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Let’s see now. The first time I laid eyes on you. But, I do remember you were walking across the parking lot, as I was sittin’ in my car, just killing time ’til the Radio Shack opened. I was doin’ my usual “thing”…. smoking a cigarette, and checking out butts. I love to look at the feminine derriere unless they’re humongous asses, or the string-bean variety who have that hawaiian disease, “lakkabootie”.

Anyway-fuckin-way, it had not been a particularly good morning for butt-watchin, ’til I saw you in the rear-view mirror, as you were making your way up the line of cars. The thing about it was, it wasn’t even your butt that I saw first. I turned around in the seat so fast that I knocked the fire off my cigarette. It had to have been very comical if you could’ve seen me scrambling around, trying to find the burning ashes, and still trying to get a better look at you as you were rapidly getting closer. I finally had to open the door, in order to see where the end of the cigarette was. Then I got out and stood up, trying to be nonchalant as I watched you walk by. You were beautiful, with your light brown, wavy hair, and that body. And, I had yet to even see the back porch. The casual clothes, jeans and T-shirt, didn’t conceal the fact that you had a fabulous body. I could tell that your breasts were exquisite, my guess was 36D, and your hips flared out in a way, that I just knew the butt had to be great. I was not to be disappointed, ’cause as you passed, using my peripheral vision, I glimpsed the finest ass that God ever put on a woman.

My crotch got the message that my eyes had sent, and started stirring. I didn’t want to appear obvious, but I just had to follow you, and see as much of that butt as I could, for as long as I could. Luckily, it was 10 am and time for Radio Shack to open. So, after glancing at my watch, I began to follow you at a discreet distance. I figured you had to be in your mid to late thirties, probably about five-seven, and weighed somewhere between 140 to 145. But the way it was all packaged, was superb. My “little soldier” was fully awake now, and trying to stand at attention, despite the confines of my jockey shorts and trousers. I stared, in wonderment, at the way your ass moved while you walked ahead of me. Damn!! It surely did fill out your jeans, and make my mouth water. You reached the sidewalk, and headed to a florist shop. I knew that I couldn’t just follow you in, so I went a couple of shops down to Radio Shack, not even remembering what I’d originally come for. The only thing that came to mind was those moments of watching a truly beautiful lady, with a great body, and a fantastic ass. I knew that I had to think of some reason for me and my “little soldier” to go into that flower shop.

I browsed around Radio Shack for about thirty minutes, then walked out without ever remembering what to get. Trying to be so cool and casual, I strolled down the sidewalk to the entrance of the florist’s and walked in, just like I knew what the hell I was doing. Shit! I was the only customer there, which didn’t give me much time to come up with some reason for being there. Hearing the bell on the door, you walked out from the room in the back wearing the most radiant smile I’d ever seen. You asked if you could help me.

Help me? Help ME???? Hell yes, I needed help! My “little soldier” needed help! I needed help trying to figure out what the fuck to say to you. I finally decided to be somewhat truthful, so I told you that I had had the pleasure of seeing the most beautiful creature that God put on earth, and I wanted to send her some flowers. You smiled, and said that you were sure we could come up with something. “Come up with something?” “CUM UP WITH SOMETHING?”, I thought to myself. Hell, I already had something that had cum up!!!! But, I merely smiled, and let you lead me to the refrigerated display case, where there were so many arrangements of so many different kinds of flowers, that it was mind-boggling. You began to describe the different types of arrangements that you could put together, and the various price ranges. I heard every word you said but, it wasn’t sinking in, cause just your voice itself was reaching my inner mind. The voice was a perfect match for the rest of you, sexy as hell! As I stood next to you, I breathed in your sweet, yet subtle, aroma, and stole an occasional glance at that ass of all asses! I felt I was somewhat of a connoisseur of women’s butts, since I’d been running adult web sites on the net which were predicated primarily on women’s ASSets. And, from what I could see of yours, it far surpassed ANYTHING the net had to offer. We made light small talk, as you tried to help me decide what to get for this “special” person. You said that you thought it was so romantic of me to want to do this. I asked you if it had ever happened to you.

You shrugged and sighed, and said that, no, nobody had ever acted that romantically toward you. I asked how you would fix an arrangement of a dozen, long-stemmed, yellow roses. You said for me to follow you, and you’d show me, and led me to the back room. I commented that it was a damn shame bahis firmaları that nobody had shown this kind of romantic inclination toward such a beautiful lady. In the back room, you began showing me the different ways that you took ordinary pretty flowers, baby’s breath, and such, and turned them into a work of art. While you were busy at the table, I moved closer, almost dizzy from the proximity, and asked you what you would say, if I told you that the flowers were, indeed, for you. You stopped what you were doing, and without turning your head, said, “I know.” It seems that I had not been as inconspicuous as I thought. You had noticed me earlier in the parking lot, watching you, and following you. I moved even closer, and you turned toward me. Our eyes locked for a moment, then I tilted your face up a little, and lowered my lips to yours, and you didn’t resist. I touched your lips lightly, drew back, then put my arms around you and kissed you again, with more passion. You melted in my arms, as I pulled you against me. Our breathing became more labored, and we could feel each other’s hearts pounding. I know you had to feel the hardness of my “little soldier” as he had really become quite a big soldier, by now. You didn’t draw back, but instead, began to slowly gyrate your hips against me.

Oh, God! I just had to lower my hand and feel that fantastic ass that I had been drooling over. You groaned as I alternated between caressing and squeezing the cheeks of your ass. Our tongues began battling each other for penetration, as our kissing became more frenzied. I began pulling your shirt from inside your pants, put my hands underneath it and found the catch of your bra. I fumbled a moment, before finally releasing it, then brought my hands around to your soft breasts. Your nipples were already hard and erect, much like the condition of my “soldier”. One of your hands made it’s way to my crotch, grasped my hardness, and squeezed hard. I could feel the wetness from the pre-cum that had been oozing from him. I lifted the T-shirt the rest of the way from your body, and my mouth zoomed in on one magnificent breast…. taking the cherry-red nipple into my mouth.

Suddenly, the nipple was gone from my mouth! The hand released its grasp of my cock! And you backed away, reaching for your bra and T-shirt. In my total concentration on your breast, I hadn’t heard the ringing of the bell over the front door. But you had, and in a flurry of activity, you put on your bra and pulled your shirt over your flushed face, and tucked it in. Here I was with my cock straining to get out of my pants, and you were fully dressed again, and trying to run your hands through your hair to straighten it. Without a word, but with a small smile, you looked into my face, then dropped your eyes to the tent in my crotch. I could see hunger in your eyes. I’d bet the ranch that I was looking at a woman who hadn’t been laid in quite some time. Then you hurried out of the room, as I watched that terrific ass of yours. That ass that I had just caressed, that same ass I so desperately wanted to kiss and lick. But, once again it was walking away from me. I was left standing there with a monumental hard-on, muttering to myself, “What the fuck, now?” While my hearts rapid beating was slowing down, I heard you extend the same cheery greeting to whoever it was that had come into the shop.

Standing there, trying to gather my thoughts, I wondered to myself about this scenario. The three of us, you, me, and my “soldier”. We just couldn’t take this building up and letting down much longer. Customers were bound to keep coming into the store. In, what seemed like a fuckin’ hour, but in reality was only about ten minutes, the bell jingled again. This told me that, either that customer had left, or a more depressing thought, that another had entered. It was another couple of minutes before you slowly walked into the room, with a long-stem yellow rose clenched in your teeth. Taking the rose from your mouth, and with a sly grin, you said, “It’s close enough to lunch time, so I locked the door and hung up the, ‘Out to Lunch’ sign.” Then you informed me that you thought that WE should have “lunch”, staring hungrily at my crotch. The T-shirt and bra were, once again, removed, and you quickly undid the front of your jeans, and slid them off. There you stood, totally naked, except for the satin panties encasing your curvaceous hips and ass. I quickly began to follow suit, by removing my shirt, and reached for the belt buckle. Reaching out, you brushed my hands aside, knelt before me, and whispered, “No! I want to do this.” Then, very slowly, but deliberately, you undid my belt, and unfastened the waistband. This accomplished, you pulled my pants slowly downward, along with the shorts. Freed from imprisonment, my “soldier”, with pre-cum oozing from his bulb-head, sprang to full attention just inches from your face.

Taking one hand and reaching behind me, you grasped my ass, and with the other you began to caress my turgid dick, tantalizingly, with your fingertips. You stared at it, and murmured, “All this for me?” To which I replied, “Baby, kaçak iddaa he’s been waiting for you, all his life.” Reaching down, I ran my fingers through your hair, then bent over a little, so I could grasp one of your soft, pliant tits. The nipple was still fully erect, as I toyed with it. Your tongue emerged from your parted lips, and you began to lick my shaft, while cupping my cum-filled balls in your hand. Squeezing my ass, you pulled me closer to your mouth, as your tongue continued to lick my entire shaft, much as kid licks a pop cycle. Then, all of a sudden, you took the head into your mouth and began to suck more and more of it into your mouth, doing crazy little things to it with your tongue. My reaction was the involuntary squeezing of the cheeks of my ass, a sharp intake of breath, and squeezing your tit in my hand. I lifted my eyes upward, and said, to myself, “Oh, please, don’t let this be a dream.”

Your mouth was sucking my cock feverishly, taking it in all the way to my balls, then pulling it back out ’til only the head was in your mouth, then back in again. Your tongue was in constant motion, as it moved around it in ways that I’d never before experienced. Even though I was thoroughly enjoying your mouth’s manipulations, I was gazing down at your panty-covered ass, wishing I could be touching it, and loving it, as it so richly deserved. I felt my hot cum begging to be released, and tried to pull away, but you grabbed my ass even tighter, refusing to let my cock withdraw from your wet mouth. If possible, you even sucked it faster, and with more vigor. Damn! I didn’t want to cum yet. You seemed to sense my thoughts, and raising your eyes, you released it just long enough to say, “YES! Give it to me. Give it all to me, now!” That did it! My big “soldier” seemed to hear your words, and told my balls to let it go! My legs grew shaky and weak, as I felt the torrent of boiling hot liquid burst forward, gushing through my shaft, and out of the opening in the bulb!! You continued to cup my balls, and my ass, while sucking spurt, after spurt of boiling semen from my cock. Even when I thought that there was no more to be had, you continued to suck, until, at last, the hardness began to subside.

OH SHEEEIIIITTTT! I had NEVER before cum with so much intensity. In fact, I hadn’t even had a half-way decent ejaculation, in over a year. Your mouth, and hands, released their grip on me, and you stood up, licking your lips and smiling. I looked at you and said, “You just cheated yourself.” “No way,” you replied, “he’ll be up again, and I intend to put him to good use.” With that, you began to clear off the work table, which was a pretty damn good sized table. I moved in behind you, and did what I’d been wanting to do ever since I saw you in the parking lot. I got down on my knees, and buried my face against the fabric of your panties, using both my hands to caress and hug your ass cheeks. I loved the feel of a woman’s panty covered ass against my cheeks. You leaned against the table and moaned, as I pulled the panties off, and resumed paying homage to those wondrous globes. I knew that we still had more than half and hour left, and I was determined to show you, with mouth, tongue, hands, and fingers, just what a fantastic lady you were. There may have been over twenty years difference in our ages, but at the moment, I felt over twenty years younger. I bent my head lower, and ran my tongue around the back of your knees, then kissed and licked up the back of each thigh. Then I parted your legs a little, and ran my tongue up and down the insides of your thighs, stopping just short of the cheeks of your butt. One of my hands encircled you and palmed the mound of your womanhood, as I once again bestowed wet kisses on your ass cheeks, not missing even the tiniest spot.

The crack of your ass was the next to receive my tongues’ attention. I started licking from your lower back, all the way down the crack. I did this several times, each time inserting my tongue deeper than the time before. Your whole body was trembling, as your hips were gyrating against my mouth. My searching tongue found your rosebud, and its touch made you arch your back even farther, as I moistened your asshole with my saliva. I, then, slowly pushed and probed until at last I had inserted my tongue into your sphincter. While I had been doing that, my fingers had been tracing the line of your slit in front and found your eagerly awaiting clit. With increasing speed, I tongue-fucked your asshole, feeling your muscles clamping around my tongue, as my fingers were toying with, and massaging your clit. I felt your body convulse, and the liquid I felt and tasted in your pussy, left no doubt that you had achieved an orgasm. But, Baby, I was a long way from being through, as my seemingly dead soldier had started, once again, to stand at attention.

I slowly began rising to my feet, while trailing my tongue up your back. Once standing, I nuzzled my, once again, hard soldier against your ass, while lavishing kisses on your neck and caressing those tits. I turned you around and I sat on the table. I pulled your breasts to my kaçak bahis mouth. This time my mouth was not to be denied, as I took a nipple and began hungrily sucking it, circling it, and teasing it with my tongue. You reached between us and grasped my hard cock. I couldn’t get enough of your breasts and your nipples! I wanted to stay right there and suck them all fuckin’ day, while you stroked my hardness. I sucked first one tit, then the other, taking time in to lick each entire gorgeous breast, and to bury my face in the space between them, squeezing them against the sides of my face. I must have spent at least five minutes kissing, licking and sucking your tits, and would’ve spent a helluva lot longer, had I not been worried about your having to re-open the shop. While I was sucking those glorious breasts, you were continuing to fondle my soldier, and rubbing it against your hairy pubic area.

Sheeeeiiiiitt! The li’l sumbitch wanted to cum, again! I turned you around, sat you on the table, then laid you on your back and immediately put my face in your mound of hair. It was still very moist, so my tongue had no problem zooming right to your clit. You let out a cry of pleasure, as you put both your hands on my head and pushed your hips upward. My lips sucked your clit hard, then I would nibble it, lightly with my teeth, followed by my tongue flicking it up and down, and side to side. You were thrashing and moaning on the table, as your hands gripped my head. I felt your body spasms, as your hips jerked, and felt more of your liquid spewing forth onto my tongue. I licked and swallowed, licked and swallowed, wanting to get every drop. My cock was also wet from more pre-cum, and it was throbbing.

You pulled my head from your pussy, and almost screamed, “OH, FUCK ME! PLEASE, FUCK ME, NOW!!!” Never one to deny a lady’s request, I positioned myself above you. Looking down on your eager face, I rubbed my cock against your pussy lips, and slowly began to insert it. No! You weren’t having any of that!! You grabbed my ass, and bucked your hips upward, forcing immediate full penetration. I wanted to just let it stay there a moment, and savor the feeling of your hot, wet honey-pot. But, no, it was not to be. Your hips continued there bucking motion, forcing me to put my fucking into high gear, skipping all the lower ones. I began to pound your pussy! In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Harder, harder, harder, harder!!. Faster, faster, faster. Even in the dry air, we were both slick with perspiration, as we felt our glands take over all control of our bodies. You looked at me and moaned.

You looked into my eyes and screamed, “OH, GOD! I’M CUMMING! OH! OH! OOOOHHHH! OHHHHH!! AGHHHHHH! EEEEOOOOUUUUU!” And with both bodies shuddering violently, we came together. As I felt my hot cum pouring from my body, into yours, I kissed you, ramming my tongue deep into your mouth. We moaned and sighed into each others’ mouths. I felt our love juices as they were mixing together. We laid there motionless, except for our tongues, which were caressing each other. After laying in each others’ arms for a couple of minutes, you said, “I’ve got to unlock the front door.” I said, “I know. Damn it!” We disentangled, sat up, and began looking for our clothes. I watched, as you once again pulled your panties and jeans over that fine ass, and asked, “So, what about tonight? Feel like getting together?” You smiled, lovingly, reached over, grasped my “soldier” (little, again), and replied, “Oh Hell, yes! I have a lot of catching up to do. I want some more of that. But, we don’t even know each others’ names. I’m Yvonne” I pulled your face close, kissed you lightly on the lips, and said, “Hi, I’m Wally”.

Once again the bell over the front door jingled, as I walked out. No, really, I didn’t walk out, I floated out. Totally satiated, drained of every drop of cum. Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t be able to get it up again til the next day. But I knew Yvonne was so very special that, tonight, my little soldier would be ready for duty (duty?) again. We had told each other, that never, never, before, had anything like that happened to us. I just couldn’t get your image out of my mind. The image of your beautiful radiant face, and the images of that ripe body. Those images would stay with me for quite a while.

I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what a wonderful goddess, like you, saw in me. Here I was, over twenty years older, with a fuckin artificial lower leg… and, still you made me feel as I had never felt before. What we had in the flower shop was not a “quickie”, and we didn’t just fuck. No, we made love. And one fuckin’ thing was very certain, as I got into my car, I was in-fuckin-love… Me, Wally, an ole phart in his late fifties, was in love. I drove around aimlessly for awhile. It was about one-fifteen, and you were to close the shop at six. We had agreed for me to come to your apartment around seven-thirty, and you were gonna fix a couple of steaks for us. I had told you that it wasn’t necessary for you to feed my ass, but you said that you really wanted to You even asked what I liked to drink, but I said that enough was enough, and that if you could drink margaritas, I’d bring the fixins. It seemed as if the afternoon just would never turn into evening. But, of course, it eventually did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32