Friday Night Surprise Ch. 02

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Saturday morning, I let Sarah sleep in and cooked us some breakfast. She finally made it downstairs around 10:00. She was walking gingerly as she eased into a chair at the kitchen table. She didn’t speak until she had eaten and washed it down with a cup of coffee.

Finally, she looked at me and smiled. “Oh my god baby, last night was amazing. Can you believe I fucked the building janitor? And, before you ask, that is the first black man I have ever had sex with. I know we have never discussed interracial sex but it just seemed so erotic and taboo. It was a huge turn-on for me and I hope you enjoyed it, too. Please don’t be mad that I let him take me anally. I was just lost in a cloud of lust and it seemed so right at that moment. And, can you believe how big his penis was? I’ve never had anything that big in me. I’m sorry, I’m babbling too much. Please, tell me what you think. And, please be honest.”

I sat silently and looked her in the eyes until she showed signs of worry, afraid that I was mad at her. When I broke the stare and smiled at her, she relaxed and let out a long sigh of relief. “I thought you were incredible. I will admit that you caught me by surprise. I kept thinking the janitor was going to screw the evening up if he didn’t hurry and leave before the “surprise” person arrived. I almost fell out of my chair when you stood up and took your jacket off. That was so damn sexy.”

“But you got to tell me how you knew about him and the receptionist. That really caught him by surprise.” A sinister smile crept into the corner of her eyes. “I didn’t know for sure but you know how rumors spread around an office full of women. He sure didn’t deny it did he?”

I understood about work place rumors. They are everywhere. I continued, “As far as the interracial thing, I was never opposed to the idea, it just never came up in conversation. Maybe it’s something we should consider again sometime. I found it very erotic and you certainly seemed to enjoy it.”

Sarah stood and came around to my side of the table. I turned sideways in my chair and she sat in my lap. When she looked at me, she appeared to be almost in tears. She kissed me sweetly in the cheek. “Thank you for that, Adam. I was afraid afterwards that I had gone too far. That I had somehow crossed some imaginary boundary that I wasn’t supposed to cross. I love you and don’t ever what to do anything that would cause you to question that.”

I put my arms around her and hugged her close. “I love you and I know you love me. I would not have agreed to play our little game if I doubted, for one minute, that our relationship wasn’t strong enough to survive any situation. I mean, isn’t this exactly why we agreed to this? To enrich our lives and keep the spark alive. And that is what we are doing. The surprises and impromptu decisions it what makes this so stimulating.”

Sarah laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled into me for several minutes. After a while, I eased her off of my shoulder and, gripping her upper arms firmly in my hands, I turned her to face me. I looked her in the eyes with a serious scowl on my face. “I am, however, very upset with you about one thing.”

Sensing that she was in trouble, she lowered her eyes to avoid looking at me while I gave her the scolding she was sure was coming. With as stern a voice as I could muster, I squeezed her arms slightly and said, “Look at me Sarah. Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you.”

When she raised her head, she again appeared to be on the verge of tears. She looked at me with a trace of fear in her eyes. In my best scolding tone, I told her, “The next time you decide to let some black guy stuff his over-sized cock up your ass would you please let me know ahead of time so I can bring some lotion. My dick is one big blister from jacking off so much last night.”

I held the look as long as could while she tried to decide if I was really angry. Then, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I busted out laughing. Then she finally caught on. Jumping up from my lap, she slugged me on the shoulder. “You ass, I thought you were serious. I was almost in tears. Just for that, no pussy for you tonight mister. You can fuck your hand. I’ll go find another black guy to fuck me.”

She fell back into my arms and we laughed until our sides hurt. It’s moments like this that reassured both of us that we are ok with our game and will never let anything change our feelings for each other.

At dinner the next week Sarah asked what I had planned for my “Friday Night Surprise”. “It’s only a week away, you know. Do you have anything planned?” Raising an eyebrow is defiance I replied, “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it.” She meekly agreed and went back to her dinner.

What she didn’t know was that I had been thinking about it already. I figured this was a good time to spring my idea on her. “Do you remember when we discussed possibly revising the rules to allow us to see a person more than once?” A questioning look crossed nişantaşı escort her face. “Yeah, I remember that. What do you have in mind?”

A smile crept into the corners of my mouth as I answered, “I was thinking I would like to get together with Debbie again.” An instantaneous flash of jealousy flashed across her face and in the next instant was replaced by a questioning look.

“Ok,” she replied cautiously, “but why are you telling me this. I thought it was supposed to be a surprise.”

“I’m telling you because I also want to change the location.” Now I could really see the concern in her face.

“Why would you want to do that? If you take her to a hotel, there is no way I can watch and that has always been a central part of the game. Are we getting completely away from the rules?” I could detect an ever so slight trace of anger in her voice.

“I don’t want to fuck her in a hotel. I want to fuck her in our bed.” I let the comment hang heavily in the air as I watched for her reaction. Then, just when it looked like she would protest, I continued. “Actually, I want us to fuck her in our bed.”

I could see a hint of a smile as she tried to process my suggestion. “What do you mean, us?”

“I mean I would like for the three of us to spend some time in our bed. You seem to have enjoyed the time you spent with her and I know I did. I just think it would be wild for us to get together. And, imagine how surprised she will be when she finds out we are married to each other.”

An evil smile crossed Sarah’s face. “You’re a sneaky little bastard, aren’t you? I did enjoy being with Debbie. But, we have never “played” with someone together. Are you sure about this?” Despite the questions I could tell Sarah was definitely interested.

“Of course, I’m sure. And who else would be better than someone we both know and are comfortable with. What do you think?”

“I think it’s a great idea. I’m getting a little wet just thinking about it. How do we go about setting it up?

“I think it would be best if you set it up. Since you work with her you could hint that you would like to get together again but would prefer to meet at your house where you can be more comfortable. She knows you are married but she doesn’t know it to me so we need to figure out how to get me involved. You might feel her out about having a man involved. If she seems receptive then hint that you would like to include your husband.”

Sarah was on board and the plan was hatched. She would talk to Debbie about the possibility of having a threesome and go from there. The anticipation of having Debbie in our bed just added to the excitement in bed that night. We even watched the video of her and Sarah together while we fucked. Sex that night was great.

Sarah spent the first part of the next week putting our plan into action. Over dinner that Wednesday she filled me in. “Ok, Debbie is in. I started by casually asking her about her sex life. You know, was she only interested in women or did she like guys, too. She assured me that she was comfortable with both. She even told me about a late-night rendezvous she had with a sexy man that worked in the building just across the street from our offices. It was all I could do to keep from keep a straight face as she was telling me.”

“She was a little apprehensive about involving a man but I assured her she would like you. She obviously doesn’t know that she already likes you. I hope you are ok with this part, but I told her we would start with just the two of us and only invite you in if she was comfortable with it. That seemed to put her at ease.”

I liked the plan and told Sarah I was ok with waiting to see if Debbie was ok with having me be a part of it. Of course, I wanted to be a part of it. But, I planned to record it so the worst that could come of it was ending up with a smoking hot video of the two of them together. I saw it as a win — win.

We spent the rest of the week preparing for Friday night. I hid a couple of cameras in the den and 3 in our bedroom and linked them to the computer. A few candles and a couple of bottles of wine and we were set. Per the plan, Sarah and Debbie would go to dinner after work and then to our house. I would wait in the study to see if I was invited to play.

I was at my desk in the study when they arrived. I had the computer on with the live feed coming in from both rooms. I pulled up the two cameras in the den and settled into my chair. I could tell by the relaxed conversation and the giggling that they must have had a glass or two of wine with their dinner. They disappeared to the kitchen and returned with a glass of wine for each. They sat on the couch and chatted and giggled about whatever it is women chat and giggle about.

Sarah refilled their glasses as they continued to chat. Initially, there was no evidence that they were more than friends from work enjoying a glass of wine and conversation. That changed however when it was time to refill the wine şişli escort glasses again. Debbie said it was her turn and stood and took Sarah’s glass. She walked into the kitchen but when she returned she was empty handed.

“Couldn’t you find the wine?” Sarah asked when she saw she didn’t have the glasses with her. “Oh, I found it ok but I think it’s time for desert,” Debbie answered and she walked over and stopped in front of Sarah. Kneeling down on the edge of the couch with a leg on each side of Sarah’s she leaned in, wrapped her arms around Sarah’s shoulders and kissed her. Sarah responded by wrapping her arms around Debbie and pulling her in. The kiss lingered for a long time, intermingled with soft moans and whispers I couldn’t make out.

Without breaking the kiss, they eased over on the couch with Sarah underneath. It was truly an intimate moment that could only be shared by two women. The way they touched and cooed was very personal. Debbie was holding Sarah’s face in her hands and Sarah was gently working her hands up and down Debbie’s back. I had a raging boner just from watching them. I fought the urge to take it out and stroke it, holding out hope that one of them would do that for me later.

When Sarah broke the kiss and invited Debbie to move to the bedroom, I knew it was show time. As they disappeared from the den I switched the feed to the bedroom. Sarah had already lit a few candles and dimmed the lights. The bedroom appeared on the screen in a soft glow but bright enough for the camera to capture the activities. I had the feed set up on split screen with all three cameras recording.

The women stopped at the foot of the bed and resumed kissing, breaking contact only long enough to, piece by piece, undress each other. Soon they were pressing their naked bodies together, wrapped in each other’s arms. I was beginning to wonder if they were just going to kiss all night. Finally, Sarah began moving Debbie onto the bed. After a few more minutes of intimate kissing, Sarah rolled Debbie onto her back and straddled her knees. Taking Debbie’s breasts in her hands, Sarah leaned in for one more kiss before beginning her journey down her body.

She spent a few minutes licking and kissing one breast and then the other. Debbie’s nipples were standing tall as she finished with each one. Taking her breasts back in her hands, Sarah toyed with the nipples and she made her way farther down Debbie’s body. After a brief stop to slather her navel with kisses, Sarah moved down to the intersection of her legs.

One at a time, Sarah raised up her knees and moved that leg out from under her. This put her between Debbie’s legs with unobstructed access to her body. Starting at her knees, Sarah started rubbing and kissing her way up her legs, alternating legs as she went. Sarah spread her legs further as she worked her way up, leaving Debbie’s mid-section open and exposed. Soft moans from Debbie told me she was enjoying Sarah’s attention. When Sarah slipped up in the bed and put her head close to Debbie’s pussy, the moans turned to groans. Even though her head blocked most of the view, I could see Sarah’s head move around as she explored the tender area around Debbie’s vagina.

Then her head stopped moving around and settled in at Debbie’s pussy. The increase in volume of the groans and moans, coupled with Debbie’s hands gripping the back of Sarah’s head told me everything I needed to know about her pleasure. “Oh Sarah…your tongue feels so good…ohh…right there…awww…that’s it…I’m gonna cum…don’t stop…please don’t stop…” Sarah’s hands slipped under Debbie’s ass and gripped her cheeks as Debbie began bucking her hips up, trying to increase the pressure on her clit.

Before long, Debbie’s eyes popped open wide in surprise and she screamed as her first orgasm swept her body. Knowing Sarah like I do, I suspect the eye-popping surprise was a result of Sarah slipping her middle finger into Debbie’s ass at just the moment of climax. “OH MY GOD…aww…I’m cumminggggg….oh please…” Her voice tailed off as Sarah continued her assault on Debbie’s pussy as the orgasm moved thru her body. Finally, Debbie pushed her head away begging her to stop.

“Wow Sarah, that was amazing. Now come up here and let me return the favor.” Sarah eased up and lay beside Debbie. They held each other and kissed. “I would like very much for you to do just that, but before you do, have you given any thought to inviting my husband into bed with us?”

After a thoughtful couple of minutes Debbie answered, “I have never been involved in a threesome. Have you and your husband ever shared another woman before?”

“No, we have never shared another partner, male or female but we would very much love for you to be the first.”

That information seemed to relax Debbie. I guess it put her at ease knowing that we would all be exploring new territory together. “Sarah, if you are certain you are ok with sharing your husband I would very much like to do this.”

“Great. mecidiyeköy escort He is going to be so thrilled. Lay here and relax while I get him.” With that, Sarah eased off the bed and went to retrieve Adam. She knew he had been watching and listening but Debbie didn’t so she went to get him, closing the bedroom door as she went.

She opened the study door to find Adam sitting there with a wide grin on his face, sporting a boner that was trying to poke a hole in his gym shorts. Sarah went over behind him, hugging him from behind. “Well stud,” she teased, “are you ready to go meet your ‘new’ friend. From the looks of this you are.” as she reached out and grabbed his cock thru his shorts.

He stood and they embraced and kissed. He could detect a trace of Debbie’s pussy on her lips. That only added to the excitement. Leaving the cameras on, her followed Sarah out of the study, closing the door as he went.

Another quick kiss and then Sarah opened the door and stepped back into the bedroom ahead of Adam. Debbie was laying with her head propped up on a couple of pillows when Sarah entered, purposely blocking he view of Adam, who stood directly behind her. “Debbie, please meet my husband, Adam.” When she stepped aside and he came into view, the look on Debbie’s face was priceless. She subconsciously grabbed a pillow to cover her nakedness.

“What? Oh…My…God…this is your husband? How? Why? Oh…My…God…I’m speechless.” And then she realized that she had had sex with him behind Sarah’s back. But then, she had also had sex with Sarah behind his back. For an instant she was afraid she had been lured into a trap by a revengeful couple who both blamed her for their infidelity.

Feeling the need to apologize she started, “Oh dear, Sarah. I’m so sorry. I had no idea he was your husband. If I had known…” Sarah held up her hand to stop her. Moving over to sit beside her, she put her arms around Debbie and hugged her reassuringly. “It’s ok Debbie. I’m not mad and neither is Adam. As a matter of fact, we both knew the other was with you. As a matter of fact, I watched you with him and he watched you with me. And I have to tell you, we both found it very erotic.”

“What do you mean you watched. There was no one else in each of your offices either time.” By this time Adam had moved over and sat on the edge of the bed on the other side of Debbie. Adam spoke for the first time. “Debbie, please don’t be angry with us but it was our individual experiences with you that made us want to invite you to join us together. Sarah, while I get us all a glass of wine, why don’t you explain our little game to Debbie and how she became entangled in our little web.” He smiled as he finished his comment and eased off the bed to get the wine.

I took my time in the kitchen. When I returned Sarah was just finishing the details of our game and how Debbie became involved. Sarah was just saying, “So…Debbie, what do you think? I know we used a little trickery to get you here. If you feel like this is not what you want, feel free to leave with no hard feelings from either of us. However, we would like it very much if you choose to stay and play.

Debbie sat in silence for some time before she answered. “I will have to say this is a lot to take in. It seems odd to be sitting here talking to both of you at the same time. I really enjoyed my time with both of you. So…if you are both sure about this then yes, I would very much like to stay.” Holding her wine glass up for a toast, she said, “Here’s to new beginnings.” Everyone joined in the toast. Then, smiling at Sarah as she downed the rest of her wine, she said, “Now Sarah, get over here and spread those sexy legs. I believe I have a favor to repay.”

Debbie moved aside and Sarah took her place, reclined on the bed with her head resting on a stack of pillows. Debbie moved in between her legs and started duplicating Sarah’s earlier travels up her legs, kissing and massaging as she went. Just before she delved into Sarah’s pussy, she looked back over her shoulder at Adam and asked, “Are you going to just stand there or are you going to fuck me with that fabulous cock of yours?”

That’s all the invitation I needed. Sheading my shorts and t-shirt as I went, I was soon kneeling behind Debbie as the first moans escaped Sarah’s lips. Spreading Debbie’s ass cheeks, I buried my face in the folds and slipped my tongue into her pussy. Shortly, her moans matched those of Sarah. I worked my tongue thru her pussy lips and trailed a line of her juices to her asshole. A muffled groan escaped Debbie’s lips as I worked my tongue into her rosebud. “Oh Adam…that feels so nasty…but so good…please don’t stop.”

Sarah’s breathing had increased as her release neared. “Yes…yes…ooohhh…right there…oh yes…right there …” Debbie stopped and looked back again. “Please fuck me. I need you in me.” Raising, I moved up between her legs and lined my dick up with her opening. Knowing that she was already well lubricated with her own juices, I buried myself in her with one thrust. She screamed into Sarah’s pussy. Holding her hips, I began moving in and out. Her pussy seemed tighter than I remembered. It was milking my cock with each stroke.

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