Getting Physical

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Hi my name is Andrew, and I am 19 years old. I am enrolled in a local college, and I see myself as being just an average kid for my age. I am 5′ 10″ and weigh what I consider a somewhat slim 135 pounds. I have short black hair, and a body the girls seem to enjoy. When not at college I live with my parents, my dad is an engineer, and my mom maintains the house. My parents are really strict, so I really haven’t experimented with the world too much.

As far as my sex life goes, I have had some experience. I have had my fair share of girlfriends over the years, and I lost my virginity when I was 17 years old. It was mainly with one girlfriend that I got most of experience, she really liked to experiment, and we tried out a lot of new things. She was my “high school sweetheart,” but when it came to going to college, we parted ways.

At the time of my experience I was single, but as a college boy I was enjoying the drinking and one-night stands that came with living on a college campus. When I wasn’t getting any from girls, I was an avid masturbator. My roommate partied hard, leaving my dorm room empty many nights, allowing me to relieve my sexual tension. I had a small collection of porn magazines and videos that I used to get off to, but they were kind of old, and couldn’t satisfy my longing for the real thing.

As far as my orientation is concerned I am a straight guy, but I sometimes fantasized about bisexual situations, but I had never acted on them.

Anyway, I would like to tell you about my recent experience. I participate in tennis at my college, and each and every year I have to have a sports physical, and that is just what my story is about.

I was home for Spring Break, and staying with my parents. Tennis practice started right after Spring Break so I decided to go ahead and get my sports physical while I was at home. My mom had called and gotten an appointment for me with my families long time family doctor; Dr. Clarke.

So the day of my physical rolled around, and I really didn’t think much of the examination, since I have had several of them before. This was would be the first time to actually drive myself to the physical, which brought on a new mystique of it all for me. As I arrived at the doctor’s office I casually signed myself in, and took a seat in the waiting room. As I settled in and glanced across the room I noticed the other patients in the room. Since it was a family oriented place, the majority of the other patients were substantially younger then I was, so I felt a little out of place.

As a sat in the waiting room I glanced through the physical form. Then finding the genitalia section of the form, I remembered back to my younger days. I remember how back in middle school I used to joke around about the questions asked like “Are there any inguinal hernias?”, and “Do the testicles descend bilaterally?” Those were the days when I hardly knew what a boner was. Now that I was older, I didn’t think that the questions were quite as funny. As I nervously sat in the waiting room, I tried to avoid the thought altogether of a doctor gently running a hand over my balls. I would start to feel my penis start to stiffen before I would force unpleasant thoughts in my head, or whatever it took to make my boner subside.

Eventually, A middle-aged nurse emerged from the receptionist room. Calling my name she escorted me back to one of the examination rooms. Closing the door as we entered the room she said she needed me to strip down to my underwear, and that she would be back shortly to take my height and weight.

She exited the room, leaving me to remove my clothes. I calmly removed my shirt, shoes, and shorts then stood waiting for the nurse to return. Looking down at my briefs I could see the outline of my limp penis, but that only started to make sexual thoughts flow through my head.

I was quickly snapped back to reality by a short knock sıcak kafa izle at the door, followed by the entrance of the nurse. She led me over to the scale, where she weighed me and took my height. As my eyes scanned over my body I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw, I had been lifting weights of the last year, and had become rather buff. Soon the nurse was done, and she left the room, telling me I could put my shorts back on, and wait for the arrival of the doctor.

I put my shorts back on, and took a seat in the cold vinyl chairs. My naked nipples soon became erect, because of the chilly air flowing through the room. I then was left sitting in the examination room with my mind fighting between sexual thoughts, and those designed to stop from doing so, for about a half and hour.

Then, after a short knock Dr. Clarke entered the room, bringing me to attention. Dr. Clarke was probably in her early to mid-thirties, and had long flowing blonde hair. She had a cute face, accented by her ample firm breasts pressing against the white fabric of her uniform. She was of an average height, and she had thin muscular legs. As she entered the room she proceeded over to the sink where she washed her hands and began making small talk with me as to how things were going. After some chatting she helped me to my feet as she began the examination.

She asked me if everything was going OK, and I responded yes. She checked my ears, nose, and throat. Then, she told me to lie down on the cold vinyl examination table. The feeling of the vinyl against my naked back stimulated every nerve in my body. She then proceeded to poke and press against my chest.

Then began the process, which I was fearing. She reached down and unbuttoned my shorts, then gently unzipped them. I lifted my hips from the table as she pulled my shorts down to my knees. I then felt her soft hands as they moved up my inner thigh. I then begin to think of everything non-sexual I could, but somehow I related everything in some way or another to sex.

Dr. Clarke then moved my underwear just slightly to the side, and placed two fingers right where my scrotum met my pubic bone. She told me to cough, and I did as I was ordered. Then, she gently slipped her hands beneath my underwear on each side, and took each of my balls into a hand. She then caressed each of my balls, running a hand over them. I twitched as I felt my penis get a jolt of attention. The doctor then removed her hands from underneath my briefs and jotted something down in my record.

Scooting the stool back towards me she placed her hands just at the band of my briefs. She then took the band into her hands, and pulled it downward. My cock was now in full view as she took it into her cold hand and quickly glanced over it. She then pulled the band back up, at last covering my cock. My cock wasn’t as soft as it could have been, but I though that handled the situation well, now that I was in the clear. I was in relief, as the doctor moved away from me and proceeded to write in my records.

After flipping through several pages of my history, she glanced up at me and said “According to my records you have not been instructed on how to give self testicular exams, so if you don’t mind we will go ahead and get that done.”

Well, since I was in no position to make an argument I calmly responded with a “Sure.”

She then hovered just over my midsection, and jerked my underpants completely down to my knees. She took my shaft into her hand as she pulled back the foreskin. As she did this, I became somewhat excited as my cock flinched in her hand. She didn’t think anything of it – if she even noticed. She continued explaining the process of a testicular exam, as she ran her hand all throughout my pelvic area.

She slowly bent over and moved her hands downward across my scrotum. As she bent over her cleavage became visible sketchbook izle from the top of her low-cut uniform. Just as the top of her breasts came into view, her cold finger gently touched the sensitive area just where the bottom of my scrotum met the top of my anus. I took a deep gasp, and my cock almost immediately became rock hard. The doctor took a step back, and watched as my cock grew.

My cock was what I considered to be of a pretty average size. At its base was a good amount of curly pubic hair, followed by a decently thick shaft. My penis was a total of 7 inches long, and was capped off my a large mushroom head. Seeing my cock grow brought a smile to the doctor’s face, although I was terribly embarrassed.

The Dr. looked at me then said “I see what you want, and I will give it to you, you little bitch.” Any fear I had was washed away with those words. She led me by the hand to the door. With a hand signal she motioned me to stop, then she opened the door and peered out into the hallway to make sure that no one was coming. After the coast was clear we made the quick dash into her office/lounge just across the hallway.

Once inside, she locked the doors, and sat me down on a couch located towards the back of the room. She then positioned herself in front of me and seductively moved the bobby pins from her hair allowing it to fall onto her shoulders. My cock was at its full length now, creating a right angle between it and my body. I grasp onto my manhood as the doctor continued her strip show for me.

After she had removed her uniform, she was left only in her matching silk bra and panties. She moved over towards the couch and sat in my lap, with my boner pushing against the material of her panties.

She then bent over and whispered into my ear. “Give me your hard cock baby…It is exactly what I have been wanting.”

Not needing to hear that a second time I reached under her bra and felt her nipples, then gently caressed her breasts through the fabric. Then as we engaged in a passionate kiss, I reached behind her to undo the bra strap. As the material fell to the floor, the full glory of her breasts was revealed to me. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were round and firm. At the tip of her breasts were large pink areolas, which were enhanced by her pointy nipples.

I first furiously worked my tongue in the area right between her two glorious mounds, licking all over her boobs, I purposely avoiding the nipples. Then once I had worked both of her breasts, I began sucking and gently rubbing each of her nipples. While working one nipple with my mouth I was gently massaging and rolling my fingers over the other. Just as she was beginning to through her head back in ecstasy I decided to go work on the wetness that was building on her panties.

I began by licking at her breasts working my tongue all across her chest and abdomen, crossing her navel, soon ending up at the top of her panties. I then began to rub my hand against her inner thigh, each time getting closer to her pubic area. As my hand met her panties, I reached down and with my mouth pulled them from her body.

Now completely naked, her beautiful pussy came into site. She had shaved most of her pubic hair, and what little remained was hardly covering her dripping slit. I greedily dug in licking all around her vaginal lips. I then began darting my tongue against her exposed clit. I could tell she wasn’t far from cumming as her breathing became deep, and she thrust her hips against my face. Knowing she was close I focused my tongue on her clit as she went through the throes of orgasm. She groaned loudly, as her pussy was latched onto my face. As her orgasm subsided, she was quick to return the favor.

She guided me onto the couch, where she fell to her knees, preparing to engulf my manhood. She took her hand and placed it at the base of my cock, as sometimes when we touch izle she moved her mouth towards the head. While giving my cock a handjob, she allowed her tongue to dance around the head of my cock. Then, just as a small drop of pre-cum emerged from the head, she began to move her mouth up and down the shaft of my dick.

As she was furiously sucking away I ran my hands through her hair, and massaged her breasts giving her the encouragement to continue. The incredible suction from within her mouth, and the feeling of her soft lips against my shaft, was enough to keep me from holding out long. Then as she was sucking my cock, I began to feel a sensation I never had before. I felt her fingers pressing against my anus.

The incredible forbidden feeling in my backside caused me to push my hard tool even deeper into her hot mouth. Her well-trained finger began to intrude my anus, as I felt my orgasm building. Then all too soon the experience ended when I felt my 7 inches fill with pure pleasure, as I shot jet after jet of hot cum into her hungry mouth. She did her best to swallow, but some escaped running down her face and onto the floor. Exhausted I removed my limp cock from her mouth, and collapsed from the ordeal.

She was still horny from the blowjob, and it wasn’t long before my cock was once more standing at attention. She warned me that we didn’t have much longer, so this was going to have to be quick. We both moved to the floor, where she positioned herself on top of me. I was laying on my back, with my manhood proudly standing straight into the air, and she then began to align me with her wet cunt.

She slowly lowered myself onto her, and soon my cock bottomed out, with my balls slapping against her ass. Positions with the female on top had been a long time fantasy of mine, because the woman’s tits were in full view, and you could get a good look at the action.

She slowly began to rock back and forth against my cock, then she looked at me and said, “Talk dirty to me as you fuck me with your young cock.”

The incredible feeling of her wet silky cunt, was enough to make me cum right then and there, but I tried to make it last as long as possible. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of sex. Along with the moaning and groaning, the room was filled with our sex talk. As we grinded away at each other’s hips, I continued to play along with the sex talk.

I groaned “Ohh…Yesssss…your wet tight pussy feels great against my cock.”

She then responded by saying, “Harder, harder, fill my cunt with your fuck juice.”

The dirty talk only got me more into what was going on, as I started to furiously pound against her pussy. With my mouth I bent upward and took a breast into my mouth as we continued fucking away. Since she was doing most of the work, I reached around with my free hand to caress her ass, slowly working my fingers to the entrance of her anus. We were both not far away, as she was throwing back her head, and groaning as she rode my hard cock.

As I worked my finger in and out of her ass, I also began to feel my own orgasm mounting.

As she got close she began to take longer, yet slower strokes against me, as she said, “Ohh…That’s it make me cum, make me cum good and hard.”

I then responded to that my cramming another finger into her ass, and gently biting one of her nipples. Just then, I felt her body stiffen as she reached a powerful orgasm. Her pussy latched onto my cock, as she was left screaming, “I’m cummmmiingg.”

The site before my eyes was too much for me to handle, as my cock erupted shooting shot after shot of fuck juice into her cunt. I then removed my cum soaked cock from her pussy as she grabbed a towel and cleaned us both up.

She slid back into her uniform, as I got dressed. She then quickly checked off the remaining questions on my physical form, and left the room escorting me back out to the reception area. She handed me my completed physical form, and told the receptionist that she would need to see me again shortly to see if any problems reoccurred. That was certainly going to be the first doctors visit I was looking forward to, but hopefully not the last!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32