Gang Makes Me Their Virgin Cockslut

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This is my first story here! I hope you enjoy it 🙂


I was walking home at 2 AM after watching a super scary movie with my girlfriends. My car had broken down last week, and I had insisted that I walk home since I did not live too far away. I shivered as the wind hit me, rippling my long dark hair back. I pulled my pea coat around me, clutching my purse to my body. I decided to cut down an alley between two abandoned apartment buildings near my house. I started down the alley and then saw a group of guys in a corner. They were laughing loudly and obviously drunk. I nervously started backing up, hoping they hadn’t seen or heard me, but then I accidentally kicked a garbage can lid. I heard somebody say, “Hey baby!” before I started running away.

I turned a corner in the alley and looked over my shoulder to see if the guys were following me. I screamed as I ran into a hard body, which turned me around quickly and trapped me in a bear hug. I tried to kick the guy, who reeked of alcohol and cologne. I gagged and the guy leaned down to kiss my neck.

I started crying quietly and saw five more guys approaching. One man who looked about 20 stopped forward and crouched in front of me. His ice blue eyes bore into my brown ones. I froze, petrified. The man wickedly smiled and pinched my cheeks.

“She’s perfect,” he said laughing. “Take her inside.”

I screamed as the man started dragging me inside. He put his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams, saying, “Can’t wait to hear you screaming later, slut.”

Someone slipped a blindfold over my eyes and then set me down on a couch, I believe. Duct tape was slapped over my mouth, my hands cuffed behind me back. I sobbed quietly and tried to shake off the blindfold. I heard the unzipping of pants and rustling of clothes. Oh my god, they’re going to rape me! This can’t be happening, I’m saving myself for marriage! I feel someone cutting my clothes out, and I know that I’m only wearing a black lacy bra and matching thong with my lack leather boots.

Someone rips of the tape and takes off the blindfold. I gasp when I see six men surrounding me, completely naked with their cocks in their hands. The blond leader was standing in front of me, his cock less than a foot from my face. It looked so big and swollen already, and I cringe.

He looks evilly at me and puts me on my knees on the ground. He slaps me on my face with his semi hard cock, and I flinch.

He holds his dick in front of my mouth and demands, “Suck it, slut.”

I shake my head no, not opening my mouth. He slaps my face kocaeli escort again, and feel something wet on my cheek. He looks at someone behind me, and then I feel a hard slap on my ass. I cry out, and then there’s a gigantic cock in my mouth. I try to pull back, but he grabs my head and shoves his cock all the way in until I gag. He starts thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth fast and hard, and tears come to my eyes. I gag when his dick hits the back of my throat, and I feel him growing bigger as he uses my mouth.

I feel someone rip off my thong and put his hands on my ass, squeezing. He tries to put a finger in my somewhat wet pussy, then gasps.

“Shit, Josh. This slut’s a virgin!” Josh looks at me, a big grin on his face.

“A virgin, huh? I can’t wait to pop that little cherry of yours, slut!” He cranks his cock deeper in my mouth, and I feel my pussy getting a little wet against my will. He already feels rock hard in my mouth and then he pulls out. I gasp for air and am pushed onto my back, my hands behind me.

Josh gets down on his knees and takes one of my knees in each hand. He starts to spread my legs, looking greedily at my virgin pussy.

“No…please…” I say weakly, but don’t have the strength to back it up.

“Shhhh….slut…trust me you’ll like it!” He says as begins to rub my clit.

I involuntarily let out a little moan as my body starts to tingle. He smiles and begins to rub a little faster with the side of his hand, eliciting another moan.

“See? Good little slut you are,” he says as he leans over to lick my nipple.

I start to say no, but another moan escapes my mouth. He teachers up with his other hand to thumb my nipple as he picks up the pace on my clit. I try to say no, but these waves of pleasure overcome me. I start to move my clit against his hand, longing for release and he laughs. He rubs even faster and I cry out a little, and another fat, semi hard dick is pushed int my mouth. This time I suck freely, eating his cock like candy. Precut oozes down my throat as the man thrusts himself deep into my mouth, causing me to gag. Josh begins sucking my nipple, and I feel my orgasm coming. My body is shaking in anticipation as the man pulls his cock out of my mouth, then shoves it all the way into my throat. I suck even harder, feeling his rock hard dick in my mouth. Josh senses my orgasm coming, then presses his thumb down hard on my clit as my body explodes in pleasure. I arch my back as incessant waves of pleasure hit me, forcing the man’s cock down my throat. He too starts to explode and pulls up, spraying my face kocaeli escort bayan and exposed tits. I gasp as I taste his cum on my lips, so salty and warm.

Josh sits down and pulls me onto his lap to straddle him. I feel his rock hard dick brush against my clit, making me moan. The men surround us, cocks in hand. Josh grabs his cock fans slaps it against my clit and rubs it on my now soaking pussy lips. He dips a finger into my pussy and tastes it. He continued to rub his cock up and down my slit, never entering. I writhe in anticipation. All my resistance had crumbled, and now I wanted this man’s cock in my virgin pussy.

“Please…” I whisper, my voice shaking.

Josh grins. “What was that?”

“Please…fuck me.” I say quietly.

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“FUCK ME! FUCK MY FUCKING PUSSY RIGHT NOW!” I screamed in ecstasy.

Josh grunts then grabs my hips and slammed me onto his 10 inch dick. I feel my membranes tearing and I cry out. I feel him hit the back of me then slowly pull out. I begin to protest, but then he shoves his dick right back in, making my moan. His cock feels so huge in my tight pussy.

“Shit, slut. You’re so tight!” He says, then slaps my ass as he begins to thrust quickly. I scream in pleasure as he pounds my pussy hard. His dick rubs my clit as he thrusts, and I feel another orgasm coming. I throw my head back as he uses my body, stuffing his delicious meat into me. A cock is shoved in my mouth and I suck it hard, loving a cock in my mouth while Josh rips my pussy apart. I feel Iike his dick is growing within me, getting harder and more swollen. The cock in my mouth suddenly disappears, and is replaced with another. I suck the head and hear the man moan in pleasure. He doesn’t last to long and pulls out. I open my mouth wide, wanting to taste his cum. He sprays my face and I take his cock back in, licking up his juices.

I start moving with Josh’s thrusts, his balls slapping my ass and dick rubbing my clit. I start moaning again madly, feeling another orgasm coming. Josh smiles and says, “You wanna cum baby?”

I moan while nodding, and he grabs my hips and starting moving me so fast up and down his cock, my tits bouncing while I scream. With one last thrust, I feel him hit the back of me and I explode. I moan as I release my juices, milking his dick. He pulls out briefly and I lick my cum off his cock. He grabs my head and impales me on his cock, which is now so fat and hard.

As I suck hard and bob my head eagerly, he says, “What a good little cockslut you are. You wanna fuck another cock?” I nod eagerly, izmit escort and then feel someone move under me and slam me back on their cock. This one was shorter, but much fatter. He struggled to thrust into my pussy, but developed a rhythm which had been hopping up and down on his duck like a whore. I moaned with Josh’s cock in my mouth as my pussy was being stretched.

Josh suddenly pulls out my mouth and a fat black cock enters it. Josh goes behind me and uncuffs me. My hands immediately go to the black balls, which I squeeze hard and play with while I suck cock. I grab the black cock with two hands and squeeze, only sucking the tip. I look into the man’s eyes as I tease his cock.

“Such a good cockslut,” I hear someone say.

Josh goes to my backside and reaches to my pussy, which is still being fucked good and hard. He gets some of my cum and rubs it on my asshole. I pull the cock out of my mouth to protest, but the man shoves it right back in, holding my head to him. His cock slides down my throat and I gag as josh enters me. I scream, both in pain and ecstasy, as he starts pumping in and out. I moan and keep sucking hard, and grab another cock to stroke it. The two cocks abuse my body, and I love it. Josh’s girth and length expertly fuck my ass, stretching me and giving my wave after wave of pleasure. I felt another orgasm building, and I reached on hand down to rub my clit in circles. I moan on another cock and jack off another, as I feel another orgasm coming. The three men thrust brutally into me, using me like the slut and piece of meat I am. Then all three thrust so hard into me at the same time and I scream and cum hard.

They all pull out and watch as I writhe in pleasure, arching my back. I reach down and shove three fingers into my pussy moaning. I suck on my fingers and continue rubbing my clit with my other hand. I pinch my nipples in and scream in ecstasy, squirting more cum on the floor. I breathe hard looking at all the men around me that had forced me to suck and fuck, and ended up making met their cumslut. They all surrounded me in a circle, and josh once again put his cock in my mouth.

As the other men starting slapping their cocks on me, I grabbed Josh’s dick with my hands and stroked him so hard. I sucked on his tip as the others slapped and molested my body. I starting bobbing my head on Josh’s dick, which was hard as fuck. He moans and holds my head to him, keeping his cock in my throat. I gag and moan, and then he pulls out and all the men start cumming on me. I open my mouth and close my eyes as squirts hit my tits, my clit, and my face. I rub the cum everywhere, loving that dirty, sticky feeling. Josh sits down and pulls me onto his lap and strokes my hair.

“What a good little cockslut you are!” He says.

I nod eagerly, kissing him. “Yes I am!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32