Frontier Ch. 02

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*This is the second installment of Frontier, if you have not read part one I suggest you read that first. Feel free to comment any thoughts or criticism, I would love to know how to make these stories better. Thanks, enjoy.


“Wake up Bitch.” a voice called, and James opened his eyes to greet the sunlight rising over the plains, the darkness of the earth giving way to the red glow in the east. Falling heavily upon the small stand of Cedar’s where the company had made their camp the evening before, and in the light the waking soldiers stretched and shifted as sleep was put aside for the rigors of a fresh days march.

It might have been a pleasant waking for the Private, had he not found it accompanied by a boot digging sharply into his ribs. Private Goss stood over him, thin lips already frowning early in the day. A huge Carolianian on the run from God knew what, Goss had become something of an NCO on the long slow march to Texas. It was a station that appealed to his mean streak and to his dour nature, and the men around him all agreed that any soul who could wake up so angry as did Private Goss would surely go far in the frontier army they had joined.

The older man prodded James again with the toe of his boot, harder than before, and it did not matter that James Cotter had opened his eyes, Goss pretended as though the young man was still fast asleep, and he repeated his ritual of waking. A series of kicks and a verbal reminder of Cotter’s station within the marching column.

“The Lieutenant is already up.” Goss growled when he could no longer ignore Cotter’s cursing and his movement. “You best get on with it bitch. Can’t keep the officer waiting.”

“You won’t be so tough when we get to where we’re going.” Cotter pointed out in annoyance. “When we get to Fort Ewing and they put a rifle in my hands, I’d like to see you kick at me then.”

“When we get to Fort Ewing the only thing they are going to give a punk like you is more pricks to suck.” Goss growled as he aimed another kick at Cotter’s rising body. “Make it quick bitch, some of us would as soon be on the march.”

“I can never tell Goss… do you just want to be an asshole, or is it that you wish you could suck his prick yourself?”

But Cotter dodged the last kick which Goss aimed at him, and ignoring the other Private’s hard stare and his scowl he made his way across the camp to the place where the Lieutenant had laid his bedroll.

Lieutenant Given pulling his boots on as Cotter approached, looked up and nodded to the young man, his hands finishing with his boots. He ran his fingers across his forehead, parting the curly brown locks which fell below the rim of his hat, and he did not smile as he waited for the Private to speak.

“You ought to deal with Goss, Sir.” Cotter grumbled. “He’s getting to be a little too full of himself.”

“But he serves a function.” Given shrugged. “He keeps the men moving, he keeps them in line.”

“He isn’t better than us.”

“No. And you don’t need to worry. Where you are going there are worse than Goss waiting. He’ll never make it past the rank of Private and he’ll be dead inside the year. Disease will get him or some other private’s bullet on the slim chance that the Apache don’t manage to kill the man. And what difference can it make to you now,Private? He knows that he can only push you so far. As long as you keep me happy Cotter, I can keep you safe from men like that.”

The Lieutenant said this as his hand moved to the front of his trousers, as he began to run his hand along the bulge that Cotter could see rising beneath the thin blue cotton. Cotter glanced around through the early morning light, taking in the stumbling forms of the rising men in the long grass all around them.

Cotter pursed his lips, “You want to go someplace more private maybe?”

But Lieutenant Given only grinned, and his fingers worked at the buttons of his fly which he had only a moment before done up.

“It’s nothing they haven’t seen before Cotter.” Given laughed. “Come on now…don’t be shy.”

The Lieutenant finished with the buttons, the fly of his trousers yawning darkly as Cotter came forward to close the space between them. Knowing as he did so that all the eyes of the milling soldiers fell upon him, as they did each morning and each eve, the established ritual of his life upon the march.

When he was chest to chest with the Lieutenant, Cotter stopped. He let his hand fall low between them. Reaching blindly forward, his eyes upon Given’s own, he extended his fingers into the dark of the tented and opened trousers, felt the heat kiss his skin as his grip closed upon the thick pole secreted within.

“How do you want it sir?” Cotter whispered as his hand began to trace the length of the officers prick.

Privately he was hoping that the Lieutenant would order him to turn and to drop his pants. It had been a week since the whipping which had brought them together and Cotter’s ass had long since healed from the punishment bahçeşehir escort Given had inflicted upon it. Throughout that time Given had been true to the bargain they had struck, and he had not pushed Cotter’s body further than it could bear. Yet now the private’s flesh had healed, and there was a part of him that longed for more.

Each time that Given ordered him to drop to his knees and to suck him, a small amount of need flamed up in Cotter’s stomach, in his beating heart and in his loins which ached for the same relief which the Lieutenant so enjoyed from Cotter’s mouth and tongue.

In the week since their bargain had been struck, it seemed to Cotter that his mouth had been filled with cock more times than he could count. Given’s appetite for the ragged Private’s lips seemed insatiable and there had been days when Given had ordered Cotter to suck him off as many as five times, and each occasion Cotter found the Lieutenant’s prick as stiff and as ready as the first. Yet Given had made no move to take his ass, a fact which surprised Cotter and to some extent irked him as the days had bore on.

He had not been fucked since leaving Georgia, the feel of it was like a memory from another life. A memory that nagged the young private, weighed increasingly heavy upon his soul. Each time he sucked the prick of his commanding officer, some part of him was reminded of what was lacking, of what fresh pleasures there were to be had out there upon the endless plains.

It did not help that Given had forbidden the Private to pleasure himself, to cum without orders. A week of near constant dick and no outlet for his passion and Cotter had begun to wonder if he might simply lose his mind, as others had on far frontiers. A victim of his own base need and the isolation from that part of his body which called most strongly for his attention, snapping savage at Cotter’s untutored mind.

There must have been some hint of this in Cotter’s eyes, some particular look that crossed his face, for Given grinned at him before he gave his answer. The officer reached out and stroked Cotter’s cheek, a rare tenderness in spite of the repeated use that Given had made of his soldier’s willingness.

“Are you tired of sucking prick bitch? Are you getting hungry for something more?”

“Not tired.” Cotter shrugged, his hand still working slowly on Given’s shaft, pulling it out into the pale light of morning. “Happy enough to suck you off sir…I’ve never minded that. But a man’s got needs. I wouldn’t mind something…more.”

“Get on your knees bitch.” Given whispered.

Without taking his gaze off of Given’s one remaining eye, and without removing his grip on the officer’s prick, Cotter sank slowly to his knees. Without needing to be told he opened his mouth wide, but he had learned in the days on the march not to go further until instructed.

Given moved his hips slowly foreward, pressing the hot and swollen tip of his sex against the Private’s cheek, tracing lines acrioss the flesh with heat and the wet sheen of his expectant need. In his mind Cotter tried to follow the rationale of the officer’s mark, tried to impose the feel of the movement across his skin into words or numbers, some signifier of what was meant. For all that Cotter knew the Lieutenant was signing his name.

When Given spoke again his voice was much louder, and it was meant not for James Cotter at all but for the nine soldiers all around, who as usual had done their best not to stare, not to give undue interest to the morning routine that carried on before their bleary eyes.

“My little camp wife wants more, is that it Private? It’s not enough that I make sure you have water and enough rations to eat. Not enough that I give you light duties in camp, make sure not to match you and the others too hard to spare you fatigue. It’s not enough that I fuck your sweet mouth every time that you ask…no Private. You can’t help yourself, you still want more.”

Given laughed as he knocked Cotter’s hand away from his shaft. Without preamble he drove his thick tool into Cotter’s open and waiting mouth as deep and as hard as could until the Private choked and gagged around it’s plunging girth, until the spittle began to pour from his lips as Cotter strained to swallow the intruder. Until his breath became ragged and the tears formed in the corners of his eyes.

Cotter reached up to place his hands on Given’s thighs for support, but once more the officer knocked them away, told him roughly to keep his hands at his side, that Given had no need of them. Given’s own hands gripped tightly in Cotter’s ragged blond hair pulling the Private forward to meet each rough thrust of his hips, and as Cotter choked and sought to breath the Lieutenant when on in a gleeful monologue.

“No, it’s not enough for you my little bitch. All the ways that I take care of you and your still greedy…hardly fitting behavior for one of this nation’s soldiers to exhibit. A march full of kindness and a mouth full istanbul escort of cock…but all you are dreaming of is getting fucked in the ass. Isn’t that right bitch?”

Cotter could not answer, only retch as the bulbous head of Given’s prick slammed into his throat. Yet it did not matter if he gave answer or not, the bulge in the front of the Private’s trousers was clearly evident and as he did his best to take the monster in his air passage he could feel the wam spread of his need rising through his balls and to his belly, the hammering desire of his heart within his boney chest.

Given indeed saw the response of Cotter’s body, the tenting of his uniform trousers accompanied by the small wet stain of fluid that shivered to the tip of Cotter’s member in exhilaration of the act at hand, and at the promise that seemed inherent in the officer’s words.

“Look at him boys!” Given cried out. “All my years in the service, even in the heart of war I’ve never come across so needy a cocksucker as this one.”

When Given had spoken, Cotter suddenly became aware that his fellow Private’s had drifted closer. He could hear their movements in the long grass, the faint secret of the whispers they passed between them, stifled laughter, private jokes. For a week the new recruits had known and watched and had pretended that they saw nothing. At last Given had called them in, ushered them forwards to share in the spectacle and in the sight of their fellow on knees at the center of it.

His eyes were shut tight in concentration, the need to accommodate and to breath around the burning cock that filled him up, yet he did not need to see to understand the scene around him. Those hard eyed men in the ill fitting vestments of the Federal army, pressed close with mocking stares, yellow and broken teeth exposed in thin lipped grins. Every eye taking in the defilement of his face, the red shaft that parted his lips and every ear taking in the audible truth of the act. They would all see how he kept his hands at his sides in accordance with his orders. They could not miss the bulge in his pants as Cotter’s dick strained for release within.

Cotter knew that he should feel embarrassment, the full humiliation of that moment. Yet he felt nothing more than the need for more, would not have cared if the whole Calvary and all the tribes of the frontier had gathered round to watch. He longed in that moment only for something more.

As though Given had heard his innermost thoughts, as though the officer could read the desire of the Private’s heart, he withdrew his cock from Cotter’s mouth. It was the first time Given had removed himself without climax, or at least teetering on the brink of it, and the abruptness of the action threw the private off his balance. He fell backwards on the ground, coughing and gasping for the new found air that flooded into his lungs. Standing over him Given began to slowly stroke his glistening red prick, and he spoke kindly to the Private on the ground.

“Go ahead bitch. Pull down your pants and show the boys how much you want it.”

Cotter did not need to be told twice, and at once his fingers were fighting with the buttons of his trousers, nearly tearing the cheap blue cotton in his effort to push them down his pale and skinny hips. He heard the amazed laughter of the soldiers in the tall grass all around as he wiped the drool from his wet lips upon his right palm and closed his fist at once around his needy cock, unable to suppress the groan of delight that swept upward through his body and burst from his lips. He did not hold back, stroked himself furiously and let the pleasure build within him, eyes closed tight to keep the world at bay, to close himself off in that lasting moment of bliss at last achieved.

Yet his eyes shot open when he felt the scalding drops of moisture fall upon him, opened his eyes into the cloudless blue sky of the morning to see that it was not rain but the Lieutenant’s shooting cum that splattered across his face and chest, that dripped heavy and hot upon his belly and slid slowly downwards towards his belabored prick and his boiling testicles. He saw the Lieutenant with back arched, head thrown back, wordless in his orgasm and the world seemed to slow and shift as he watched a pearly rope of cum launch itself from the slit of Given’s erection, tracked it’s arc across the empty space and Cotter gasped as the semen hit his lips his tongue darting out instinctively to drink it up and he felt something inside of him rising up to burst. Cotter closed his eyes again and he held his breath.

So close to his desire, the Private must have missed the order, although later he would suspect that Given had whispered it. That he had been intended to miss it, that the order was simply a convenience to provoke the rest. In any case Cotter did not hear when Given ordered him to cease his action, to take his hand from off his ready cock. It would not have mattered in any case, Cotter was too close , there could have been escort bahçeşehir no force on earth that could have turned him back.

He shrieked in surprise when he felt their bodies falling heavily upon him, his fellow soldiers bursting from the grass surrounding. They tore his hand from off his prick, held him down and suppressed the thrashing of his limbs as he fought against them. Three soldiers wrestled him still as Cotter screamed and cursed them. He was close to tears as the three men hauled him roughly to his feet, frustration wracking his body as he pleaded to be let go.

He met Given’s eye and begged the officer for just a little more, knowing how it must look. His pants around his ankles, his prick inflamed and his balls full and near to bursting, the strands of semen already drying on his skin in the heated kiss of morning.

“Please Sir.” Cotter begged. “Just one more minute,please…I’ll do anything sir.”

But Given only grinned, sliding his now limp prick away into his uniform, adjusting the shining brass of the Calvary buckle on his belt.

“You’ll do anything anyway.” Given pointed out. “Like the good little bitch that you are. That is the deal after all.”

The Lieutenant’s response and Cotter’s state drew giggles from the soldiers all around, delighting still in their invitation to the strange party that had sprung up within their ranks. Cotter was held fast by two of them, looked around and saw the cruel grins of all the rest, though he noted too that many were as hard as he was, that their stance shifted as they sought to accommodate the swollen appendages between their thighs. He could not see Goss , but he could hear the man somewhere behind him, laughing harder than all the rest.

“I don’t think I can trust you to behave yourself today Private.” Given went on, his voice casual and disinterested once more. ” You men have got to learn to follow orders. Where we are going…well that’s all that stands between a man and the edge of an Apache’s knife, the only thing that keeps a soldier’s scalp where it belongs. Out there a man has got to listen, and more than listen he has got to obey.”

The Lieutenant shook his head, the very soul of dignified solemnity.

“Don’t any of you ever forget that this is war. I may be some drunk and one eyed old relic of the War, and the lot of you might be the wretched of the earth and best suited to feed the buzzards…but out here we are all that we have got. A soldier has to learn that. Has to learn what it is to obey. Otherwise he dies. This Private is going to learn that today.”

Given ordered that Cotter’s shirt be stripped away, that he be left naked but for his boots. He commanded that the private’s arms be bound at the wrist behind his back, so that he would not be able to countermand the orders he had been given.

“You all keep a weather eye out for Cotter.” Given ordered. “It’s clear he is a desperate case and not to be trusted for now. We’ll see if a day marching bound and naked can instill some discipline into my little Bitch.”

Shortly thereafter the company broke camp, and Given led the way on horseback south and west across the endless prairie towards some distant Texas and the extremes of the frontier. The soldiers followed grumbling and on foot, a slim blue scar upon the landscape cursing every mile and every acre that their tired feet were forced to tread. Cotter among them and arrayed as the officer had ordered, his wrists bound and held fast behind him, bare but for his outsized boots. No one had bothered to wipe the officers cooling jism from his skin. No kind soul sought to break the military order growing among them, to loosen James Cotter’s bonds at least while the Lieutenant was far ahead and nearly lost to sight.

The Private walked with his eyes to the earth, the feeling within him alternating between embarrassment and rage, but beneath both was still the needy passion that he had not been able to release. His scrotum ached with the seed confined within, and though his erection subsided across the morning, it was never wholly gone, and a single thought of the officer’s prick in his mouth, or the image of that white cum as it had arced across the powder blue sky to touch his lips and James would be rock had once more.

Several times he tried in vain to slip from the bonds that cut into his wrists, certain that if he could simply free himself for a moment that he could find release before anyone could even notice. Yet the bonds held, and on and on the Private slogged the miles with his cock bouncing at a painful and defiant attention.

From time to time one of the others would fall in beside him, strangers who had only ever known Cotter as bitch and as cock sucker, as the Lieutenant’s camp whore. Walking by his side they would lean close and whisper cruel japes into his burning ears, suggestions of things that James might enjoy. A few whispered even what they would like to do to him if the Lieutenant ever allowed, in all the graphic glory that their unschooled minds could offer.

“Go ahead then.” Cotter whispered to a Philidephian brickbat. “You want to fuck me? Go ahead, I won’t say a word. I’ll suck your dick first if you’d like, whatever you want. Just fuck me. We’ll fall behind a little bit…nobody has ever got to know.”

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