Etienne and Monique Ch. 01

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[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. This is not a “Wham!-Bam!-thank-you-ma’am!” story and as such it takes a short while to pick up to speed so to speak. Please bear with it, the nookie will come. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental.]


Chapter 1: Essence of lust


Etienne was a noticeable inch taller than her sister Monique. Their torsos melded together at the trunk of their bodies, leading down to two well toned legs. They shared the lower half of their body from just above the navel down, but above their belly buttons they were two distinct and individual characters, despite looking identical in every other respect.

Etienne and Monique were in quaint old terms, Siamese Twins. More specifically they were ischio-omphalopagus conjoined twins and far from hating their lives, they reveled in their uniqueness. But as though being siamese twins was not enough, the universe sought to add another rarity to their existence, they were also albino. Their hair was like flax, almost a pure white. It glowed in sunlight, an almost translucent platinum. They both wore their hair in sharp, European bobs. Their eyes were a swirling mix of blues and pinks, changing colour slightly depending on the light.

In front of the mirror they raced to get ready for the party. They were both visibly stressed out. Their albino, powder-pink skin had reddened in frustration at each other. All four eyes were mildly bloodshot which just served to enhance the pink/blue colour of their irises. With the exception of a single pair of cotton panties they were naked. Just above the seam at the top of their underwear was a hint of a tattoo in the form of a yin-yang. A private joke they shared.

“Oh good god not this again!” Etienne bawled at her sister. She lifted the lacy brassiere from the top drawer and tossed it nonchalantly onto the bed.

“It’s not fair,” Monique protested.

“When we disagree, you always get your way!” She added.

They stood in front of the mirror arguing at their respective reflections.

“That’s because when we disagree about doing something the other doesn’t want to do, the polite default should be to not do it.” Etienne added, matter-of-factly.

“And you always come up with such hair-brained ideas sis’.” She continued in a scalding tone.

“It’s just not fair!” Monique stuttered as her eyes began to tear up.

Etienne’s anger calmed, she did not want to see her sister this way especially on a night of celebration. After all, that which affected one always affected the other. Etienne felt sad for her sister, but found it hard to explain her own passions. Every time in the past she had tried, she just baulked and abandoned the idea.

The pair of them walked over to the bed, but the journey was a little drunken as the emotions had made Monique lose concentration. When they failed to collaborate whilst walking they could easily fall over and had done on numerous occasions in the past.

Monique blubbed “I can’t help that I’m gay, but how am I ever going to be happy if you won’t let me date girls.” This was the truth of it, the ongoing conflict.

Etienne had not told Monique of her own preferences, she kept her kinks to herself. She had always objected to the idea of her sister sleeping with women, albeit lightly, so as to not offend, though she never fully explained why and it was not because of the women, nor the sex. The sisters shared genitals, but not sexuality that much was obvious.

It gebze escort was not that the sight of other naked women turned Etienne off, rather it did nothing for her in itself. Men’s physiques made both Monique and Etienne cringe. Etienne always just changed the subject never fully explaining her reasons and Etienne only made things worse when she mentioned how beautiful some of the women they had met were, it was like she was teasing her sister.

For Etienne there was just an empty void where sexuality should be and she had not been able to put it into words that Monique could understand. She just skirted around the subject, leaving Monique frustrated and in dire need of some finger time. Etienne pondered the problem whilst comforting her sister.

“We have each other sis’.” Etienne whispered calmly to her sister, expecting this to ease her.

With renewed anger Monique straightened herself up, rubbed her eyes and shouted “Exactly! You’ve already had sex too many times to count with another woman, it just happened to be me!”

The logic was inescapable, but it just served to give Etienne a headache. After Monique’s outburst the pair of them managed to regain their composure, apologise to one another and get dressed. They agreed to talk it over at some point in the near future but focus on their parents’ celebration this evening.

Etienne drew her sister close for a soothing hug, a much needed apology for the difficulty they shared. Monique’s frustration was only truly calmed when Etienne provided her sister and herself with some finger therapy on their shared vulva. It always served to calm Monique down and served as a bonus for Etienne, as she was not entirely against a good finger fuck session. The rushed order of it however meant that they had not prepared themselves properly.

As Etienne and Monique both orgasmed, and as had happened so often in the past, their individual cervical muscles contracted and burst forth a shower of female ejaculate through their shared vagina. It was an inconveniently timed drenching of their undergarments and the bed, which forced them to rush a change of stockings and panties before the party started.


The evening in question was a double celebration. Julian; Etienne and Monique’s father, had just landed a lucrative engineering contract, manufacturing fuselages for a new military helicopter. Their entire family was linked with the aerospace industry in one form or another, a successful business with many perks for the two girls. The sisters both had pilot’s licenses and were fully expected to join the family business once they had completed university.

The other part of the celebration was that the following week the pair of them would begin their gap year by heading to Japan, something which they had both looked forward to for some time. To add to the drama of the evening, the idea was that Julian would escort Ophelia, their mother, down the sweeping staircase of their home and greet the guests with a grand flair that some might consider ostentatious. A few moments later Etienne and Monique would do the same. Fortunately the girls knew most of the guests and had done for several years. Very few of the guests would not have seen the sisters before, but all guests had been briefed about Etienne and Monique’s unique appearance.

The girls predicted that there would be a few stares and likely some inappropriate comments from turned heads, but it was likely it would all be polite. As with everything in the Beauclerc family, everything had been planned meticulously right down to the finest detail. To prepare people, the invites had been issued with a family photograph, but nothing could have fully prepared the guests for Etienne and Monique’s göztepe escort theatrical entrance.Both girls had a flair for the dramatic and they used their albino white hair as the inspiration for everything they styled; from their bedroom design to their clothing. As Etienne and Monique came into view on the stairs, onlookers applauded. Any gasps of shock were covered by gasps of impressed wonder.

They wore a white, floor length asymmetrical gown laced with silver sequins and swarovski crystals. Their upper torsos were draped in two types of material. Etienne’s was a crisp, layered and pleated satin and Monique’s was a soft chintz with lines of silver thread running through it. As the tops of the dress merged, so too did the materials, intertwining as they ran to the hem. One side of the dress was split and revealed some infeasibly high-heeled mules that gave the sisters a tiptoe gait and a racy hint of white fishnet stockings with a seam running up the back.The sisters gracefully stepped down the stairs, Etienne clutching the handrail to their right and Monique playfully fluttering her white lace fan.

Although their recent, heated conversation was fresh in their minds it would be sidelined for the moment. Monique remained calm as they both still felt the subtle buzz of recent orgasm. Externally the scene would not have been out of place in a period play were it not for their incomparable visage.

As they neared the bottom of the staircase Monique caught a glimpse of one of the waitresses handing out vol au vents on a platter, she had long silken black hair tied in a bun. As well as being quite shapely she was beautiful. The girl’s face was fairly flat with a tiny button nose and manga-esque, large eyes accentuated by large, but not chavvy, false eyelashes. Monique could not help but notice the waitress’s large breasts straining at her uniform and her eyes locked onto the soft curve of the girl’s cleavage.

Monique lost concentration momentarily causing the girls to ‘Clack!’ down one of the steps of the staircase clumsily. The serving girl turned away from the guest she was serving to look straight at Monique and Etienne. Soon after Monique began to cry once more as she and her sister saw the girl mouth the words “Fucking freaky.” to another passing waitress.

The girls lost control of their walk completely as Monique just wanted to run back up stairs. Their father took a couple of steps towards the girls not having witnessed what had upset Monique. Etienne gave him a look that said ‘Let me deal with this.’ and the sisters walked over to the waitress who was now glancing at the floor and blushing profusely, realising her faux pas.

Monique could not look the girl in the face, but Etienne leant forward and hissed in her ear “If you want to keep your job you will follow us now!”. The waitress understood the weight of the mistake she had made. She nodded nervously, red faced and handed her platter to the nearest waiter fully expecting to be given her marching orders. The three girls walked into a side room just off from the hall and Etienne closed the door behind them.

“Sit!” Said Etienne forcibly to the waitress, who spent the whole time staring at the floor.

“Look at us!” Etienne shouted defiantly.

“Your insult was nothing new, we’ve heard it all before.”

“I so sorry mademoiselle I didn’t think.” Whimpered the waitress in a thick Parisian accent.

“Sis’ I think we should just forget about this, its just making things worse.” Monique said, having calmed a little but with her cheeks still damp from tears.

“No sis’! I saw how you looked at her, you thought she was sexy, she doesn’t seem so sexy now does she?” To this the waitress looked dazed.

“And halkalı escort she might as well have kicked you in the teeth with what she said.”

The waitress shook her head as if trying to clear an invisible fog. Her expression turned to that of severe regret.

Returning her attention to the waitress Etienne spoke in a forced whispering snarl “If you want to make it up to my sister you’ll spend all night looking after her every need.” Etienne spoke with authority, but realised in that instant how suggestive her comment may have come across. Embarrassed she amended herself.

“That is to say that you will get her drinks, food, pick up anything she drops and so on for the rest of the evening.”

“I am sorry mademoiselle, I really am.” The waitress said sincerely, her own eyes now welling with tears.

“Well, that’s a start. Now hurry back to the hall, we’ve already made a scene,” Etienne growled as the waitress shuffled toward the door.

“And fetch us a champagne, my sister is thirsty.”

“Oui miss, of course miss.” Said the waitress backing out of the room hurriedly. When she got to the door and began to turn the handle Etienne added one last thing.

“And unbutton your blouse, my sister likes a nice view.” The waitress gulped, paused for a moment to consider her options. She looked Etienne in the eyes and sniffed, her eyes reddened but wide with shock. Etienne returned her gaze with a smirk and the waitress’s expression turned to one of almost delighted realisation that she was being given a chance to redeem herself, but at what cost?

Before leaving the room the young girl undid one button on her blouse. Making a point of showing the sisters of her understanding. At least she seemed game thought Etienne. Etienne nodded in aloof satisfaction and the waitress returned to the hall.

There was a brief uncomfortable silence, then the sisters broke into hysterics when they were at last alone despite the remaining tell-tale streak of tears down Monique’s cheeks.

“If you really want her then I’ll help. But I want some of my own fun too.”

“But I couldn’t bear to sleep with a man, who did you see in that room that has you excited?”

Monique drew in a deep breath before adding “Are you thinking of knocking me out whilst you…” She paused, “You know, do it?”

Etienne glared at her sister.

“We’ve been together for twenty years and you still haven’t worked out what pushes my buttons?”

“That’s because you never tell me.” Monique responded with pitiful frustration.

“You put the curtain down on the bed and I hear you reading, then I feel warm and fuzzy down there, but you never tell me what you’re reading and you won’t let me peek.”

Etienne rolled her eyes. This was embarrassing to her but also exciting. She had no other secrets from her sister. It was practically impossible for them to keep secrets from each other yet she had managed to do so for this one thing and for a very long time.

Monique knew that this was something big, for a few years now her sister had received brown paper packages, she would keep them in her combination locked locker under the bed. Etienne only opened the locker and the packages when the two of them were separated by the bed curtain. This was their moment of privacy from each other and they both respected that. But still, the secrecy and the mystery of what went on at those times frustrated Monique to hell.

“Before we go back out there I have to know that you won’t tell another soul.” Etienne demanded of her sister.

“Of course sis’, anything? I understand.” Monique pleaded.

“I doubt that, but anyway,” Etienne took a deep breath.

“Don’t be grossed out.” Etienne added.

“Just tell me!” Monique demanded, the level of frustration was intense.

“Okay, okay! I am not turned on by sex, well except when you’re turned on of course, then I can’t escape it.”

“Spit it out!” Monique snarled whilst trying to keep her voice down.

“I’m kinda more into bondage and stuff.” Etienne said straight faced.

Monique went quiet.

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