Eye of the Beholder

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“Mr. Thomas?” Tammy knocked lightly on the door frame of her advisors’ open door. “You wanted to see me?” She wondered what it was about, it wasn’t class registration time, but she had sent him her resume to look over before she applied for some summer internships and jobs. It was probably that. She hoped it didn’t suck too bad.

“Yes, come in. Close the door, if you would.” Phil Thomas called out. “I need to discuss some, well, delicate matters, and we need some privacy.”

Tammy was more than a little intrigued. Mr. Thomas had been her advisor for several years, gotten her through a couple of major changes, some situations where she needed advice. They had a good rapport. He was older, a little distinguished. Actually a little funny, but always professional. That was why she and other students went to him for career advice and actually listened to what he had to say. That was what was going to make her head swim a little today.

“I wanted to see you, um, this is a little awkward. I got your resume and application materials. And more.” It wasn’t like Mr. Thomas to stammer. “I am just glad it came to me.”

Tammy had no idea what he was talking about. She had sent him a note with her resume and a couple other things attached, but that was it. “I hope they were okay, I figure they need some work. Any suggestions? You know I value your opinion.” She shifted a little in the chair. She had a class in an hour, but she had wanted to meet Glen, her boyfriend, before then.

“Well, there’s a few things on the resume, but the main thing was what all you sent to me. I think you sent more than you realized. Only one way to bring this up. Let me show you.” Mr. Thomas tapped his laptop and turned it around showing the email. He tapped again on the attachment and to Tammys’ horror, a stream of pictures began to appear. Pictures she had thought were safely hidden from anyone. There she was naked. Another popped up with her sucking on Glens’ hard cock. Another of her bent over taking him inside her. The photos kept popping up as Mr. Thomas clicked through the file. She felt herself turning many shades of red and a little queasy. “I think you agree, much better that they came to me than to a possible employer. It seems you uploaded the entire contents of your disk, not just your resume.”

“Y-yes. Oh, my God. I can’t believe this. I-it is so embarrassing.” It was Tammy’s turn to stammer. Her head was swimming. A full screen shot of her naked torso came up. Her perky tits with hard nipples. A shaved pussy revealing a set of pink folds above a pair of toned legs. She couldn’t help but notice Mr. Thomas look at the screen and then back at her. She couldn’t bear to look at him. She just wanted it all to go away. What had she been thinking when she took those pictures?

She knew what she had been thinking. And why she kept them. They were hot. She looked good. She also found them exciting as hell. The pictures of Glen and she were good and the ones with a couple other of her past boyfriends. Oh damn. She looked like such a slut. Mr. Thomas must think the worst of her. She glanced up and another shot of her filled the screen. That had been an especially hot session. She had sucked Tom off and he had covered her face. The picture showed her with white strands of cum dropping off her face as her tongue cleaned the last drop of the tip of his cock. That had tasted so good, and just the thought of having the camera on had made her almost cum.

“Obviously I want to discuss this more with you, but you need to do a few things. One is to separate these files from your school and work files. A separate flash drive at the very least.” She heard Mr. Thomas talking. His voice was calm, actually reassuring. “As I said, I am glad they came to me and not an employer. I know you have class in a little bit, and I have some appointments, but I am free at 4pm tomorrow. Come back then and we will discuss further. Alright?”

Tammy nodded and collected herself and rose to leave. “Thank you, Mr. Thomas. I am sorry that you had to talk to me about this. I really thought I had them secured. I am sorry…” Her voice trailed off.

“No need to be sorry, Tammy. Don’t beat yourself up about it. We’ll sort it out tomorrow.” Mr. Thomas rose, showed her to the door and opened it for her. Tammy hurried out and down the hall with her head down. Had she looked, she would have noticed her advisor had a massive erection and a smile on his face.


Tammy was preoccupied to say the least. She saw Glen, but made an excuse and left. She went to her laptop and checked, sure enough in her sent folder was a huge file on the email to her advisor. She quickly deleted it, but she couldn’t bring herself to delete the picture files in her hidden folder. She decided that she would download them to a thumbdrive later on. Stupid mistake. But thankfully it didn’t go to an employer or some place even worse. She didn’t think Mr. Thomas would do anything with them, but you never knew. Well, he seemed cool magarsus izle and besides, they were meeting tomorrow.

That night, she plugged in the flash drive and began transferring the files. She couldn’t help herself, she pulled some up on her screen. It was a little exciting seeing her sexual history in front of her. Okay more than a little. She could feel herself getting warm. The pictures flashed up. Some had been taken by her when she was alone. It was fun when she had taken some naked selfies just to see how she looked. It had been more when she had taken some with Mark, her first serious boyfriend. The point of view pictures Dave had taken really got her going. Those of him entering her from behind had gotten her hooked on recording her sexual exploits and even trying to go a little further into the exhibitionism. As she watched the pictures on her screen, she slipped a finger under her panties. She was dripping wet. Her finger dipped in and began to rub her moist folds. She watched more on the screen and rubbed faster. It wasn’t long before she forgot the screen and paid attention to the hot waves welling up within her.


4 o’clock came slowly the next day, but she went to Mr. Thomas’ office and met him at the appointed time. As she sat down, she meekly looked at him and began “I am so sorry, Mr. Thomas. I am sorry you saw those pictures, I am sorry I didn’t take more time to be sure I was sending you what you asked for. It will never happen again. I learned a very important lesson.” She felt she was babbling, but she meant every word. She looked at him. He was smiling, and he had kind eyes. He listened as she apologized.

“Tammy, I think you did learn a lesson, but no need to be sorry. To be blunt, I thoroughly enjoyed your mistake. The pictures were, well, quite good. I am not a prude, I’ve seen naked women before, believe it or not.” Mr. Thomas chuckled lightly. “I wanted to offer you a couple of suggestions. First, if you enjoy that kind of activity, there are ways to express yourself. Nude modeling, for example. If you like the exhibition of your body, there are ways to channel it. I would be happy to discuss that option further with you.” He looked directly at her across his desk.

“You said you had a couple of suggestions.” Tammy began. “I may want to hear about the modeling, but what were some of your other ideas? And I am very glad I didn’t offend you. You really thought they were good?” She heard herself and couldn’t believe she was actually fishing for a compliment.

“Yes. And these are just suggestions. You have the final decision of whether or not you want to pursue them. What do you think most men do when they see pictures such as these?” Mr. Thomas turned the laptop slightly to show Tammy that he had her photos scrolling on his screen. The naked selfies, the point of view blow job and cum shots. Even the threesome with Glen and Tom. Tammy felt herself turning red. And getting a little excited.

“I don’t know. Honestly, I never really thought about it. Um. I guess they look at them and, well, get excited? Maybe masturbate? I don’t know.” Tammy had never thought about it. They were her, they were her pictures, she masturbated to them, but she hadn’t thought of men viewing them. Until now.

“Yes, Tammy, we get excited and masturbate. That is really about the only way to put it. Does that surprise you?” Mr Thomas stared intently at her. Not really expecting an answer, but allowing the opportunity for one.

He continued. “What I was going to suggest was that there is a group of, for lack of a better term, gentlemen, here at the university. We meet on occasion and indulge in some self gratification. We call ourselves ‘Faculty Jacks’. Given these pictures, I am guessing you do not mind being seen naked. How would you like to be seen by a live audience? While we look at your pictures, we could also view the living model. I don’t need your answer now, I want you to think it over. And rest assured that no one is going to make you do anything you are not comfortable with. But I can tell you we would show our appreciation.”

Again Tammy found her head reeling. What was he suggesting? A group of old men? Viewing her pictures, and her? “Um, that is something I need to think about. Can I take a few days to consider it?” She couldn’t believe that she wasn’t saying “no” flat out. But there was something intriguing about the idea. She had thought about being seen. The idea did have a certain appeal. But she needed to think. “I will definitely consider it. I’ll let you know by Friday.”


On Friday Tammy made a point to stop by Mr. Thomas’ office. He was with another student, but she had time and it sounded like he was about done, anyway. She shifted from one foot to another. Surprisingly, she wasn’t nervous, but felt quite good about her decision. The weather was quite nice, one of the first nice warm Spring days. She had decided to wear a cotton dress with nice bright colors manifest izle and a nice bounce to it as she walked. The fact that it showed off her legs was just an added bonus. Why bother shaving them if you were just going to hide them? Guess that applied elsewhere as well she thought. She heard the door open and came back to the present as she saw Mr. Thomas escort his advisee out of his office. Such a gentleman.

“Ah, Tammy. Good to see you. You are looking nice and Springy today. Please come in.” Mr. Thomas greeted everyone, but he seemed in an especially good mood today. As they entered the office, he continued. “I hope that you have come to give me a positive answer or at least, perhaps some questions. I will only reluctantly take a ‘no’ for an answer. What is on your mind?”

Tammy smiled. She liked how he always got to the point, but never rushed her decisions. He was an excellent advisor in that way. The decision became clear and was never made in haste. “I have thought it over, and do have a few questions, but the answer is ‘yes’. I found the idea of investigating the modelling interesting and a little exciting. And with a group of ‘gentlemen’, it seems a good place to start. Especially if they are anything like you.”

“Excellent! Thank you, Tammy. I can fill you in on the details, but I assure you it will be a rewarding experience for everyone. I think you will find the group to be very appreciative of your pictures, and of you. But what are your questions? I have some time now to discuss if you are free.”

“I figure you will tell me where and when and all the basic details, but a few things come to mind. I would like to remain as anonymous as possible. I trust you, but these other men, even with your recommendation, I don’t know. So can it be that you are the only one who knows and contacts me? At least to start? And if I feel it isn’t right, can we have a signal, a safe word?” Tammy had a lot of questions, but she didn’t want to ask too many at once and didn’t want to seem afraid. She was, a little, but her sense of adventure and intrigue far outweighed any reservations. She was a big girl and could take care of herself.

“I am sure we can work that out. I was thinking that a mask might be a nice accessory and I can certainly blur your face on some of the photos.” Mr. Thomas looked pensive as he mentally went through some of the details. “I will be your connection, and we can certainly have a code. One of the guides I think we should follow is the standard model routine. I found a copy in ‘The Art Models Handbook’ by Cahner. It lays out some good protocols, like breaks, no touching, robe, etcetera.”

Tammy was pleased that he had thought this through. Her trust was well placed, it seemed. This could well be exciting and maybe a little fun. She listened as Mr. Thomas gave a bit of an overview of when, where and what some of the logistics would be. The important item was that it would be Sunday night at 8pm and she would meet him here at his office.


Sunday arrived and Tammy was ready. She had made sure she was groomed and had shaved on Saturday. A little before 8 she made her way to her advisors’ office carrying a tote that held her robe. It was cool enough that she wore a spring coat. That would be handy since she planned to change in Mr. Thomas’ office and just wear the coat to the location of the meeting. There were going to be eight men at the event. The Faculty Jacks. Interesting name. She was interested in how the whole thing would happen. A totally new idea for her, on several levels. Older men were a little new. She had considered the idea, but never experienced any, especially not this much of a difference. Mr. Thomas must be in his 50s which would be thirty years. He said the youngest was in his forties and the oldest in his sixties. The idea of watching men jack off wasn’t that new, she remembered watching her first boyfriend do that, but usually she liked to take matters into her own hands, pun intended. She still didn’t know where they would be going, Mr Thomas had just said it was on campus and a very secluded location with an interesting ambiance. He did have a way of making her curious. She especially looked forward to seeing him participate.

At the appointed time, she heard the campus carillon bells toll the hour and she heard footsteps on the tile floor. Mr Thomas was always on time. A quality he expected in his students as well. “Ten minutes early is on time, on time is late and being late is inexcusable.” She could hear him say that as he had many times in the presentations of his that she had attended. “Good evening, Tammy.” She heard him say as he rounded the corner and put his key in the lock. “I so appreciate your promptness. An admirable quality.” They entered the office.

“You’ll want to change, right?” He asked. “You can use the office, I will step out. I have the mask you asked about and you have a robe?” He was meticulous inn details. And a gentleman manifesto of a serial killer izle to offer the use of his office.

“Yes, I have the robe, her in my bag. I figure I will leave my coat on and put on the robe when we get to the destination.” Tammy confirmed. “But you can stay if you want. I don’t mind if you stay while I change. It actually might get me used to being observed. Friendly eyes are a good way to begin.”

A broad smile spread across Phil Thomas’ face. He sat in the leather side chair by his desk and said “Yes, I would like that. A private showing would be especially appreciated.” She had his undivided attention.

Tammy removed her coat and put it on the back of the second chair in the office. That would be going back on in a moment. She removed her top and then her yoga pans, folded them and put them in the bottom of her bag. She stood and turned wearing only her panties and bra which left little to the imagination in the bright office lights. She had an ample chest, not disproportionate in size, but larger than some and large enough to jiggle nicely. She noticed that she got plenty of looks as she bounced around campus. But her best attribute, she felt, was her ass. ‘Heart-shaped’ was one description a boyfriend had used. She turned again, giving a bit of a teasing pose and then slid a strap off one shoulder and then the other, undid her bra and slid it off revealing her breasts and their hardening nipples. Two pink erasers were forming in the middle part of her breasts. They would likely be hard for quite a while.

Finally as Mr. Thomas watched she slide her panties off. She put her remaining items in her bag, her back and firm buttocks displayed in front of her advisor. She could feel his eyes on her skin. She stood fully up and turned showing him her entire body. She watched as he looked her over, looking at every part of her. As if it were possible, she thought his smile broadened.

The quiet was broken by Mr. Thomas. “Outstanding. You are quite beautiful, and sensual. If you are ready, shall we go?” He rose from his chair and was only a few feet from her. “Oh, here is your mask, I nearly forgot.” He reached beside the chair and picked up a small bag, handing it to her.

Opening the bag, Tammy saw a small feathered mask, not unlike ones you might see at Mardi Gras. It would definitely do to obscure her face, providing a little anonymity. She put it in her bag with her clothes and robe. “Thank you. I guess I should put the coat on before we leave your office. Will we be driving or walking to the location?”

“Oh, it is a short walk. A lovely evening, and I will be happy to have you on my arm, coat or no coat. One night it might be interesting to have you stroll the campus nude. Although that was done in the 1970’s. We called it streaking.” Mr Thomas helped her put her coat on and then opened the door and took her bag. “After you, Tammy.”


The pair walked across campus attracting very little notice. It looked like any other pair; a faculty member and a student headed to or from a meeting or program. Nothing unusual except the student was naked beneath her coat. Tammy played with one of the buttons holding the coat closed. Undo it and a gust of wind could provide a passerby with an unexpected glimpse. Perhaps another time for that. She was heading to provide intentional glimpses. To the ‘Faculty Jacks’. She giggled a little at the name. Whatever they wanted to call themselves. She didn’t care, but the idea of publicly displaying herself was beginning to excite her more than she had originally thought.

They headed across the quadrangle and were approaching several classroom buildings and the old fieldhouse which still housed some recreational facilities and the pool. As they passed the first classroom building Mr. Thomas said “Turn here. Down this sidewalk and into the side entrance over there.” He pointed to the fieldhouse. They entered and he motioned to go down the stairs to a lower level. Once on the lower level, Mr. Thomas went to a door at one corner of the floor and produced a key and unlocked it and held it open as Tammy entered. The outer hallway had been dim, but was brightly lit compared to the room she entered. There was an odd glow to the room. Then she saw it. There was a large plateglass window at one side of the room which looked into the pool. Or more precisely, looked into the water of the pool, about 4 feet below the surface and in the deep end of the pool.

“This was the viewing area for a variety of activities. Judges in swim meets could get an underwater look. Anatomy classes would come to view muscles in motion in an aquatic environment. Or perverts such as myself and select colleagues could come and watch bathing suits come off after a dive.” Mr. Thomas explained. “The bluish glow provides a very surreal atmosphere, don’t you think? It is interesting how your eyes become accustomed to it and you can see quite well. Our group will have no trouble viewing you in this light.”

Tammy was watching several people in the pool and noticed exactly what Mr. Thomas had mentioned. A young man entered the water head first from a dive and his suit was around his knees when he approached the window. Before he could pull them up, Tammy got a very good look at his penis as it dangled in front of the glass.

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