt and gradually began working it off her behind until her pale, sunless ass came into view.

Stepping out of his own pants as they clung to his feet, Darrin steadied his balance before reaching down to remove his sloppy, saliva drenched cock from Tony’s mouth.

“Go ahead and finish pulling Mrs. Murphy’s dress down just like you did my pants,” Darrin ordered as he tauntingly pumped his still raging erection right in front of Tony’s face.

“Good,” Darrin mumbled approvingly when Tony gripped his trembling hands around the waistband of Allison’s dress and began slipping it down the length of her thighs.

“Look at that pussy,” Darrin gleamed when Allison’s hirsute sex was revealed “How many times have you fucked it, Tony?”

“Kiss it Tony… why don’t you kiss her cunt,” Darrin demanded when Tony had gotten Allison’s skirt rolled down to her knees.

Watching as Allison started to topple backwards the instant Tony’s lips collided with her buzzing and moistened slit, Darrin reached out with his right hand and took another full grip of her exposed breasts to keep her from falling over. Holding the stunned therapist in that precarious pose for nearly a minute, Darrin patiently watched as Tony’s face worked ever deeper into Allison’s snatch.

“Push her back and sit her down in the chair, Tony,” Darrin instructed, taking great satisfaction in the way Allison’s body seemed to go limp and drift backwards on cue as soon as he loosened his unforgiving grip on her chest.

Allison’s legs felt like two anchors as she tried stepping out of the skirt Tony had tugged down to her feet and when she finally did collapse down into the chair behind her, a vocal sigh of relief and resignation sizzled from her lips. Instinctively spreading her legs the instant she reclined backwards, Allison shivered as a completely naked Darrin approached.

“Get down on your knees again, Tony,” Allison heard the older boy order.

Clad only in her ill fitting bra, Allison found sudden comfort in her nest, watching as Tony did as he was told, dropping down to his knees and accepting Darrin’s rock solid and throbbing penis back into his mouth.

“Just want to make sure its nice and wet,” Darrin’s eyes seemed to imply as he stared intently down at Allison in the chair.

“Sins of the Father,” she mouthed, sensing all the same dominant tendencies Darrin had been subjected to as a youngster with his priest, now coming out in his own actions as he forced Tony to go about the lewd oral chore of preparing him for sex.

When he was fully prepped, Darrin carefully pulled his cock free from Tony’s lips and allowed its smeared and greasy girth to trace down the younger boy’s cheek before turning his full attention to Allison.

Without a word, the six foot four inch student stepped forward until the woman seated below was completely shrouded in his shadow. The glistening sheen of saliva that was caking his dick sparkled in Allison’s narrowed and squinting eyes as he reached down to pull her torso closer to the edge of her seat.

Icicles racing through her veins as Darrin used the fingers of his left hand to part the folds of her quivering vaginal crease, Allison bit the inside of her cheek and yelped out loud when the young stud’s cock torpedoed through the tight slit and settled deep into the hearth of her womb.

Gripping her hands like madwoman around both arms of the rocking recliner, Allison’s body strained and shuddered each time Darrin’s pelvis plowed forward. Whimpering softly when his sinewy chest came to rest on top of hers, Allison began moaning louder and louder into his ear each time Darrin increased the urgency behind his downward thrusts.

Relentlessly Darrin pressed on, his feet straddled out to each side of the chair as he plowed his cock into Allison’s molten depths. Feeling her warm breasts jiggling against the flexed and sweaty breadth of his chest, Darrin chewed down hard on the salty skin along the ridge of Allison’s neck, causing her to buck and lurch in unison with him.

His dick slicing through what seemed to be a gushing whirlpool of feminine lust, Darrin pinned Allison’s body down on the chair until he could feel his churning seed begin to boil inside his bloated balls. Looking down the length of each of their sweaty and tangled bodies, Darrin could tell by the way Allison wrapped her legs around his back and rammed her crotch off the cushion to meet his every thrust, that the rim of his stabbing erection was grating against her deeply concealed G-spot.

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