Grandmother Started It All

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Fiction Story

Title: Grandmother started it all

The language is mainly British English and where possible I will put in brackets the (American English) equivalent.

All characters are fictitious and are all over 18 years of age.

How it started

All this happened so quick and fast that I will go directly into the story and fill in details and flashbacks as the story proceeds.

It was a Saturday morning when mum (mom) received a telephone from her mother, that is my grandmum (gramma). The call was short as it seems that grandmum needed some help quickly.

Mum asked me to go to her house as she was not sure what grandmum wanted exactly. As at home, they call me Mr Fix It All, mum told me she was sure that whatever grandmum needs I can do something to help her.

As grandmum lives on the other side of town, I took the bus and in about 20 minutes I was knocking at her front door.

When grandmum came to open the door, she was wearing her dressing gown (bathrobe) and a worried and surprised look on her face.

“Oh! I was thinking that either your mum or your sister would come” she greeted me.

“Mum was not sure what you needed. She mentioned you have a stool stuck somewhere and asked me to come over to unstuck it for you.”

“Oh my God! What a mess I am in. I am very embarrassed as there is a huge misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding?” I asked grandmum.

She grabbed by my shoulder and pulled me inside and closed the door quickly behind me. She then asked me not to laugh or reducible her for what she was about to show me as she was already feeling very embarrassed. I promised I will not do anything to embarrass her. She turned around, bent down and lifted her dressing gown exposing her naked arse (ass). She parted her cheeks to reveal a bit of stool coming out of her anus.

“Grandmum, do not feel embarrassed but I need to laugh not because of what I see, but because of what mum understood by stool. You referred to the human waste while mum thought you were referring to a piece of furniture.” I told her and I heard her giggle.

“I was sitting on the toilet for hours and forcing pooping, but this, what seems to be a monster, got stuck and would not come out. I tried to push it back in but it was very uncomfortable and I cannot manage to pull it out either. Can you think of something to help your grandmum out of this mess? Let us go to the bathroom where I prepared some gloves for your to wear. I am sure it is not something nice to touch with your bare hands”

We walked to the bathroom and she showed me where the gloves were. I told her that I need good access so I asked her to kneel, bend down with shoulders down to the floor, legs spread and arse as much as possible up in the air. She was quick to take the position I asked of her. I was surprised as it is quite an embarrassing position for anyone to be in. She told me that she felt embarrassed but she would sacrifice and pay anything to get out of her discomfort.

Let me give you some background here. Grandmum got pregnant with my mother when she was 14 and gave birth to my mother when she was 15 years of age. My mother was no better as she got pregnant with me when she was 15 and I was born when she was 16 years of age. At this point in the story, I am 20 years old, my sister is a year younger and 19, mum is 36 and my grandmum is in her early fifties — 51 or 52 if I am not mistaken. She has a stunning body that makes younger women envy her. She looks more mid-thirties and people would confuse her to be my mother’s sister not her mother. My friends are jealous that I have such a young and good looking grandmother. It was not the first time that I tried to spy on her when she went to have a shower or to change her clothing either before going out or upon returning home. Now I have her exposing what I longed for to see. I decided to try my luck and removed her dressing gown and exposing her fully naked body. I felt relieved as she did not complain.

Now back to work, and I wore the rubber gloves and put some baby oil to lubricate them. I tried to insert a finger between the stool and her anus lining wall. She asked me to stop as I was hurting her and she could not take that kind of pain. I told her that I had no idea how I am going to get that thing out, if I cannot insert my fingers in her anus and pull it out, I need to push it out but how can I do that I asked her. It seems that surprises come in bundles. She explained that when she visits her gynaecologist he inserts his fingers up her vagina to feel what he wants to check by pressing the fingers inside her vagina and the palm of his hand on her tummy. She asked me to slide my hand inside her vagina and try to feel the stool from there.

I tried several times to insert more than two fingers inside my girlfriend’s vagina and never managed as she would complain that I was hurting her. I told grandmum that I was concerned that sliding my hand in her would be painful. She assured Kıbrıs Escort me that she inserts bigger toys in there when she plays with herself. She confessed that she even inserts wine bottles when her toys are not handy. She told me to do it as she was feeling embarrassed confessing what she does in private.

She spread her butt cheeks revealing a pair of small cute shining pink inner labia and a conspicuous clitoris that was big enough that her clitoral hood was unable to cover. It was time that I abuse again and I removed the glove from my left hand, put some oil to lubricate it and parted her vagina opening to check the size of the hole. It was quite sizable and I believed her when she said that she inserts even wine bottles. My hand slid in without any big effort. I took the opportunity to feel around and I felt her cervix. As my job was to feel the stool from the inside, my hand was supposed to explore the side towards her back and I did not risk go and try to hit her G spot. Oh! How I wished to take out my mobile (cell) phone and take a photo of my hand inside her up to my wrist. Honestly, I was abusing her more than helping her as I did not feel anything that might move her blockage. After a short while abusing her I told her that I did not manage and removed my hand from inside her.

I suffered from constipation and since I was a little boy and it was nd it still is a weekly ritual on Sundays and sometimes even on Wednesdays that mum would take me to the bathroom, ask me to undress and give me an enema under the frequent watchful eyes of my sister who, as I said, is a year younger than I am. Having my sister present does not bother me much as since I remember, mum always bathed us together and when we grew up accustomed to seeing each other naked and when we commenced taking baths on our own, we had several occasions to appear naked when she or I would walk from the bathroom to the bedroom.

I remember mum always telling me that I followed her footsteps as she too suffers from constipation and her mother too administered her an enema every now and then. I asked grandmum to remain in that position while I fetch the enema bulb. I thought to myself that grandmum would make a very good obedient submissive as she did not budge an inch from that awkward position.

Grandmum was instructed that I will be spreading a little bit of her anus hole and pour some baby oil in the gap to lubricate that blockage and perhaps she would manage to push it out herself in the normal way when she tries pooping. She felt some discomfort as she complained a few times during that operation.

When she tried to remove the blockage by pooping and she did not manage, I had to tell her that the only way I had left was to insert the enema tube and fill her with water. I had to fill the enema bulb twice and she refused the third fill as she was not only hurting when I inserted the tube in her but also the water was now having uncomfortable effects on her intestines.

I slid my hand between her spread legs and rubbed her tummy to move the water inside her and rub her clitoris with my arm. She realised what I was doing and called me a naughty boy but did not ask me to stop.

After a few minutes, I asked her to sit on the toilet and push out the water as hard and as fast as she can. When she sat on the toilet I admired those beautiful full breasts of hers. Her nipples were quite large and stiff. I wished I could take them in my mouth and suck them. I heard the gushing of water in the toilet and a scream. Then a pop sound in the water.

“Oh! Thank goodness, it is out. Oh! How much I am grateful to you and I do not know how to pay you back. I am in pain inside there as I felt something scratching me while it was coming out.”

“Grandmum, do not worry, it is something I experience when the size of my stool is quite thick, it will soon pass and you feel normal again. Earlier you told me that you sacrifice anything and pay anything. I know I may be asking too much but you have such a beautiful body, I would like you to be my naked submissive girl.”

“You dirty little boy, you don’t beat about the bush — do you,” she said smiling. “I noticed that you like what you see and you want to have more of it.”

“Yes please, grandmum, whenever we are alone together I want to enjoy your company while you are naked.”

There was a long pause and she kept looking at my face with a smile, then she said, “You undressed me with my approval, not complaining is a sort of approval, you are seeing me naked now and with my consent and you fist fucked me, in a sort of way, also with my consent or rather by my invitation, you made me stay in a very embarrassing position for a long time, also without any complaints from me, and you inspected and touched my private lady parts, also without me complaining, so I do not think I will find any objection to being naked in your presence when we are alone as I am right now.”

By this time she Lefkoşa Escort had finished her job sitting on the toilet and told me she was going to have a shower and asked me to leave the room. I told her that was admiring and looking at every curve and crack in her body that I was going to stay there and watch her as I was enjoying what I was seeing and she just accepted being naked in my presence. She smiled at me and stepped into the shower cubical.

While she was having a shower, I asked her if she saw the film (movie) ’50 Shades of Grey’ and she replied in the affirmative. I asked her if she remembers the scene where Christian Grey asks Ana Steele when she was told to kneel and sit on her feet while being naked, place her hands on her thighs and greet and wait for him in that position whenever he will come to her.

“Yes, I remember that scene and I had some fantasies, which fantasises perhaps are now going to be fulfilled” she replied with a giggle, “my guess is that you are leading me to such proposal.”

“That is fantastic. Thanks, grandmum. I will try and visit you weekly instead of fortnightly and I will phone you before to tell you the approximate time I will arrive so you will prepare yourself for me naked in the hallway. Now, before I go back home, and if you do not want anything else from me, let us agree that you had some drain blockage and I managed to unblock it for you.”

She laughed loudly and said while going out of the shower “A perfect explanation of the situation that will not embarrass me to tell your mother.”

I told her I was leaving, but before I left I went behind her, wrapped my hands around her and grabbed those lovely melons, I kissed her on her neck and said goodbye till the next weekend.

That was another sign from her of her submissive acceptance as when I was grabbing her breast she placed her hands on mine and squeezed my hands tighter on her breast.

“Goodbye dear,” she said, “and next weekend I may have some pleasant surprises for you to fulfil some other fantasies I have.”

“Do not worry grandmum, I too have some fantasies I wish to fulfil, so I am looking forward to next weekend. But one final thing before I leave, I would like to see all your sex toys.”

“You want to see what I do with them, I suppose.”

“No, grandmum, I just want to see your collection. There is ample time in the future to enjoy watching you do that.”

She picked up her dressing gown and started to put it on, and I reminded her that she promised me to be naked all the time when we are alone, and we are still alone.

“You are a naughty girl,” I told her while I slapped her naked bottom.

She smiled and folded it on her arm. She walked me to her bedroom and opened the bottom drawer of the vanity unit and emptied the drawer on the bed.

“I see you have quite a variety of dildos and vibrators and I see some other toys also. We will get to all of these as time goes by.”

Weekend of experimentation and fun

While sitting on the bus on my way back home, my mind was only thinking about her naked body and what was achieved in such a short time in our relationship.

I could not remove from my mind the size of her pussy and how my hand slid in it so easily. If she managed to widen her vagina to that size by inserting various objects, I would work to widen her arse hole too. I noticed that she did not have any butt plugs or anal toys in her collection. I decided to stop at the town centre and visit our local sex shop. I bought a set of butt plugs ranging from a small one, the size of my index finger in grith up to one which was bigger than my shaving gel can.

I also bought one of those metal butt plugs with a green glass ornament at the end. Green is grandmum favourite colour. I saw many pictures of girls pantyless and sporting one such butt plug in public. We will see how things go, I will take it slowly and let her feel comfortable in whatever I ask her to do. As the saying goes — ‘In for a penny in for a pound’ — I also purchased a vibrator with remote control. I think this may be fun if grandmum wears it in public and I control her orgasm.

As soon as I arrived home mum greeted me with the question of whether everything was OK with grandmum.

I told her that there was a misunderstanding as grandmum was referring to stool or poop and she, mum, thought it was the furniture. She laughed and asked if the problem was solved. I assured her that the problem was solved to the satisfaction of grandmum.

At least she did not ask me what I had in the shopping bag I was carrying. It would have been a hard time to explain why I bought the butt plugs for.

The days to the following weekend passed at a snail pace. All week my only thoughts were about grandmum down on her knees waiting for me naked. The surprise she said she had for me and the surprises I planned for her. I had a couple of warnings at work as I was not concentration properly Magosa Escort on the job I was doing.

What surprised me was how much she was relaxed naked. Picturing back every word we exchanged and every situation, I remembered that I did not see any bikini tan lines on her body, but she had an even tan all over her body. I will ask her if she goes to a nudist beach.

Saturday arrived and I told mum that I was visiting grandmum as I promised that I will go. Mum was pleased as she said that her mother feels lonely after her husband died in an accident a few years ago.

I picked up the shopping bag with grandmum’s new sex toys and left to catch the bus. When the bus reached the town centre, I called grandmum from my mobile phone and informed her that I will arrive in about ten minutes. She replied that she was ready for me at that very moment and all she needs to do is to walk near the door and wait for me there, naturally the way I asked her to wait.

So she was ready for me at that very moment she said. I wondered what she had in mind. Was she excited and stripped naked since early morning to wait for me, or else perhaps she likes running around naked when she is alone at home. I do not think I will ask her this question. Perhaps if the right situation comes up, I may pop up the question to her.

When I arrived, she opened the door ajar and asked me to enter without opening the door further as she did not want to be seen naked and in a submissive position by any of her neighbours or passers-by.

I locked the door behind me and told her that I had a surprise for her and presented her with the shopping bag.

“I will have a look at your present later if you do not mind. I have a surprise for you myself,” she said while she unzipped my trouser’s fly and reached inside and pulled out my penis.

“Grandmum, what are you doing?” I asked

“You just keep quiet as this submissive is going to please her master,” she replied.

She gave me a blowjob that none of my ex-girlfriends ever gave me. She broke the ice on intimate sexual matters, so I felt more confident to abuse her body myself. I asked her if she wanted me to warn her when I was about to come, but she said that she enjoyed the surprise of suddenly feeling the cum in her mouth, so I just bit my lips and remained silent as I felt I was about to shoot. She swallowed the lot, then she got some tissue paper, which she had prepared close to her and wiped my throbbing shaft clean and pushed it back in my trousers (pants).

“Did you enjoy it?” she asked

“How can I deny such pleasure, I am drained and speechless,” I replied. “Now have a look at my present.”

She opened the larger box containing the set of different sized butt plugs. She looked at me and while thanking me, she informed me that she never had anything enter that hole except for a small candle. I explained to her that if her vagina managed to open so much over the months, perhaps years of inserting different sizes of toys, her anus would also be trained to accept bigger toys. In that way, it would help if something similar to the previous Saturday would happen again. Her hole would be wider if some other thick stool got stuck.

I took her hand and gestured her to stand up and walked her to the kitchen. There, I asked her to kneel and wait for me. I went upstairs to the bathroom and fetched the bottle of baby oil. I need good lubrication to insert even the smallest butt plug in a virgin arse hole.

She followed my instructions without questions when I asked her to take the same position when I administered the enema to her. I told her that I was going to lubricate her hole with lots of baby oil and insert the smallest plug into her. I told her not to confuse being uncomfortable with pain, and she should only tell me if I hurt her.

Giggling I told her that I was about to fuck her arse with the butt plug, while I slowly inserted it slightly and took it out again and trying to insert it a little deeper each time. It was not difficult to insert it as it is small and there would be little pressure on the muscles surrounding her hole. At least I did not hear her say that I was hurting her.

I asked her to keep the plug in place and continue with her housework in the normal way. Also, I advised her what the shopkeeper told me, that she may feel a little discomfort at first, but she will also feel horny as she moves and walk around.

Placing the remaining butt plugs on the kitchen table, I asked her to sit down and we have a chat about the subject. She picked up the biggest and said that no way will find the way inside her. I laughed and told her that like her pussy, by time and training she would be able to insert it. It may take weeks or perhaps a couple of months, but I was sure that the body would adjust. What is important, the shopkeeper told me, is that when you upgrade from one size to the other you must do it immediately one size comes out the other goes in, as your hole would be opened and not give it time so the muscles would contract and the hole would close again. If it closes again, it will be painful to insert the larger plug.

She then took the small parcel from the shopping bag and placed it on the table.

“Open it,” I said, and that is what she did.

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