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Enter the Scarlet Samurai:

She looked across the short distance to her opponent, a long time criminal that had managed to have his last conviction over turned and was back on the streets. He had not waited very long before his compulsion for wrong doing took over. In the dim light of the alley she could make out his tall thin frame with long greasy hair that hung in dirty ringlets passed his shoulders. The wife beater shirt was stained with whiskey, sweat and other pungent patches. His tattered jeans had long since expired for anything that should have passed for clothing and barely hid his shriveled parts for which she was greatly appreciative.

She wasn’t sure which was worse the open sewer or the perp standing in front of her. He held the knife in his right hand in a way that told her he was well versed in its use but it was the hunger to harm in his eyes that chilled her to the bone.

“Well bitch what are you going to do?” He spat out as he moved the knife in a slow circle.

“I plan on taking that knife away from you and taking you to the police in more or less one piece.” She said with a confidence that caused him to pause for just a moment.

“You are joking right?” He said sneering now at his unarmed foe. “You don’t even have a weapon… what are you going to use harsh language?”

“That is entirely up to you,” She said reading his body language and saw his muscles tightening up indicating he was ready to attack. “If you give up now you will save yourself quite a bit of pain.”

He didn’t smile at this little jibe his features screwed up in a hateful mask of rage and it was two seconds later that his knife hand slashed out with a speed that would have penetrated the defense of a lesser trained opponent. She was waiting for his strike catching his wrist with her left hand as she side stepped his thrust. Then she swapped hands gripping his wrist and yanked hard with her right hand pulling him off balance even as her left hand struck him in the throat with the ridge causing his head to snap back and the wind driven from him. Before he could recover she placed him in an arm bar and with a not so gentle twist forcing him to drop his knife and fall to his knees. Her serene features never changed as she looked down at him.

“Surrender,” She asked with just a hint of mirth in her voice.

“Fuck you!” He spat and then he howled as something in his right arm snapped.

“I will ask again, do you surrender.”

It was the lack of emotion in her voice that drove him to desperation and reach for the nine millimeter hidden in the small of his back. She saw his motion as well as movement at the front of the alley.

The stranger already had his weapon drawn and was taking aim at her when everything slowed down. She could count every heartbeat as a life of training took over. She dropped down and struck her nearest foe hard enough in the chest to crack his sternum and the bullet meant for her skull raced overhead harmlessly. She grabbed the fallen knife and with barely a glance at the man at the front of the alley she threw it with as much force and accuracy and she could manage. A second gunshot split the night but this bullet also went high and wide as the handle of the knife protruded from the shooter’s armpit. He turned and ran trying to pull the blade free from his tender flesh whimpering the entire time. She grabbed her foe by his collar and drew him to his feet as she rose and dragged him to her waiting vehicle. She opened the rear passenger door and shoved him head first into the back seat and then slammed the door behind him.

“Try not to bleed on the upholstery.” She asked nicely.

If he said anything coherent she was unable to hear it over the roar of the engine as she drove him directly to the nearest police station. Let them handle his medical needs she thought as she chauffeured him back to jail. She was long gone before one of the police officers noticed the crumpled form of Jimmy the Snake near the front door of the station.

“Damn that woman!” swore the police chief. “I hate vigilantes like the Scarlet Samurai; they make for lots of paperwork and a fierce ass chewing from the mayor.”

“But you got to admit she saved us a lot of leg work to track this piece of work down,” said Detective Sam Diamond with a shit eating grin on his face.

“Diamond if you appreciate her so much you can take him to the hospital and baby sit him until he is patched up.” The chief said in his ‘I am not amused’ tone.

“As you wish,” Detective Diamond said the smile never leaving his face. “Come on sweat heart we’ll get you all better after the mean girl kicked your ass.”

There were several laughs as the detective carefully got his charge to his feet. He directed him out and to the nondescript police cruiser and with a ruby like whistle off they went into the early morning light.

I looked down at the art table and the finished product of yet another issue of Scarlet Samurai. Granted it was only a web comic but it had its followers; one of these days one of the big studios like casino şirketleri Marvel would come knocking to offer the team jobs that actually paid. But as far as a hobby went there were far worse things I could be doing with my free time. Since I was a kid and inherited my older brother’s comics I wanted to be an artist. Specifically I wanted to draw characters of my own imagining and see them come to life on paper and see people read them with as much enthusiasm as I had drawing them. Even doing the convention circuits and do signings for fans of all ages. Tired I rubbed my eyes and stood up then glanced at the clock and swore; it was nearly four in the morning but thankfully it was officially Saturday morning.

I staggered to the bathroom, stripped down and ran a shower to help ease my cramped muscles and let my mind go over the next issue.

I could see it like a movie in my head, the curvaceous red head with the long muscular legs like a dancers walking up to the front of Club Fathom and give the security guard at the rope ‘the look’ and without missing a stride he moved the rope for her and quickly hooked it back up before anyone else could enter. The doorman opened the door for her and the wall of sound drowned out the moans and bitching from the other girls who were on the wrong side of the rope. The music was like a stream she swam through looking around for tonight’s diversion. Life wasn’t just crime fighting she had to live and take life by the balls. She moved onto the dance floor stalking through the mob for a fresh piece of meat.

“Hey Red!” someone shouted over the music.

She turned to see a handsome young man in his mid twenties dressed in a black silk shirt that was opened so that his muscular chest was exposed. He wore tight jeans that did nothing to hide the generous erection down below.

She gave his a cursory examination and then without warning slid her fingers into the hair of a nearby busty brunette who was dancing with her posse. She drew the stunned girl into a soul wrenching kiss that left them both panting and wanting for more. Her green eyes bored into the icy blue eyes of the brunette and moaned something only she could hear. Whatever was said had the brunette telling her friends that she was leaving, NOW! She settled one of her arms around the brunette with her hand gripping her left ass cheek firmly. She led them to the bar and ordered four shots of Petron Tequila and told her new friend it was time to take turns with body shots off each other’s tits. The bartender settled four shot glasses on the bar and tipped the bottle and ran the flowing alcohol into the glasses with practiced ease.

“On the house ladies,” he smiled and nodded to her.

“You start precious,” Red said as she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her black lace bra and the ample cleavage contained therein.

There were a mixture of whoops and hollers as well as a few ‘oh god damn!’ The brunette took the first shot glass and placed it between the firm breasts of the red head. She licked her lips before lowering her mouth to the glass then to make things better still she cupped both tits and gave them a gentle squeeze as her teeth latched onto the glass and with a quick motion tipped it back and didn’t spill a drop. Red took the glass from her mouth so she didn’t have to remove her hands from her breasts.

“Your turn lover,” the brunette moaned.

The hands left her tits reluctantly and moved to her top and tugged it down so that the top half of her breasts were revealed. It also showed any who could see that she was not wearing a bra. It was Red’s turn to lick her lips and swallow hard. She set the shot glass between the most perfect pair of tits she had ever laid eyes on and like the brunette cupped them to hold the glass still. The brunette moaned loud and long and Red felt her lust become an all consuming thing. Slowly she lowered her head and took in the other girl’s scent and it was as intoxicating as the tequila. She managed to get her mouth over the entire open surface of the glass and made a tight seal before knocking it back. The audience moaned and groaned as the hunger spread like a virus among those infected by the sight of the two girl’s foreplay.

“I think I came…” moaned the brunette as she clung close to Red.

“Wait til I lick your pussy… then you’ll know for sure that you came.” She replied.

“Oh god I can’t wait!”

“We still have a shot to down first,” Red moaned in her ear, “and we don’t want to disappoint our audience.”

“No we wouldn’t want to do that.”

The next two shots took twice as long as the first. The bartender managed to slide a business card between Red’s tits and gave her a wicked wink. Without pausing she pocketed it and turned her full attention to the brunette who was tugging at her wrist and heading for the bathroom. Again there were whoops and hollers from the crowd and security did nothing to stop them. They knew better than to start a riot where they were outnumbered twenty to one.

The door to the bathroom slammed open as the girls casino firmaları caught in a deep soulful kiss crashed in and let the door close behind them before heading for a stall and closing that behind them as well. Red broke the kiss and lifted her partner’s skirt up and was not surprised to see she wore no panties either. Red moved her so that she was sitting on the toilet with her ass on the edge and legs spread as far as they could. Red knelt down and began to lap at the drenched pussy and clit; the brunette slid her fingers into Red’s hair and pulled her closer.

“Oh GOD yes!!! That feels so damn good!!”

Red lapped in nice long motions at the perfect pussy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure through the brunette. Then she would suckle the clit lightly as Red slid two fingers into the tight little pussy. As she fingered her the brunette began to rock her hips forward and back forcing the fingers deeper still.

“How does that feel you dirty ‘lil slut?” Red moaned.

“I love your fingers in my tight little pussy!”

“Are you going to cum for me?” Red asked as she began to drive her fingers harder and faster in and out of the girl.


“Soon?” Red asked as she was literally slamming her fingers home over and over again.


She felt the other’s body start to tense and knew she was very close to the edge; so she lowered her mouth again and began to suckle the delicate button of flesh and there came a howl of pleasure as the brunette rammed her hips forward and arched her back as the orgasm crashed over her. Red kept her tongue flickering over the other’s clit until she begged to stop. Panting and drenched the brunette rose to her feet and kissed Red hard on the lips before whispering in her ear.

“Your turn.”

Red nodded and moved out of the stall and sat on the sink and spread her legs offering her pussy to the brunette. Soon Red heard her voice echoing off the walls of the bathroom as the other mirrored her previous performance. Licking. Fingering. Moaning.

“How does that feel?”

“Nnnnn so fuckin’ good!”

“Good… is your clit sensitive?”

“Uh huh,” Red replied in a coy kind of voice.

“Let’s see shall we.”

Red was grinding her pussy against the other’s face. Two long delicate fingers moved in and out of her pussy as a serpentine tongue lapped at her clit. Then there came a naughty sensation as one of the brunette slick fingers eased itself into Red’s tight ass.

“Oh god!!” She shuddered with pleasure.

“How about two,” the brunette moaned.

The other slick finger eased itself next to the first and slowly they moved in and out of her very tight asshole. Then without warning the other two fingers slid into her pussy and Red was being finger fucked in both of her tight holes.

“YESSSS!!! More!!!!”

The fingers began to move deeper and harder now; with quick sharp thrusts Red was being pleasantly violated over and over again.

“Take that… and that… you dirty little slut!!!”

“Oh yes punish my pussy and ass!!”

Then slowly from somewhere deep inside of her Red felt an orgasm building, growing and it was going to be earth shattering.

“Unnn unnnn fuck my pussy!!!! Violate my ASS!!!!”

And just like she had done to her the brunette waited until the orgasm was almost upon her before lowering her lips to the sensitive button and then began to suckle it. The climax hit her like a monster wave… like a sensual tsunami! She managed to barely keep from screaming by biting her lip. Her body shook and shuddered as the pleasure washed over her and still the other kept suckling her clit and to her utter astonishment a second climax struck as strong as the first. Red felt warm blood trickle down her chin and drip between her tits from her bitten lip. Slowly regretfully the fingers were pulled free from her and with a gasp Red closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath.

“That was amazing!” Red told her when she could speak again.

“Tell me about it! I have never cum that hard before with any of my boyfriends.”

“What about girlfriend?” Red asked. The brunette smiled from ear to ear and leaned forward to share her secret.

“I’ve never been with a girl before. I just did the things that guys did to me that I liked.” She admitted.

“Well you get an A plus for your first attempt.”

“I still prefer cock but I will remember this night for a long, long time.”

“Truth be told, I do too but I just had to… you know?”

“Yeah I know.” Red cleaned the blood from her tits and face and dabbed the bite mark until it quit bleeding.

“Did I do that,” the brunette asked.

“Yes you did but what’s a little pain after two mind blowing orgasms,” Red shared with her.

Giggling the pair put their clothes into some semblance of order before leaving the bathroom. They left one after the other and separate before arriving on the dance floor to avoid any awkward attention. The bartender had two shots of tequila waiting for her and a pint of Guinness güvenilir casino poured as well.

“Rick you are a god you always know just what I need,” Red hollered as she drew out her purse.

“You know your money’s no good here,” there was a long pause. “Okay I am dying to know, how was it?”

“For a girl who doesn’t swing that way oh god damn,” Red said with a fierce grin.

“Are you up to a good old fashion grudge-fuck tonight?” Rick asked.

“Oh you know it,” Red leaned closer. “I want to feel your balls slap against my chin as you fuck my throat.”

Rick checked the clock and gritted his teeth.

“This is going to be the longest two hours of my life.”

“Yeah tell me about it,” Red told him. “I am so fucking wet right now just thinking about you hammering away at my tight little pussy.”

“Anyone tell you that you have a mean streak?”

“All the time,” Red said with an evil grin.

Charles Oliver the owner of the club came over and stood next to Rick as he worked his magic on the public. He filled orders with a speed and precision that bordered on the preternatural. He had a memory for drink orders that made him one of the most popular bartenders in the city and Charles knew he was lucky to have him.

“Hey Rick,” Charles spoke just loud enough for Rick to hear. “I have checked your orders for the night and damn but you bring in the money. So in appreciation if you want to take off early,” he looked over at Red with a knowing glance. “I can cover for the rest of the night; if that is okay with you of course.”

The bar towel flew up into the air and without a glance back Rick moved from behind the bar and practically scooped up the redhead into his arms as he lead her from the club. He had barely buckled up and started the car than she was leaning over his lap and freeing his hardness from his jeans. The car had cleared the parking lot as her head bobbed up and down taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could manage. She took the shaft in hand pumping it as she sucked on the tip; wrapping her lips in a tight seal around the sensitive head.

“Give me your cum you selfish bastard!” She moaned to him as she once more took half of the length into her mouth as her fist moved up and down over his hardening length. She swirled her tongue around the length as he began to moan louder and louder.

“Damn girl we aren’t even to my apartment yet!” He said as she took a fistful of her hair and began to push and pull her head up and down the length of him. “I am gonna fuck your pussy until you beg me to stop!”

He realized he was not going to be able to wait much longer. He started looking for a place to pull off and bend her over the hood for a fierce pussy pounding. The perfect place came into view; a small park in a nicer part of the city. He pulled over and slammed the car into park and shut off the engine. He unbuckled himself and grabbing her by the hair pulled her over to his side and walked her into the park. His cock was still out as the night wind blown over the saliva slick length; he found a tree that was perfectly positioned and pushed her face first into the trunk and yanked her dress up and pulled her by her ass cheeks outward until her pussy was lined up with his cock. There was no love involved as his length penetrated her to her core and she nearly fainted as the new pleasure filled her up. His fingers dug into her soft flesh as his hips rammed fast and hard into her. She was panting and grunting each time his cock bottomed out in her.

“Fuck me lover! Smack my ass!”

She moaned to him as the wet slapping sound of their bodies echoed over the woods. He looked down and saw by the filtered moonlight his cock slide in and out of her. His hand flew and the solid resounding crack of flesh on flesh he swatted her right ass cheek with quite a bit of force. She wriggled in a mix of pleasure and pain and again his hand struck over and over until the cheek was rosy red.

“What a view! Watching my dick disappear into your tight pussy over and over again,” he told her as he slammed his cock home harder and harder. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart even further.

“How’s that lover? Is that a better view?”

“Oh god yes!”

The slapping sound got louder as his balls pounded her sensitive clit mercilessly. He felt her begin to stiffen as her climax built deep inside of her.

“I am so close,” she growled at him. “If you let me cum I will let you do something that naughty girl did in the bathroom.”

“Deal!” He said through gritted teeth and thrust harder and faster still.

They were panting together now as her pussy tightened around him and threatened to push him over the edge but he refused to give way he wanted this special treat.

“Take that and that,” he moaned, “you dirty little whore!”

“Yes… I am your dirty little whore!” She moaned over her shoulder eyes glittering with uncontrolled lust.

She whimpered then bit back a scream as her body shook in a mind blowing orgasm. She whimpered all the while her pussy clenched him like a velvet fist. He thrust one last time and rode out the last of her pleasure. He once more slid his fingers into her hair and pulled her hair back so that he could kiss her lips and then moan in her mouth.

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