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“I can’t wait to have my cock in her ass,” I whisper to you in the cab, as it picks its way through traffic. You look at me, your eyes wild with lust, “I can’t wait to watch you fuck her.” We kiss. We can’t help but kiss. Our mouths interlocked, our hands traveling all over each other. The cab driver trying to catch as much of it as he can in his rearview mirror.

The day seemed like it would never end. We had meetings to go to, papers to hear. We’d both decided to attend the conference principally because it was in her city, but that didn’t mean that we didn’t have to attend. You’d spoken brilliantly that afternoon. The only grad student on the panel, but the best paper by far. The audience was mesmerized by you, so insightful and so beautiful. I had told you that the top you had picked out was a bit low cut for an academic audience, but you had just smiled and said you liked it. I didn’t know whether to look at you or at the audience members who couldn’t take their eyes off you. They were attentive, they asked good questions, but more than one pair of eyes wandered down to your lovely cleavage during your talk. Afterwards, I could hardly get you to myself, because of the press of people eager to keep the discussion up. Were you more interested in the frosty-haired senior professor – obviously a runner – or the busty fellow grad student? I saw how you made eye contact with him when he shook your hand, and held it a bit longer than he should have. I saw you toss your hair back and stand a bit too close when she suggested you exchange emails. But no matter. The conference was behind us, and we could get to the real reason we had come to Chicago in the first place.

Anal Amy, my favorite sex blogger. I had discovered her blog years ago, and didn’t believe she was real, just because she was too good to be true. A college girl, and a buttslut. I started reading her all the time, always commenting, always trying to catch her eye. You knew I loved to masturbate to her blogposts, and you would be the first person to let me know when she posted something new. Was it a threesome? A random older man she met at a bar? A gangbang? Had she used lube? Condoms? You knew it was the bareback anal that turned me on the most. The thought of all those men penetrating her ass and squirting their cum in her, it made me hard, hot, hungry, thirsty. You knew how much I wanted to be at the end of the line in a gangbang with her, so I could shoot my cum into her ass only after other men had done so as well, while yet others had covered her face and chest.

Eventually she got into bed with us, or at least the thought of her did. When I met you no one had yet taken your ass, not even your husband. But I changed that. I taught you to love rimming and being rimmed. I was the first to penetrate you there, first with my tongue, then with my fingers, then with a toy, and finally with my thick cock. God how I love that I’ve taken your anal cherry. How I love that I’ve taught you what it feels like to have a man in your stretched open asshole, pounding you, squirting inside you. Right now I can picture your tight puckered asshole, and feel the tension and the fear that you always show whenever I start playing with you there. You know it’s going to hurt, but you give yourself to me anyway. You know my cock will stretch you, but you want me inside you. You’re afraid, but you crave it. You know the pain will yield to pleasure and that we will both cum so very hard, sharing this very dirtiest of intimacies.

When was it that we started fantasizing about her? You had come to enjoy her blog as well. You were amazed that she wanted it up the ass so much, and that she could take it so readily, even without lube. You knew I wanted to fuck her – if I only could! – and you wanted to share her with me. Her curves, her ample tits, her long hair, you could picture them against you as I slipped my cock into her asshole. Remember that time I fucked your ass and we pretended you were her? Remember how hard I slammed you? How you screamed out? How hard I came, deep in your ass?

Now it was actually going to happen. Incredibly, we’d gotten in touch with her. Incredibly, she’d agreed to meet us. She had said there were no guarantees, that we would have to meet, to see if there was chemistry, but you and I had no doubt. She was such a little whore . . .

“Ahem” the cabdriver grunted. Was he uncomfortable with the way we were kissing and groping? . . .”Here you are. The club is right on the corner.” We paid and went in, our hearts pounding.

I held your hand tightly as we scanned the crowd. Over there, by the bar, we saw her with her friends. All of them twenty-something and looking hot. Amy was in a short summer dress with spaghetti straps. It clung to her curves and barely covered her delicious ass. Her tits seemed about to pop up out of the top of it. We watched for a while as boys came up to her to chat and offer her drinks. There wasn’t a man in the place who didn’t want to fuck her. Finally, we caught each bahis firmaları other’s eyes and everyone just knew. There were nervous smiles and introductions, some trivial conversation. She was immediately taken with you, in your short black dress and heels.

Dancing was much easier than conversation. What do you say in a crowded, noisy club to someone you barely know but with whom you want to have dirty, nasty sex? Those things are best said on a dance floor full of people. She had taken you out there by the hand, and you had reluctantly, nervously followed. But as the music and the liquor got into you your nerves faded. You danced close with her, face to face, your tits almost touching her. I was behind you at first, but then moved behind Amy, occasionally bringing my face to her ear to whisper and to kiss. Eventually, she brought her arms up and back to touch my face, and pressed her ass against my cock. I moaned softly as my hardness touched her soft ass, and couldn’t help but grind against her. Her dress was so slight I could feel her thong through the cotton quite easily. My hand wandered down to caress her ass, and I even slipped my fingertips under the hem to feel the soft curve of her ass. She started to press against my hand and cock, and when she started to grind a bit, I knew she was ours. You came close, pressed your tits against hers, and kissed her. Her lips are just as soft as you’d imagined, and she immediately openen them and let your tongue slip inside. Your own hand wandered down to her hip, and you couldn’t help but slip it under the hem of her dress as well, feeling the warm tender nakedness underneath.

Nothing exists for me besides you two. I feel her body so close to mine. I can smell her perfume, her shampoo. The heat of the club has her sweating, and I can taste the dampness on her skin when I lean in to whisper to her, and let my lips graze her neck. I learn how she moves as she dances, and can start imagining how she moves when she fucks. My hand wanders to her bare ass, my fingertips barely touching her skin. I find the line of her thong and trace it down until my fingertips are so very close to her asshole. You watch her face, and you know exactly what I’m doing. Her eyes continue to look at you, but her attention is elsewhere, on my hand, on her ass. You draw closer to her and can feel the change in her breath. How can you help but draw your hand along the front of her thong and slip it between her legs. You feel her warmth, her wetness. The material is so nice and damp. Her attention is drawn back to you. She’s come back to you. She’s looking into your eyes, but she’s too aroused to smile. You kissed her again, this time more roughly, more insistently. Around us, the other dancers glimpsed over, some shocked, some envious. There was the one guy who just stared, not caring that his date was getting jealous.

“I need a drink,” Amy gasped, pulling away breathless, and we all headed back to the bar. You and I exchanged glances and smiles on the way back as we followed her, her ass swishing under her dress. My eyes became glued to her legs and ass. Anyone who noticed me would have guessed I was picturing her bent over.

A drink, some more chatter, this time between her and me. You press against me, your arm around my waist, as you fuck her with your eyes. Those gorgeous big brown eyes of yours that say so much. She talks with me, smiling, preening her hair, but her eyes keep flicking back to yours. You make eye contact each time and each time your glance tells her that you want to be naked with her. Each glance back from her says, “Yes, god. Kiss me.”

“So, what do we think?” I ask. “Is it time to go somewhere more private?” A few laughs were all I need for my answer, and we headed out to catch a cab. We had her between us on the seat, but the nervous tension was too high to do much. All of us were breathing quickly, all of us were quiet. In the lobby of the hotel, some people from the conference saw us pass. What a scandalous image, the 40-something prof with his 20-something grad student – both married – walking through the lobby with what looked like a college girl who was obviously dressed to get laid. The elevator gave us some privacy, and we exchanged kisses. Soon we were in the room, and you were in Amy’s arms.

The privacy was all she needed to unleash her lust for you. She pushed you onto the bed onto your and immediately crawled over you so she could kiss you and feel your tits through your dress. Her tongue invaded you hungrily as her hair cascaded down to your face and mingled with yours. You answered her kisses with your own greedy sucking, and reached up to pull her down onto you, desperate to have her tits pressed against yours. I undressed as I watched all this, my hard thick cock spring out of my boxers as I pulled them down. Amy’s dress was hopelessly flimsy and short. It slid off her ass, exposing her in all her magnificent glory, her lacey white thong framing her cheeks. When you pulled her down toward you she remained kaçak iddaa on her knees, so her ass stuck up lewdly and invitingly. I resisted the temptation to bury my face in her cleft and rim her right away.

Amy sat up, pulled the dress over her head, and tossed off her bra with the practiced ease of a woman who had undressed in this position many times. She then leaned down and offered her magnificent tits to you. You took them in your hands unbelievingly, and brought each nipple to your mouth in turn, sucking and biting. She arched her back as your mouth sent shocks through her tits. You sucked and suckled, bit and nibbled as you brought a hand down between your legs, pulled up your skirt and started rubbing your clit through your own thong, black and wet. I got up and started caressing Amy’s ass and thighs, again holding back. My hand wandered up to her crotch and I discovered her sopping wetness. I caressed her mound, her lips, through the material, and soon found her hard clit. My hand rubbed against yours as you masturbated. She looked back over her shoulder at me and caught my eyes as I found just the right rhythm and roughness. The two of you started to grind, climbing toward the first of many releases.

You were the first to explode. Your orgasm ripped through you as you desperately sucked her tits and frigged your clit. The sight of you underneath her, releasing her tits so you could throw your head back and moan, your eyes shut and your mouth thrown open, was too much for her. She fell on you, her own orgasm taking her as she pressed hard against my hand and brought her hungry mouth to your neck.

I brought my hand to my mouth as she collapsed next to you on the bed. I inhaled her aroma from my fingers, looking at her, as the two of you panted, coming down from your explosive orgasms. You watched me stare at her, and knew she was in trouble. You knew from the lust in my eyes that I wasn’t going to give her much time to catch her breath. I grabbed her legs and drew her toward the edge of the bed, as you took off your own clothes, all but your panties, and lay alongside her, watching me, caressing her tits, whispering into her ear. You told her how good it felt to take my thick cock, and to get ready to be fucked deep and hard.

I took her legs and put them on my shoulders, caressing and kissing them, as I brought my cock to her pussy, and rubbed her clit through her soaking wet thong. She flinched right away, still sensitive from having cum just recently, but didn’t pull away. Instead, she reached down and pulled her thong aside, exposing her smooth, swollen cunt to my dick. I took my shaft in my hand and slipped the head between her lips, coating it in her wetness, rubbing it against her clit. You and I watched as her face changed. Her lips parted. Her eyes glazed over. Her chest heaved.

“Stick that cock in me. I need to get fucked,” she muttered.

I grinned and looked at you. “What do you say, babydoll? Shall I ram my cock into her slut cunt?”

“Mmm yes, baby,” you answered, “Fuck her hard, like the cheap little slut she is.”

I held her legs tight and pressed my dick against her hole. She was tight, and it was hard to get inside, but she was also really wet. Eventually her cunt stretched open and I sank my cock into her deep, moaning all the way. She threw her head back, arching, her lips wide open. I immediately started to slam into her. Long, hard strokes, burying my full length in her each time. You started to caress her tits, then to suck them, bite them. You reached down to her pussy, eager to feel my cock pounding in and out of her. You rubbed her clit as I fucked her, and watched her face as she took me deeper with each thrust. You know so well how good it feels to take my thick cock deep. You knew what she was feeling as I made her take me all the way each time.

“God, yes. Fuck me hard!” she moaned out, humping back at my thrusts, taking my cock as hard as I could give it to her. I brought my weight forward on top of her, bending her legs back, doubling her over. You knew I was going to cum. You knew how much I wanted to fill her.

“Shoot in her!” you begged me as you desperately fingered your own pussy. “Fill her with your cum!”

My back arched as I unloaded my jizz into her pussy. I groaned, twitching, lost in my orgasm, my cum roiling deep inside me and tearing out through my cock into her deep dark wetness. You came at the sight, your fingers buried deep inside you.

I pulled out of her, sweaty and spent, and started to kiss my way down her pretty legs. You knew what I wanted. My mouth was soon at her pussy, sucking and licking greedily, tasting my cum mixed with her juices. I rubbed her clit as my tongue worked inside her, eager to get every drop. She ground into my face, reaching another orgasm, covering my face with girl cum. I brought my face to yours and kissed you, feeding you some of the sweet mixture, and then I shared it with her. You watched as my mouth met hers, as I kissed her deeply, kaçak bahis as I fed her my cum from her pussy. You needed to taste it from the source, so you got on your knees behind me and licked my cock clean, then brought your lips to her freshly-fucked cunt.

I fell on the bed next to her and kissed her deeply as your tongue traveled along her every crevice, and plunged into her hole. You started to suck greedily as you tasted gobs of my cum. The flavor so familiar, so intoxicating. You knew she was tasting me as well, as I fed her the jizz from my mouth and played with her stiff nipples. I looked down at you, lost in your feasting, and grabbed you by the hair. I pulled you up, and threw you on your back onto the bed.

“Amy, I think this little slut really wants some creampie. Why don’t you sit on her face and feed it to her?” I said.

Amy just grinned and swung a leg over your face. She hovered over it for a while, my cum and her juices leaking out of her well-fucked cunt. You panted as you admired her and then reached up, grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto your face. Amy started to grind right away, moaning.

“Oh yes, you little cumslut,” she groaned out, “eat that cum. Eat my pussy.” Her hands settled on your tits as she started to grind, flicking her clit on your lips, on your chin, smothering you in her wetness. I grabbed your legs and spread them. Standing by the bed, I pulled you to me and brought my dick to your cunt. You started to grind against it immediately, as soon as you felt my head against your clit. I started fucking your clit with my hard dick, looking into Amy’s eyes.

“Fuck her. Fuck her tight little cunt” she ordered me. I put your legs up on my shoulders and slammed my cock into you. You moaned loudly into Amy’s cunt, and she just ground her pussy into your face, muffling your screams. I pumped you with long hard strokes as i brought my hands to her tits. I pinched her nipples as I looked deep into her eyes. I brought my lips to hers as I started to go deeper and harder into your cunt. We got lost in each other, half forgetting you, fucking each other through you. I let your legs drop so I could get my hands on her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply as I my cock sank into you. She just kept on grinding, smothering you, forgetting about you. I told her to use you, to get off on you, to cover your face with her girlcum, and she did, looking into my eyes the entire time. I don’t know when you came, or how many times. All I saw was her as her back arched and I bit her nipples, as her grinding kicked into full gear and her orgasm came welling up through her body from her cunt, possessing her, rippling through her.

I pulled out of you and shoved her face down into your pussy. The changed position let you gasp for air, but not for long. I came around to the other side and shoved my cock into your throat, making you taste your juices on my dick. Then I pulled out, and you took my cock into your hand. You stroked me, played with my balls, and then brought my cock exactly where I wanted it.

Her asshole felt so impossibly tight, making me want to violate it all the more. Amy lifted her face from your cunt and turned to me.

“Are you going to fuck me up the ass?” she asked with a tone in her voice that left no doubt the question was meant as an invitation.

“Amy,” I responded, “I’m going to violate your sweet ass so deep and hard!” I started to push. You had a front-row seat, my cock right in front of you, my balls hanging over your face. You watched mesmerized as my head started to push against her ring, forcing its way inside. Amy moaned, but she pushed back, eager to have my dick buried inside her. The little buttslut. You watched as, miraculously, her hole stretched open and swallowed my head, closing tightly around it. I paused there as you traced your fingers along my hardness, around her asshole, down to her dripping wet pussy.

“How many dicks have you had in your ass, Amy?” I demanded.

“Oh, god . . . I don’t . . . know . . .lots” she muttered between heavy breaths, still trying to get used to my dick inside her, still working through the pain of the initial violation.

“How many slut?” I smacked her ass hard as I repeated my question. She cried out in reply.

“How many?” More insistently this time. Another smack. Another. Her ass cheek glowed warm and red under my hand.

“Oh god . . . lots . . .hundreds?” she managed to eek out. I thrust my cock into her ass, burying myself up to my balls.

“Oh yeah! You fucking whore. You fucking buttslut!” I groaned one obscenity after the other as I started to thrust my cock in and out of her. You watched as I gave it to her, distractedly playing with her clit, your other hand caressing my ass, your finger getting close to my hole. Amy was screaming. I’d used no lube other than pussy juice and saliva, wanting it to be rough, wanting it to feel like a real violation. Slowly, her ass juice started to lube my dick, her hole got used to my girth, and her screams turned to moans. She pushed back on my cock, eager to have it deep. You lay forgotten underneath us, a human bed watching every thrust, leaking pussy juice onto the mattress underneath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32