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Note: The first paragraph is so… different because it was originally my short (500 word) story for a college assignment. During a critique, even though there was no indication of sex or anything mature the teacher made a joke that the two characters ran off to Lynn’s house to have sex because they both had no parents to worry about. So I decided to go too far with a joke and instead changed Lynn’s last line so it actually sounds perverted and the story could turn into an erotic one. I would’ve just taken the first paragraph out but… sometimes a little prologue is good? Right? I don’t give physical descriptions for characters when I write a story so you can imagine them however you want. Enjoy.


Waves crashed against the shore as the sun slowly settled down in the clear, pink sky. At the edge of a dock sat Lynn, kicking the water with her feet and watching her reflection become distorted.

For months she had come to the same spot every day by herself. Her dad was shot at a gas station for not giving up the little money he had in his wallet. Her mom was shot trying to fight the same guy off of her. She had been waiting in the car. Impatient, she got out and walked up to the door as she watched the man run past her . She walked in and saw her parents and the clerk dead. Only nineteen, she was now alone.

One night while crying to herself, sitting with her legs crossed and staring at the ocean as far as she could see, she saw the silhouette of a young boy walking on the other dock. He walked to the edge and sat down, and started kicking the water just like she did. And was shaking too.

Sensing something was wrong she got up and walked from her dock to his. She saw that the boy was crying as she approached him and knelt beside him.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked in a smooth, quiet voice. The boy lifted his head up and in the moonlight she could see his face. He looked young, about twelve or thirteen. And his face was wet, completely covered in tears. When she saw this a tear slid down her cheek as well. She calmly put her arm around him.

“I have no one in this world. My parents are dead and I’m all alone.” The two had an instant connection. “I can’t stand being alone anymore. I want to die.” She was scared. Someone as young as him who wants to kill himself?

“How old are you?” she asked.


She was floored. She never expected someone as young-looking as this boy to be eighteen. Then again, his voice sounded right for his age. “You’re serious? You’re eighteen?”

“Yeah. My parents died just a week ago. Both of them in a car accident. The last thing I said was-” With this he broke down crying again. Not wanting him to go through what she went, she put her other arm around him and pulled him close. “Don’t cry. Please, don’t.” She rubbed his back and held him close until he stopped crying, and then just held him until he finally asked her for her name.

“I’m Lynn.”

“I’m Shawn.”

“Shawn, do you want to come to my house?” she asked with a wink. “It’s getting kind of cold out here and I need someone to keep me warm.”

Understanding the message, he smiled. “I’d love to.”


Running through the front door, the horny pair ran up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Taking their clothes off, they jumped into the bed in each other’s arms and kissed passionately, rubbing each other’s bodies. Shawn kissed Lynn’s neck, making her moan as she rubbed his arms up and down. They resumed kissing, sticking their tongues in each other’s mouths as Shawn pulled off Lynn’s bra, exposing her 34ee breasts. He moved his hands down to them and squeezed them, eliciting even more moans from Lynn. He then slowly pushed her back so she was laying on the bed.

Having stopped kissing, Shawn proceeded to squeeze her right boob while sucking on the left, gently biting down on her nipple making her to cry out in pleasure. After a few minutes he switched, pinching her left nipple and sucking on the right.

Finally taking his head from her breasts, he kissed her on the neck again and as he lay on top of her she felt something poking into her left leg. She gasped and he stopped. “What’s wrong?”

Without saying anything, she reached down and grabbed the bulge in his pants. He twitched, and after a second she slowly drew circles around it with her finger. She stopped after a few seconds and grabbing both his jeans and his boxers, pulled them down revealing his steel hard, 7″ cock. She gasped as it came out into view, and immediately reached for it. Shawn fell back onto his butt trying to get away from her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’ve just never done this before. It’d be better if you took off your panties too,” he said looking at her now soaking wet panties.

“You’re right. These are really wet,” she said with a smile on her face. Lifting her hips up, she pulled them off and kicked them off the bed. She now lay completely naked on the bed in front of Shawn. A bead of precum dripped from his dick onto the bed.

“We kocaeli escort don’t want to waste any of that now do we?” she said as she leaned forward and shoved him on his back. Looking into his eyes, she smiled and slowly lowered herself until his cock was right in her face, the head now wet with precum. Grabbing his dick by the base, she slowly rubbed it up and down, listening to him moan and curl his toes as more cum leaked out. After a minute, a her hand was slippery and she stopped to lick it off her hand.

“Mmmm! You taste so good!” she said, putting a smile on Shawn’s face. Immediately she lowered her head and took the head of his dick in her mouth. Shawn moaned loudly and jerked his hips forward, putting more of his dick in Lynn’s mouth. As it went in it slid against her tongue causing Shawn to moan more and without thinking he grabbed her by the head and shoved her down so she had his whole cock in her mouth. It went into her throat and she gagged and pulled off, but then quickly went and sucked on it.

She licked it up and down in her mouth and soon began bobbing her head up and down as Shawn moaned with his his hands in her hair. She cupped his balls with her right and gently started massaging them as she started fingering her dripping slit with the left. She moaned loudly and soon after started fucking herself on her fingers as she put two, then three in. Before long Shawn had both his feet on the bed and was unconsciously rocking his hips up and down, in rhythm with Lynn’s bobbing head.”Ohhh Lynn! Lynn! I think I’m gonna cum!” he yelled as he rocked his hips harder and faster. Lynn had sucked her cheeks in to make like a vacuum, and started moaning as she got close to cumming, the reverberations going through his dick and into his body making him moan even more.

“OH! LYNN! LYNN! I’M CUMMING! LYNN! LYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYN!” he screamed as he raised his hips as high as he could, and pressed her face into him as deep as he could as she fucked her fingers as deep inside her as she could. Globs of cum fired directly into her stomach as she rocked her hips rapidly through orgasm. Wanting to taste his cum, she pulled back a little as more shots of cum quickly filled her mouth as her hand was dripping wet with her cum. She swallowed all of Shawn’s as it came, and as the shots died down she retained what she had in her mouth, feeling the taste and texture of it her on tongue. Pulling her head off his dick, a little bit of cum came with it so she gulped it down then proceeded to lick his slowly deflating shaft up and down so she could get the last bits of it. She even licked in his pubic hair. Finally done, she sat back.

“You taste soooooooo good.”

Still panting, Shawn said, “Thanks. You’re great…. at giving blowjobs. Have you ever done that before?”

“No, this was my first time.”

“You’re fucking amazing. Did you finger yourself while you did that?”

“Mhmm. Wanna taste?” Lynn climbed forward and put her fingers to Shawn’s mouth.

“You bet I do.” Shawn grabbed her wrist and put her hand in his mouth, licking it clean. “Mmmm, you taste so good to Lynn.”

“Aww, thank you.” Climbing on top of him, she pulled her hand out of his mouth and gave him a slow, passionate kiss. They both opened their mouths and fought each other’s tongues as they relaxed in the afterglow of their first orgasms. But not for long. After a few minutes Shawn rolled on top of her and once again sucked on her breasts, although for not as long this time. He kissed her, then slowly made a trail of kisses leading down to her wet snatch. Getting close, he kissed above her pubic region, causing her to jerk her hips up.

“Well isn’t SOMEONE horny tonight?” he said with a grin on his face. Spreading her legs as far apart as they could go, he started licking her inner thighs, then slowly circled around her clit until she couldn’t take it anymore. “SHAWN! PLEASE! STOP TEASING ME! PLEASE! EAT ME OUT ALREADY!”

Immediately he gave her wet, throbbing pink clit a slow, long lick up. Then a slow, long lick down. “Ooooh! Shawn! Faster!” she begged. He started licking more quickly, Lynn’s juices leaking out of her cunt faster than he could lick up. He dove in, burying his tongue as far as he could as she squealed loudly. She quickly jerked her hips up and down and started pinching her nipples as she screamed Shawn’s name while he just licked her faster and faster, eventually rubbing the top of her clit with his finger.

This sent her over the edge.

Screaming so loud that anyone in the house could’ve heard it (if there was anyone but them) she came all over his face and forming a puddle on the bed. As she squirmed on the bed he pulled back and wiped his face with his hand, tasting her as she lay with her chest heaving in the afterglow of her second climax of the night.

“Oh my God Shawn you’re so good!” she panted. Shawn lay next to her, resting his head by her shoulder. She turned to him, and looked deep into his eyes.

“Fuck me.”

Shawn immediately got off the bed and grabbed her ankles until her kocaeli escort bayan pussy was at the edge. He stared in hesitation.

“Do me Shawn! Just do me already!”

He rubbed his cockhead against her warm, wet slit so they were both wet and then slowly slid in. They both gasped in pleasure as he filled her up, her cunt hot as a furnace, tight as a vice, and very, very wet. He sighed as he buried his cock completely in her, both of them now becoming one as they merged their souls together. Lynn wrapped her legs around Shawn’s waist as he put his hands on her hips and slowly pulled out before slamming back in.

Slowly apart, then slammed back in again. He pulled out a little faster again, then slammed back in. Then again, just a little faster. He continued this until he was full-out fucking her, making her writhe and moan on the bed as he pounded her pussy.

“Fuck me Shawn! Fuck my brains out!!!” she screamed.

“Oh! Lynn! Don’t worry I’ll never stop! I hope this lasts forever!” he moaned as he sped up his thrusts even more. He’d never felt such bliss in his life. The feeling of the warm, wet, velvety pussy wrapped around his steel-hard cock was the best feeling he’d ever had.

As they fucked, her hands found way to her nipples and she started pinching them and moaned even louder.

“OH SHAWN! OH SHAWN! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” Lynn screamed as she bathed his cock in her warm juices. The feeling of her cunt getting even tighter almost made Shawn come, but somehow he held it back and continued fucking. After a minute, she was already horny again and wrapped her legs around Shawn’s waist as he fucked her nonstop.

This continued for twenty minutes when Lynn had cum three times. By now, there were wet, sloshy sounds coming from Lynn’s cunt as Shawn moved in and out with their pubic hair was soaked in all of her juices as well. Shawn had fucked her the whole time without cumming once, until now.

“Oh! Shawn! SHAWN!”





Lynn tightened her legs around Shawn’s waist as he pulled her hips towards him and he fired off into her love box. Glob after glob filled her as her vision blackened and she almost passed out. Warm juices bathed Shawn’s cock yet again in her orgasm and Shawn’s vision was seeing spots as he almost passed out. He came in her for almost a minute, then finally collapsed on top of her. Neither of them said a word for ten minutes. Looking in each other’s eyes, they knew they would always have each other no matter what happened. Their parents were gone but they had found each other, and would always be there when needed.


Lynn awoke with Shawn still on top of her, his now soft dick still in her pussy. His head lay on her chest, so she slowly rubbed his head until he woke up with a grunt. “Lynn?”

“Good morning sleepyhead,” she smiled. Shawn yawned, and rolled off of her.

“Good morning baby.”

“Awww, you’re so sweet!” Lynn reached over and kissed Shawn, and wrapped her arms around him. He did the same, and before they knew it they were having another tongue battle in each other’s mouths and Shawn’s dick was hard again. Lynn quickly noticed.

“Aww, you like me. Do you need some relief baby?” asked Lynn in a sweet, babylike voice.

“Ohhh yes Lynn. Please. I need it so bad.”

“Well don’t worry honey, Lynn is here for you. Just lay down and I’ll take care of all your needs.”

Shawn did as he was told, and soon he saw what Lynn was planning. She positioned herself right above his hard cock, grabbed it, and slowly rubbed it against her slit. After a moment when they were both dripping cum, Lynn slowly lowered herself onto Shawn’s cock. As it slipped back into her hot, wet cunt they both sighed. Shawn closed his eyes and Lynn’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. More than half of it was in her as she leaned her head back until her pubic hairs met with his. Their genitals were once again fueled pressed together.

“Shawn… this is so beautiful. I hope this never ends!” she moaned as she raised her hips and slammed them back down on his cock. Shawn put his hands on her hips to help her as she started out slow until she went full speed and started quickly raising her hips and more quickly slamming them back down.

“Oh! Oh God! Shawn!

“Lynn! Lynn! You feel so good! You’re so tight and hot and wet!”

“Oh yes Shawn! Yes!”

Lynn was happily bouncing up and down Shawn’s cock, making the bed shake as the pair fucked. Every time she slammed down, she gasped in the pure pleasure of it all. Shawn looked up at where his dick went right into her vagina. It kept disappearing and reappearing. He’d never felt anything so good in his life.

They continued fucking like this for ten minutes until Lynn started getting tired. “Ohhh Shawn! I’m getting tired I can’t keep this up much longer!”

“Just hold it in a bit longer Lynn! I’m almost izmit escort there!

“Me too! Oh Shawn! Pinch my tits Shawn! Pinch my tits!”

Shawn took his hands off her hips, reached up and took one nipple in each of his hands and pinched them. Lynn’s moans got louder and she leaned forward, putting her arms on his chest for leverage, and using just her ass started slamming Shawn’s cock as hard as she could.


“Lynn.. Lynn. LYNN! LYNN!”



Shawn arched his back until only his feet and shoulders were on the bed and exploded. He saw stars as he came inside Lynn’s cunt for the umpteenth time. Lynn came simultaneously, screaming as her juices covered Shawn’s cock and dripped onto the bed again. This orgasm was shorter, but great, Shawn thought.

Lowering back onto the bed, Shawn opened his eyes after a minute and saw Lynn on top of him this time, with her head resting on his chest. The two lovers lay together, once again basking in the afterglow of their orgasms. Life can’t get better than this, Lynn thought to herself.

Then she realized the position she was in. Looking up at Shawn, who smiled back at her, she put her knees on either side of him and put her hands against his chest. She was sitting on his cock, so she slowly rotated her hips eliciting moans from both of them.

“Oooh, Lynn. This is niiice,” Shawn moaned.

This was Lynn’s favorite position. She could fuck Shawn’s cock and be nice and slow about it, and look deep into his eyes. No rush or anything like there was in other positions where you have to go fast to be good. This was all about the feeling. But nothing lasts, and she felt herself moving faster. Her hips went faster, covering Shawn’s cock in her juices once again and making the same sloppy, squishy sounds it did last night as their juices overflowed her cunt and pubic hairs.

Shawn started rocking his hips up and down as well, provoking her to go faster until they were both fucking quick and hard. I guess this isn’t the slow, intimate position I wanted either, Lynn thought right before she felt the now-familiar warm feeling her stomach as her orgasm approached.

“Lynn! Get off for a second!” Shawn said as they were getting almost to the point-of-no-return.

“I want to fuck faster. Get off me and get into position so we can fuck doggy-style.””Okay! But be quick! I need you to FUCK me!”

“3-2-1- GO!”

Lynn got off Shawn and he rolled off the bed as she moved back to the edge on her hands and knees and Shawn slammed his cock back into her.

“Shawn! That took soooo long!”

“I’m sorry baby but I’ll make you cum hard for it!”

“Oooh yes! Fuck me again Shawn!”

Shawn slammed hard into her cunt, making her moan louder and quickly to screaming.

“Oh! Shawn!”

“Oh, LYNN!”



Shawn once again pressed deep into her as he came, Lynn’s cunt gushing out more juices and soaking each other’s pubic hairs again. The two screamed in unison. They came down from their high panting.

“Let’s go take a shower Shawn,” suggested Lynn. Shawn pulled her up by her wrist and the two walked into the marble floor bathroom with a glass shower. The bathroom must’ve cost $15,000.

“Whoah, nice bathroom.” Shawn was amazed. Lynn giggled.

“The shower is the best part. It’s so big there’s even a place to sit.” Shawn looked into it and saw that the shower indeed had a spot in the wall where you could sit-down.

“We’ll be in that exact spot shortly,” Lynn whispered.


A few minutes later, and Shawn was washing Lynn. He started with her hair, then washed her body with soap, paying extra attention to her inner thighs and ass. When he got down there, he leaned his head forward but Lynn stopped him.

“Not now, Shawny-kins. That’ll be in a little bit.”

Washing the rest of her, Shawn finished with an erection. Lynn giggled and washed his body, paying special attention to his ass. Shawn was uncomfortable.

“Is something wrong? You look uncomfortable when I finger you,” Lynn laughed.

“Ha ha ha,” Shawn replied sarcastically. He pulled Lynn up as she threw the bar of soap into the corner and kissed Shawn. The water rinsed the shampoo out of their hair as they kissed, and Lynn stepped over to the “bench” as she called it sometimes.

“Come here Shawn. Let’s have fun one last time,” she said as she patted where she wanted him to sit. Shawn walked over and sat down, his cock still erect and she straddled his cock and sat down on it. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and said, “Fuck me lover! Fuck me!”

Shawn raised his hips and Lynn raised hers, the pleasure causing them to quickly start rocking in unison as they fucked each other in the shower. Lynn was squealing as Shawn’s cock was so far into her it was piercing the very tip of her womb, and she poured more and more of her juices onto his cock.

Shawn’s had his head back as he moaned at the feeling of Lynn rocking her hips up and down on his big, hard shaft. He helped her up and down until he had the familiar feeling of orgasm coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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