Fist to the Heart Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven – For This Man

Undressing and helping Ruslan take a shower had been a bit of a challenge with his mumbling a bit incoherently and trying to get Johnny to fuck him.

“Pretty,” he said as softly as he could, as he caressed Ruslan’s cheek, as he lay on the bed, under the covers. “What medicine can I bring you?”

“Your dick,” Ruslan replied, without stuttering.

“It feels wrong to screw you while you’re like this,” Johnny said.

Ruslan huffed and pushed away the blanket Johnny had used to tuck him in so carefully just earlier. Damn, Johnny needed to look elsewhere. The way Ruslan was touching himself, reaching between his legs and stroking his cock, was too much.

He was sexy as hell, even when dressed in three layers of clothes. He was a sex bomb, no matter which way Johnny looked at him. But now, the way he was biting his bottom lip, his eyes moist and at half mast, his breathing coming in short quick gasps, was making Johnny feel the need to run out of the room.

He could control his body. He could watch over Ruslan until the stupid drug wore off.

“Fuck me,” Ruslan begged. “I order you,” he added petulantly, like a child.

“You order me?” Johnny said amused. “Nah, pretty, you know no one gets to do that with me. I’m my own boss.”

Ruslan was now playing with his cock that was oozing precum like crazy. Johnny swallowed. He wanted to take that beautiful cock into his mouth and relieve some of the pressure.

Wait, he could do that. Maybe Ruslan would feel a little better if he came. With that decision in mind, he pushed his hands away, earning a murmured protest for that. “I’m going to take care of you,” he promised.

Ruslan’s hands buried into his hair, pulling at it, as Johnny swallowed his cock in one fell swoop. Damn, he liked to suck cock as a general rule, but Ruslan’s cock was addictive as much as the rest of him was. Maybe it was only because Johnny craved stuff he couldn’t have. So, in a way, this blowjob was like a stolen meal.

He licked over the hard shaft, playing with the sensitive area right beneath the crown. By how Ruslan was shouting obscenities at him, he was doing a pretty good job. He liked doing it, too. He went deep again, bobbing his head fast. Ruslan needed it hard and fast. And while he could not fuck the drug out of his system, he could do that. Bring a little relief, the best way he knew how.

Ruslan was pushing his hips upward, off the bed, and he was fucking Johnny’s mouth, while the rhythm of the string of expletives running freely from his mouth was getting faster, too.

When Ruslan kept him there, only moving his hips slightly, and the tang substance landed down his throat, Johnny held Ruslan’s lovely ass with both his hands and drank from his cock until the last shudder of ecstasy faded away.

Ruslan crashed back on the sheets, exhausted. Johnny let the spent cock slip from his mouth and began kissing along the hip bone.

“Johnny,” Ruslan moaned softly.

“Yeah, pretty?” Johnny asked, moving upward with the kisses until he managed to latch his lips onto a still aroused nipple.

Ruslan shivered under him. “You’re a good man,” he said. “Stay with me?”

“Sure,” Johnny lay next to him and pulled Ruslan into his arms. “I’m going to pull the blanket over us, okay? Be a good boy and don’t push it aside again.”

Ruslan giggled. “Is that an order?”

Johnny squeezed the lithe body into his strong arms. “Yeah, you can bet a sweet ass that’s an order.”

Ruslan turned on one side and pushed his ass into Johnny’s crotch. “You’re hard,” he noticed.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It’ll go away,” Johnny said.

“You can fuck me,” Ruslan said and yawned.

“You know I won’t do that,” Johnny pressed his hard-on against the small of Ruslan’s back to relieve some of the pressure. “Now get some sleep. And that’s an order.”


The sun was up when he opened his eyes. He was on his back, and Ruslan was wrapped around his body, his head resting against Johnny’s shoulder. Johnny pushed away a few damp strands from Ruslan’s forehead and placed a small kiss on his head.

Maybe he could head down and make some breakfast. Ruslan would need the energy. He moved slowly, but the slender limbs wrapped around him tensed and pulled him back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ruslan asked in a sleepy voice.

“To make some breakfast. You’ll need something warm in your stomach.”

Ruslan snorted. “I never get up so early, so don’t bother with making breakfast. But you’re right about one thing. I do need something warm in my stomach.”

Johnny murmured something to himself. At one point, his dick had let him sleep, but now, at the slightest innuendo, it was standing up to attention.

“Are you still under the influence?” he questioned Ruslan like he was some doctor.

“I don’t need to be to know that all I want right now is your cock in my mouth. So be a good boy, Johnny, and give me my morning milk,” Ruslan joked.

Well, that was good. If Ruslan could joke, that Ankara bayan escort meant that he felt better. He wasn’t slurring the words, and he seemed to be okay.

So he didn’t protest when Ruslan moved to pull his pants down. Johnny hissed in pleasure when Ruslan blew hot air over his aching dick.

“I could do without any of that fancy foreplay,” he joked.

Ruslan seemed bent on taking his words at face value. In an instant, his cock was engulfed by moist heat and that talented mouth was at work.

He liked Ruslan’s mouth. He loved it. Everywhere, on his cock, on his body, on his lips. He wished he could say it out loud. But it was hard to do that when all he could do was to grunt and moan while Ruslan was moving his head up and down, making obscene slurping noises.

It was a damn good thing that Ruslan seemed as hungry for his cock as Johnny had been for his that night. It was like they were equal partners in this thing they had going for them. And that was pretty fucking good.

“I changed my mind,” Ruslan said, raising his head, and keeping Johnny’s cock with both hands now.

He was slapping his own mouth lazily with Johnny’s cock. Johnny looked down, enjoying the view.

“Just be careful not to give yourself a fat lip like that,” he managed to joke, not without difficulty.

Ruslan laughed. “I think my ass is hungrier than my mouth this early in the morning,” he said and pushed himself up.

“Hey,” Johnny protested as Ruslan moved away. “It’s not fair to leave a guy half sucked like this.”

“Don’t worry,” Ruslan winked at him.

Johnny pushed himself up on his elbows and looked at Ruslan preparing himself by generously lubing his behind. “You could make it a show, you know,” he said.

With a small smile, Ruslan turned and presented his lovely ass. He had the perfect ass, even though he was lean. That was no bony ass. His behind was curvy and plump, muscled as it was nice on a guy but round and fuckable. And he knew how to do a good job by pushing his fingers in and out, making small squelching sounds.

“I’d say you’re ready,” Johnny said in an urgent voice.

He kept his cock by the root, squeezing hard. The head was getting bigger and bigger, obviously enjoying the show.

Ruslan waited for no other invitation. He quickly straddled Johnny, aligning himself with the hard cock and beginning the slow, torturous descent.

“Damn, you’re bent on giving me my fix.” Johnny steadied Ruslan’s hips with both hands.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Ruslan placed his hands on Johnny’s chest, feeling his pecs through the t-shirt. “Because I’m the one using you here. I’m the one taking my fix from your big cock.”

“Hmm, I think I like being used.”

“Good,” Ruslan said, while impatiently pushing up Johnny’s t-shirt.

He grunted when blunt nails raked over his naked chest. Ruslan was a bit of a wild cat, and he loved that, too. Also, he knew how to move when riding a cock.

Ruslan was getting seriously into the rhythm. Johnny felt his lean stomach and reached for his nipples, too. Ruslan’s response was instantaneous. So Johnny used one hand to wrap it around his bouncing erection. “Come, baby, come,” he cooed. “Ride me like I’m your friggin’ pony.”

Ruslan needed no second invitation to do that and increased the rhythm. Johnny felt dominated, in the sweetest way that could be, and he had not one regret to care for.

“Oh, fuck,” he hissed through his teeth.

It was driving him a little crazy to be used like that. He liked it, yet he hated it, in almost equal measure, for the simple fact that he never let his guard down. But, to surrender to Ruslan, to allow the pretty man to use him like that, was an entirely different thing.

He could let go. The only challenge right now was to last enough for Ruslan to get off, too. This was a challenge cut for him. Johnny wouldn’t help Ruslan this time around, he decided, and let go of his hard cock. “Can you come like that?” he cooed. “Can you, baby?”

Ruslan laughed and looked at him. “That’s not very nice of you. So you’re looking for a race to the finish?”

Johnny grabbed Ruslan by his golden hair playfully. “Do you think you’re good enough to spar with me?” he grinned.

Ruslan replied with a grin of his own. He grunted as he began riding Johnny’s cock wildly. “Good enough?” he whispered, but he was already moaning and not in control of his voice. “Better even.”

Johnny nodded. He could feel his breath growing rugged, the muscles in his lower belly pulsing from pressure, but he was still going strong, he still wanted to win. Ruslan was squeezing him so well, and he never lost control, but right now, he could feel it, deep inside his gut, that if he were to fail, he wouldn’t mind it that much.

“Fuck.” He ground his teeth and tensed, as his cock began shooting inside the other.

Ruslan squeezed him with his thighs, like a cowboy dealing with a feisty colt, to stay on top. And, as Johnny was getting down from his high, he was laughing.

Johnny glared, although Escort bayan Ankara he was sure his big ass satisfied grin would ruin the effect of what he wanted that to look like. Ruslan was still keeping his cock inside, moving his hips slowly.

“So, did you just have your ass handed to you?” Ruslan snickered. “I can’t believe it.” He shook his head. “Snake just got beaten,” he added with satisfaction.

“Well, I let you,” Johnny replied, but with no trace of a bite in that.

“Sure, sure.” Ruslan’s eyes narrowed, but his lips were still twitching. “So I should be glad that you came without getting me off?”

“Oh, pretty.” Johnny pretended to be ashamed by covering his face with one forearm. “Do you have to rub it in?”

“Hmm.” Ruslan seemed to enjoy teasing him a lot. “No, but someone does need to rub it, you know?”

Johnny peaked at Ruslan from under his forearm. “Is that a demand or a suggestion?”

“You ass!” Ruslan laughed and slapped him on the chest, as he pulled himself away from Johnny.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Johnny caught him just in time.

Ruslan laughed as Johnny pulled him back and then pushed him into the bed while swiftly getting on top.

“You need your dick sucked?” Johnny grinned, as he found himself in position to lick the still hard cock root to tip.

Ruslan cursed, and his hands grabbed the creased sheet underneath. “I’d say I want something more, but -” he whispered.

Johnny’s head snapped up so hard, it almost gave him a sudden cramp in his neck. Was Ruslan trying to say …? Shit. Now that was something he had never thought it would be possible. Not with a guy like Ruslan who looked like a perfect bottom boy. He wouldn’t do it that way. He could never even consider it.

“Are you sucking my dick already?” Ruslan’s protests stopped his train of thought.

So it had been just a joke. Johnny shuddered. There was no way he would be that vulnerable with someone else, no matter how pretty. Or how much he was starting to mean to Johnny. It wasn’t his way of doing things.

“Did I say something wrong?” Ruslan pushed himself up on his elbows.

“No.” Johnny was curt as he pushed Ruslan back and went for the half hard dick that was now in his care.

He put his skill and usual enthusiasm into sucking Ruslan’s dick. And, by how Ruslan was moaning and cursing and trying to stop himself from crying out loud, he was doing a good job.

But now, Johnny had some serious stuff to consider. What the hell would he do if Ruslan asked for that, point blank? Johnny was no one’s bitch. And he wasn’t planning to become one anytime soon.


“Can you please tell me what happened last night?”

His papa’s voice was coming through a bit tense and tired. Ruslan rolled on the bed, the phone glued to his ear.

“Don’t tell me he dared to tell you that he wasn’t in the wrong in the slightest,” he replied.

The old man wouldn’t take this easy. He would be so mad once he learned what Nigel Davenport had tried to do. But the idiot was apparently trying to pour poison into his parent’s ear.

“He just packed his bags and told me that he could not, in good faith, transmit to his family, that we would be doing business together. So I feel I must ask,” Douglas said, in the same tired voice.

“What can I tell you?” Ruslan pulled the blanket around his body. “I’m a spoiled brat, and I ruined your deal.”

“Russy, you’ve been in my care for enough time to know when you’re lying. Someone told me that this morning when Nigel left for the airport, he looked a bit worse for wear.”

Ruslan wished his non-committal shrug could be visible through the phone. “So he wanted to party a little more, and I wasn’t in the mood. I guess he did get splashed, all by himself, after all.”

“And got himself in a bit of a scuffle, too,” his papa continued. “Apparently, with a certain fighter -“

“It wasn’t Johnny’s fault,” Ruslan said quickly.

“Ah, so you do know what happened,” Douglas said, his voice now a little livelier. “I believe the fighter we are talking about is still present in your home. Put him through, please.”

Ruslan fell silent. Why was his father so bent on talking to Johnny now? No, this wouldn’t go down that road. “He’s not here,” he lied through his teeth.

“I do have his number. I can call him,” the old man said promptly. “And I am going to do that right now. Which means that you won’t have even the slightest chance to have him lie for you, Russy.”

“There’s nothing to lie about,” Ruslan protested. “All right, I’m getting Johnny.” He sighed, knowing that trying to win against his papa was just not an option.

Johnny came into the room, as if on cue. Ruslan pointed at the phone, and then made a sign to suggest that he needed to keep his mouth shut. As expected, Johnny looked at him, frowning. Of course, he could not understand what Ruslan wanted.

“Now, Russy. Stop dallying,” Douglas said into the phone.

Defeated, Ruslan handed the phone to Johnny. “For you. Papa,” Bayan escort Ankara he added and rolled his eyes.

And then he began gesticulating again, trying to make Johnny understand what he wanted. Johnny’s frown deepened as he took the phone.

“Yes, sir.”

It was almost funny how Johnny stood straight when talking to the old man, Ruslan thought. But now he still needed to make Johnny understand that there was no point to upset his papa.

“He tried to force himself on Ruslan, called him names, and tried to hit him. And he also drugged him.”

Ruslan’s face fell. What the hell? He gestured at Johnny. He was now looking at him, positively surprised.

“Yes, I am responsible, sir. That guy needed to be stopped,” Johnny continued.

Ruslan pulled at his hair, sighed, and dropped on the bed.

“Your father wants to talk to you,” Johnny said, holding the phone for him to take it.

He rolled his eyes but took the phone.

“It is a good thing that at least Johnny is not trying to keep things from me,” his papa began talking. “Why haven’t you called, Russy? You know how much you mean to me.”

“But you are trying to … oh, fuck it. Nigel is from some important family, right? So there’s not much we can do, I suppose.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Russy,” Douglas scolded him. “There is plenty I can do, and I will. What was all about, anyway? How come he thought he was entitled to behave like that toward you?”

“Didn’t your favorite snitch, Johnny, tell you?” Ruslan glared at his lover who was now surprised for real and was holding his hands up, asking, without words, what the hell was happening.

“He told me what he knew. And it was enough for me to fill in the blanks. I wish that you could talk to me.”

“I told you, papa.” Ruslan sighed. “You can’t stop the entire world from … You know.”

“What? Trying to hurt you?”

Ruslan could sense the old man’s distress. “I just don’t want you to worry so much,” he said softly, hoping that Douglas could understand.

“You’re a good kid, Russy. If only you let me take care of you, always.”

“Well, I should be able to stand on my own. I’m old enough.”

“You’ll always be my boy, so never old enough,” his papa replied.

Ruslan stole a glance at Johnny. He seemed aware of the intimate conversation he was having with his papa, and could not decide whether he should leave the room or stay. To prevent him from scurrying away, Ruslan walked over to Johnny and grabbed hold of his hand.

“This conversation isn’t over,” Douglas said again. “Nigel Davenport and his family will know not to dishonor my family like this.”

“I don’t want you to make such a big deal,” Ruslan tried to protest again.

Johnny’s eyes were hard as he watched him. He needed to get to the bottom of that all. And assure everyone he was fine and there was no point in treating him like he was some wilting flower.

“In this particular case, you don’t win, my boy,” Douglas said. “Nigel Davenport will present his apologies, and, as far as business goes, I am the one who wants nothing to do with his family.”

Ruslan knew he was the old man’s soft spot, but this was something else. Although his voice remained calm and even, he could tell his papa was pissed. Really pissed. And he wished he could do something to make it all better.

“Okay, as you wish, papa. Although I’m not crazy about seeing that man again so soon.”

“Don’t worry about that. First, I will make sure that he will receive the proper chastisement from his father. Later, just so that he doesn’t forget and believe that this was some slap over the wrist, he will apologize to you properly.”

“Sure,” Ruslan agreed. “You’re the only one who knows best, right?” he added, with a small laugh.

“When it comes to you, that’s what I hope,” Douglas replied. “I expect you and Johnny to join me later today for dinner. Here. Martin is cooking all your favorites. I will not take ‘no’ for an answer. I know you two must eat, at some point.”

“Well, we must, that’s for sure.” Ruslan snickered, hoping he could make Douglas feel more at ease if he didn’t seem too shaken with Nigel’s attempt to assault him. “We’ll be there.”

He said his goodbyes, anxious to focus his entire attention on Johnny.

“We’ll have dinner with my old man later,” he said promptly. “At his place.”

Johnny’s hard expression was replaced by confusion, and quickly by sheer panic. Ruslan burst into laughter.

“It will just be us; don’t worry so much.”

“No way. I’m not … Shit. Count me out, pretty,” Johnny sputtered.

“Why? Do you have plans with someone else?” Ruslan crossed his arms over his chest, hoping he looked pretty much like he could not be told ‘no’.

“No, but come on, it’s your old man, and I bet he lives in a place that’s bigger and fancier than this.” Johnny moved his hands to point at the surroundings.

“That he is, and it doesn’t matter,” Ruslan hurried to appease him. “Come on; don’t tell me you’re scared of my old man. I thought you weren’t easy to scare,” he teased his lover.

“Ruslan, please.” Johnny looked away. “Don’t make me do this. I’d look like a fool. You can’t put a monkey in a suit and pretend that’s a man. I’m sure your old man has dinner with five types of forks.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32