First Erotic Encounter with Mary

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“Yes,” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “I’m Cumming!” I swear the family out by the pool heard that one!

Let me explain how I ended up with this sexual goddess. Fair warning, this story has a long build up to my first erotic encounter with Mary.

We met on one of those social dating sites set up for secret affairs. According to her profile, she wasn’t looking for anything permanent other than having a friends with benefits, which fit perfectly into my condition since I was in a loveless marriage that was in the mist of an ugly divorce.

Knowing I was getting divorced allowed me the mental capacity to pursue a female to quench the carnal urges that always seemed to emanate from my loins. Mary fit this bill to a tee, or at least her profile made me believe this.

From the beginning she knew my position in life and accepted it. She wanted to first be mentally seduced, in a mix between sensual erotica and down right animalistic sex. If this was accomplished then we could continue with physical sex which she needed regularly, well that is what she sold me with during the initial phases of our getting to know each other.

During this phase we started out with emailing through the website’s protected messenger. This was bothersome so she eventually suggested a separate app to utilize for conversing which also allowed for anonymity. It probably took a month of back and forth until we both felt safe enough to share numbers. Boundaries were set early on regarding texting times.

We texted and eventually spoke on the phone, even her voice oozed sexuality! I was mentally seducing her with every fiber in my body. She confided that she loves to have the male take charge, bringing out that sexual deviant in me, having some experience in light bondage and enjoying it. There is nothing as erotic as when one of your senses are removed such as sight or touch, and placing all trust into a partner.

The type of things we were discussing of likes and dislikes definitely could be considered kinky, but not to an extreme where safe words would came into play…at least not yet.

Mary shared a little of her past sexual experiences and pitfalls, so I was fully learning what fueled her inner desires and what was off limits. Luckily for me, the items off limits were a definite no for me as well.

Mary described herself as being a switch, enjoying being dominate but also loves to give up all control and being the sub in a relationship. She described having to always be in control with her life and everything around her, so being able to relinquish that role in a sexual relationship and being completely used was exactly what she yearned for.

Being in her same type of shoes with life, I had experimented in the past with giving full control to my female partner, and it was euphoric. Knowing she needed to be controlled, but also could control her partner definitely aroused me. Only one other partner in my past could ever pull that off, Jen being that woman. I sure miss the sex we had years ago, but I digress. Maybe I’ll share some of my sexcapades with Jen in future stories.

During our sexting as I call it, I was getting into being the sexual dominate and directing her to do things as simple as stripping off her panties and pleasuring herself, while talking to me on the phone. There’s nothing as erotic as having a sexual creature like Mary, obeying my every command down to the simplest of things of sucking her own essence off the vibrator she just used to pleasure herself. My oh my, the power trip I was having with Mary would make me leak precum all over my briefs, in anticipation of our first encounter.

We were hitting it off in more ways than one. I had brilliantly seduced her mind throughout the last several months, and she definitely had me wanting to finally meet in person.

To say I was hesitant is an understatement, for I’ve heard all the catfishing concerns. Now, Mary had sent me several pictures, all of which were of a beautiful sandy blonde woman 10 years my senior, but with a mature air beyond her age. She had alluring blue eyes, an infectious smile, and there was a air about her, even in her pictures that made me feel like I was out of my league.

Guys, you know what I mean when something seems to good to be true…you get that tingly feeling that it probably is. So with all of these items, it just didn’t feel like the person I would meet would be anything remotely close to what she portrayed.

We finally both agreed that we should meet in person. Even being a guy, I felt a semi public place would be the best. This way if she was not who she portrayed herself to be, I could make a readily escape. Several places were discussed, of which we finally agreed on one that was public but had a private back room that no one ever used.

The day finally came and we agreed to meet at a local tea house that had this quiet back area. I arrived at the agreed time, and parked several stalls down, in front of another business. As I got out and was walking up to the front door, I noticed a almanbahis sexy female on her phone that resembled Mary, but it was hard to tell for she was looking in a different direction. She turned and looked at me, shooting me a wide smile with her red lipsticked lips saying, “Ok mom, I need to go. Bye Love you,” and hung up. She looked relieved and stated, “I’m glad to see you look just like your pictures.”

“I was concerned as well about being cat fished. You’re more beautiful in person,” I quipped. We exchanged a brief hug outside the tea shop, which immediately sent butterflies to my stomach, “Shall we go inside?” I said.

Once inside we ordered our drinks at the counter. We both ordered some type of vanilla tea, which was funny to me, for during our initial conversations all she ever kept saying is that she doesn’t like vanilla…as in sex.

Trust me when I say I chuckled and definitely mentioned, “I thought you didn’t like vanilla,” bringing the cutest laugh out of her. Once receiving our drinks, we made out way to the back with her leading since she was the one who knew this place. All I could do was stare at her ass as she walked, pure perfection!

It was obvious we were both nervous as we sat across from each other and were slow to break the ice in person. This seemed so weird, given I’d already heard her cum on the phone.

It was like being on a first date as a teenager all over again. We began to chat about anything and everything except sex, or the sexual items we had shared. My available time to spend with her was quickly fading away and I was needing to leave shortly.

I was sitting there with the hardest erection this entire time. Feeling like a sexual deviant for being that way, but to my defense, she has this way of just oozing sexual eroticism like no other female I’ve ever been around.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and leaned across the table and kissed her. She seemed hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up and we made out like lovestruck teenagers. Coming up for air, I leaned back in awe and just started into her eyes and was elated to see she was as flushed as I was. She quickly reached up to remove the lipstick that transferred to me, as she sat there with smeared lipstick herself.

Saying our goodbyes, she arose with me for a hug goodbye. There was no way she didn’t feel my erection, for I felt it digging into her midsection. How I didn’t blow my load right there as we exchanged one more kiss is beyond me! I grabbed my cup and held in in front of my crotch to try and hide my erection and what felt like the largest wet spot of precum as I walked out of the shop.

The next day we chatted again, and both agreed the attraction was there and we should pursue a sexual encounter. The details of when and where we could meet were the next hurdle, for neither of us wanted to be seen for certain reasons but needed a nice place to enjoy ourselves.

The opportunity didn’t arise for several weeks, as we continued sharing our sexual desires and things we might like to do. The date being set, with the location a nice hotel that specializes in suites, picked and booked by her.

She’d been given directions of what I expected her to be dressed in, and how she should greet me upon arrival. The items I required her to have on hand were a blindfold and some type of restraint for her wrists, to which she gleefully stated, “I have handcuffs and not the furry type, but cold hard steel ones!”

The day arrived and I made my way to the hotel. She texted the room number. Approaching the door, a nervousness washed over my body so I continued walking past it down to the end of the hallway to gain my composure. Whispering to myself, “What the hell, get ahold of yourself and go fuck that beautiful woman!” Luckily no one was around to hear me.

Finding my courage, I turned back around and approached the door. Knocking… now I knew I was committed. My nerves had my heart rate elevated and lightly shaking until the door started to open, then a rush of power washed over me.

As the door open, coming into view was exactly what I yearned for. Mary, standing there in nothing but red heels, her long luscious legs wrapped in black sheer stockings that were held up by garters. The garters surrounding black lace panties and attached to a black leather corset, which tied in the front at her ample breasts. This normally 5’6″ female creature was standing at a domineering 5’10”. Her hair was pulled back in a French braid, definitely at the ready for an evening of pleasure. Her lips again painted crimson red and they curled upwards in a devious smile as I walked into the room and closed the door behind me.

Forcefully taking her in an embrace while pressing her against the wall in the hallway, I kicked the door shut. Using the weight of my body to hold her in place, as we made out passionately. My cock was already throbbing to escape. Coming up for air, “Hi beautiful,” I said as we both just stared into each other’s eyes with pure lust.

This is when I noticed the almanbahis giriş condition of the room, dimly lit with some type of primal music playing in the background. The music was different and hard to describe, but it seemed to be playing on my sexual urges. The smell in the room was that of vanilla, which brought a smile to my face, “I thought you didn’t like vanilla?” I said.

Making her just laugh saying “I love everything vanilla, except my sex!”

That was my cue as I grabbed her hand and led her into the living room portion of the suite. Glancing around I noticed the bedroom and led her into that space as the music grew louder. The vanilla smell was coming from some type of apparatus on the nightstand, as I could make out, for a mist vapor was rising from it. On the bed was a blanket, assumedly hers for it looked out of place for the hotel.

Backing her to the bed to where her legs just touched, I looked her up and down, taking in the sexual creature that I was about to use to my heart’s content. “Good girl listening my directions, you are absolutely gorgeous,” I quipped.

“I hope you like my hair this way?” she asked. “Since you didn’t specify how it should be!”

“I approve, now it will be easier for me to pull on as I need to!” I responded. Grabbing her braid from the back I directed her mouth back to mine as we continued to make out. Her hands started to roam, first with my head then slowing roaming their way down to grab my ass, all the while I just had one hand on the small of her back and the other loosely holding onto that sexy braid.

Taking charge, I reached down and grabbed the hand on my ass saying, “I’m in charge here, you will not touch me until I say it is time.” Then as gently as possible I pushed her onto her back on the bed. “Now scoot back and make room for me,” I ordered. Looking down on her, oh my goodness what a site to behold! She was in heat and for the taking. Reaching down I slowly removed her heels. I removed my boots, while she laid there staring up at me with those come fuck me eyes. Slowly getting onto the bed in a missionary position, we resumed making out.

I propped myself on my right elbow and started to run my left hand down, caressing her side down to her hip. She again had one hand on the back of my head, and the other was grabbing my ass as she ground her pussy into my erection. Being still fully clothed was my only restraint. This woman was in heat, begging to be taken like no other.

I grabbed both of her hands, taking them above her head telling her, “Bad girl, no touching until I tell you it is time. If you continue to disobey me, I’ll have no option but to cuff you and use you to my heart’s content.”

She wiggled a little trying to get her hands loose from my grasp, “Yes sir,” after her failed attempt.

I resumed kissing, but not like before. This time, more of a tease. I’d kiss her, but as she tried to kiss me I’d would pull back. Doing this several times, “Quit teasing me and kiss me!” she barked. I continued several more times with her lightly struggling to get her hands loose. With a devilish look, she lunged forward and bit my bottom lip. Not hard, but just enough to lightly draw blood.

Tasting the salty blood on my lip I pulled back and lightly smacked her on the hip, “Now be a good girl or I wont give you what you want,” which brought a pouty face from her.

Continuing to hold her hands above her head, I slowly started to kiss her left ear. Planting small kisses, working my way down to the nape of her neck. All the while she was moaning and whispering, “yes…yes…yes… Please don’t stop.”

I worked my kissing downward to the cleavage I could see. I wanted to expose her breast so I could tease and suck her nipples, but they were encased in the corset and restricted. Wanting to work my way further south, but couldn’t and still hold her hands. “I’m going to let go of your hands, be a good girl and keep them above your head,” I directed.

“Yes sir!” she said in a seductive voice.

Letting go of her hands I continued to kiss my way south. Nearing her waist, she slowly moved up so I could be fully on the bed with her. Making my way where I was laying between her legs, finally starting at her panty covered pussy for the first time. The only exposed skin being that portion of her thighs between the top of the stockings and the lacy black panties that covered her honey pot.

Smelling her arousal for the first time was intoxicating. I could barely make out what looked to be shaved pussy underneath the semi transparent lace. Resuming my kissing on her exposed thighs, from the left thigh then slowly crossing to her right, making sure to blow my hot breathe on her panties letting her know what was to come.

She was going wild, squirming as she tried to contain herself, and keep her hands above her head. I continued this teasing for a little bit, enjoying the power that I was having over her. “Aaaaahhhh,” she let out a long sigh and shuddered in anticipation when I finally kissed the outside almanbahis yeni giriş of her panties.

My kisses were coupled with gently caressing her pussy from the outside of her panties, until I couldn’t take it anymore and hooked a finger into the leg area and pulled them aside, exposing her pussy. “Freshly shaven as directed,” I said praising her.

“Yes sir!” was her almost animalistic response.

My erection was painfully encased in my pants. I reached down to unbutton and unzip my pants to relieve some of the pressure, as I looked down on her swollen labia that resembled the rarest of flowers. I started licking and sucking on her swollen pussy lips, tasting her essence for the first time. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned, thinking this has to be the nectar of gods.

“Ooohhhhhh,” emanated from deep within her.

I was in this position for awhile, enjoying the power I was having…plus there’s nothing that drives me wild like eating a freshly shaved pussy. Eventually working my way from her lips upwards to her exposed clit until I was able to put my mouth completely over her clit, with my tongue cupping the underside. This drove her wild as she started panting, “I’m,” pant pant, “going to,” pant pant, “Cummmmmmmm!” as she clamped her thighs on both sides of my head. She seemed tense during her orgasm, but being the first time making her cum I wasn’t sure if this is normal just because there was the long build up.

I stayed between her thighs, my mouth still engaged with her pussy but not moving so she could enjoy the warm euphoric feeling rushing through her body. When her orgasm lessened its hold on her, she slowly loosened her grip on my head.

Slowly planting kisses on her sensitive pussy, licking her from taint to clit collecting her cum on my tongue, I enjoyed the taste she emanated. She lay there basking in the afterglow as I stood up and started to undress. Mary’s face was flushed, as she stared at me as I first unbuttoned my shirt, throwing it onto the nearby chair.

“That was wonderful,” she breathed as her stare bore threw me and I continued to undress. Finally taking off the last article of clothing, she was starting to stir about, beckoning me to join her on the bed.

Being led by my erection, I lowered myself back down onto the bed and slowly started to undress this sexual goddess. First unclasping her garters one by one. Taking her left leg I slowly removed her stocking, repeating my efforts on the right. Now I was finally able to remove those lacy thong panties, that had rubbed my face raw earlier.

I worked on her laced corset, which was tied in a neat bow just below her ample cleavage. The removal of this last piece took some assistance from Mary, having her sitting up and telling me, “Not much experience with these I see,” as she chuckled.

Once it was completely off I lightly shoved her back down and said, “Oh my, you are so fucking sexy!” as these were the only words I could muster up.

Before me was this dirty blonde sexual creature, with skin that was tanned to perfection. She was laid before me like the heavens intended without anything hiding exactly what she had to offer. I lowered myself back down on top of her in a missionary position and locked lips in what can only be described as a lovers embrace. She was tasting what was left of her essence on my lips. My erect cock was at the ready as Mary rotated her hips, raising one leg up to hook it on my hip. I reached down with one hand and lined my cock up with her pussy and slipped all the way in to the hilt on the first stroke. Mary arched her back, tilted her head back, her mouth agape as she hissed, “YESSSSSSSS!”

I consider myself slightly above average in size, not huge by no means, but at that moment the tip of my cock was touching her cervix and we both were connected in a way I haven’t been with another female in some time. Slowly stoking my cock in and out of her warm wet sheath, as she appeared to be possessed underneath me.

To say this was sex, I would disagree. We were touching each other’s souls through our genitalia like only lovers can, all the while her music was in the background playing songs that I’ve only heard in soft core porn.

This music was bringing something out in me I didn’t know existed. I fucked Mary in this position, picking up the pace working towards an orgasm that I truly needed. My strokes were getting faster and harder as I laid on top of her in the missionary position, as she was grinding her clit into my pelvic area on each stroke.

Taking my right arm and hooking it over the top of her left shoulder and around the back of her neck, I was able to control her as I trust in an out working towards my own orgasm.

Having Mary in this position, I was able to fuck her for all my worth, controlling her for my pleasure. Over and over stroking my hard cock in and out as she’s making noises in between, “Yes!” and, “Harder!” driving me closer to my own orgasm. This was too much for her as she yelled, “Fuck me!” and came a second time. This sending me to the point of no return. I felt a warm sensation on my pelvic area as I buried my cock, hitting her cervix, and releasing rope after rope of cum deep into her womb. I held her in this position as my cock continued to jerk and spasm inside her core, emptying everything I had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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