Fantastic Start to the Day

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Bdsm Sex

A note to readers of Library Fun; Though the characters are the same this story is set before they were married and still traveled the world as adventurers.


Trudy was always the first to get up in the morning. Not the hardest thing to do, since she had been getting in the habit of running down her lover every night she got the chance. Stretching out last night’s fun and washing herself in the new days sun as she opened the bedroom curtains, Trudy was in a good mood. Completely naked and still feeling some sweat clinging to her skin she crawled out of the bed and went over to the bath in the tavern room. She rinsed off the sweat and what was left of her lovers cum on her backside, smiling to herself remembering the sounds he made during the fun. After finishing the wash and grabbing a nearby towel to dry herself off she walked back over to the bed watching her lover sleep.

Roland never stirred to her activities and slept soundly without a care in the world. Trudy couldn’t help but watch his face and listen to him breathe, thinking about how cute he was. She also couldn’t help but remember how it felt to have that cute face pressed into her breasts and the sound of him grunting as he thrust in and out of her. A shiver flew down her spine as her eyes trained onto his somewhat pointed ears and slim neck. Without a second thought Trudy crawled up onto the soft bed and began to gently kiss the edge of Roland’s ear.

She heard him moon knight izle mumble in his sleep but otherwise didn’t react to her light touch. Trudy decided to continue down his ear, giving it a playful suck on different parts, and began to kiss his neck with a little more vigor. Roland reacted by letting out a soft moan and she watched his eyes begin to flutter open to her movements. Not wanting to stop just yet, her trail of kisses along his neck proceeded, adding a lick or two across more sensitive areas, down to his collarbone with a soft nip at its base. She heard Roland let out a sharp gasp of pleasure and give her a sleepy smile, “Good morning to me.”

Trudy couldn’t help but giggle at him feeling his morning wood pressing throb against her leg and seeing his slowly waking face. She thought about straddling him and giving him a good morning kiss but she remembered last night overhearing in the bar some servant girls talking about something they did to their men that Trudy had never thought of. Reaching under the covers and grabbing Roland’s rock hard cock she began to rub it to draw out more moans from him. It didn’t take much prompting before his head rolled back with a deep moan, letting her do what she wanted to him. Feeling him lose any lasting tension in his body she pulled the covers off of his cock and without a warning licked his cock from base to tip in one slow motion.

Roland’s head suddenly shot up with shock but he couldn’t mrs fletcher izle hold back the gasp of pleasure from the contact. “Trudy, what – What are you doing? I haven’t washed or anything, it’s -” Only two things were on Trudy’s mind, the taste of his cock wasn’t only nice but also gave a somewhat sweet aftertaste, and that she should have done this a long while ago. Before he could even finish his words she leaned back down to his cock and began to swirl her tongue over its head. Roland’s words turned into a long drawn out groan of pleasure that didn’t seem to want to stop. He didn’t know where she might have gotten the idea for this but he was in no way going to stop her, the feeling almost like the sensation of grinding against her pussy lips. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like if she went further.

Almost as if she could read his mind, enjoying his taste and wanting to draw out even more sexy noises from him, she put the head of his pulsing cock fully in her mouth and began to suck it in and out. The sensation of the soft spongy cock sliding against her tongue leaving a trail of sweet liquid as it pulsed with his heartbeat was incredibly hot and fun. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock her eyes locked with Roland’s and she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of lust fighting against reason in his eyes. The best part was that with every suck she could see lust winning. Her eyes did not waver from his as she bobbed murder in big horn izle her head faster feeling his cock pulse with more energy knowing that he was about to cum.

Roland had a thought in the back of his head that he had died in his sleep and was now in heaven where the girl of his dreams was sucking his cock like a woman on a mission. Whether it was a dream or not he wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Bucking his hips into Trudy’s mouth feeling his pleasure reaching his climax he suddenly realized where his cum would go.

Finding his voice again, “Trudy, I’m – I’m going to cum!” He watched her slow for a moment, smile, and start her sucking again with renewed vigor not stopping for one moment. Unable to control himself Roland’s hips bucked one last time before unloading his cum directly into Trudy’s mouth. He let out a deep groan and looked back at her not only gulping down his cum but licking up any cum left on her lips or his cock.

Trudy swallowed the last of his sweet cum making sure that his sensitive still throbbing cock was completely clean. She enjoyed the warm sensation of his cum flowing down her throat before crawling up on top of Roland feeling him panting to regain his breath. She couldn’t help but grin knowing that he was in this putty like state because of her. Finally able to breathe normally again Roland found his voice, “Damn woman, you are going to kill me one of these days.”

Trudy giggled as she slowly rubbed her leg against his well used, but slowly recovering, cock and whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry, I know you can keep up. I also know you enjoy this too much to stop.” Roland gave her a half-hearted glare that broke into a soft smile. He wrapped his arm around Trudy and pulled her close to him, never wanting to let go of her or the happiness she brought him.

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