First Anniversary

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Kali smiled down at her finished project. It was a shame that such beautiful garments did not meet the requirements of her particular sexual appetite, but she loved the work it took to remodel them. On her sewing table lie a deep blue corset and skirt ensemble. The blue material of the corset had some silver strands sewn in and when held up to the light gave off a shimmering appearance, such as deep water tends to as bits of light reflect off the surface. The skirt was of a chiffon-type material, it looked as if it were nothing more than a few long scarves that would drape to her ankles. The back of the corset laced up in the old-fashioned style, but this is where Kali had hidden her work. Where it seemed that the only way to remove the dress was to go through the tedious motions of untying the corset, she had created a way of literally tearing it off without ruining any of the dress. Kali looked at the time and realized she only had a few minutes to get ready before her husband arrived home from work. Almost giggling, she ran with her new creation to the bedroom. Tonight she hoped to play a little bit of a different type of game.

Evan walked into the front door and was disappointed that his wife was not there to greet him. Ever since lunch, he had found himself wanting to be at home badly. Tonight was their first wedding anniversary and all day he had been unable to think about anything but her. He couldn’t get her sight, smell or taste out of his mind. By noon he was desperate to have her, but there was too much work and too few people to do it all. He had hurried home as soon as the clock hit 5:00pm, and now she was nowhere to be seen. Evan began to grumble to himself when Kali walked out of the bedroom, her skirt trailing in, out, and around her legs. She was wearing a black button-down shirt with the first three buttons undone, and her dark blue skirt seemed to shimmer with more tones of blue than he ever imagined one single color could. All in all, she looked delicious.

“Hey love, I’ve missed you today.” Her voice was quiet, but she could hear the undertones of lust as she looked her husband up and down. My God, he is handsome, she thought to herself. She had to remember to keep herself calm and collected in order for her game to work, but truth be told she was already shaking inside. She could feel her nipples harden against the corset she wore under her shirt, and she knew that the heat from between her legs would soon consume her.

“I bet you haven’t missed me nearly as much as I’ve wanted you, ” he grinned. He took two steps and wrapped his arms around her, taking in all that he could of her. She smelled like vanilla, and he knew that she tasted as sweet. He kissed her with all the passion that had built up throughout the day, and she opened her mouth willingly and hungrily against his. As he ran his fingers through her hair, he sighed happily. This was the life that a few years before he could never even dare to dream of. Kali’s skin was soft, and her mouth and body warm to his touch.

“Oh, you’ve wanted me today?” Kali giggled as she unwrapped herself from Evan’s grip. “Well, you seem to be acting perfectly parallels izle normal to me.” Her lust was building, and she knew she would easily be willing to do whatever he asked of her right now, but she knew it would be all the sweeter if she could hold on just a little more. “I think you just had a boring day at work, that’s all”. She began to walk away from him knowing that he would follow her. She could feel his hard cock pressed up against her the moment he took her into his arms. At least I won’t have to pretend very much longer, she thought. I don’t know if I could take much more of this.

Evan heard her words and saw her walk into the kitchen. He began to breathe a little harder, and he noticed his hands shaking. “Oh I seem normal to you? Well let me tell you this, one way or another in the next few minutes I believe I can convince you otherwise.” He followed her into the kitchen and reached out and grabbed her around her waist. He spun her towards him and firmly grabbed her ass in one hand, her hair in another and kissed her again, harder this time than the first. Kali began to moan into his mouth, and the hand that gripped her ass strayed up to her breasts. He felt an unusual garment under her shirt and took his lips off of hers.

“What have you been hiding from me,” he asked playfully. Kali’s breath was coming out in long sighs now, as he began to unbutton her shirt. She reached out and grasped his hardness underneath his pants and began to squeeze gently, almost making her hand pulse over him. Evan couldn’t control himself much longer, and the tiny buttons on Kali’s shirt were causing him much frustration. He gripped the top edges of her shirt and ripped it off of her revealing her pale breasts heaving from the top of her corset. Once the shirt was tossed away, he looked at her new outfit hungrily.

“What do you think sweetheart?” Kali turned and modeled the dress for him, letting the fabric swirl around her legs and showing him the tightly tied corset top. She knew that one of his favorite colors was blue, and she hoped that this little costume of hers would ignite his inner fire fully.

“You look breathtaking, ” he whispered in her ear. “But it looks as though this new outfit of yours is going to go the way of that shirt if you don’t find a way to take it off quickly.”

“Oh, you really do want me, don’t you?” Kali giggled again. She was enjoying her game. She had never played hard to get with Evan. It seemed her love and lust kept her from ever resisting him. Tonight, though, was a different matter. She had never wanted him so badly, and she wanted to make sure that he ended up feeling the same. She leaned over to kiss him, but this time her lips just barely began to touch him when she pulled away again. “Why don’t you show me?”

“Alright, but I warned you. Don’t get upset later when this dress becomes spare scraps for your sewing projects.” Abruptly he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around so that her back was to him. He had her pinned against the refrigerator, and after hurriedly untying the bow at the top began to rip at the corset top. The force he applied was strong paul t goldman izle and he was shocked to find the top ripped in two easily. He looked at the folds in his hands and realized what she must have done earlier in the day. Underneath the ties the garment had been cut in two, and Velcro applied inside just for this occasion. He began to shake as he realized that she had planned this all along. He slid the skirt down her legs and she stood naked in front of him, her stomach still against the refrigerator, and her bare ass uncovered facing him.

He turned her towards him, and noticed with a smile that the chill of the fridge, along with her lust had caused her nipples to swell and they looked as though they begged him for attention. Kali stood before him, flushed with excitement, her breath almost heaving now, and began to pull his shirt over his head. She kissed him from his collar-bone down his chest and along his stomach. He took her breasts in his hands and began to rub and tug her swollen nipples. She moaned, and he felt her body begin to shake.

“Did you like my little surprise?” Kali said, her voice practically breathless. Before Evan responded her lips began to tease his cock through the fabric of his pants. He let out a gasp and a sigh and she felt a small bit of pre-cum spreading through the fabric.

“Oh god, yes, ” Evan growled. He began to knead on her breasts harder and moaned almost silently with relief. He released his hold as she slid his pants down to his ankles and quickly began to remove his shoes and socks. Without thought, Evan stepped out of his pants and watched as his pretty wife began to kiss her way up his legs and finally took his hard cock into her mouth. She began to suck hungrily, and moved her tongue around in circles. As her lips slid down his length, he moved her hair gently out of his way so he could watch every second. She moaned almost constantly, sending little vibrations throughout his body and causing every nerve to send shockwaves to his brain. Kali moved her mouth quickly, and she grabbed his hips in order to move him with her strokes. Soon Evan couldn’t help himself and began to fuck her mouth with long, quick strokes. He knew he had to keep control of himself; there was so much of her that he wanted.

Kali gradually slowed her motions down knowing how sensitive he would get. She wanted him inside of her so badly. Once her lips slid off of him for the last time she finally noticed her own state. Horny wasn’t even close to what she was feeling. It was almost animal in nature, something she couldn’t describe with words. She realized she was so wet that she could feel the dampness on her thighs. She could not hold out any longer.

“Oh please, ” she moaned. “Please Evan, take me. Take me however you want!”

More than happy to oblige, Evan helped her up and took her hand and led her into the bedroom. She was panting hard by now, and her body was so flushed it seemed to glow. He laid her gently on the bed and began to nibble lightly on her nipples. She moaned loudly, almost insistently.

“Oh Evan, please!”

He smiled down midnight at the pera palace izle at her, knowing that if he teased her long enough he could satisfy her enough to cause her to sleep almost immediately after. He knew that Kali was more than capable of multiple orgasms, and he would make this a night to remember for all of the teasing she gave him earlier. He kissed the side of her neck, working his way down her breasts and stomach. She squirmed under him, her hands clutching the comforter under which she lay. She began to arch her back under him as he worked his way down to her thighs. Her toes curled and she began to moan loudly and consistently as he started to kiss her inner thighs, tasting her lust.

“Mmm, you do want me badly don’t you, ” he teased her. He kissed and lightly licked the inside of her thighs being sure to come close, but not actually touch her aching pussy. Kali began to move her hips unconsciously and again called out;

“Evan, please take me, I need you!”

Evan moved back up and kissed her mouth hard. Kali grasped his hard cock and started to guide him in. With one deep thrust he was inside her, fully engulfed by her warmth and her wetness. Both husband and wife moaned with pleasure and Evan began to set the pace. Kali’s hips thrusts evenly with his and she wrapped her legs around his upper back letting him that much further inside. He held onto the headboard and fucked her hard and fast. He knew neither of them could last much longer, and he was determined to get as much of her as he pleased. She moaned and called his name, running her hands and fingernails along his shoulders and back. Kali loved it when he took her like this. They both worked as if every stroke was their last and finally she couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Oh God, oh God, Evan I’m cumming!” Kali squealed as she felt all of her senses gather up and explode. Her muscles twitched and pulsed around Evan’s cock, and he felt as if her pussy had suddenly turned into a vibrator. He felt her hot juices encircle him, and between the vibrations around his cock and the sudden hot flow he couldn’t contain himself any longer.

“Yes, oh yes”, he murmured. He thrust deeply into her, filling her tightness with all of his life. As he came and throbbed inside of her, Kali began to cum once again around him. There was no time for words. She arched her back and squeezed all of her muscles around him as she let out a near silent scream. As she finished, she used her muscles to milk every last drop out of him, occasionally moving her hips back and forth to give him a bit more friction to prolong his orgasm. They both relaxed and collapsed their full weight back onto the bed, Kali with her arms and legs still wrapped around him, and Evan with his head buried between Kali’s head and shoulder. He kept his arms wrapped up behind her head, and they both lay in the afterglow together silently. Before long Kali turned her head and murmured into her husband’s ear:

“Happy anniversary, love. I love you so much. Thank you.” She smiled at him and brushed a small section of his hair out of the way.

“Happy anniversary to you too, sweetheart. I love you too, and thank you,” He gazed down at his wife, Many thoughts ran through his head right then, but he soon forgot them as he slowly rolled off to her side. Kali moved her head to the crook of his neck and his shoulder, arms and legs still engulfing him and both soon fell into a deep sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32